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Rachel: Fire and Innocence - Part 2 - The Fun Begi

Rachel: Fire and Innocence - Part 2 – The Fun Begins

When I opened my eyes, I looked up to see Rachel straddling my outstretched body, and patting my bare chest with a cool, damp wash cloth. I could feel a cool cloth folded on my forehead, and another one behind my neck. I could also see right down Rachel’s dress, as she leaned over me. Her breasts were perfectly round and firm and her nipples were aroused.

She asked me how I was feeling, poor thing, as she continued to administer her version of first aid. As Harry reentered the living room carrying three plush robes, Rachel suggested that perhaps it was the champagne that didn’t agree with me. As I nodded my head in agreement, I could see a clear smirk on Harry’s face. He knew better, but he didn’t betray me. As they helped me to my feet, Harry suggested we all take a deep breath, and maybe slow the pace down a little. After all, we had the whole weekend ahead of us. He issued each of us a long, white robe (gifts from Rachel), and suggested we all take our clothes off and wrap up in the robes. Out of politeness, I turned away from Rachel as she hiked her slinky black dress up her body and over her head. I busied myself with disrobing, then, heard her emit a low whistle towards me, and say “Very Nice”! Upon realizing that she was looking at my tight teen ass when she uttered those two words made me blush all over again, like the shy, awkward 14 year old that I was.

Soon, Rachel and I were seated together on the couch, and Harry went to fetch us a pot of tea. I was feeling calmer with each passing minute, and the cozy robe acted as a kind of security blanket. Rachel turned towards me on the sofa, and took my hand. She told me that she didn’t want me to get the wrong idea about her. Out on the road, she was the quite the proper young lady. After all, she had a squeaky clean image to protect. But, she also had her private life too, and she was fiercely protective of it. From what she heard from Uncle Harry, it sounded like I was someone who was loyal, and trustworthy. She asked me outright if I was willing to help keep her private life secret, and I nodded my head reassuringly. She smiled one of her radiant smiles, and said she was glad, because she really thought I was cute, and she hoped we could have some fun together.

When Harry returned with the tea service, he proposed that we keep our first session simple. We would limit ourselves strictly to our bodies. No toys, gadgets, food, or other props were permitted. Rachel and I both agreed, and somehow I thought I could handle the situation better, now that we all agreed on the boundaries. I found out soon enough that it still wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. After all, I had never sat this close to any gorgeous girl in my whole life, much less a professional model who was naked under her robe.

Rachel scooted over closer to me on the couch, and Henry took over my chair, camera in hand. She looked me dead in the eye, as she slipped her delicate hand into the fold in my robe, and caressed my cock. I’m sure she was amused by the look of surprise on my face. I jumped back a little in reaction, but she snuggled even closer to me, and cooed some soft nothings that I was unable to process in my overloaded brain. She soothed me and giggled softly, as she slowly untied my robe, and d****d it open for the entire world to see.

And there it was. My vulnerable friend was up and standing at the ready, practically begging for attention. I felt the first flash go off in my eyes, but before long I was oblivious to Harry’s camera work. Rachel bent over my lap, and began running her luxurious tongue around my cock head, and up and down my shaft. There are no words to describe the feeling. Nirvana, Utopia, Eden, Heaven…none of those concepts even came close to the euphoria I experienced.

I sat motionless, as Rachel straddled my lap. She reached up and slid the robe off my shoulders, and began kissing me gently on my forehead, my neck, and down my chest. Her lips felt light touch of butterflies, only steaming hot. She paused briefly to shed her own robe completely, then renewed her sensuous journey down my belly, and finally back to my proud member. I drew my breath in sharply as she planted her full lips firmly on my cock head, and went to work. I lay under her, helpless to protest against her advances (like that would ever happen!), as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I watched her pretty head bob up and down on my pulsating cock, her tempo increasing as she sucked me a little harder with each new plunge of her head.

No one in the room was surprised when, in a few short minutes, her head stopped bobbing, and her throat started swallowing my load. My ass began bouncing a foot up off the sofa in time with her sucking mouth. And then it was over, and I slumped back into the sofa cushions. Catching my breath, I faintly heard Rachel remark that I tasted good, as she licked her lips, and stood up in front of me.

