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Trio (MFf, cons, inc)


by Spectre

"Okay, close your eyes," said Joan, my girlfriend as she entered the room. "Go on, do it. Kelly wants to show you her Halloween costume."

"But Halloween isn't until next week," I protested, setting down the tv remote. Joan gave me one of those looks and with a sigh I closed my eyes.

"No peeking," she chided. "Okay, Kelly, come on in."

I heard the rustle of cloth and the light padding of feet. I'd been with Joan for just over two weeks now and things were going really good. In fact, I was toying with the idea of inviting her and her 11 year old daughter to come live with me. Yeah, I know it was fast, but I'd never met anyone I'd bonded with faster or stronger than Joan.

I heard more rustling and soft whispers. "It's not on right," Kelly protested. Joan said, "Here, I'll help."

I'd met Joan in a coffee shop of all places. She was in line ahead of me and was rooting through her purse embarassedly because she'd evidently lost her money. I gallantly offered to pay, mainly to get my own order but partially to flirt, and I'd been rewarded with her company for the next hour. She was a stunning woman, exotic in appearance, the kind I never thought would take an interest in me. There I was, thirty-nine and a little out of shape, frazzled looking because I'd just finished a big project at work and hadn't slept much, and there she was with her thick black curly hair hanging over bare tan shoulders, dressed in a short skirt and tube top, belly bare and sporting a ring, her long legs shining from a recent waxing, cute feet snug inside high heels with ankle straps. She smelled of lavender, and I remember thinking she was dressed for the 80's with those big dangly earrings, the bangles on her wrists, and the thick eye makeup. She was, in short, the sexiest woman who'd ever talked to me.

And by the time we left the coffee shop we had each other's phone number. She'd been first to offer hers, to my amazement, and to my further surprise when I called it that night she answered. Imagine that, she'd given me her real number. We talked for hours and I learned about her daughter that she'd been raising as a single mom for 11 years, she learned about my ten year marriage that had ended two years ago, and we compared tragic dating stories.

Our first date had been just to dinner and a walk along the river, but sparks had flown right away. The goodnight kiss she'd given me at her door had made my toes curl. That night she called me before I could call her, and we'd ended up talking dirty and having phone sex. Our second date ended in real sex, and it had gotten sweeter from there.

Kelly had been slow to accept me at first. That was why I wondered what the big fuss was over her costume. Although Joan assured me Kelly liked me very much, I hadn't seen much of it. The girl usually avoided me most of the time. She looked much like her mother, except she didn't visit the tanning salon so her skin was a natural dusty olive color. She was just starting to develop into puberty and was proud of the tiny breasts she was already sporting, wearing tight shirts that drew my eye too often. She also preferred to dress in tight shorts or short skirts, like her mother, and show off her coltish legs. She was skinny instead of being pleasantly slender like Joan, but she was young yet and would grow into her beauty.

Looking back on it, I realize that I had already begun to appreciate Kelly's physical attributes, though I'd never had sexual thoughts about her. Joan kept me too satisfied for that. Then Joan said "Open your eyes, Jim," and everything changed.

There stood Kelly a few feet in front of me smiling demurely, almost shyly, with her hands clasped in front of her. She was dressed like a French maid, a costume entirely too grown up for her. Her chest was encased in a lacy corset that ended above her navel and squeezed what little breasts she had into a sexy bit of cleavage, exposing the inside curves through a bit of see-through material. Her skirt was ultra-short to the point that her frilly panties were clearly visible, and her long legs were coated with sheer, black nylon. Her feet were shoeless, and through the thin material of the stockings I saw that her toes were painted a vivid red. The tops of the stockings ended just above mid-thigh, and as I swept my eyes back up her body to her pretty face, my cock began to swell. I tried to stop it, but the more I looked the more turned on I got.

