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First Blowjob

This Taken Place 2 Years Ago.

I got invited to the final college year party. As i got there, there was a huge line of cars, Of course i found a great spot to park, and i was next to a cute-ass bitch. As normal, i walked to the party, passing the girl, my heart pounds just by looking at her. About 3 hours into the party, she came next to me, i got hard as a rock, she asked me "Want to go into the 'Back Room'?" with a smile. I replied "Yes i would love to."

As we walked into the 'Back Room', i got even harder, she took off her top, and that made me horny. She got on her knees and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down, taking off my underwear, she started sucking my dick. I was so horny, i couldnt even stand. She kept suckin' and i kept getting hornier, i almost precummed. She said "You're almost about to precum.". She then stopped, i sat down on the chair, and she resumed on her knees. I was about to cum, she started getting faster and faster, after a few seconds, i said "I'm gonna cum, use your hands..", she did so. I then cummed in her face, and i lost all my hornieness (Yes i said hornieness, dont go there.). I smiled, and she smiled back, i put on my underwear, and pants. Rezipped my pants and went back out to the party.

We did see eachother again, at the grocery store, and by my neighborhood.

well, that was my first blowjob, I hope you enjoyed.

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