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Showing off Susan

The buzzer sounded signaling that the day shift was over at
Consolidated Metal Works. Lanny looked at his watch as he loaded
the last few barrels of trash into the dumpster on the loading dock.
It had been another back breaking day at this dead end job that
wasn’t going anywhere for him.

Even though he had finished two years of community college, there
just wasn’t any other job he could find in this small mid west
community. He was just glad it was finally Friday and he could pick
up his paycheck at the accounting office.

Maybe he could talk his young wife Susan into going out for a few
drinks at Rusty’s Western Club later that evening. It was about the
only place in the little blue collar town to find good music and
relaxation. Lanny knew that Susan didn’t like the rowdy crowd at
Rusty’s, but what the hell else was there to do to have a little
fun. He sure wished she would join in the fun drinking with his
friends and listening to the western music.

23 year old Susan had led quite a sheltered life as a c***d. Ever
since they had married five months ago and moved away from her
f****y in Salt Lake City, things hadn’t been as bright for them as
they had hoped. Back home, she was accustomed to attending a large
church and socializing with the f****y friends at church events.
Here, she had not been able to meet girl friends that she could feel
comfortable with. Most all of Lanny’s friends just wanted to drink
beer and party and besides the way they looked at her gave her the

She had taught part time at the grade school in Utah but decided to
spend her time at home as a housewife. Very few of the wives in the
community shared her interests and she could tell they were somewhat
reluctant to have their husbands get to know her even at the church
they attended.

Lanny had promised that they would move back closer to Susan’s
f****y as soon as they showed her father they could make it on their
own without his help. Her father disliked Lanny and had tried to
convince Susan not to marry him. That was the real reason he moved
and took Susan far away from the hassles of her parents.

As he stopped his pickup truck in the dusty driveway beside their
small house, Susan waved at him as she took the mail from the
mailbox. She really was the sexiest girl he had ever met. He still
didn’t understand why Susan married him when she could have her
choice of most of the guys in the senior class at the university
where her father was a professor.

As he sat in the truck and watched Susan walk back to the house, he
couldn’t believe she was really all his. Her soft auburn hair
cascaded around her shoulders as her ample breasts swayed under her
loose T shirt. She was always sensitive about the size of her
breasts and she couldn’t keep them from spilling over the sides of
her swim suit top. Her small petite 105 lb. body was only five foot
three but she had a sultry look about her and could have graced any
centerfold in any magazine.

Susan’s breasts topped with thick ruby nipples were his favorite, in
fact, Lanny would spend so much time squeezing her magnificent
breasts while they made love, she would have to tell him to stop
before he made her sore. She still wouldn’t consent to any oral sex
even though he had pleaded and coaxed her. Finally, she would get
mad and tell him to leave her alone if he was going to act like a
perverted a****l.

Lanny guessed Susan’s religious background made her feel that
anything except the missionary position was disgusting and made her
feel dirty. She had explained to him before they married that she
was very modest and shy and wanted to save her virginity for her
husband. But the thing that Lanny hated the most was she wouldn’t
try anything new even after they were married. He found himself day
dreaming about all the nasty things he would like to do to her.

Last month he and Susan had attended his company picnic at the lake.
Several guys brought their boats for rides and some water skiing.
All day long he noticed how most of the guys watched Susan
especially when she wore just her swim suit for a boat ride. He
overheard one of the older supervisors tell the boat driver to hit
some more waves so he could watch her tits bounce up and down.

The attention she got from these guys gave him the pride he needed
to feel good about himself. They didn’t pay much attention to him
when he was alone, but seemed to fall all over themselves to be nice
when she was with him. His problem was that Susan was such a prude
and would blush if she thought for a moment she was attracting
admiring glances from his friends. She was just too conventional and
modest to take his suggestions about sexual adventures. This made
Lanny more determined than ever to use her to gain the acceptance
and power he needed.

After the boat ride, three of the guys talked her into trying to
water ski. For almost an hour, they took turns helping her balance
and get started, all the while they were getting a close up eyeful
of his wife’s charms. The boat driver would always start out too
fast and make her fall, while grinning at the other guys as she
struggled to keep her wet swimming suit top in place.

Her nipples were rock hard from the cold water and sticking out
under her shear white one piece suit. Susan was unaware that they
could see the dark outline of her nipples through the white fabric
as it turned somewhat transparent from the water. She would be
quite embarrassed if she had known they were making her fall so they
could enjoy the view.

As Lanny watched from the beach, he couldn’t take his eyes off the
scene and had to hide the growing bulge in the front of his shorts.
He found himself almost wishing Susan would loose her top and give
the guys a peek at her beautiful tits. She was the center of
attention and received a lot “help” from her admirers.

His innocent little wife had no idea she was being tricked into
putting on a show for his co-workers. They would laugh after each
fall in the water and take turns holding her steady for the next
try. For some strange reason, his heart was pounding with more
excitement than he could ever remember. He felt more important as
he watched all the attention his wife Susan was getting from the
guys he worked with at the plant.

The next Monday at work Lanny was sitting in the restroom stall,
when he heard two of the guys that were helping Susan water ski
enter the restroom. They didn’t know he was listening as they
bragged to each other about the quick feels they got last Sunday
helping her learn to ski. They both laughed as the older guy said
he got a handful of titty as she came gasping out of the water. They
both k**ded they would give a years salary to get into that sweet
little bitch’s pants.

After they left, instead of being upset, Lanny couldn’t help feel
the excitement as he knew he was envied by even his supervisors at
work. They all wanted what he had, but he alone owned his beautiful
wife Susan, body and soul. It was high time she stopped acting like
a prude. She was going to give him what he wanted one way or the

Lanny had made a fool of himself trying to convince Susan to loosen
up and dress sexy for him when they would go out for the evening.
She never would agree to go without a bra in public even when he
would tell her that his friend’s wives do it for their husbands.
She told him his over sexed friends already stared at her enough
without doing anything more to encourage them.

He would have to plead and coax her to wear the Victoria’s Secret
teddies he gave her for presents on special occasions. Susan seemed
to be a bit more receptive to his requests after they had been out
to dinner and she had enjoyed several glasses of wine. Once they
were home, she would always change in the bathroom and want the
lights turned out when they made love. He could only imagine how
exciting it would be to show her off to the guys at work wearing a
shear teddy, but of course, Susan would never agree to anything so

He kept several nudie magazines hidden in his locker at work and had
even went into adult video stores when he was out of town. Lanny
liked the films where young amateur girls would take on several guys
at once in a gangbang. The few bondage films he had seen really
were exciting as a helpless young lady would be tied naked in
humiliating positions while men abused her.

In the film, the girl would squirm and beg for mercy as the men used
her but she would finally loose control with an orgasm. He wasn’t
sure why he enjoyed such a fantasy except that it would pay his wife
back for all the sexual rejection she had dished out. Lanny sure
would like to see his proper little wife Susan squirm and beg for

Among the many wedding gifts they received, was the newest model
Polaroid camera. Lanny had hounded her to let him take a few
cheesecake shots of her for his private viewing. She only agreed to
a few of her in a bikini and nothing more. He wanted to take
pictures of her dressed in her shear nightie lying on their bed but
Susan wouldn’t have any of that either. She was afraid someone else
would see them and besides that was a perverted thing to do.

One Sunday afternoon, Lanny had sneaked into their bathroom and took
a picture of Susan in the shower. With the sun shinning through the
window, the glass shower door allowed a fuzzy image as she stood
facing him with her arms raised washing her hair. You could see the
dark areas of her nipples and the shaded triangle between her legs.
Even though the view wasn’t that clear, it was a small victory for
him to take the picture without her knowing. He might even show it
to a few close friends just to get even with her for being such a
poor sport.

Susan had been shopping this last Saturday afternoon and after
putting the groceries away, she had planned to suntan in the back
yard. The blue bikini was too skimpy to wear in public, but it
worked just fine at home in the sun. Their back yard was fenced and
afforded a safe place to work on her golden tan in private. She
slipped the tight fitting bikini on in the bedroom and applied an
even coat of lotion to her soft skin as she sat on the large blanket
spread on the lawn.

As she lay on her stomach listening to music on her walkman, she had
loosened the back strap to keep the tan line from showing across her
small back. Susan dozed off listening to the music and enjoying the
warm sun. Lanny and his friend Frank had been fishing but decided to
come home early and get out of the heat. Frank, a 46 year old truck
driver beer drinking buddy from work, had helped him learn the ropes
at the plant when he first started. Frank had even helped them
unload their furniture off the truck when they moved in the house.

Frank was divorced several times over and in his crude way was
always keeping a sharp eye out for the ladies. While helping them
lift the furniture, his language was so foul, Susan had told Lanny
not to bring him over any more. Frank also made several off color
jokes about how much fun Lanny and Susan would have in the bed as
they all three put it back together. He made Susan blush when he
ask her if he should oil the squeak in the bed so they wouldn’t wake
up the neighbors when she went into action.

Today, the guys opened cold beers from the refrigerator and sat down
at the kitchen table. Both were half d***k from a day at the lake
as they noticed Susan laying on the blanket in the back yard twenty
feet away. She had not heard them come home as she lay sl**pily
listening to music. From the kitchen sliding door, both guys
watched as she lay side ways to them in the warm sun.

The little bikini bottom covered only half of her firm ass and the
sides of her flattened milky breasts were pushed out under her arms.
Frank let out a soft whistle as his eyes traveled over her exposed
flesh. Lanny’s heart beat faster as he realized Susan didn’t know
his friend Frank was feasting his eyes on her charms. She never
would have allowed herself to be seen like this by someone other
than her husband, especially by Frank who she despised for being so
vulgar and crude.

Lanny noticed how smooth her tanned skin was as a few drops of
moisture glistened on her back in the bright sun light. “God damn
your wife sure has a hot body,” sighed Frank. At last Lanny saw his
chance to play a cruel trick on Susan. He told Frank to stay out of
sight by the window and don’t let his wife see him no matter what.
Lanny closed the sliding door and walked out and looked down at
Susan. Her eyes were closed as he walked around behind her and laid
down next to her on the blanket.

His sl**ping wife stirred and smiled as she raised her head to look
at him. Lanny lied that he had dropped off Frank and came home early
to be with her. With that, he squirted sun tan oil on her back and
started rubbing her warm back with a circular motion. He could look
across her body and see Frank standing at the corner of the sliding
door looking out at the side view of her as Lanny rubbed oil on her
smooth skin.

Susan heard her husband tell her how much he loved her and how he
couldn’t keep from thinking about her all day. Lanny ran his hands
over her bikini covered ass as he whispered how beautiful she was
and how much he wanted her. He ran his fingers under the fabric as
she started to object that someone might see them. He assured her
that it was OK and no one could see them. Lanny told her to turn
over on her back so he could put some oil on her front. Susan
glanced around the yard to satisfy herself that their privacy was
still in place as she turned over holding the loose bikini top over
her breasts.

Lanny applied a layer of oil to her stomach and legs all the while
telling her how much he needed her. He quickly reached under her
crossed arms and tugged away the top of Susan’s bikini and tossed it
on the blanket. She kept her arms across her breasts as she asked
him to please take her to the bedroom. Susan heard him tell her he
would take her inside as soon as she moved her crossed arms and let
him put oil on her beautiful breasts. “Please she begged, let’s go
inside the house.” “God damn it Susan, you are ruining everything
with your old fashioned attitude.” “Now let me see your tits.”

