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My Ex Girlfriend's Mother

My Ex Girlfriends Mother

I was just leaving the tills at my local A&P diy store around lunchtime when I noticed a few customers hanging around just inside the doors, it had started to rain heavy even though the sun was still shining.
I stood with them waiting for it to stop when I heard this woman on her phone to a taxi company.
She give her name and told them she had been waiting half an hour, I recognised her name as a mother of an ex girlfriend nearly twenty-five years ago. She had not changed much, her hair was short now and starting to go gray, still a size eight to ten and about five three. She was wearing jeans and a white tee shirt, which showed off her small tits and a fairly flat stomach, she was fit looking and she must be over sixty now, I thought.
By the conversation on the phone, the taxi would be another half an hour, I went over to her and she recognized me from all those years ago, I nodded at her trolley, which was full of paint
“Looks like you are going to be busy”
“I’ve just moved back from down south, the whole house is to redecorate”
“Is Sid not picking you up” That is her husband
“No, he past away four years ago”
“I’m sorry”
“Don’t be, we were separated anyway when he died”
“Can I give you a lift”
“That would be nice but I have a taxi coming”
The thunderclouds had started to build up and they were starting to turn day in to night
“Its going to turn really bad this thunder, are you sure I can not give you a lift home”
“Would you not mind”
“No but we better go now”
The raindrops started to get heavier as I pushed the trolley and we ran to my car, her white tee shirt started to soak through with the rain. I noticed the pattern of her flimsy bra starting to show and her nipples starting to show as well.
We loaded the car up fast and set off, it was warm and sticky in the car and we could not open the windows for air, she was breathing fast and I could see her tits heaving up and down all taught in her tee shirt.
We arrived at her bungalow and sat in the car, the thunder rain did not stop and after five minutes, we decided to run to the house. I stood in the rain waiting for her to unlock the door, but she kept getting the wrong key for the lock.
After three attempts we were in the kitchen soaking wet, she got a towel and past it to me
“I’m so sorry, you are soaking wet, you’re shirt is dripping, let me put it in the drier for you”
She started to undo the buttons and her hand slipped inside feeling my chest, her hand moved over my nipple and her breathing became erratic.
I looked down at her, she was dripping wet as well with her tee shirt taught over her tits, she seen me looking and our eyes locked together. Something just clicked. She pulled at me shirt, pulling it off my arms and I pulled her wet tee shirt over her head, her bra a nice lacy soft cream colour pushing her small tits together.
She pulled at me trouser button and zip, pulling my trousers and shorts over my ever-growing hard cock. In a flash she was on her knees taking my cock into her waiting mouth, she slid her hand and mouth as fast as she could back and forth along it.
Her bra and tits were swinging in time with her movement on my cock and her lips started to froth with my pre cum. Fuck I’m about to come.
I pull her up letting my cock slither between her tits and over her tummy. I kiss her passionately tasting me pre cum on her lips and she hurriedly leads me to the bedroom with me pulling my trousers up around my knees to follow her.
Once in the bedroom, she lay on the bed undoing her button and zip on her jeans, then lifting her bum up off the bed, she slid her jeans and knickers down in one, past her waist. I had just pulled my trousers off my feet when I saw her bush appear, fuck she was hairy.
I pulled her jeans off her feet staring at her fanny
“I’m sorry, it’s a bit over growing, been a long time a man has seen down there”
“Its fine, it’s very sexy”
Her soft wispy greying bush spread about two to three inches on to her legs and as much up her tummy, it was one big hairy triangle.
She lifted her knees, bending and parting her legs wide and held her arms out, inviting me to climb on top of her. I came between her legs, when I felt her hand waiting to grab my cock, my oozing pre cum was now being massaged around my cockend with her fingers.
Lowering myself over her, she guided my cock to her pussy, smearing pre cum up and down her lips before helping me in. she had a tight pussy and she moved about until I found her love hole.
“Oooh yes, that’s it now fuck me”
Here I was fucking an ex girlfriend’s mother and I was turned on, I never took much notice of her body, just her hairy bush and I was wanting it as much as she was.
I now had my hands under her shoulders, our faces inches away giving her what for, no fore play just solid sex. Her pussy had slackened up with my pre cum lubricating her insides.
Her breathing was fast and erratic, her mouth kissing and biting my shoulder, I don’t think she is far from coming I thought. Our fucking was fast and furious and had not slowed since we started, I was about to burst
“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me harder” she shouted
I banged harder into her pussy making her move on the bed, I felt her lifting up to meet me then with a shriek she shouted
“Yes that’s it I‘m coming”
My cock erupted spraying her inside walls with hot stick cum, pushing my cock as far in to her I felt her fingers sc**** my back. My cock twitched inside as her pussy muscles nipped me.
Both breathing fast, the heat of the thunder and being wet from the rain, our bodies were sticking together. Her orgasm started to subside as my cock withered inside her hole.
Rolling off her, we lay side by side kissing each other.
“I’ve never had a man for six years now, I thought I was past it” she said after some time
I slid my arm under her pulling her into me
“You’re not past it, you are one sexy lady”
We kissed again and with my other hand I managed to unclip her bra and started to explore her body down to her bum
“Did you fuck my daughter when you went out with her”
“No, we were young and she was never up for it, scared in case you found out”
I felt her hand sliding down between us on to my cock
“She doesn’t know what she missed”
She rolled on to her back and my hand slid off her bum and on to her pussy, her legs opened again letting my feel her for the first time. There was so much soft hair especially coming out from her lips, which was thick and bushy.
Prodding further in to her bush, I felt her swollen lips all wet and well lubricated, feeling further in I found her clit like a hard pea. She moaned as I touched it and I rubbed it some more, rubbing my cum in to it.
By now she had my cock hard again and she sat up letting her bra slip off her hands, there was the most beautiful pair of tits, maybe a 34b with small soft looking nipples. Climbing on to her knees, she lifted one leg over me and sat on my stomach and reached for my cock behind her.
Rising up on her knees she feed my cock back in to her pussy, slowly lowering herself down on to it. Now with her pussy full of my cock her whole body started to gyrate on it, fuck she was good at this
Lowering her body over me, we kissed and I thrust back and forth in to her making squelching noises as she moaned aloud. Somehow, we rolled over and I was on top lifting her legs on to my back, now I was deep inside her thrusting hard. My second fuck of the day and it was with an old age pensioner who wanted it as much as I did
I could feel her pushing her pussy hard in to me and rubbing her clit against me. This time we fucked for five minutes building up to mighty orgasm, then a big gasp as she came.
Still waiting to come, I pounded her pussy, squeezing her juice out of her as my balls slapped against her. Then I came, leaving my cock inside her, I filled her over full pussy to bursting point with cum.
As my cock twitched the last of my cum in to her she nipped her legs tight coming once more, lifting herself off the bed and pulling herself hard on to my cock.
We stopped coupled together with me on top kissing madly until her legs give way, I climbed from between her legs and watched as our cum escaped from deep inside her, her pussy still wide open with soft pink lips.
We lay back together to recover from the exertion we have just had.
“Will you stop for some tea” she asked
We explored each other’s bodies for the rest of the afternoon, playing and sucking on her beautiful small tits until teatime
I am helping her paint the house on my day off so hopefully there will be some more fun to be had.

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