Joan had applied makeup to Kelly in such a way that the girl looked like she was ready to start a career as a hooker. Thick eyeliner and eyeshadow, rouge, and bright red lipstick transformed her p*****n face into one of mature beauty. Joan sat down beside me, rubbing her bare leg against mine, running her foot up and down my shin as I soaked in the vision in front of me. It had been a hot day and I was still wearing shorts though I'd taken off my sandals, and Joan had stripped down to a tshirt and panties, her usual household attire. She leaned against me as I continued to ogle her daughter, running her hand over my chest. "Isn't she sexy?" she asked softly.

My eyes met Kelly's, and the little girl looked at me with such a need for approval that my heart melted. So, despite my better judgment, I agreed with Joan. "Incredible," I said. "She looks...amazing."

Joan smiled broadly and hugged me from the side. "I knew you'd like it," she said. "Kelly, spin around for him." My breath caught in my throat as the little girl did the sexiest turn on her toes, stumbling a bit as she arrived full circle, giggling.

Kelly ran her hand over her belly and chest, then rubbed the other over her thighs. "You really like it, Jim?" she asked.

"I think it's way too sexy to be wearing out trick or treating," I said, "but yeah, you look incredible."

Kelly blushed. "You think I'm sexy, Jim?"

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. Joan snugged herself closer to me and asked, "Do you, Jim? You think my daughter is sexy?" Then she dropped her hand into my lap and gasped. "Oh my God, Jim. You've got a hard on!"

Kelly's eyes dropped to where her mother's hand lay, and her smile faded a bit, replaced by a look of wonder. Joan didn't seem angry, despite my worry. Her hand squeezed my bulge and she put her lips to my ear. "She turns you on, doesn't she, Jim?"

When I was silent, Kelly took a step forward, peering at my crotch before looking into my eyes again. "Do you, Jim?" she asked in a tiny voice. She ran her hands over her body again. "Do I turn you on?"

I felt my head nodding. My voice just wouldn't work. I heard Joan moan slightly in my ear. "I bet you'd like to fuck her, too," she murmured. Her hand moved to the top of my shorts and plunged inside. I gasped and tried to stop her, but she knew what she was doing. She had my cock wrapped in her hand, pumping me, before I could react. Kelly's eyes widened as she watched, mouth agape. "You pervert," Joan whispered, then nibbled my ear.

I moaned. I kept staring at Kelly. She kept looking between my eyes and the action in my lap. Joan looked at her daughter and said, "Do you want to see his cock, baby girl?" And when Kelly nodded, Joan shoved my shorts down and freed my cock. I was rock hard and it pulsed with the hammering of my heart. Kelly covered her mouth with her hand and sucked in a deep breath, here eyes widening. Joan let her look for a moment then resumed her stroking.

"It's a big cock, isn't it?" she asked. "I told you it was."

"Can I touch it?" I heard Kelly ask.

Joan drew back to look into my face. "What do you think, Jim?" she asked. "Should I let her touch your fat cock? Do you want my little girl to jack you off?"

"Joan," I managed to gurgle. She laughed.

"I won't be mad at you," she said. Then she kissed me. Hard. I groaned as her tongue dove into my mouth. "Pervert," she added as she parted from me wetly. She sat back in the corner of the sofa, throwing one leg over the back and baring her crotch lewdly.

"Go ahead, Kelly," she said to her daughter. "Do whatever you want. And Jim, you better not move a muscle."

As if I could. My mind was reeling, the world turned upside down. Before I could form a coherent thought, Kelly was kneeling in front of me and her hand was wrapping around my shaft. I shuddered and stared as she smiled broadly.

"It's hot," she commented. "And kinda spongey. Is this right?" She began to stroke me up and down, using her thumb on the sensitive underside.

"That's it, baby," Joan groaned. I looked over at her to see she was rubbing her crotch, a look of wanton passion transforming her face. "It's better if you wet it," she added.


"With your mouth, silly," she said.

"Wait," I managed to protest. But Kelly bent forward, tongue extended, and licked my cock from base to head. She giggled and resumed stroking.