Even though she was very uncomfortable being outside, she relaxed
her arms and let them fall to her sides. Susan’s firm tits were now
in plain view to Frank and were pointing skyward. A tear trickled
down the side of her cheek as Lanny slowly rubbed the oil over each
globe. He slowly massaged each breast making sure to jiggle them
for his hiding friend. He glanced to the window and grinned at
Frank as he rolled Susan’s nipples to hardness between his fingers.
Frank’s eyes were wide as he watched this proud little wife, who
wouldn’t give him the time of day, get her bare tits squeezed by her
grinning husband. “There, doesn’t that feel better,” Lanny whispered
as he pinched and teased each glistening nipple.

“You know sweetheart,” he scolded, “you are my wife and when I ask
you nicely to do something for me I expect you to please me and do
it, do you understand?” Susan had never heard Lanny use that tone of
voice before and it frightened her. It was almost like a threat and
she had no choice in the matter. “Now why don’t you slip off your
bottoms and show your husband how much you love him.” “Oh I
couldn’t, “she cried, “don’t make me do a thing like that outside.”

Lanny was sick and tired of hearing Susan’s excuses. “Who are you
afraid will see your precious little ass?” “If you won’t strip when
I tell you to I might have to find someone who will, “he screamed.
“Oh talk so awful,” she said as she grabbed her towel
and ran crying into the house, right past a startled Frank, and into
her bedroom slamming the door. She was crying so hard she didn’t
even notice the hiding figure behind the d****s as she ran through
the door into the house.

Frank had watched the entire scene without Susan even knowing she
had shown him her bare breasts. Her husband had let his creep
friend watch as he played with her sensitive nipples and made them
hard. She sobbed on her bed as she wondered why her new husband had
turned into a monster while Lanny and Frank quietly laughed at how
upset she was.

As Lanny drove Frank home, he had a sense of power in their
friendship that he hadn’t experienced before. Frank was telling him
how lucky he was to have a wife as beautiful as Susan to screw
anytime he wanted. If he ever needed any help keeping her
satisfied, Frank was only too happy to help. Frank could only shake
his head when he remembered how great Susan’s tits looked and how he
would love to try her out himself.

STORY: Showing off Susan By Doc Part 2/?

It was another Saturday night, and after the usual argument as to
whether she would go with Lanny down to Rusty’s for a few drinks,
Susan was home reading and he was sitting alone at the bar drinking
beer. She had forgiven him for the backyard incident several weeks
ago as long as he promised to not let it happen again.

He looked up to see Frank, his truck driver friend from the plant,
slide onto the stool next to him. “Where the hell is that cute
little wife of yours?” asked Frank. “She been showing her tits off
any more,” joked Frank. The comment took Lanny off guard but he
drank the next two beers telling Frank how he couldn’t get Susan to
go out with him and have any fun. Frank told him about his last
wife Nora and how you need to lay down the law and don’t take any
shit from your old lady.

Lanny’s idea was to get Susan real d***k and see if she would join
in the fun at Rusty’s club. Frank’s face brightened as he told
Lanny he had just what he needed to help her get in the swing of
things. With that, he went out to his car and returned a few
minutes later and placed a brown envelope in front of Lanny.

Frank told him he bought these little white capsules on his last
trip to Mexico. They were a strong sedative developed by a European
pharmaceutical company to treat patients that suffer from phobias.
He said they were perfectly safe, acted fast, wouldn’t put her
completely out but would make her very willing to follow orders.
They were formulated to create confusion, remove fear and almost
always blurred the memory of the user.

Frank had brought them back for a friend who sold them as “date
****” pills. Lanny ask if he was sure they were safe and how many
would it take to get her in the mood. “One will work wonders on
Susan and two will let you invite the whole neighborhood,” laughed
Frank. Even though knew he shouldn’t let this go on any further,
Lanny gave a little smile as he pictured Susan unable to object and
going along with his fantasies.

Lanny asked how much they cost as Frank put his arm around his
shoulder and offered them for free since he let him see Susan’s bare
tits. “Just take a few pictures and let me see her in action,”
suggested Frank. What a great idea, what a turn on, why hadn’t he
ever thought of that before. Lanny told Frank he had a deal as they
talked and laughed about all things you could do to a “willing”

For the next few days, it was hard for Lanny to concentrate on his
work as his mind raced from each naughty idea to another. He really
wouldn’t do anything to hurt Susan, but maybe the capsules along
with a little wine would help her learn to enjoy some new sexual
adventures. At any rate, if she didn’t remember the details, she
couldn’t get mad at him later.

Lanny had promised to take Susan shopping this Saturday in Newton, a
larger town 30 miles down the freeway from their home. This would
be the perfect chance to see what would happen. He decided it would
be safer to try a pill on her where no one knew her and couldn’t ask
her later about her change of character. Susan had expected to
drive home that evening but Lanny called a cheap motel in Newton and
reserved a room without telling her.

After spending three late afternoon hours at the shopping center
watching Susan in her light summer dress, he couldn’t help but
notice how many guys would openly stare at her as she went in and
out of the stores. They would watch her breasts sway slightly as
she walked and even turned around after passing to see her cute
little ass jiggle. What a show she would give if she would agree to
not to wear a bra, but of course she would never think of doing
such a thing.

As she sat in the shoe store letting a young pimple faced clerk slip
a new pair of shoes on her small feet, Lanny tried to imagine his
shy little wife letting him see her white panties. It was obvious,
the young man was more interested in looking up her dress than
selling any shoes. Even though Lanny wished she would accidentally
open her creamy thighs and give him a quick peek, Susan was very
careful the keep her knees together. Lanny could hardly wait to see
his modest little wife spread her legs after she was told to with
the help of the little capsules out in the pickup truck.

His chance came while they were eating dinner at a steak house when
she excused herself to go to the ladies room. Lanny opened the
capsule and added the white powder to her red wine. He swirled the
glass a few times and checked to see that it dissolved into the
wine. His heart was pounding as Susan returned and finished her

He watched her closely and after a few minutes she seemed to relax
and look into space. He ask Susan how she was feeling and she
replied she was quite tired after all the shopping they had done.
He agreed with her it had been a long day and maybe they should stay
the night if they could find a motel. Susan seemed to be trying to
concentrate on his words but she only mumbled that she was tired and
didn’t want to move.

Lanny smiled to himself as he watched his wife lean back in the
booth with a blank look on her sweet face. He thought to himself,
it must be working as he let his eyes roam over her short sleeveless
print dress that buttoned up the front. Her tanned legs were
slightly parted as he remembered that she only had a bra and white
cotton panties on under it.

As they walked out the door of the restaurant, Lanny’s arm was
around her to steady her walk. Standing at the pickup door in the
parking lot, he pulled her chin to him and kissed her on the mouth
while he ran his hands over her butt. Even though several other
people were close by, she didn’t make an attempt to stop him. Susan
never would have allowed such a public display of affection. With
this new confidence he reached up and gently squeezed her breast and
knew he was in command.

Susan seemed to hear what he was saying but she had trouble getting
her mind to focus on what was happening around her. Even standing
there in the parking lot she only made a feeble objection as he told
her to get more comfortable and open the top three buttons on her
dress. She actually did most of the work as long as he kept talking
about how pretty she was and how good she was going to feel.

After a few minutes of sitting in the pickup, he told her they were
going to “get that tight old bra off so she could relax and be
comfortable.” With a lot of effort, he managed to unhook and slip it
out one the sleeves of her dress. She tried to say words but they
just wouldn’t come out of her mouth. Susan just sat there not quite
able to understand what was happening but knowing something was
different and for the first time she couldn’t control her actions.
“There, doesn’t that feel better to get that old thing off,” he
teased as he left three buttons open showing lots of cleavage.

Lanny just had to see if she would follow instructions as he noticed
an arcade building covered with neon lights located next to the
restaurant. As he helped Susan through the door, he knew this was
not the kind of arcade anyone would let their k**s attend. The
adult only sign was there to keep the teens out so beer could be
served to a rough bunch of guys with nothing better to do than hang

They walked arm in arm into the large smoky game room filled with
pinball machines and a host of other electronic flashing machines.
He didn’t see another woman in the place but the twenty some guys
playing the machines turned and took a long look at Susan as Lanny
guided her through the noisy machines.

For being as large as they were, Susan’s breasts hardly sagged at
all and looked mouth watering as they pointed out under the light
dress material. Without the bra, they jiggled obscenely at her
slightest movement. This was the fantasy he had been dreaming about
for a long time and it was finally happening. He was going to let
other guys see her in a way that showed Lanny as the lucky husband
with a beautiful wife everybody wanted.

He was just helping his shy little wife show off her hot body to a
few guys she would never see again. It wouldn’t hurt her a bit to
let him get his kicks for the first time in their marriage. Lanny
had given her many chances to do what he wanted but she had been the
one to reject him and make him feel foolish. Well, now it was his
turn to have his way, and best of all, she didn’t even understand
what was happening as she stumbled along beside him.

Susan was aware of the hard looks she was getting as her breasts
bounced under her unbuttoned dress. She felt light headed and
confused and didn’t feel she could change the environment she was
experiencing. She heard Lanny tell the change man that his wife had
a little too much to drink but she liked to play the pinball
machines and, raising his voice, shouted she would challenge anyone
in the house to a game.

Four or five guys immediately gathered around Susan as a skinny,
long haired, tattooed punk named Randy told her she was “on” and he
bet twenty dollars he could “whip her pretty rear.” Lanny walked
over and helped Susan find the buttons on the pinball machine as she
tried to focus on the scene make some sense of where she was. He
knew she had probably never played pinball before but he knew she
would get all the help she needed from the very enthusiastic group
of guys around her. Randy leaned against a post drinking a beer
waiting for his turn at the machine.

Ten or so guys gathered around the machine watching her tits jiggle
as she tried to follow their shouts of encouragement. She was
doing good to hold onto the machine so she wouldn’t fall much less
getting any points from a game she had never played. Lanny walked
over to the change booth to watch as his cute little wife was the
center of attention.

It was clear to the group she was too d***k to play, so two helpful
guys held her arms and pushed on her fingers over the buttons to
help her get a few points from her game. “Come on honey you can do
it,” someone shouted, “keep shakin it till ya win.” Lanny would
just smile at them as they shot quick glances over to him to see if
he was upset with the “help” they were giving Susan. His smiles
showed them his approval and only encouraged them to give her more
help and as they pushed closer and cheered her on.

As the two guys held her hands over the buttons on the machine, they
had their arms around her back giving Susan “body english” as they
jostled her back and forth between them. She would glance at one
and then the other with a blank look trying to comprehend what was
taking place. She felt their hands sneak down across her butt as
they pushed and pulled her like a rag doll between their bodies as
they played out the last few balls of the game.

After the last bell sounded the end of the game, Susan turned and
leaned on one her helpers as she slowly walked over to the change
booth where Lanny was standing. His heart was pounding with
excitement as he watched Susan walk toward him hanging onto a greasy
stranger. Her dress had been twisted around from all the bumping
between her helpers and two more buttons were open showing a deep
vee almost to her waist. Her beautiful tits were in danger of
falling out of her open dress and the way it was twisted around,
most of the inside of Susan’s left breast was showing as she
stumbled forward.

“What are you doing running around showing off your tits?” Lanny
shouted as he adjusted her dress and buttoned it up like it was
before. “Can’t you keep your tits in your dress!” The guys let out
a groan as he covered up what they had been hoping to see since she
walked in the door. Susan just stood there bewildered as Lanny
straightened her dress and continued to scold her. “I told you if
you teased any more guys with your boobs I was going to have to
spank your little ass,” he teased in a playful voice as he gave her
a swat on the rear.

