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My lil freak

I live in a co op in the bronx and their is these college girls that have and aparment on the first floor. This moring
one of the girls who i will name lala was having a little trouble with her labtop i was walking in the the building when she asked " do you know how to lock a wifi? I told her i would be happy to help! so we sat in the lobby of our building and i fix the labtop she ask what floor do you live on i said foue but let me tell you about this hard body 24 year old black girl 5'tall choco skin fat ass she said give her a second to put her labtop in the apartment and she will ride up with me i said cool
so she comes back and we go up to my aparment she said i wish i had a blunt to smoke which i was happy to supply we got really fuck up started to drink wine
and started to talk about sex
she said is it true that oldermen know how to really eat pussy? I said hell yes! she said show me
she takes off her sweats and fuck this pussy shave with a hot clit ring. Ant that clit at lease 1/2inches long cream running down the crack of her ass
the she said hungry? man i feast in this pussy wet hot the juice running out
and she is loud she keep saying ohshit and when i started tolick that ass her legs shook. i turn her over and started toeat that ass my face got loss in that
fat ass.then she had enough of the tounge and wanted some dick lala said daddy fuck me she pull my dick out and started to suck she took as much down as she could but she wanted to fuck nothing less. she rub the tip of my dock on that pussy and you know that noise it makes she slid my 9"dinc in that phat pussy
she wants to see it slide in and out i give her wet nasty

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