"More," Joan said.

Kelly gave her a quizzical look, then lowered her head to my lap again.

"Oh, shit," I said as the little girl's mouth contacted my cock again. She nibbled me, using lips and tongue together to plaster saliva from the head down to my balls, moving all around the shaft, treating my cock like it was some kind of delicious treat. When she was done she had left enough spit behind to trickle over my balls, and as she resumed jacking me it made a slickly wet sound. I had to fight the urge to reach for her. Beside me, Joan moaned loudly.

"Are you gonna cum, Mommy?" Kelly asked.

"Soon," Joan gasped, eyes riveted on her daughter's hand. "I want Jim to cum first, though."

"I can't," I said. "Joan, this isn't right."

"Shut up, pervert," Joan smiled at me. "You know you like it. She likes it. She wants to do it. Just cum, lover. Cum for both of us."

I groaned loudly. She knew me too well. This was overwhelming, and already the cum was ready to boil out of my testicles. Kelly was stroking me clumsily, but the sheer tabu aspect of the situation was more than enough to make up for her lack of expertise. "Lick him again," Joan said, really digging into her pussy inside her panties by then.

Smiling, Kelly did as she was told and lowered her mouth to my cock again. I shuddered and gripped the cushions beneath me. Unable to stop myself, I moved my hips, thrusting up into her p*****n hand. "He's about to cum," Joan cried out, her own gasps signaling the arrival of her own orgasm. Kelly pulled back just in time. The first spurt of my cum erupted out of me along with pleasure so intesnse it blinded me. I looked down to see another thick rope of cum rush into the air and come down in a line across Kelly's arm. The first had landed on my shirt, and the third, a little less in power and volume, managd to graze her pretty, shining, eager face so that some actually dripped off her cheek. A couple more spurts and I was done, the last of it dribbling over her hand and pooling at the base of my cock. She instictively stopped pumping and stared up at me with the brightest smile I'd ever seen.

Beside me Joan was jerking and crying out. Her hand clawed at the air and I caught it in mine. She screamed, "Jim!" as she came, squeezing my hand tightly, body trembling. Then she collapsed back into the corner, panting, opening her eyes to stare into mine, smiling.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

"Very much," I answered honestly.

"So did I," she said and laughed.

"Me, too," piped Kelly. "Can we do more?"

"Do you really want to?" Joan asked. "You still want to do what we talked about?"

Kelly nodded her head vigorously, and I realized this hadn't been spontaneous at all. This wasn't a Halloween costume. They had deliberately meant to excite me. Knowing that, my sagging cock began to recover instantly. Kelly noticed and smiled, gave it a squeeze. "It's getting hard again."

Joan sat up, tucking her leg under her and reaching for my crotch. "Let me help," she said, and engulfed me with her hot mouth. She moaned as she took in all of my seven inches, leaving my cock shining with saliva and free of cum when she sat up again. "You try it, Kelly," she said.

This time I had no qualms about the little girl doing anything she wanted to me. Kelly, though, was a little shy about it. She edged a little closer on her knees and slowly lowered her head, bringing her lips to the tip of my cock. I felt her tongue swirl around the knob, then at last her lips closed and I was just inside her hot little p*****n mouth. Joan kissed me, and I could feel how she was still trembling.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked her in a whisper.

"Oh, Jim," she said, eyes glazed. "I love you so much. You don't know how long I've waited for someone exactly like you." She kissed me again then moved away to dig into her crotch again, watching as her daughter bobbed her head up and down, taking a little more of my shaft into her mouth each time. I put my hands on her head gently, just to encourage her, and she sighed, almost a moan. She moved her hand on my shaft, fisting me into her mouth, and I felt her little tongue fluttering on the underside. It might have been her first ever blowjob, but she'd been coached. She knew what to do. My cock was fully hard again by the time she was taking over half of it, which I guessed was all she could take. And that was fine by me.