“You didn’t even get 5,000 points you were so busy showing off for
the boys!” “Don’t expect me to pay your game losses,” Lanny taunted,
“I told you last time you teased the boys you would be sorry.”
Lanny was playing to the crowd but it was so exciting to humiliate
Susan in front of these no account jerks and see her lower her head
from the scolding. Susan looked around the room full of leering
faces not quite able to remember why she was here but hoping they
could go home soon.

What a sight she was. It was too good to be true to see his prim
and proper wife walk through this crowd of low lives not caring that
she was putting on a great show for anyone that wanted to watch her.
Someone had probably opened the two buttons during the game and
helped himself to a quick feel. The way she was bouncing around,
Lanny wondered if any of the guys got a look at her nipple as she
flopped back and forth.

Randy played the game like a pro as he ran up the score over 80,000
all the while watching Susan as she leaned against the change booth.
He didn’t even use all his balls as he turned with a defiant motion
and asked Susan if she wanted to go two out of three for higher
stakes. “Hell Randy,” Lanny chimed in, “Susan doesn’t even have the
twenty bucks to pay for the last game.”

Randy walked over to Susan and with a frown looked her in the eyes
and told her she had better take out a quick loan. She tried to
understand his remark and started to look around for her husband to
explain what was happening. Lanny came over and put his arm around
her shoulder and told her she had better figure out how she was
going to pay her debt to Randy.

“Sweetheart, you better ask your good friends here if they will loan
you some money,” he joked. “You know honey, if you can’t come up
with the cash you might have to show Randy your cute titties to pay
your debt.” he teased as he grinned at the row of guys. “Now go
over there and see if anyone will trust you for a twenty,” he said
as he helped her walk over to the line of guys watching her
confusion and helplessness.

Susan could sense the drama and knew she was being punished in some
way for something she couldn’t understand. The guys had a gleam in
their eyes and played along with the game as they enjoyed her
dilemma. Susan was starting to cry as each of her “friends” said no
to her pleading looks. Lanny was ready to burst as he suggested each
of the guys put in a dollar and he would have a serious talk with
his little wife about showing her tits. Everyone chipped in their
dollar as Susan stood at the center of the group of cheering guys.

“All right sweety, the funs over and it’s time for you to show these
nice guys what your tits look like,” Lanny threatened as walked up
to her side. “You were so damn intent on showing them off before you
lost the game.” The harsh tone of voice drove the words home as she
started shaking as she sobbed. “If you don’t hurry up I’ll spank
your ass and let the guys help me do it.”

She stood motionless and then reached for a button on the front of
her dress. At the same instant, a hush came over the room and the
guys started licking their lips as some whispered “take it off
honey.” Through the haze in her mind, she couldn’t make her fingers
work well enough so Lanny walked behind her and reached around her
slowly opening all the buttons to her waist. As he grasp the edges
to pull open her dress she instinctively put her arms across her
chest to protect her modesty from the staring eyes. He peeled the
dress down her arms to the elbows and walked over to Randy.

With a frustrated look on his face Randy said he couldn’t see
anything with her arms in the way. “Then tell her to show them to
you,” instructed Lanny. “Put your hands down at your side ... do it
now bitch!” Randy shouted. With tears streaming down her cheeks,
Susan dropped her arms to her side and let every guy in the place
look at her naked tits. Her tan line showed the contrast of her
milky breasts and highlighted the dark rose colored nipples.

“What do you think of her cute tits?” ask Lanny. “Oh God they’re
great!” exclaimed Randy. “Honey, turn around slowly so all the guys
can see how your tits look from the side view.” Susan just stood
still trembling as she tried to understand his words. “I warned you
sweet cakes that if you didn’t do exactly what I said you would be
sorry,” as Lanny rushed to Susan grabbing her from behind by the
arms pulling them back. As he pulled her shoulders back, her full
breasts stuck out from her body. “Let’s show the guys how they
bounce,” as he jumped up and down turning around with her causing
her tits to flop obscenely.

“Isn’t this fun,” he teased, as the guys hooted at her wildly
bouncing tits. “Randy come over here, she needs some help with her
nipples,” invited Lanny. As the wide eyed Randy stood facing her
reaching for her softness, Lanny whispered to his little wife,
“Let’s let Randy see how far he can make your nipples stick out.”
Susan moaned and closed her eyes as Randy pinched her sensitive
nipples between his dirty thumb and finger. He stood there grinning
from ear to ear as he squeezed her soft tits and tortured Susan’s
nipples while her husband held her arms back in place.

As Lanny helped his sobbing wife back into her dress, he felt the
power and respect of having a beautiful wife everyone else wanted.
These guys would jerk off for months remembering the show his wife
put on for them. He knew he had Susan under control now and could
enjoy her at his leisure. He ask the cashier directions to the
country music club next to the motel. Lanny was having the time of
his life.

STORY: Showing off Susan By Doc Part 3/?

After leaving the arcade and putting Susan’s dress back together,
Lanny thought back and remembered the sight of his pure little wife
standing there letting Randy maul her gorgeous tits with his greasy
hands. He especially liked the way she started to squirm when he
pinched her nipples between his fingers. He had to find a bar with
some good music.

As they drove to the country western club, she kept asking if they
were home yet. She didn’t seem to have any memory of the arcade so
Lanny figured he could push her a little further. This was beyond
even his wildest dreams so he determined to make the most of it
while he could. Since they were in a strange town, nobody would
recognize them and ruin his fun.

He had reserved a room at the sleazy Starlite motel which was right
next door to the western club. An adult book and video store was
located on the other side of the motel. It was a rough neighborhood
but the motel was cheap and he wouldn’t have to drive to the room
after drinking at the club. Had Susan anything to say about it, she
never would have been caught dead in a place like this. But shit it
was her own fault for not going with him to Rusty’s back home when
he all but begged her.

Leaving Susan sitting in the pick-up, he went in the office and
registered for the night. Room 108 was right in front of the one
story motel as Lanny opened the door to air out the hot musty odor
from the room. He helped Susan walk slowly into the small room and
onto the bed by the window. As he returned from the pick-up
carrying a little suitcase he noticed how slutty his wife looked
sprawled on the bed showing her panties with the door open not
caring who might happen to see her.

It was ten o’clock and he could hear the live music from the club as
he opened the suitcase and removed the skimpy little dress he had
bought for Susan. She got angry when Lanny wanted her to wear it to
a party back home and refused to even try it on saying she would
never wear it much less be seen in public looking that way. Well
tonight, he thought to himself, she won’t have anything to say about
it now will she.

As Lanny helped her into the bathroom to freshen up, she kept asking
him where they were and if they were going home now. He lied as he
assured her they would be leaving soon after one more quick stop.
Every time she started to question him, he would use a stern tone of
voice and just say she couldn’t go home until she did whatever he
told her to do. That seemed to convince her to not object to his

He led her out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her
tucked in under her arm. She looked so innocent and clean as she
sat on the bed looking off into space. He grinned as he told her
she was going to get to wear her brand new dress she liked so much.
He had left the torn curtains at the window open, and with the
overhead light flooding the room with light, anyone lucky enough to
be walking by the room window would get quite a view of his little

Lanny helped his d**gged wife slip her new black dress on as he did
up the row of buttons half way up the back. It was a stunning
strapless dress that had a spaghetti tie at the back of her neck.
The sides of her braless breasts spilled out of the fabric on each
side. The short flared skirt barely covered half of her tanned
thighs and the black fabric was so thin, the outline of Susan’s dark
aureoles could be seen if the light was just right. Her beautiful
hard nipples stuck out through the fabric as they rubbed against the
dress top. Without the binding bra, her breasts bounced around as
she walked.

As Susan stood holding onto a chair back for support, Lanny
whispered to her she looked hot as hell in her new dress. He
laughed and told her she had forgotten to put on her panties. “Oh
well” he told her, “you better be careful not to get caught in an
updraft.” She really didn’t understand what he had said but he was
just paying her back for all the times she acted like a prude and
wouldn’t even let him put his cock in her mouth. Tonight was pay
back time sweetheart!

The dress was really shorter than he thought it would be when he
bought it. He laughed to himself when he wondered if she would be
able to keep from flashing her ass or even her cute little pussy.
Susan’s pubic hair was a soft auburn color with a tinge of red that
formed a small triangle between her narrow hips. She was careful to
remove any stray whisps that might show when she was wearing her
swim suit.

The two guys standing at the front door of the club just about
dropped their beers as Lanny guided his pretty wife dressed in her
show off little dress to the entrance. He told them she was a
little d***k but she still wanted to listen to some music and party
down at the club. Susan looked up at Lanny and mumbled something
about going home as they walked in to find a seat. He just told her
they would go home in a few minutes after this final stop.

She looked confused as she tried to understand where they were and
why all these people were in the room. She said something that
didn’t make sense about church and the choir, so Lanny just lied to
her and said they must be in church. That seemed to satisfy her as
she stepped out of her shoes so it would be easier for her to walk
The band was playing a slow song so he walked her over to the dance
floor barefooted to finish out the song.

The place was packed and there wasn’t an empty table in the room.
As Lanny looked over her shoulder into the crowd, he could see the
looks she was getting from the guys as the she moved her legs slowly
and held onto him. With her arms raised and wrapped his neck, it
pulled the back hem of her dress even higher so that it just covered
Susan’s bare ass. Lanny smiled as he noticed that her long smooth
bare legs were attracting stares from several guys in the crowd and
his little wife didn’t even know her bare ass was just a few inches
from being on display.

As the song ended, Lanny noticed a guy wave to him and motion for
them to join him and his two friends at their booth. The guys
hurriedly found two more chairs as he and Susan walked to the booth.
Lanny thanked the guys for sharing the booth as he helped Susan
slide in behind the table. He slid in beside her as he introduced
his wife to the three guys. He explained she had a bit too much to
drink but he couldn’t convince her to go back to the room. He told
them that Susan was set on listening to the music and it was hard
for him to keep up with her when she wanted to party.

The guys laughed with each other as they said they bet she was a
real handful when she started partying. All three were paying close
attention watching Susan’s tits as they told Lanny a little about
themselves. They all were mechanics and worked at a large auto
dismantling site just outside of town. They were in their 40’s and
you could tell they worked hard and lived an even harder life.
Their hands showed the scars and cuts from the metal and none of
them cleaned the caked grease from under their fingernails.

Joe sat to the right of Susan and was the oldest of the three, and
was also the one that seemed to spend the most time looking at
Susan. Chet and Henry sat across the table in chairs, and with some
of their teeth missing, looked even rougher than they appeared from
across the room. As the guys talked, Susan leaned against Lanny in
the booth and looked around the room trying to focus and make sense
of the whole scene.

Lanny had his arm around Susan’s shoulder as he bragged that his new
wife got a little wild when she had too much to drink and it was a
full time job seeing that she keeps her dress on at the parties she
goes to. He continued to lie and tell them how she always wants to
go to nude beaches so she can show off for the guys. God it was
exciting for Lanny to talk trashy this way about his modest little
wife and watch the lust grow in the eyes of these three horny
strangers. They all offered to help keep an eye on her if he ever
needed any help.

With a slurred voice, Susan ask Lanny where they were. He told her
they were with some new friends he wanted her to meet. “Shake hands
with Joe, Chet and Henry” he said as he watched her extend her hand
across the table. The guys watched her closely as they each took
her small hand in theirs and shook hands with Susan as she closed
her eyes. You will have to forgive my wife of her manners but after
she drinks a lot she mellows out and really doesn’t talk much.
Sometimes the only way to keep her awake is to tickle her until she
starts laughing. “She is really ticklish you know,” Lanny said as
he raised her left arm.