Now, it’s my turn, she announced. With that, she stood up on the couch, straddling my heaving chest, turned around to face Harry, and knelt down, with one knee on either side of me. Her clean, shiny pussy lips were inches from my face, and I couldn’t have had a better view of her girl parts if I had binoculars. After a few quick moments of close visual scrutiny, I proceeded to do what anyone else in my position would do. The instant I touched her clit with my virginal tongue (with girls, anyway), her pussy lips quivered, and she flung her long hair back towards me. Harry clicked away with his camera. I began to lick her love machine with vigor, and I delighted in feeling her body wiggle and squirm in response.

Rachel dropped her butt down towards my face, silently presenting her sweet, tight ass hole for me to enjoy. I licked around the outside of her hole, and she pressed her ass back tighter against my face, rotating it in search of my tongue. I reached my hands up and spread her velvety cheeks wide. I located her bull’s eye, and began darting the tip of my tongue in and out, going as deep as I could go. I became aware of the presence of her finger feverishly rubbing her swollen clit with one hand, while kneading her bouncing tits with her other hand. Shortly, she began gyrating her ass wildly, and moaning loudly. I prepared myself for what was about to happen, as she folded her body over and pressed her pussy hard into my face, almost suffocating me. The entire sofa seemed to jump up and down, as her hot girl cum filled up my mouth and overflowed all over my face, trickling down into my ears. I didn’t mind even one little bit. I was so proud of bringing my first girl to orgasm, that Rachel could have stayed plastered to my face for all eternity, for all I cared. In fact, I thought, if she really did suffocate me, I would consider it a life well spent.

When Rachel finally began to breathe a little easier, she stepped off the couch, turned around towards me, bent over and kissed me on my glistening lips. She looked me straight in the eyes with her beaming smile, and told me I was wonderful. Then, she stood up, gave my leg a playful caress, and padded down the hall naked to the bathroom. Harry tossed me one of the damp wash cloths, and asked me what I thought so far. There was no way to find words adequate enough to express my feelings or thoughts, or anything else, for that matter. I just smiled at him, as I cleaned Rachel’s sticky love juices from my face and ears.

Harry told me I hadn’t seen anything yet. Wait until she warms up a little, he went on. She had a fire burning inside her that he’d never seen before in any woman, and she wasn’t the least bit inhibited about her sexuality. She was especially fond of anal sex, he said, and I shouldn’t be surprised if she asks for a little rough stuff. She really was a sweet and agreeable young lady, but don’t let her innocent façade fool me, he warned.

When Rachel returned, her hair was still damp from the quick shower she took. She immediately knelt down in front of her Uncle Harry, opened his robe and began to fondle his awakening cock. It became fully erect in no time, and Rachel gave it a thorough tongue lashing. She stood up and took Harry’s hand, helping him to his feet. She took his robe from him, and motioned for him to lie on the floor. She faced him, knelt down straddling his hips, and positioned her pussy over top of his erect cock. Then, she settled her lithe body down on it, and began to roll her ass around slowly. As she worked his cock deep inside her, she called me over and told me to sit on Uncle Henry’s mouth, facing her. I got down on my knees and straddled his head, and Harry started licking my ass hole. I watched Rachel closely as she began fucking Uncle Harry’s cock with more f***e and authority. It was exciting enough just watching her perform with such abandon, but having Harry’s tongue racing around my ass hole to boot, was almost more than I could stand. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Rachel reached her arms back behind her and placed her hands on Uncle Harry’s knees. She arched her back, and pointed her bobbing tits right at me, and told me to slap them! I didn’t believe what I was hearing at first, but I snapped to it when she told me again. I reached out and slapped her right tit rather meekly. I certainly had no interest in hurting this beautiful Goddess in any way. Harder, she ordered. I slapped her left breast with a little more f***e, and she just shook her head, all the while fucking her Uncle Harry like there was no tomorrow.

