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I'm a nudist.

I'm a nudist. I like being naked. When I am home, I am
usually naked. I go to nude beaches whenever I can,
including areas on both coasts of the United States, as well
as spots in England, Germany, and Greece. I even have home
pages of me naked, although I haven't posted them anywhere
on the net. There's just something about being naked in
public that gives me a thrill. Yes, I like the feeling of
freedom and warmth, but I think there's something more to
it. I like having people look at my body.

One of my favorite memories is of a visit to a nude beach in
California, a long stretch of sand in northern San Diego
county. On the gay section of the beach, it was approaching
sundown and I was alone. From down the beach I spied the
lanky figure of a man, maybe in his mid-twenties,
approaching me. He had on baggy nylon soccer shorts and a
Hawaiian shirt and was carrying his rolled up towel,
obviously on his way to the parking lot. He stopped and
talked with me for a while. Something about being naked and
talking with a clothed individual gave me a bit of a thrill,
although I didn't pop a woodie or anything.

Eventually as we talked, he decided to strip down as well.
It was obvious that he had been nude on the beach many
times, for he had a deep all-over tan. The long shadows
cast by the setting sun illuminated our bodies, emphasizing
our musculature. As I was lying on my blanket looking up at
him, I could tell that he was sneaking peeks at my rather
small, circumsized penis and my balls sagging in their sack
in the late afternoon sunlight. As we talked, I could see
his penis begin to harden.

"Do you mind," he asked?

I smiled up at him, "No problem. I've seen it all before."

With that he reached down and began manipulating his long,
cut dick. He played with it lightly at first. All the
while he stared down at my naked body, paying close
attention to my groin and legs. I decided to give him a bit
of a show. I stretched with an audible moan and then
brought my hands down my chest, rubbing in solid, circular
motions down my abdomen and sides. I then brought my hands
up and began stroking the soft skin of my inner thighs,
speading my legs outward so he could have a better view down
thereand thrusting my hips upward. Occasionally my thumbs
would brush against my sagging ball sack, causing my
testicles to churn up and down.

I think this really got him going. Although I had been
successful in willing my dick to stay down, I was acting and
feeling quite sensual. He picked up the pace of his
masturbation, all the while staring at my body. It was a
trip watching his face as he frantically jerked him meat.
He was trying to watch me throughout his gyrations. Finally
he came, shooting white globules out the slit and onto my
left leg and foot. Some of it landed on the beach forming
small globes encrusted with sand. Out of breath, he quickly
wiped himself off with his towel and got dressed. I
continued to lie on the beach has he donned his clothes

"Thanks," he said as he turned to leave.

"Anytime," I replied to his retreating back.

After he was gone, I began to masturbate myself, remembering
the remarkable feelings I felt inside as I watched him get
off on my body. My thoughts also went back to my c***dhood
and some of the same feelings I felt then.

---The c***d Exhibitionist---

I can't remember a time when I didn't get off being naked in
front of friends and even complete strangers. When I was
seven or eight my friend Daniel and I used to go to my tree
house, high up in an oak tree where I would strip down with
little fear of being seen by anybody. Daniel would stand
next to me, fully clothed, and watch as I pissed off the
platform. We would watch the golden stream emerge from the
slit in my tiny, hairless penis and sail to the ground
thirty feet below. I would shake it, helping the final
drops begin their plunge to the ground, always aware that
Daniel was watching me with interest.

Sometime during our play in the treehouse, I would
invariably get hard and parade around with my little two
inch woody sticking straight up, almost touching my abdomen.
Sometimes Daniel would laugh and throw my clothes down to
the ground, forcing me to climb down and retrieve them.
Luckily the treehouse was in the woods, far from any house
or road. I actually enjoyed climbing down the rungs nailed
to the tree and scrambling around the dried leaves looking
for items of clothing. I felt so free when I was naked!
Sometimes I even kept my clothes off, carrying them with me
until we were almost in sight of my house.

Daniel and I used to go hiking and camping in the hills
above our neighborhood. Usually I would take off my clothes
and put them in my backpack as soon as we were out of sight
of any houses. Sometimes Daniel would get naked, too. I
really liked looking at his tiny dick and loved watching his
ball sack loosen up as we exerted ourselves hiking the
trails through the woods. Daniel didn't seem to like being
naked like I did, though, but that was okay because I
preferred showing him my body anyway.

One time I remember coming to a clearing. The two of us
were naked and I really got off in running around in the
smmer sunlight, wearing just my shoes. Soon, though, we
heard voices approaching and we ran to hide up a rise and
just inside the edge of the woods. Daniel hurriedly put on
his clothes but I stayed naked; it was really exciting
realizing that we had almost been caught, and I wanted to
prolong the moment. Even though I hadn't been hard before,
I felt the familiar feelings and looked down to see the
jerking movements of my boycock rising to meet the sky. I
nudged my friend, pointing to it. He giggled and almost
gave away our location.

As we looked down we saw two of the older neighborhood boys
walking by. They had a reputation for being bullies and if
they had seen us, I am sure they would have beaten us up for
playing "faggot" games. Somehow the excitement made it even
more fun for me.