Lanny quickly jabbed his finger into her armpit and wiggled it
around as Susan jumped with surprise. She was squirming and
laughing as he continued to tickle his wife in front of the guys.
She was making quite a scene before he stopped the attack and let
her regain her composure. During the scuffle, her dress had twisted
around sideways and a lot of her right tit was hanging out the side
of her top next to Joe.

All the guys saw it and grinned as Lanny scolded his wife for
nodding off to sl**p when their friends had invited them to share
the table and visit. He said that if she didn’t wake up and join in
the conversation, he would find a more ticklish spot. Lanny winked
at the guys as he told them Susan had lots of places to tickle.
They all had a good laugh as they ordered another round of drinks.

Susan was completely unaware that the side of her breast was still
showing so when she heard Lanny ask Joe to “tuck her back in before
she starts a riot,” it didn’t register to her when she felt Joe
straighten the front of her top and push the side of her soft bare
breast back in place with his fingers. Lanny grinned as he thanked
him for helping and asked Joe how he liked the feel of Susan’s
titty. Joe could only roll his eyes as he nodded his head.

As the four guys continued to drink, Susan slipped in and out of
dreamland. She could hear laughter but she still wasn’t aware of her
surroundings. Every so often she would feel fingers at her armpits
and as she laughed she would twist and squirm to escape the
prodding. All three men were taking turns tickling her to keep her
awake. She was putting on quite a show for the rest of the guys in
the room as they watched the eager men play their little game of
“keep awake” with her.

Each time she would twist around trying to dislodge the finger, the
guys got a good feel of the sides of her tits and then got to “tuck
her back in.” A few other guys were standing around the table
drinking and watching when Lanny carefully untied the string at the
back of her neck which held her top up and retied it with much more
slack in it. Now as she twisted and squirmed from the tickling, her
big breasts flopped around even more and exposed more of her milky
tits to group of guys. Now with more flesh to “tuck in” the lucky
guy got a full handful of Susan’s bare breast causing more hoots and
yells from the guys standing around watching.

Lanny got up from the booth and told Joe to keep an eye on Susan
while he took a leak. He leaned his half asl**p wife onto Joe’s
shoulder as he hurried off to the can. When he walked back into the
room, he noticed that Chet had moved next to Susan where he had been
sitting. His sweet little wife was sitting sandwiched between two
strangers in the dark booth dressed like a slut and she didn’t even
have a clue how many strange hands had taken liberties with her
precious tits. The guys were so intent playing with Susan they
didn’t notice Lanny’s return.

Lanny walked over to the bar and watched as the two guys were taking
turns kissing her ears and neck and making sure she didn’t doze off
while she stared off into space. First Chet and then Joe would
drive his fingers into her bare arm pits and tell her it was time to
play “wake up.” As Susan went wild twisting from the tickling, she
would flop her swinging tits into their waiting hands.

Susan’s eyes would pop open with a worried look on her sweet face as
she tried to protect her tits from the men’s roaming hands seated on
both sides of her. She would twist from side to side trying to push
away from the constant abuse but was no match for these determined
mechanics as they took advantage of her condition. Lanny just stood
by the bar watching his modest young wife squirming as two horny
strangers were feeling her soft tits through her thin dress. They
would take turns lifting and jiggling them as they laughed among

It was then he noticed that her short skirt had slid up high around
her thighs from all the tickling. It was so dark under the table
that nothing could be seen but Lanny bet if the lights were brighter
anyone sitting at the bar would be able to see her treasures. The
scene before him convinced him he was an important person with his
new friends because Susan was such a hit with the guys. They all
envied him and it felt wonderful. A small bit of fear crossed his
mind though as he watched how rough these men were with Susan when
they didn’t know he was watching.

When Lanny returned to the table, he sat in one of the chairs as
Susan kept mumbling something over and over. Joe grinned at Chet as
he told Lanny “your wife has to go pee pee.” A big smile spread
across Lanny’s face as he further humiliated his wife by asking her
if front of the three men if she really had to take a piss. Susan
groaned and nodded as he asked her again how bad she needed to go
pee pee, as Chet and Henry snickered. “Real bad” she croaked.

Playing with her distress, Lanny just started talking about the car
racing season with the guys while his wife fidgeted around looking
for an answer to her discomfort. Joe was enjoying the sight of this
proud little housewife shifting around trying to keep from losing
control of her bladder. He told Lanny he better let his wife go
piss before she pees in her panties. Lanny just smiled and
exclaimed, “this may come as a shock to you guys, but I think Susan
forgot to put her panties on this evening.”

With that, Lanny looked across the table at his troubled wife and
asked her if she was a naughty girl and forgot to put her panties
on. She didn’t answer. Lanny smiled at the guys as he told them he
was pretty sure she had been very naughty and forgot to put on her
cute little panties. Susan was getting more desperate as she
squirmed and pleaded with her eyes to go relieve herself.

“Well that settles it” Lanny said, “you guys help me take Susan to
go pee and we will get to the bottom of this once and for all.”
Chet and Henry helped her out of the booth and each took an arm as
they walked her along behind Lanny and Joe. Lanny opened the men’s
restroom door as they guided her over to the dirty stained wash
basins. Susan stood barefoot by herself shifting from foot to foot
holding on to the countertop in front of the large mirror.

“How bad does my little honey have to go pee pee,” teased Lanny.
“Did you forget to put your panties on, you little tease.” “Joe,
Chet and Henry are nice enough to help you go pee pee so turn around
and show them if you forgot your panties.” The pain was causing her
mind to hear Lanny’s words and even though she didn’t understand her
situation, she knew she had to have relief. She let out a moan as
she started to tremble and whispered she had go “soooo... bad.”

“Turn around and pull up your dress for the guys, do it now and then
you can go pee pee.” She held on to the countertop as she turned
her back to the guys, and slowly pulled the back of her short black
dress up until the bottom of her cheeks came into view. “Come on,
all the way up,” he commanded as she bunched her dress high above
her beautiful bare ass. Susan trembled with shame as she stood
showing her private parts to these strange men as they made nasty
remarks. “I knew it” screamed Lanny, “you have been running around
all evening showing your bare ass to all the other guys.”

Susan pleaded with them to let her go to the toilet. The two stalls
didn’t have doors so Lanny told her to go ahead but the guys were
going to watch her take a piss. Henry got a stupid grin on his face
and licked his lips and said he had never seen a girl take a piss
before. “Did you hear that honey,” exclaimed Lanny giving her a
sharp slap on her ass. “Well then let’s give them a real close up
look cause nothing is too good for our friends, don’t you agree

Susan dropped her dress and didn’t object as Lanny had Chet and
Henry turn her around. They each took an arm and lifted her up on
the countertop facing them above the sink and pushed her down into a
squatting position with one of her feet on each side of the dirty
sink. Lanny held her in place as Joe, Chet and Henry bent down to
eye level between her wide spread knees hoping to get a look at
Susan’s pussy and waited for the show to start. Lanny held her short
skirt up out of the way and teased her that she better hurry and pee
before someone else came into the men’s room and wanted to watch

Susan just squatted over the sink mortified knowing that men were
there watching while she was attending to such a private matter.
She let a small fart as the yellow piss splashed into the sink as
the guys yelled “there she blows” and watched her lips quiver as the
last drops fell into the sink. All Susan could think of was how
good it felt to ease the terrible pressure. This must be a bad
dream, she thought to herself, I’ll wake up safe in my own bed at
home soon.

Lanny grinned as he asked Susan if she would like her friends to get
some toilet paper so she could finish the job. Chet pushed a wad of
tissue into her hand as tears rolled down her cheeks. As each of
the three guys watched every move, she reached under her skirt and
wiped her pussy lips dry as she squatted over the sink in the
brightly lighted men’s room. Lanny laughed to himself as he watched
his modest little wife hand the soiled paper back to Chet. What a
turn on and best of all, she probably wouldn’t remember anything
about the show she had put on to entertain the guys.

STORY: Showing off Susan By Doc Part 4/?

Chet and Joe helped Susan back into the booth at the western club
after the trip to the restroom. She had been crying and had the
look of a frightened a****l on her face. She didn’t show any signs
that the d**g was wearing off as she slumped against Joe in the
booth. The bartender had noticed her and stopped at their table and
warned that the local town cops were due to stop by the club and
make their rounds. He was worried that if Susan appeared too d***k
he might loose his liquor license.

Joe assured him they would keep her awake and alert. Lanny not only
was getting d***k from all the booze, but he was flying high with
excitement seeing Joe’s arm slip around his sl**ping wife’s shoulder
with his hand resting squarely on her breast. The thin dress
material did little to hide her hard nipple as Joe talked with his
friends and rubbed his thumb back and forth over the sensitive nub.

Seeing his modest little wife squat and piss in the sink while three
strangers watched was so exciting he couldn’t believe it had
happened. And now watching as this dirty mechanic openly playing
with Susan’s nipple while she slumbered next to him in the booth was
almost more than he could stand. Lanny was making the most of her
dilemma and humiliation beyond his wildest imagination.

As Lanny ordered more drinks, Joe yelled to a friend he noticed
walking in the front door of the club and told him to come over to
the booth. He pulled up a chair as Joe introduced his friend Willy
to everyone at the table. He was dressed in a soiled white shirt
which barely contained his huge beer belly hanging over his belt.
His name tag identified him in large letters under “Main Street
Barber Shop” as Joe laughed that Willy was his barber and cut what
was left of his hair. He looked to be in his late forties but his
eyes were red and it appeared he was well on his way to his regular
weekend d***k.

Willy eyed Susan as Joe explained she was Lanny’s new wife and had
been drinking too much that evening. Even when Willy shook hands
with Lanny, he didn’t take his eyes off Susan as she leaned
sl**ping against Joe. “Better wake her up so she can meet Willy!”
laughed Lanny. Quickly, Joe reached over and jabbed her arm pit with
his fingers. Susan let out a shriek as she twisted and squirmed
trying to dislodge the tickling fingers attacking her. The top of
her dress was still tied loose so her tits flopped wildly from side
to side as Willy’s eyes stared wide with amazement.

Joe was smiling as he showed his friend how much fun it was to wake
up Susan this way. Lanny playfully assured him that it was Joe’s
responsibility to see that his little wife didn’t fall asl**p and
miss all the fun. Susan’s eyes tried to focus on the new person
that was shaking her hand and telling her she was lucky to have a
husband that would take her out dancing. Susan could only mumble a
few words before she settled back against Joe.

The five guys continued laughing and talking while they finished a
round of beers. Willy was pissed because his girlfriend had stood
him up that evening. He had met her at a bar last month and was
going to meet her after work to give her a pussy trim. He hated
getting hair in his mouth every time he ate her pussy out, which was
every night. All the guys told stories about walking around with
pubic hairs between their teeth after every date.

Lanny had always dreamed of bringing Susan to a screaming orgasm
with his tongue, but she would tell him to stop every time he
started kissing her “down there.” Joe nudged Lanny from this
thoughts as he ask him if Susan’s pussy hair gets stuck in his
teeth. “Hell yes” shouted Lanny, “She sheds like a golden retriever
puppy!” All the guys laughed at the comment as Lanny frowned and
remembered all the times she told him to stop. He looked at his
wife as she stirred from the noise of the laughter and grinned as he
told the four men he always wanted her to shave her pussy.