Not like that, she complained, use your backhand, and swing your arm back and forth with gusto…I want to feel your hard fingernails sting my nipples, she instructed. I mustered up all my strength, and started swinging my arm in earnest, delivering blow after blow to her reddening tits with each new stroke. Rachel groaned, and encouraged me to keep it up, shouting the word YES over and over, as she rode Uncle Harry’s man cock like she was a rodeo pro. I was getting to the point of another explosion myself, and I stood up and buried my throbbing cock down her throat, just as she began jumping up and down on Harry like a rabbit in heat. I don’t know if the three of us spewed our loads simultaneously, but it was darn close. As Uncle Harry moaned loudly under Rachel’s spastic, jerking pussy, I grabbed her head tightly between my hands. I jammed my cock deep into the back of her throat, fucking her mouth so fiercely, that I surprised myself. I produced a truckload of young cum, and I delighted in watching her throat attempt to gulp it all down. Finally, I collapsed to the floor, and I listened as Harry and Rachel raced down climax highway together.

The silence lasted for several minutes, and our three spent bodies were sprawled on the floor chaotically, as everyone concentrated on restoring our natural breathing. Rachel sat up first, massaging her tender breasts, and she absolutely glowed with that freshly fucked look. Her wide, angelic eyes literally sparkled, as she thanked us both for our efforts on her behalf. She thanked us? Please!

After a short recovery period, Rachel crawled over to me and sat up on her haunches. She took my hand, and put me in the same position, facing her. She asked me if I would kiss and lick her abused tits, seeing as how I made them sore with my vicious slapping. She laughed, and arched her back so I could work my tongue magic on them. She took my hands, wrapped them around behind her body, and placed them on her hard buttocks. I massaged her ass cheeks as I continued to make her titties feel all better for her. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to make her hurt back there too. I had another full erection in an instant. Rachel spun around and put her head on her arms resting on the floor, presenting her willing ass to me unashamedly. I eagerly accepted her not so subtle invitation, and slowly licked up and down her crack. She purred and cooed, and soon she reached back and spread her ass cheeks open wide. I locked my lips on her ass hole, and sucked hard while I teased her hole with the tip of my tongue. She gasped loudly, shook her head, and scolded me for torturing her. Please give my ass a good sound thrashing, I heard her implore. I stood up over her, spread my legs on either side of her undulating hips, took careful aim, and penetrated her ass with my hard cock. She let out a yelp, and I backed off some, but she used her ass muscles to suction my cock deeper and deeper into her rectum, demanding that I fuck her ass but good. I went about pumping her ass hole with all the determination I could muster. All I heard from her drooling lips was “faster”, and “harder”, spurring me on to frenzy- fuck her.

I felt Harry kneeling behind me, licking my ass furiously as I gave Rachel’s hot ass all I could give. He slid his finger into my anal canal, and gave me a spirited reaming. As I was busy concentrating on servicing Rachel, Harry stood up behind me, and pushed his cock head into my glory hole, pressing deeper with each stroke, until he was fucking me full bore, in time with my cock fucking Rachel. We would have made the Synchronized Swim team jealous, I’m sure. Soon, I could hear Rachel’s cries of “Yes! Yes!” once again, as she bucked her ass against my invader pounding her without consideration.

I couldn’t believe how exhilarating it felt to fuck someone while being fucked at the same time. Whoever invented sex was my hero, I thought, as Harry pulled out of me and appeared in front of my face. Without hesitation, he grabbed my head and stabbed my mouth with his convulsing cock. I swallowed his load as best I could, given that fact that I was getting closer to my own orgasm, as Rachel’s ass writhed under me.
As I licked Harry’s softening cock clean, Rachel was the next one to go off. She gasped and groaned, and muttered incoherent phrases as she furiously fingered her clit to orgasm. Her Uncle Harry positioned his head between her legs, and licked her pussy lips furiously. Her body went absolutely berserk, as she delivered her sweet cum load into his mouth with spurt after spurt of hot juices. That was plenty enough stimulation for me, as I felt the pressure in my own cock build to a raging crescendo. I abandoned Rachel’s ass and ran around in front of her. She met me with open mouth, and I wasted no time with pleasantries. I grabbed her head and slapped her face back and forth a few times before I rammed my exploding cock down her throat, and watched as she eagerly gulped and swallowed every drop of cum I had to offer.

As we all sat on the floor recovering, Harry suggested we take a break, shower, and have some supper. Then we could decide what we wanted to do next. “Bring on the toys!” Rachel declared enthusiastically and without hesitation.

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