When I was about ten, I remember going to the beach with my
f****y. I brought along my friend, Bob, and we put down our
towels a couple hundred yards from my mother and s****rs. I
was wearing a baggy, boxer-style swim suit but as usual, I
didn't have anything on underneathe it; I liked the feeling
of the wind blowing up my pants leg. Lying there, I would
keep my legs spread apart and allowing the sun to shine up
the opening of the leg to warm my balls. At some point
during the day, Bob noticed and whispered to me that I
needed to cover up.

"Nah," I said. "I don't care if they see me. If a girl
comes along, I'll cover up, but guys have seen it before.
Besides, nobody's gonna look at me, and if they do, it's
because they want to see it. Why deny them a free show?"

Bob laughed nervously at my joke, but I didn't bother trying
to cover myself. Eventually I had to piss so I went up to
the restroom near the parking lot. I stepped up to the
trough urinal and opened my pants, allowing them to drop to
my knees. As I was letting go a strong stream into the long
trough, a man came up beside me and opened his pants to
piss, too.

Now, until this time, I had never seen a naked man before
and I was amazed at the size of his dick and all the hair he
had; I didn't know people grew hair there. He let loose a
large stream and all I could do was stare. And watching him
with his hand holding his large tool, I began to get hard.
I thought about covering up, but it was too exciting being
naked with this god. Eventually he finished his piss but
didn't move to cover himself up. Instead he looked down at
me and even reached over and touched the tip of my tiny
erection. At that point I knew that he had gone beyond that
certain point so I pulled my suit back up and went out to
join my friend. But that night, as I lay naked in bed, I
couldn't get over the experience. I played with my cock,
remembering that touch to my dick. It felt so neat knowing
that he got off at looking at my tiny pecker.

A year later, I moved to a new neighborhood and had to make
new friends. One of those friends, Michael, seemed to be
into nudity as much as I was. Even though we were eleven
and way too old for that kind of thing, we used to take
baths together, along with his little b*****r who was nine,
and compare our still tiny dicks. Michael's f****y was way
different than mine. Neither Michael nor his b*****r, Jed,
minded being naked in front of his parents. The two used to
walk naked through the house without giving it a second
though. In my house, my mother yelled at me if I even
bothered to walk from the shower to my room without my shirt

Michael had a pool way in the back, out of sight from his
house, and we would swim naked all the time when his parents
weren't home and I felt comfortable. Sometimes his little
b*****r would join us. The three of us were camping out one
summer's evening and it was too warm for us to sl**p in our
sl**ping bags. Of course, we were naked.

"I've got an idea," I said at about midinight when we
couldn't sl**p from the heat. "Why don't we wander around
the neighborhood. Maybe that will cool us off!"

Now, being a c***d exhibitionist, I really meant that I
wanted to take risks being seen. The other two thought this
was a neat idea so we cautiously made our way alongside the
house to the street. This was actually quite risky because
the street, while quiet, was well lit and if anybody
bothered to peer out of their darkened windows, they would
have seen the three of us, naked as the day we were born.
None of us had even bothered to bring clothes; that just
added to the thrill.

We began slowly darting from shadow to shadow, crouching
behind trees to look out for anybody who might be coming
down the street. I remember one time crouching behind
Michael, so close to him that my legs were on either side of
his body and my groin was pressed tightly against his lower
back. My already hard dick stiffened even more, but Michael
didn't say anything as my solid two incher poked into him.

As we continued down the street, we became bolder and
bolder, spending more time moving between the dark shadows.
Soon we didn't even bother using trying to hide in the dark
at all. Pretty soon we moved to the middle of the quiet
residential street with the street lamps alternating on
either side illuminating our bodies. It was almost one in
the morning and we hadn't seen a car the whole time we were
out. We became quite bold, even talking in less than hushed
tones occasionally. Each of us was sporting a tiny
erection. I especially liked Jed's because its tiny size
was so cute!

Suddenly a car turned right onto the street a couple of
blocks ahead of us. Its headlights played though the
darkness toward our naked bodies. We were in a panic! We
looked to either side and there were no trees or bushes to
hide behind! There was only a large patch of ivy to my left
so I dashed across the street and dove into it, hoping the
bulk of the cool vines would hide me from view. I heard the
hard rush of leaves being crushed to my right as a small
form landed beside me. I hard the harder sound of Michael's
body as it landed in the Ivy to my left. Jed began to lift
his head to see what the car was doing but I grabbed his
body, held his head down with my left hand, and d****d my
right leg over his body to keep him from getting up. My
hard dick was crushed into his hip and I could feel myself
involuntarily thrusting my hips, pounding my little penis
into his side.

The car passed without slowing down, so I don't think they
saw us. The scare was enough though, and we made our way
back the quarter mile to Michael and Jed's house. This time
we stayed in the shadows, no longer being bold enough to
walk in the glow of the street lamps. We giggled together
when we finally got back. After skinnydipping a short time
we settled down on our sl**ping bags. We fell asl**p as the
water evaporated from our naked bodies.

As I think back on it, I was a much braver exhibitionist as
a boy than as a teen or an adult.

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