“Well this is your lucky day friend,” grinned Joe, “old Willy here
has always wanted to work his barber magic on a shaggy pussy.”
Willy chimed right in, as he glanced at Susan, that he wouldn’t
even charge anything if Lanny wanted to set up a time for his wife.
All the guys agreed it would be a great wedding present for their
new friends. Joe held his beer glass high as he proposed a toast to
the happy newlyweds and Susan’s slick cunt.

Lanny’s d***ken mind raced as the scene flashed before him of his
shy little wife getting her cute pussy shaved by this so called
barber. It would be dangerous but the thought was simply too
exciting. He may never get another chance so why not go for it.

“Hell Willy” he boasted, “what’s wrong with right now.” “We’ve got
a room in the motel next door if you brought your scissors.” “She’s
been acting like a bitch lately anyway so it will serve her right to
loose her bush.” None of the guys could believe their ears and Willy
thought her husband may be joking. Joe yelled “done deal” and put
his hand on Lanny’s shoulder and explained to Willy what happened in
the men’s room earlier in the evening. Besides he joked, “it will
be a late wedding present from all the guys at the table she met

“Lanny calls the shots though,” said Joe as he worked to build
Lanny’s esteem to the other guys. “No shit,” cried Willy as he
realized he just might actually get to see Lanny’s beautiful wife.
Lanny told Chet and Henry to pick up a cold pack of beer and some
playing cards and meet them at room 108 at the Starlite Motel next
door. “After all, we have to have something to do while Willy the
master barber works on the ole lady.” Lanny’s heart was pounding as
he tried to act macho in front of these rough guys. There was no
turning back now.

Susan’s mind was slowly starting to become aware that several men
were with her and Lanny. She didn’t completely understand where
they were or why they were laughing. She smelled stale cigarette
smoke and Joe’s bad breath as he held her close to him in the booth.
The details of the surroundings escaped her but from time to time
she felt pressure from a hand on the side of her breast. Her eyes
were open but the scene didn’t make any sense to her foggy mind.

Lanny sat across from her and told her they were going home now. He
winked at Willy as he told her that she was going to get a first
class beauty shop treatment and get all trimmed up pretty back at
the motel room. “Honey, I’m going back to the room and meet Chet
and Henry with the beer,”

Lanny whispered. “Your new friends Joe and Willy are going to help
you get back to our motel room in a few minutes.” “Now be nice to
them cause they are going to give you a wedding present from all
your friends you met tonight.” Lanny went to the bar to pay the tab
and walked to the club door. As he opened the door, he turned and
glanced back at Susan sitting between Joe and Willy in the booth.
She looked so helpless and out of place sitting between the rough
looking older men. Her eyes seemed to be pleading for him to take
her away from this place and the people around her.

Too bad honey, he thought to himself, you had your chance back home
at Rusty’s. Lanny just figured he would have a little more fun with
her before he ask the four guys to leave. He was having great fun
playing out his fantasies but certainly didn’t want things to go too

After Lanny left for the motel, both Joe and Willy laughed as they
talked how this dumb shit of a guy would let his young wife get
d***k in a place like the club. It was a hang out for the d**ggies
and losers around Newton. Joe had met Willy as cell mates in the
state prison several years ago and came to town where Joe’s b*****r
got them jobs. They couldn’t believe their luck that they had a 23
year old girl as beautiful as Susan sitting between them unable to
object to anything they wanted to do to her.

What ever caused her stupid young husband to trust his bride of a
few months with the likes of them was really a mystery. Why he
would leave her sitting there between two complete sleazy strangers
twice her age without her bra or panties was beyond belief but they
both had learned long ago how to take advantage of an opportunity.

They could tell she was educated, well groomed, tanned and wasn’t
the kind of girl that would come into a place like this. She was
the kind of proud young housewife that took pride in her body and
Joe guessed she wouldn’t even speak to them if they knocked on her
front door and offered to do chores around her house. Yet, there
she was alone and d***k in a dark booth as they both took turns
feeling her full breasts through her dress.

“Susan honey, can you hear me” Joe whispered in her ear as he
slipped his left hand under the side of her dress to cup her bare
tit. “Don’t you like your pretty titties played with” he hissed as
he rolled her nipple between his fingers. Susan gasp as she looked
into the face of this strange man. She didn’t recognize him but
could only think of her husband. “No honey...... Lanny.... Lanny”
she said as Joe pinched her tender nipple.

“I’ll bet you are a great cock sucker, aren’t you sweetheart.” “How
about it... don’t you want to suck my big cock?” “No.... no.... who
are you?” she mumbled in confusion. “Maybe you want my big cock
shoved in your little pussy... is that what you want you little
bitch?” “Oh.... oh... no.... no... don’t,” Susan pleaded as she
became aware she was hearing awful words.

Joe continued to pinch her nipple as he ask her if she liked to have
men play with her pussy. “Naughty little girls like you that don’t
wear panties are just asking for it.” “Why don’t you open your legs
and let Willy play with your juicy hot pussy” taunted Joe. Her mind
was starting to clear somewhat because she was painfully aware of
the tugging on her sensitive nipple.

Susan was breathing harder as she felt another man’s hand slowly
slide up the inside of her right thigh under her dress and tangled
his fingers in her muff. Willy moved closer as he twisted her soft
pubic hair around his index finger. “Honey, you aren’t going to need
this stuff anymore,” teased Willy as he gave a quick pull on her
curls. The sudden pain caused her to open her knees and while both
guys held them apart, Willy ran his index finger up and down her
moist slit. “Oh honey you’ve got the sweetest little pussy” he
whispered as he slipped a finger inside and wiggled it around.

Susan was crying and pleading for them to stop as they laughed at
her. “Willy ole friend, I’ll bet she has a cute little asshole too”
teased Joe, “How about it honey would you like me to stick my big
cock up your little asshole?” “I’ll bet your shit for brains
husband would like to watch his little wife get fucked silly in the
ass” Joe whispered as he then kissed her hard on the mouth and
rammed his tongue in her mouth.

After a few minutes Joe whispered,” We know you hate to leave all
this fun but it is time to leave before your hubby comes looking for
you.” Susan’s whole body was shaking as they pulled her dress back
down and helped her out of the booth. As they walked across the
parking lot towards the motel, Joe squeezed her arm tight and warned
her to forget what happened in the booth and don’t say anything to
her husband.

The fresh air seemed to help clear Susan’s head but at the same time
she knew something was very wrong. Who were these two disgusting
men helping her walk and where was her husband. As they walked, Joe
made her stop several times and take large swallows out of a bottle
he held to her lips. The gulps burned her throat and she coughed as
the warm feeling liquid rolled down into her stomach.

“This whiskey will get you in a party mood honey,” Joe laughed, as
he fondled her butt as they walked along. If she slowed down too
much they would pinch her ass through her dress to hurry her along.
“Lanny... ouch.. ouch... Lanny,” cried Susan, as she tried to slap
their hands away from her tortured rear. “Don’t worry sweetcakes,”
Joe teased, “I’ll be glad to kiss your ass and make it all better.”

Lanny was already playing cards and drinking beer with Chet and
Henry at a small table in the motel room as Susan stumbled through
the open doorway to room 108. Lanny briefly noticed the terrified
look in Susan’s eyes as she focused on him. He was pretty wasted
himself by this time so he just made some smart remark about what
took them so long, did they take the scenic route.... or something.
“Let’s party” he shouted as he offered Joe and Willy a beer.

STORY: Showing off Susan By Doc Part 5/?

Lanny was already playing cards and drinking beer with Chet and
Henry at a small table in the motel room as Susan stumbled through
the open doorway to room 108 followed by Joe and Willy. Lanny
briefly noticed the terrified look in Susan’s eyes as she focused on
him. He was pretty wasted himself by this time so he just made some
smart remark about what took them so long, did they take the scenic
route.... or something like that.

Deep down he knew he should probably put a stop to this idea of
shaving Susan before things got out of hand but his ego wouldn’t
allow it. “Let’s party” he shouted as he offered Joe and Willy a
cold can of beer.

Susan slumped to a sitting position on the bed as the five guys
talked about who was winning the card game. Joe made the excuse to
Lanny that he and Willy would have brought Susan to the motel sooner
but they had to stop and talk to another friend he saw on the way
out of the club. “Here’s to the best sport I’ve met in a long time,”
said Joe as he raised his can of beer to Lanny in a salute.

The young husband just loved hearing all four men tell him how cool
he was letting them party with him and his new wife. “That’s what
good friends are for,” praised the others. He was too d***k to
notice the knowing looks exchanged between the four older strangers
in the small room.

After all, Joe had agreed there wouldn’t be any touching or anything
that might put Susan at risk of catching a disease. He didn’t want
anything to hurt his pretty wife. All he knew was that he had
dreamed of seeing Susan put in a humiliating position many times and
it was finally happening. The very idea of this fat barber shaving
Susan’s sweet pussy was so exciting he couldn’t help being caught up
in the enthusiasm of the four guys. He just had to go through with

She looked so sexy in her black dress as she propped herself up on
one arm sitting on the double bed in the seedy motel room. He
rationalized that he would just have a little more fun at her
expense with these blue collar men that neither of them would ever
see again. Joe turned on the radio to a western music station as he
told his friends they were lucky to be able to help out this young
couple with their honeymoon.

All the while she had been sitting listening to the men talking,
Susan was starting to piece together her surroundings. The alcohol
she had on the way to the motel seemed to heighten her senses. She
could see Lanny laughing but the blur of other bodies in the small
room took on a terrifying appearance as she noticed the men’s faces
for the first time. They were intent on watching her closely while
making quick glances at her husband.

It was then she remembered the terrible things Joe had said to her
back at the bar and how he kept squeezing her breast and pinching
her nipple till it hurt. The memory of Willy pulling on her pubic
hair and pushing his finger in her as they sat in the booth made her
tremble with disgust. She felt like a trapped fawn in the forest
and hungry wolves were circling her getting ready for the kill. The
man she married and trusted was sitting stinking d***k unable to
protect her from these vile men.

Joe walked over to Susan and brushed a strand of auburn hair back
off her forehead. He sneered at her as he ask Lanny politely if he
minded if they danced with his wife. “Sure help yourself” Lanny
mumbled as he sat holding his half empty can of beer at the table.
Joe reached down and grabbed Susan by the arm and jerked her upward
for the slow dance around the motel room. He pulled her close and
mashed the front of his dirty jeans into her as they moved slowly in

He could feel her try to twist her body from his embrace as his
hands roamed down across her ass. Chet, Henry and Willy were
watching intently as he continued to fondle her bottom as they
danced. Joe noticed Lanny’s eyes were closed and he looked like he
wasn’t far from passing out. Turning Susan’s back towards his three
friends with a cruel wink, he reached down pulling the back hem of
her dress up to her waist.

The three guys grinned back at Joe as he held up her dress exposing
all of Susan’s pantyless ass to his friends in the brightly lighted
room. She didn’t realize her bare ass was exposed until Joe reached
down with both hands and squeezed the two soft mounds. Susan
smelled his stale breath and gave a little scream as she tried to
push away his kneading hands from her bottom. Joe quickly let the
hem of her dress fall in place as the scream brought Lanny’s head up
with a jerk.

“Hey Lanny,” Joe shouted, “Your little wife is a good dancer but I
think she needs a few more drinks before she will let ole Willy here
give her a trim.” Why don’t you and Henry walk over to the club and
bring back a bottle while Willy gets everything ready. Henry
started to object but Joe still dancing with her gave him a stern
look and motioned for him to get Susan’s husband on his way across
the parking lot to buy the bottle.

