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My BBW Mistress

My bbw mistress has been with me for a long time now, and will do anything for me, ( I mean everything). we have watched a lot of porn movies together and she likes to do what ever I see in them that I like. I love Rocco's movies as he loves to be rimmed and so do I, so rimming is the number one thing that she does for me, it always makes me cum. She is blonde 55" boobs a bubble butt ass( 45") and loves to wear the tight stretchy mini skirts and low cut tops for me ( although only in private) she thinks shes too fat to wear that kind of thing in public, but I dont think she is, Im over 20 years older than her, she is 40 Im 62, but we have outstanding sex, let me tell you a bit about it. When we come into the room, she will go and change into sexy, slutty outfits like I described earlier, high stilletto shoes and plenty of nice makeup, red lips, light green eye makeup etc. She will drop to her knees and give me the most wonderful bj and always look up to me to see that Im turned on, I will pull her big tits out, fondle them while she is sucking me, then tit fuck her in and out of her mouth, after a while at that she turns me around, and jams her tounge in my ass as far as she can get it in and says " I can taste you" which nearly makes me cum then and there, but then she will just be very gentle licking in and out and cleaning my ass, then she will ask me to fart in her mouth, and I will build up to that and just let it go, which makes her moan with delight. Sometimes ( if I can) I will piss in her mouth and she will eagely swallow, I will spank her big ass as hard as she wants at times, screw her ass and never waste the cum in her, she always waits for me to cum in her mouth which she naturally swallows, never missing a drop. This is one woman I hope never leaves me!

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