"That's enough," I heard Joan say, and Kelly lifted her mouth off me. There was spittle on her chin, her lipstick was smeared a bit. She had a look of such desire on her face that it made me wonder if such a young girl was capable of climax.

"Can I kiss you, Jim?" she asked with c***dish uncertainty.

"I'd love that," I replied. She smiled as I leaned forward, sweeping her into my arms. And she mewed in pleasure as I pressed my lips to hers. She was clumsy in this also, but her eagerness was amazing. She opened her mouth and tangled her smaller tongue with mine, moaning when I squeezed her small asscheeks. She broke the kiss suddenly and rose to her feet. I could only watch dumbfounded as she pushed her panties down, revealing her p*****n slit to me. She had a thin tuft of hair at the top of her pussy, but very few hairs along her slit which was splayed open with obvious arousal. She kicked the panties aside and leaned into me, kisisng me again.

She pushed me back and I felt her sliding over my lap, straddling me. I just held onto her small body, not realizing what her goal was. When her wet pussy slid over my shaft, we both moaned. She rose up, and I felt a hand grasp my cock. Joan was beside us, and suddenly I felt her lodge the tip of my cock right into the heart of her daughter's young cunt. Kelly sat down, and my cock nudged past her lips firmly.

"Oh, my god," I managed to say, then Kelly was kissing me again to shut me up, pressing her body down onto me.

This couldn't be happening. I was about to fuck an 11 year old girl! "It's okay," Joan said, her hot breath tickling my ear. "It's what she wants. Fuck her, Jim."

I groaned and Kelly pushed down. My cock was going into her. I felt her spreading around me, accepting me. My cockhead disappeared into her, and I realized that meant she had no hymen. My reluctance melted away as her velvety pussy swallowed more of my aching cock, and I grabbed her by ther hips and tried not to pull her down. I just held on, let her control the pace. She rocked on me, moved up and down, working my thick cock into her tiny body. It was like having my cock squeezed by a slick, burning vise. Not painful or uncomfortable, it felt perfect. Joan was tight too, but nothing like this. Kelly was moaning constantly, her head thrown back, her lovely face contorted by what she was feeling. I wasn't sure yet if it was pleasure or pain or both. No cherry to bust didn't mean her first fuck would be painless. She lifted up and shoved down hard, taking half my length inside her.

"It's inside me," she gasped. "Mommy, it's really in me."

"Yes, baby, it is," Joan agreed, stroking her daughter's hair lovingly.

"I feel so full," Kelly said.

She rose up and pushed down again, crying out as more of my cock entered her. I cried out too, because nothing in my life had prepared me for this kind of thing. It was unreal, a dream, and I felt like a total pervert for letting it happen. And yet nothing could have made me want it to stop. Kelly rested her hands on my shoulders and settled more of her weight onto me. Joan added her hands to mine on Kelly's waist and pushed down. Kelly cried out again, and then I felt her pubes meeting mine. I was completely inside her.

"How does that feel?" Joan asked.

"Wonderful," Kelly and I said in unison. Kelly smiled at me and laughed joyfully. She lifted herself and dropped. Lifted higher, then back down. She moaned.

"Are we fucking now?" she asked.

"Yes, Kelly," I said to her. "We're fucking."

Joan groaned and turned my face so she could kiss me. "Thank you," she said to me. It seemed such an odd thing to say that I had no repsonse. Joan settled back into the corner and spread her legs again. She'd taken off her panties when I wasn't paying attention and I saw that her pussy was swollen and dripping with excitement. Kelly continued to fuck herself on my cock, moaning louder and louder.

I just held on and rode along. Her tiny body was trembling and I could feel her tight pussy milking me. She lifted up until only my head was left in her, then sank down until I was buried once more in her depths. She did that over and over, and suddenly she was shaking more, her breath coming in staccato gasps. "I'm going," she cried out. "Mommy! I'm gonna...gonna..."