Lanny should have known better than to trust these rough strangers
with his d**gged bride alone in the motel room. But as Henry put
his hand on his shoulder to walk out the door, Lanny again got
bolder as he told his dancing wife to be nice to their friends while
he was gone. He should have noticed the frightened look in her eyes
when she understood her husband was leaving the room. The young
husband should have been alarmed as he watched is wife struggle
against Joe as he held her tight against him dancing.

The three men let out a yell as the watched Lanny and Henry fade
into the darkness of the parking lot. Joe pulled away from Susan
leaving her standing in the middle of the room. “All right you
sweet little bitch, it’s showtime,” yelled Joe as he sat down at the
table. “It’s time to show us your tits you’ve been shakin at us all
night,” Joe hissed. “Hell, just take your fuckin dress off and show
us all the pretty things you been hiding under it.”

Susan searched their faces for help as she began crying and shaking
as her sobs grew stronger. She made no move to comply with Joe’s
orders but instead pleaded with the strange men... No... No....
Please No..... as she searched the room for her husband. “Your dumb
shit husband ain’t here, sweety’” he taunted. “Don’t make me come
over there and take it off for you,” threatened Joe, “Take the God
damn thing off.”

Susan’s mind was spinning but she instinctively made a run for the
door to get away from these awful men. She was no match for them as
Chet pulled her back to the center of the room and the three guys
joined by the returning Henry formed a circle around the terrified
bride. The four men pushed her back and forth between them as
though they were using her like a rag doll.

Four set of hands came from all directions grabbing her heaving
tits, pinching her thighs and butt as she did her best to slap away
the invading hands. Just when she would dislodge a hand from her
breast, several more would be on her bare thigh or causing her to
cry out from a cruel pinch on her bottom. All four guys were
laughing at her efforts to fight them off as Joe reached up and
untied the strap holding the top of her dress in place. “God she is
a little wildcat,” Joe yelled, “this might slow her down a little.”

Now Susan had to hold the top of her dress up with one hand so she
could only slap and scratch at the men with the other. The invading
hands were able to sneak up under her short skirt and pinch her bare
butt before she could slap them away. The pain and struggle she was
experiencing cleared her mind somewhat and triggered her natural
survival instinct.

Joe let out a cry as the long fingernails on her free hand slashed
across his right cheek leaving red trails down the side of his face.
“Ouch you little bitch.... so you want to play rough do you....
let’s play “Ring around the rosy with her guys!” Chet and Henry
each grabbed a wrist and pulled Susan’s arms away from her front
straight out on each side and held them. The untied top sagged but
stayed up held in place by the points of her nipples. It only took
a few jerks of her stretched arms between Chet and Henry as they
turned her in a circle to make the dress top fall around Susan’s
waist baring her beautiful tits to the leering men.

Tears were streaming down her face as they continued to shake her
back and forth making her naked tits bounce obscenely. “Look at
those fuckin jugs bounce,” hissed Henry as they all enjoyed her
pleading. Joe walked up behind her and slipped his thumbs under the
waistband of her dress. As she was held in place, he slowly slipped
her dress over her ass and down into a puddle around her small

There was a moment of silence as the four dirty men noticed how
truly beautiful Susan’s naked body was under the revealing light.
The young wife’s tan lines contrasted her tanned legs with the white
triangle framing the soft auburn hair covering Susan’s pubic mound.
The whiteness of her beautiful dimpled ass was interrupted only by
the dark crack that hid her secret places.

Her face and neck colored with a pale blush as she realized she was
standing naked in front of strange men with her arms held stretched
out to her sides. Lanny’s pretty wife was on display for these
perverts to enjoy and her husband wasn’t there to help her. Henry
had left him sitting at the club waiting for the bottle to be
purchased. He had whispered to his bartender friend to make Lanny
wait 20 minutes. Henry headed for the men’s room and had told Lanny
to wait for him before going back to the motel.

The four men figured they had about 15 more minutes before her d***k
husband found his way back to the motel room. Plenty of time to
have more fun with Lanny’s helpless naked wife. Susan was standing
held in place by her out stretched arms between Chet and Henry. Joe
had a cruel grin as he walked up behind her saying to the guys
“let’s see how ticklish she really is.”

Her exposed arm pits were too much for Joe to resist as he jammed
his fingers into her flesh and up and down her ribs. Susan let out
a squeal as she thrashed around trying to evade Joe’s tickling
fingers but she was held tight by her arms. “Go baby go, wiggle
that cute little ass for us,” Joe laughed as he also started
pinching her on her bare butt.

Susan was kicking wildly and putting on an obscene sort of dance
spectacle much to the delight of her audience. She was aware of her
complete nudity and shame of being held by each arm and tickled by
Joe in front of these strange men. Her eyes were wide and filled
with tears as she laughed and squealed from the torment.

“Now... now sweet thing, settle down,” Joe whispered from behind as
he reached around cupping and squeezing her milky tits. All the men
watched as he mashed them together and toyed with her softness while
telling her how nasty she looked. Even though she struggled, she
was helpless to dislodge his fingers as they rolled her nipples to

He pinched down on her nipples between his dirty thumbs and fingers
pulling them upward holding the entire weight of her breasts by her
nipples. Susan cried out as Joe bobbed her tits up and down by the
nipples showing his friends how much they looked like water

“Make her show us her pussy” yelled the grinning Henry as he rubbed
his cock through his pants. “How about it honey, don’t you want to
give us a little pose and show us old farts your cute little pussy?”
laughed Joe as he sat down at the table. Susan stood motionless in
the middle of the room sobbing holding an arm across her breasts and
the other hand covering her soft auburn haired pussy.

“No... no... please no more... please” pleaded Susan. “Now be nice
to the guys like your dumb shit hubby told you to or I’ll spank that
little ass of yours till you can’t sit down.” The frightened wife
searched Joe’s leering face for pity but he was loosing his temper
with her. Without warning, Joe grabbed her and threw her down
across his lap holding her wrists together behind her back. Susan
was d****d across the Joe’s knees with her tits hanging on one side
and her perfect naked bottom directly under his gaze.

She squeezed her legs together knowing all these filthy men were
watching as he rubbed his hand across her exposed bottom. The
contrast of her white ass cheeks and her long tanned legs made the
view that much more exciting. The first crack of Joe’s hand on her
bare ass hurt so much she let out a loud scream. Chet reached under
her face and covered her mouth with his hand as Joe continued to
pound away at Susan’s reddening butt. His slaps would go from side
to side with such pain Susan forgot about her modesty and kicked out
with her legs letting the men catch glimpse of the dark hair covered

Joe pulled her to her feet and pushed her to the middle of the
floor. Susan rubbed her red bottom as tears streamed down her face.
“Now honey, go over and lay on the bed and spread you legs for the
guys,” Joe commanded. The sobbing young wife hesitated but walked
over and sat on the bed as she saw Joe pull his belt from the loops.
Joe snapped the belt in his hands as all four men gathered around
the pleading bride. “Now then just strike a pose for us on your
back, spread your legs and show us how cute your little pussy is.”

Susan slowly scooted to the middle of the bed laying on her back
stiff as a board with her arms at her sides. “Oh honey you can do
better that ,” threatened Joe snapping his belt, “Show the guys your
pretty pussy.” Susan closed her eyes and opened her tanned legs till
they were pointing at the corners of the bed. The men pushed closer
as the closed lips of her sex came into view under the bright

“What do you think guys,” ask Joe as he jabbed Willy with his elbow.
“Honey, the guys really want to see your pussy lips open so pull
your knees up to your shoulders for us.” Susan reluctantly obeyed
Joe pulling her knees up and holding them against her chest with her
hands. The men gasp as the thin lips of the young wife’s pussy
flowered open to their gaze.

“God damn look at that sweet fuckin tight little cunt,” breathed
Henry. “Hey man, look at that pink meat inside, Chet added, “make
her pull it open.” “You heard him sweetheart,” Joe teased snapping
the belt, “Pull those juicy pussy lips open wide and show Chet how
pink you are way inside.” The tormented wife reached down and
slowly pulled her most secret place wide open as four horny men
looked intently at her obscenely displayed pussy.

Susan held the pose while Joe reached out and placed the tip of his
index finger on her exposed clit. The young wife gasp in surprise
as he lightly rubbed the sensitive nub back and forth with his
finger. “See honey,” he teased as she started to squirm, “it’s not
so bad to let us nice fellows play with your pussy..... is it?”

STORY: Showing off Susan By Doc Part 6/?

What do you think guys,” ask Joe as he jabbed Willy with his elbow.
“Honey, the guys really want to see your pussy lips open so pull
your knees up to your shoulders for us.” Susan closed her eyes and
reluctantly obeyed Joe pulling her knees up and holding them against
her chest with her hands. The men gasp as the thin lips of the
young wife’s pussy flowered open to their gaze.

“God damn look at that sweet fuckin tight little cunt,” breathed
Henry. “Hey man, look at that pink meat inside, Chet added, “make
her pull it open.” “You heard him sweetheart,” Joe teased snapping
the belt, “Pull those juicy pussy lips open wide and show Chet how
pink you are way inside.” The tormented wife reached down with her
slim fingers and slowly pulled her most secret place wide open as
four horny men looked intently at her obscenely displayed pussy.

Susan held the pose while Joe reached out and placed the tip of his
index finger on her exposed clit. The young wife jerked in surprise
as he lightly rubbed the sensitive nub back and forth with his
finger. “See honey,” he teased as she started to squirm, “it’s not
so bad to let us nice fellows play with your pussy..... is it?”
“Why don’t you try it,” Joe said as he placed Susan’s index finger
on her clit, and holding it in place, moved her finger back and
forth across the swelling nub.

Standing back up Joe told the exposed wife to “Play with yourself
honey and show the boys how a hot little wife gets off while hubby
is gone.” Susan’s mind was racing from her terror but the wonderful
feeling from her finger was impossible to ignore. She had never
indulged the temptation to relieve herself even when her girl
friends at school had told her about how great it was. She knew
what was happening was very wrong and sinful but with even a slight
movement of her finger brought a flood of pleasure.

The menacing Joe continued to threaten her if she stopped so it
seemed the lesser of two evils if she let her finger play with her
hooded switch. Making her perform masturbation while these cruel men
watched was almost more humiliation than the modest little wife
could endure. “Look at her clit grow” laughed Chet, as they watched
this proper young wife’s own finger causing her to squirm and moan.
The light reflected the small droplets of moisture starting to form
on Susan’s pussy lips as she increased the tempo with her slim

The banging on the door startled the leering men as they backed away
from Susan and sat down at the table as Henry opened the door.
Susan’s husband Lanny walked into the small motel room with a grin
on his face holding a bottle. It appeared to him that guys had been
playing cards at the table as he turned and saw his shy little wife
laying on the bed naked rubbing her widely spread pussy.

Before Lanny could react Joe told him they didn’t know what came
over his wife but they didn’t try to stop her. “You’ve got a hot
little wildcat there boy” joked Joe, “she probably couldn’t wait for
you to get her in the sack and fuck the shit out of her.” Lanny
just stood there and stared in unbelief at Susan spread open playing
with herself right in front of these four men.

They seemed to be occupied playing cards and hardly seemed to notice
his naked wife on the bed. If he were sober he might have noticed
the pink glow across her bottom from the spanking or the small red
welts on her ass from the many pinches she received. But this was
beyond his wildest dreams to see her masturbating while four strange
men watched her in this seedy motel room.

“No fair you having all the fun honey” Lanny said going over and
sitting next to his wife. “Quit playing with yourself it’s time for
your appointment with the barber” as he pulled her to a sitting
position. Susan had been caught up in her pleasure and the sudden
change brought her mind back to her present dilemma. Why wasn’t her
husband taking her away from these vile men?

