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Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4

Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 4

Continued from.. Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 1 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 2 Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 3

I spread my legs for Uncle.. He parked his cock inside me.. Kissed my mouth, Sucked a little on my boobs and snuggled up agains me.. pressing my into his chest while his cock was inside my pussy, Deep in and we both fell asl**p after a long fuckfull evening and night

The next day, I woke up late to find uncle charlie's cock still inside me even though he was awake.. As soon as i wake up Uncle Charlie went down to my breasts.. "They were looking so tempting but i didn't want to wake you up" he said and began to suck on my boobs.. He slowly removed his dick out of my pussy.. "I think it slept very well inside you and is fresh for today's wildness" He chuckles and gets up from the bed saying "I'm making breakfast.. Come down quick, No clothes babe"

I head down to the kitchen.. Only one chair a lot of food and juice was kept on the table... Uncle Charlie wore an apron and 'The Simpsons' boxers.. I walked down the stair case naked, boobs bouncing..
“Come sit babe" he says patting the table.. I sit on the table, My legs wide open & my pussy facing Uncle Charlie

We finish eating and the first thing Uncle Charlie does is, He starts licking my bare pussy.. “Oh babe, i can eat your young pussy forever” and he continues to bite my pussy turning me on “Ohhh yeahhhhh , Ahhhhhhh COME ON UNCLE!!!!” i moan, i lay on the table as he climbs up on me, 3fingures inside me as he is sucking my boobs.. “Ahhhh, Uncle, yeahhhh! You know just the way how to turn me on”
Uncle Charlie gets wilder and faster, “Yeah my whore, I bet you love being used so bad” he was practically fisting me, licking me all over... i could feel his rock hard dick agains my skin

“I'm going to fuck you hard babe!, We all are” And he sticks his dick deep inside me
“Awwwwwwwwwwwooooocccccchhhhhhhhhh” I moan feeling a fist and his thick meat inside me
“We? Who we??” I ask.. “My friends and Me, Its Friday night, Poker day.. and you'll errr, be our toy and our server” he winks, Thrusting deeper... “Ahhhh, Yeah babe, like that?” Thrusting deeper and harder.. Removing his fist after a while... Still fucking me on the table.. “How would your ass like a sausage, Aint it hunger? We should feed it, or can it wait till my guys come over?” Thrusting me... His balls slamming agains me... Thick mean tearing my pussy walls.. “My little fucktoy, i love having you around, Ahhhh... i'm loving the fuck” He fucks me for an hour.. deep and bad.. and cums in my mouth and inside my pussy several times in this one hour.. Making me have multiple orgasms
It was lunch time and we were to tired... I was now on the couch resting and he was watching his news..
“Lets call for Pizza?” He says and calls for 2 pizzas
In 15mins the delivery boy comes, Another young boy.. I knew the drill... I got up Naked and open the door for him.. “How much?” Uncle Charlie asked from behind.. back into his boxers
“Thats 18$ Miss..” Staring at my boobs.. “Heyy, why dont you like, i dont know.. hmm Play her a little Eh?” Uncle charlie tells the pizza boy... “Hell yeah..” He says fodding with my breasts and his one hand reaches my pussy, “Damn your wet girl” he says and finger fucks me a little and sucks on my breasts..I moan a little, Enjoying the fire of a stranger doing all of this to me in a very public position “May i?” He asked as he went on his knees in the front yard and sticks his tongue into my pussy... bitting and licking me all he may... “Thats enough... There you go” Uncle charlie gives this on a 25$ and closes the door..
“I need to go out for a bit now.. why dont you clear up the place and shower and rest..” Uncle charlie says and dresses up and heads out..

Uncle charlie came back at 5:30pm. With food and a garments bag..
Crouches thongs, Cup-less bras and a whore maid outfit
and in the other bag were toys.. A thick dildo, a gel bottle and a puffer for the pussy and nipples..
“I love puffiness” Uncle charlie winks and hands me my new gifts
I go up and change into the maids outfit, knowing that was for tonight.. It was open at the pussy the ass and the boobs and was made my a see though material.. I put them on and headed down where i see the poker table set and food on the kitchen counter
toys kept on the side table

It was around 6:30.. Uncle charlie's friends bring booze & walk into the house finding a semi-naked girl opening the door for them.. Ogling at the view, they stare at me.. “Woah, Charlie done good”
Uncle charlie comes into the kitchen.. “Serve my little whore, And dont forget to keep my guest happy, they have any kind of freedom in my house and they tip well ;)”
Woah, A gangbang it is.. I think to myself.. and i am going to love it.. 4hot young men and one little pussy.

I grab the trair of food and head outside setting all the food and drinks on the table, boobs hanging and ass out from my outfit as i would bend
The men enjoying the view they were seeing.

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