"Yes!" Joan cried out. "Fuck her, Jim! Make her cum!"

"Oh!" screamed Kelly as her orgasm washed over her. "Daddy!"

I held onto her, amazed. She shook like a sapling in a hurricane, her tight cunt gripping my cock like the fist of God. I held onto her until she slumped on top of me, and when she looked up her face glistened with tears.

I kissed her lightly, on the lips and the cheeks and everywhere I could, and she kissed me in return with eager passion. Joan was bucking beside us, cumming, and when she was done she lay there staring at us, panting. "Oh, Christ," she said. "That is so fucking hot."

"You didn't cum," Kelly noted.

"No," I said. "It's okay, though."

"No, it's not," she said. "I want you to cum inside me."

I groaned and hugged her. "Are you sure? Are you too sore to keep fucking?"

"No," she laughed, returning my hug. Then she began to move up and down on me again. Groaning, I held her more tightly and pushed myself to my feet. She locked her legs around me, digging her stocking clad feet into my hips as I turned us around. Joan scrambled to get off the sofa as I laid her daughter down. Kelly stared up at me with total trust, her eyes blazing with desire. I held myself over her and began to fuck in and out of her, pushing in deeply each time. She moaned and dug her heels into my legs, urging me to continue.

Joan knelt on the floor beside us and lay a hand on Kelly's tummy, saying nothing. I held Kelly by her hips and fucked her slowly, savoring every inch I could put into her. I could look between us and see my cock entering her, pulling out of her coated with her immature juices. Kelly pushed herself up, and Kelly helped her to be able to look as well. "Wow," she said. I sank into her deeply and she groaned. "He's really fucking me, Mommy."

"Yes, he is," Joan said. She nuzzled her daugher's cheek, and Kelly turned her face. Joan looked surprised when her daughter kissed her, then moaned as she opened her mouth to the girl. Kelly groaned and lay back, pulling her mother along, continuing to kiss. I felt my orgasm surging up through me, egged on by what I was viewing.

They broke the kiss and Kelly gasped, "It's getting bigger inside me!"

"He's going to cum in you, baby girl," Joan said. Her hand was back between her legs, frigging. She looked at me. "Do it, Jim. Cum in your little girl."

"Kelly," I groaned her name and sank into her.

"Daddy!" she gasped in return.

I cried out and began to cum. The world became haloed in bright light, making everything fuzzy and surreal. I shoved into Kelly as deeply as I could and let my cum fly. She screamed and clutched at me, digging her little feet into me hard.

"I feel it," she yelled. "I feel his cum in me!" And suddenly she was cumming right along with me, her already tight pussy gripping me, milking me with rippling spasms. I shuddered and came, and came, filling her so that I could feel it bubbling back out of her. Then I sagged over her, and she sagged beneath me, and Joan slumped to the floor overcome with orgasmic bliss. I kissed Kelly softly. She was weeping again, tears of joy.

"I love you, Kelly," I whispered.

"I love you too, Daddy," she said. Her eyes widened.

"It's okay," I told her. "You can call me Daddy."

Her smile was like the sun. "I love you, Daddy," she repeated and hugged me.

I felt Joan's hand on my back. "Don't forget me," she said, grinning.

"I love you too, Mommy," Kelly crooned.

"And I love you too, Joan," I said to her.

"Jesus," she said, "I love you so damn much, Jim." She kissed me.

I lifted myself slowly off of Kelly, and we all watched my half-hard cock slide out of her followed by a torrent of my cum. She giggled and reached between her legs to play with it, and herself.

Joan ran a finger through her daughter's slit and lifted a cum coated finger to her lips, smacking happily. "I think we could all use a shower," she said. "Luckily, mine holds three."

I wasn't sure what else these two had in store for me that night, but I knew I was going to enjoy it. And I knew these were two treasures I could never give up. Kelly climbed unsteadily to her feet, and Joan tugged me to mine, and then with my arms around them both we headed down the hall together.

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