“Willy is ready to give you your wedding present honey,” Lanny said
as he sat down on the bed. “Isn’t that nice of him,” he teased as
he handed Willy his shaving kit from the bathroom. “He’s going to
make your pussy all smooth and shiny for me,” Lanny taunted her,
“won’t that be fun?” “All these other nice men will be glad to help
him do a good job,” Lanny slurred as he smiled at the others.

Willy’s eyes widened with anticipation cleaning the cards and
glasses off the table and laying a bath towel on top. “Come on over
here honey and hop up on the table,” invited Willy. The frightened
wife objected as Lanny pushed her off the bed towards the table.
Susan just stood there doing her best to cover her naked body from
the eyes of these men. “She’s all yours Willy” Lanny teased, “just
be careful not to nick anything important down there.”

Willy walked over to Susan pushing her hands aside and quickly
grabbed a handful of her pubic hair. “This way sweetheart” he
laughed as he pulled the resisting young wife across the room by her
hairs. The four men lifted her on the table and lay her back on the
towel under the bright light. Susan had a frightened look in her
eyes and wanted nothing to do with letting this dirty barber and his
friends examine her private parts.

“Come on honey” Joe teased as he gave a sharp tug on her curls,
“It’s not like we haven’t seen your sweet cunt before.... you been
layin on the bed wantin us to help you jerk off.” It took all four
guys to hold the struggling wife down as they held her open for
Willy to spread shaving cream all over her slippery pussy. As he
worked on her auburn bush, he made sure his fingers slipped into
Susan’s open pussy every chance he had.

After she was shaved clean and wiped off with a towel, his other
three friends were quick to search for little hairs he might have
missed on her pussy lips. The men would take turns pulling her pussy
lips open and exploring every detail of the squirming wife’s sex
under the bright light. Lanny was transfixed at the sight of their
dirty fingers slipping into his wife’s exposed genitals. Without any
hair to obstruct the view, his wife’s gapping pussy was the most
wonderfully obscene thing Lanny had ever imagined.

“She’s all done” laughed Willy as he gave her bare mound a little
pat with his hand. “No more hair gettin in the way when you lick
her sweet little pussy” he said grinning at Lanny. Susan looked so
resigned to her fate as she lay exposed on the table under the light
as the four men held her down and played with her newly shaved

“Your little wife here has the best lookin cunt we’ve ever seen”
laughed Joe as he pulled her lips wide open. “You ought to enter
your lady in the pretty pussy contest if anyone ever decided to
start one.” Lanny was mesmerized watching his modest wife squirming
as they ran their fingers across her enlarged clitoris making her
jerk and squeal. Their fingers glistened from her wetness as her
breathing rhythm changed to short quick gasps.

His beautiful wife was responding to the dirty fingers of these men
she didn’t even know. “Doesn’t that feel good sweetheart,” Joe
teased as he noticed that she was moving her hips to meet his
finger. “I think your little bride likes to have her clit rubbed”
he said smiling at the watching young husband. “I think if I finger
fuck her she will cum right here on the table” Joe said as he pushed
his middle finger deep in Susan’s pussy.

“Oh... oh... oh” she gasp as the grinning Joe pushed her inflamed
clit back and forth with his big thumb while speeding the tempo of
his middle finger in and out of her spread pussy. “What a nice
tight slippery little hole you have honey.” “You need to let your
hubby in here more often cause I know you like it this way, don’t
you sweetheart.”

The wet sucking sound of his invading finger could be heard as Chet
and Henry toyed with her hard nipples. Susan went wild as she
bucked her hips off the table with short squeals and shuddered to a
long climax as the sweating Joe fingered Lanny’s wife. Lanny just
stood watching the big greasy mechanic use both hands on Susan’s
tortured pussy while his three friends urged him on.

Nothing he could ever have imagined in his wildest fantasy could
equal the sight of these strange men holding his naked little wife’s
legs wide open on the table in the motel room. Her shaved pussy was
wide open to their lustful gaze as Joe’s big fingers made her cum
much to the delight of her d***ken admirers. Her sex juice
glistened on Joe’s fingers and the smell of her sex filled the room.
Susan seemed to lose control of her emotions and be caught up in
the passion of the moment. Lanny had never seen his wife act this
way even when they made love in their own bed.

Lanny walked over to the table and lifted the sobbing Susan from the
table carrying her to the bed. He pulled back the covers and let
his wife cover herself up in the bed. He sat by her side stroking
her hair trying to calm her down from the rough treatment from the
guys. She buried her face in the pillow trying to block out the
evil men that had invaded their motel room.

“You got one wild little woman” Joe told Lanny, “she would be a hot
little number if you once get her started.” Willy suggested to
Lanny he should buy her a dildo so she could get all warmed up for
him when he got home from work. “Yah teach her how to use a vibrator
and you’ll never be sorry” grinned Joe as he offered to help Lanny
show her the ropes anytime.

“In fact, let’s go next door to the adult video store and let her
pick out one she likes,” suggested Joe. Chet and Henry agreed that
watching her pick one out sounded like a lot of fun and was a great
idea. Joe urged Lanny to get her up and he would buy her a wedding
present to go along with his wife’s newly shaved snatch. Lanny, not
wanting to be a spoil sport, agreed to Joe’s idea and looked around
for something for Susan to wear for her trip to the sex shop.

Lanny pulled a light blue silk tee shirt from the small suitcase she
liked to wear as a sl**p shirt. He slipped it over Susan’s head and
helped her pull it down in place as she sat upright in the bed. As
he pulled her to her feet and steadied her, the guys watched how
desirable and innocent she looked. The bottom hem covered her to
mid thigh and her beautiful breasts filled the top to capacity and
no one suggested she put on any underwear.

Susan knew they were going to go someplace but it didn’t register in
her mind that she and the guys were going to walk next door to an
adult shop. Joe kept k**ding her that he was going to buy her a
dildo for a wedding present to help her get in the mood with Lanny.
She had never even seen one before and had only heard about them
from a girlfriend at school that was much more daring than she.

As the six of them walked across the parking lot towards the adult
book store, Joe helped her walk along with his arm around her slim
waist. Lanny followed behind them drinking a beer with the rest of
the guys trying focus his eyes on his young wife’s silk clad body.
Joe openly would reach down and flash her bare bottom each time car
headlights would pass. Chet and Henry would whistle each time Joe
held the hem of her shirt up showing Susan’s bare ass swaying as she
walked along not even realizing she was flashing the passing cars.
She kept looking back over her shoulder at her husband as she
attempted to understand where Joe was taking her.

Lanny realized that Joe, the big mean mechanic, had taken control of
the little game he had started with Susan earlier that evening.
Joe’s strong personality and threatening manner had intimidated the
young husband enough that he couldn’t really put up much of an
objection to anything Joe wanted to do to his wife. Joe would grab
her and kiss her hard on the mouth while he pulled her shirt up to
her waist showing her butt to the honking cars. The poor wife was
so intent with her struggle to dislodge his tongue from her mouth,
she didn’t even know her bare ass was visible to anyone in the
passing cars.

As they walked along, Joe was taking any liberty he wanted with the
young wife and didn’t seem to care what her husband might think.
Even though Lanny had enjoyed his modest little wife’s dilemma, he
realized Joe was treating her rougher and calling all the shots now.
He continued to gently slap her bottom to help her move along at a
faster pace.

There was half a dozen cars parked in front of the adult video store
as Joe guided Susan through the front door. A hush in the
conversations fell as every eye in the store watched the pretty
young wife enter the room followed by her husband Lanny and his four
new friends. Susan looked completely out of place standing in the
middle of the sleazy adult store wearing her short little night
shirt. She looked like she should be ready to go to bed in the
safety of her own bedroom at home instead of standing in front of
these strange men in a porno shop.

Susan’s head was still spinning from the d**g her husband Lanny had
given her earlier in the evening so she still had to hold onto Joe’s
arm. Joe marched her right up to the counter where the clerk was
sitting behind on a high stool smoking a cigarette. He was a middle
aged black man in a stained white shirt with a clear interest in the
sweet young thing that just walked into his store. His eyes traveled
up and down Susan’s body as he asked Joe if he could help them. Joe
told him that Lanny’s wife Susan was a little d***k from celebrating
her recent wedding but wanted to pick out a present that he was
going to buy for her.

“She’s lookin for a big rubber cock to help her get in the mood
before her husband Lanny here comes home from work,” grinned Joe.
The clerk broke into a wide grin showing a silver tooth as he took
down a 10 inch flesh colored model from the display and handed it to
the wide eyed Susan. “What do you thing of this one sweetheart?”
laughed the clerk as the rest of the guys snickered among

Susan held the rubber dong in her hands while Joe made her slip her
hand up and down the shaft like she was jerking it off. The other
men watching this beautiful young wife playing with the dildo
realized Joe was toying with her mind as he tormented and teased
her. Her obvious embarrassment showed from her flushed cheeks as
the scene became clearer in her mind.

She started to twist away when Joe guided her hand upward until the
large head of the fake cock pressed firmly against her mouth. Susan
set her jaw and started to sob as Joe tried to talk her into opening
her full lips and putting it in her mouth. Susan’s eyes darted back
and forth around the room as Joe mashed the rubber head into her
closed teeth. Joe whispered loudly in Susan’s ear that if she
didn’t open her mouth wide he would take his belt off and spank her
ass again.

She remembered the sharp pain from the belt back at the motel so she
slowly opened her jaw as Joe slipped the head into her soft mouth.
Several of the other men in the store gathered in close to watch
Susan, fighting not to gag, as Joe pumped the big rubber cock in and
out of her mouth. Lanny watched from a distance as his wife was
f***ed to obscenely suck the dildo in front of the group of laughing

The booze had mellowed Lanny out to be just another bystander
watching as his new bride was the center of the men’s attention.
Joe was clearly enjoying humiliating Susan in front of his friends
and even Lanny himself. To have a pretty, young 23 year old wife
with a knockout body to put through her paces almost completely
under his control was too much to hope for. Joe could tell Susan
must be on some kind of d**g besides alcohol for her to react the
way she did.

“I think she needs a bigger one.” Joe said grinning to the clerk as
he let her spit out the invading rubber cock from her mouth. Tears
were running down her cheeks as she gasp taking in several deep
breaths of air. “Why don’t we try that big black one over there
honey,” Joe laughed as he patted Susan’s ass and looked over at
Lanny and winked.

STORY: Showing off Susan by Doc Part 7/?

“I think she needs a bigger one.” Joe said grinning to the clerk as
he let her spit out the invading rubber cock from her mouth. Tears
were running down her cheeks as she gasp taking in several deep
breaths of air. “Why don’t we try that big black one over there
honey,” Joe laughed as he patted Susan’s ass and looked over at
Lanny and winked.

The grinning black clerk reached up and took the large rubber cock
down from the wall and laid it on the counter in front of Susan.
Her eyes just darted back and forth from man to man as they made
smart ass remarks about the big ugly black shaft. Joe held it up
and asked the clerk if there was an instruction manual so this
little bride could learn how to use it properly.

All the men laughed at his joke and cheered as they heard the clerk
offer to show her how to use it since there was no book of
instructions. “Lanny, don’t you think it would be a good idea to
make sure your wife knows how to use this thing?” Joe laughed as he
put his arm around Susan’s shoulder. At the urging of the others,
the young husband could only agree as he watched his confused wife
standing in the porn shop leaning against Joe’s arm.

