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Love those unshaven armpits

I don't know when or why I started loving those wonderful unshaven female armpits. But I definitely know when I became aware of this passion of mine. I'll tell you about it.

I had just turned 21 and had broken up with my girlfriend. As it turned out we both felt we were not quite finished with eachother and started dating again after a couple of months. She had always shaved her armpits before. But now it was another story.

It was early summer and somehow I saw a glimpse of an unshaven armpit inside her t-shirt sleeve. A tiny brown bush. Still enough to get my cock hard in no time. I felt the bl**d run fast, hot and furious in my veins.

I suggested we'd lie down in a park and take in the nice weather. While we were lying there I pretended to notice her unshaven armpit and mentioned it to her. I made it clear to her that I thought this was sexy and that she looked even better without shaving. She promised that she would not shave. At least not for a while.

The next day we ended up in my place. Kissing and cuddling for the first time since re-dating. Clothes were flying very quickly. We both wanted sex bad. Real bad.

I cannot give you any details, more than it was heavenly. I was on top of her with my upper body supported by my arms. I could see her lovely naked body and my cock working her pussy. She suddenly raised her arms above her head. Her tits, rather small and amazingly soft, bounced to our rhytm.

Her pits. Her pits! Her pits!!!

A sweet bush of brown hair in both pits, glistening with a few beads of sweat and sending out just the faintest smell of sexy woman.

It was more than I could take. I just exploded. Could hardly pull out (no condom, of course!) in time before I erupted all over her belly, her tits, just about everywhere. I bet I shot one spurt right into one of her armpits! I know for sure she had beads of cum in her brown curly hair after I finished.

I fell down on top of her and we were both panting like mad. After a while we cleaned up the mess, had something to drink, all the time I was clearly conscious of her unshaven armpits and her lovely scent as we sat naked in bed. Very soon I felt how my cock started to grow. My girlfriend notice this with a smile:

- Naughty boy, I think you enjoy my company more now when I don't shave my armpits, she said and started wrestling teasingly with me. No points given for guessing what that led to.
Once more she raised her arms for me to see her hairy armpit. Once again it was a killer blow for me. I was sure I'd last real long this second time but her sexy armpits was too much for me to handle. I had to scramble out and shoot another surprisingly large dose of sperm over my girlfriend's body.

After this we had sex daily for a while. Most often at my place and she really teased me. Before long we both we fully aware of the power of her unshaven armpits. As soon as she flashed those for me I was done. No matter how long we'd been making love, half a minute or half an hour. Her arms above her head and there comes the spurts - within seconds!

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