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Erin's Dirty Fantasies

My name is Erin. Last month i turned 18 years old. Now that i am "legal", my head is spinning with all these sex fantasies that might really happen for me. Up to now, i've only been with high school boys. They are o.k., but they aren't very imaginative. Or maybe they are just scared to be that way. Older guys were afraid of me because they might go to jail. But, like i say, now i am "legal" and a whole new world is open to me.

I luv to masturbate and think about all my dirty fantasies. I take off all my clothes and lie on my bed. I rub or pat my clit with one hand while i put the narrow end of an empty wine or beer bottle in my pussy. Sometimes i finger my asshole too. With my eyes closed, away i go into fantasy land.

I think about masturbating in front of a guy while he masturbates in front of me. Just as we are about to cum, we move together and i squirt my girl cum on his cock while he shoots his cum on my pussy lips.

I think about putting a guy's cock in my mouth and slowly sucking it all in. Then out till just the cock head is in my mouth. In and out for several more minutes. Then i take his cock out of my mouth and stroke it with my hand while i suck on his balls. Maybe i lick his asshole too. Then i beat his cock really really hard against my teenage face until he gives me a facial. Then we go into the shower and he pees on my face to wash the cum away. Maybe he lets me pee on him too.

I think about having anal sex for the first time. I check into a motel with an older guy just so he can fuck me in the ass. First, he fucks my pussy very rough and in many positions to get me hot. Then he pins me up against the wall with my back to him and he puts his cock up my asshole. Slowly at first, and then he sodomizes me much faster.

I think about being tied to a bed while i'm on my back. I'm helpless. A guy is there and he uses me for his pleasure. He uses all of my fuckholes as he pleases. He tit fucks me. He slaps my tits and lightly slaps my face. He cums all over me and leaves his sperm on me. I belong to him.

I think about a guy taking me to a public park and leading me around on a leash. Then i get down on all fours into the doggy position. The guy fucks me roughly from behind while the other guys in the park are watching. They have their cocks out and are jacking off while i bark like a dog.

I think about letting a guy know what i'll be doing and where i will be going for a couple of days and letting him surprise me. Right when i least expect it, he f***es himself on me and fucks me really rough like he is r****g me. Then he does lots of other perverted things to me.

I think about letting another girl fuck me with a strap-on. I want to know what it feels like for a girl to penetrate me that way. For her to pull my hair back as she gives it to me from behind. Maybe she will let me fuck her that way also.

I think about all these dirty fantasies when i masturbate and make myself feel good. Finally, all these thoughts make me squirt my girl cum on my stomach. I haven't done hardly any of what i fantasize about. But i am only 18 so there is plenty of time. I still live with my parents. After i move out in June, then i can make my fantasies into realities.

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