She looked so out of place standing barefoot wearing her thin silk
night shirt while the rest of the customers gathered closer to enjoy
her obvious humiliation. The sweating black clerk opened a magazine
centerfold showing a model with a large dildo pushed into her shaved
snatch. He placed the picture on the counter telling Joe it might
help her know what to do with it. Joe picked up the book and showed
her the lewd photo asking her if she would like to try gettin off
with the dildo.

The frightened young wife looked in disbelief at the terrible
picture while Joe told the clerk all the details how she had just
got her pussy shaved for the first time. Susan could sense the
tension in the room as she focused on the leering eyes of the
strange men looking at her scantily clad body. The clerk half
jokingly said he would be glad to take her to the back office and
show he how to use it and make sure it was a perfect fit. “I got
two black b*****rs waitin back in the office for me to get off work
and they could help.”

Lanny couldn’t believe his ears when he heard Joe laugh and agree
that it would be only right for black guys to help her with the big
black rubber cock. He knew his wife was always uncomfortable around
black men when they would look at her. While she didn’t outright
hate blacks, she viewed them as certainly lower class than the
uppity white f****y she enjoyed as a c***d. The young wife had
always felt funny around black men and she had told Lanny they just
gave her the creeps.

Susan’s last encounter had been with a black man that repaired the
plumbing in their first apartment. He had walked in on her while
she was dressing and instead of apologizing and quickly leaving, he
stood there staring at her while he rubbed the bulge in the front of
his jeans. Susan had been so upset and embarrassed she called the
company and made an official complaint about his vulgar actions.
When she had tearfully told her husband about the experience, he
actually got so turned on that he had to hide his own bulge from his
crying bride.

Though Lanny was quite d***k, he saw the terror in his wife’s eyes
as the big black clerk walked around the counter and reached out for
her small white hand. Susan pulled back against Joe sharply as the
grinning clerk ask the frightened young wife if she looked as good
under her night shirt as Joe had told him she did. He reached out
and stroked her upper arm telling her to be a good little girl and
come with him. Susan slapped his hand away and managed to scream
out for him to leave her alone.

Her young husband watched as she struggled to stay away from his
grasping hands while Joe pushed her towards the leering clerk. “
God damn it” Joe threatened, “if you don’t settle down and do what
he says I’ll have to take my belt off and spank your ass again.”
“Hell, I’ll bet all the guys would like to watch me beat your bare
ass and maybe take a look at your newly shaved pussy,” Joe said
winking at the clerk holding the struggling girl.

Lanny knew this little game with Susan had gone way too far and
really now understood the pain and shame she was suffering. This
group of strange men they had just met were not concerned about his
innocent little game of “show off the wife” but instead they were
tormenting his helpless young bride. Joe, the greasy mechanic, was
openly slapping his wife’s tender butt when she wouldn’t do exactly
what he instructed her to do.

He would grab the hem of her night shirt in back and give a quick
tug upward giving several of the cheering men a peek at Susan’s bare
ass cheeks. His terrified wife would stumble between the two men
slapping their invading hands away the best she could. Several
times Lanny had tried to stop the attack on his helpless wife, but
each time, Joe had told him to sit back down and be quiet cause they
were just having some harmless fun.

Her husband could see the cruel lust in Joe’s eyes as he helped the
dirty porn shop clerk run he head of the big black rubber cock
across his wife’s sweet innocent face. Susan’s heaving breasts were
attracting the clerks attention as he let his big hands feel the
soft mounds through the thin night shirt. Lanny called out to Joe to
stop letting the black clerk touch Susan but Chet and Henry made
sure he didn’t interfere with their humiliation of his young wife.

The clerk’s two black friends came out of the back office to see
what all the noise and commotion was about. When Lanny saw them
walk into the room, he saw wide smiles cross their faces as they
watched their friend holding his struggling wife. Both were dressed
all in black with denim pants and dirty black tee shirts. Their
rough faces covered with sparse beards showed the wild and dangerous
lives they must lead.

Lanny knew it would be foolish to meet the likes of them in a dark
alley someplace if you cared about your well being. “Where the fuck
did ya git that little piece?” asked the bigger man as he walked up
to his friend. The clerk laughed and told him she needed to be
fitted for the black rubber cock she was getting as a wedding
present. Joe pointed over to Lanny and told the big black man her
husband wanted a toy for his new bride to get her all hot for him
when he gets home from work.

“Joe looked at the three black men, tossing the rubber cock to the
clerk and said, “why don’t you boys take our little sweetheart back
to the office and show her how to use her new wedding present.”
“You watch the store for me,” the grinning clerk told Joe as he told
his friends to bring her along. As the two black friends held Susan
by the arms and started her toward the doorway, a rush of adrenaline
hit her as she fought and kicked to keep from going with the men.

Even though she was much smaller that the black men, she trashed
about when she realized the impending danger of letting them take
her away from her husband Lanny. While Joe, Willy, Chet and Henry
had done nasty things to her, Susan still preferred to stay with
them than risk being alone with these creepy black men in the back
office of the porn shop.

She looked around and focused on her husband sitting on the floor
d***k between Chet and Henry. Why didn’t he help her get away from
these terrible men that were putting their hands on her and laughing
at her. Why was she in this smelly place with dirty pictures of
naked women doing things she didn’t even know about plastered all
over the walls.

Didn’t her husband realize these strange men were touching her
breasts and even pinching her sensitive nipples through her shirt.
And that awful Joe had even slapped her bottom until it reddened and
then pinched her so hard it brought tears to her eyes. That vile
man had tried to pull up her shirt so the other men could see her
bare bottom. What had happened to her panties? Why was she naked
under her thin silk night shirt so the men could see her breasts
bounce and the outline of her hard nipples.

“Damn, she is a little wildcat,” laughed the clerk as he ducked away
from her fingernails. “Here, this will help,” Joe said as he
reached for a shinny pair of handcuffs from the shelf. While the
two black friends held her slim arms together behind her back, Joe
locked the cuffs tightly around her wrists. “That will keep her
hands out of the way,” Joe laughed as he walked around and looked
the terrified wife in the eyes.

“You give these boys any trouble and I’ll blister your bare little
ass till you won’t be able to sit down for a week.” Joe unbuckled
his belt and pulled it free from the loops as he threatened the
trembling young woman about doing exactly what the clerk told her to
do. “Do you need a reminder?” Joe hissed as he snapped his belt
together with a sharp crack. “Answer me, God damn it!” “
please she pleaded remembering the fiery pain on her butt from
before in the motel room.

The sound of the clicks as the cuffs snapped shut rang out causing
her husband to notice how helpless she looked dressed only in her
thin silk night shirt. His young wife’s full breasts were thrust
outward from the pressure of her cuffed hands behind her back. Now,
in this helpless position, she wouldn’t even be able to push away an
exploring hand that might sneak out from one of the men gathered
around her.

Joe was going to let these three black perverts take Lanny’s little
bride to the back office with the big black rubber cock and there
wasn’t anything he could do about it. And these rough black men
would certainly take advantage of every inch of his modest little
white wife. Lanny could hardly watch as his handcuffed young wife
walked obediently out of the room between the three black strangers.
“You let me know if she needs a strappin” Joe yelled out to the
three grinning men.

Joe walked over to where Lanny was sitting, kept in place by Chet
and Henry. “Please don’t let those guys hurt Susan,” he pleaded to
the older mechanic, “can’t we just get her and leave now.” “Naw,
they won’t do no damage to your little wife if she cooperates with
them black boys.” “Besides, remember it was your idea to play your
tricks on her with us at the bar.” Joe reminded. “They just look
like hard up boys that need a little fun pushed their way.” laughed
Joe to his friends Chet and Henry.

Those black boys just love to get a peek at young white meat from
time to time so just relax and I’ll check on them a little later.
The young husband couldn’t believe this so called friend was talking
that way about his sweet wife. Lanny had trusted him to keep his
part of the bargain that nobody would touch Susan. While they were
sitting there, who knew what those three black bastards were doing
in the back office to his innocent wife.

Joe was enjoying the tension on Lanny’s face as well as showing off
his power and control over his young wife. Lanny strained to hear
any sounds that might be coming from the back office as he watched
the closed door. The other men had returned to looking at magazines
hoping they might get another chance to see more of the little bride
in the other room.

Susan walked in front of the black men with her head down into the
back office. There were stacks of old magazines s**ttered around the
room. A large cluttered desk was to the left and a stained
overstuffed sofa was against the other wall. A single 200 watt
light bulb hung from the center of the dirty room. A strong musty
odor filled Susan’s nostrils as she heard the door slam shut behind

The clerk pushed her towards the couch and told her to have a seat.
Susan’s eyes were wide with terror as she looked around the filthy
room and then over at the three leering black men. “Well now sweet
thing” drawled the black clerk, “it looks like we gots ourselves a
little white play toy now don’t it.” “You gonna be nice to us nigger
boys like ole Joe told ya... or do we git him in here to blister yer
little ass?” “ no please just let me go back to my
husband... please don’t hurt me... please... please,” the young wife
broke into sobs. “Please.... take these things off my wrists...
please... they hurt bad... please.”

“Well tell ya what missy... you do us a favor and us boys will do
you a favor... ain’t that right boys.” “What favor.... what do you
want?” sobbed Susan. “Well now that you asked.... stand up... pull
up your shirt and show us nigger boys yer little ass.” “No...
no.... no... please don’t make me....please” pleaded the trembling
young wife. “OK...if thats the way ya want it!” the clerk hissed,
“go out and git Joe!” “Please please I can’t take that
any more,” Susan cried.

“When I sez jump... you sez how high... you got that straight
honey?” “Next time I’ll git ole Joe in here with his belt!” “You got
that?”.... answer me!!” “Yes,” nodded Susan. “Now git up and show
us boys your cute little ass!” Susan’s mind was reeling as she
slowly stood up turning her back to the three men. She reached her
cuffed hands down to the hem of her silk night shirt, swallowed
hard, and lifted the material up high showing her bare ass to the

They let out a low whistle as obediently she held her position.
“Nice little white ass you got there honey...move it around a little
for us boys...” Susan wasn’t sure what they wanted her to do but
she did her best to move her rear end a little. “There now that was
easy weren’t it.... boys, I think she will be a good little girl if
we take the cuffs off.. whata ya think guys....” “Please yes....
please take them off... please,” sobbed the frightened wife. The
clerk opened a drawer of the desk, removed a key and walked up
behind the exposed wife.

Just before he unlocked the cuffs, he rubbed his hand lightly across
her ass cheeks and gave her two hard slaps just to remind her that
she would do exactly what he told her. She let out a gasp from the
sharp contact of the clerks hand but remained in place as she was
told. Susan dropped her hem as she rubbed her sore wrists as they
sprang free from the restraints that held them. She slumped to the
couch again sitting rubbing her sore wrists. “Hey honey.... I
didn’t tell you to sit down now did I...” the clerk hissed at the
young wife. “Joe told us to be sure to have you pose for us and
show us yer cute little shaved pussy.”

STORY: Showing off Susan by Doc Part 8/?

Back at the motel room, Susan had been confused and dizzy from the
d**gs she was given earlier in the evening at the restaurant but her
mind had cleared as they talked about going to the porn shop and she
was fighting mad. Before they left the motel room, Lanny handed
another capsule to Joe and told him it would calm her down. Joe
winked with understanding, mixed it in a drink and helped her drink
it down.

Now as the effect of the sedative finally hit her, the modest young
wife again felt the whole world spin and didn’t feel quite so
embarrassed as the black men said nasty things to her. Alone in the
back room of the porn shop with three complete strangers, the young
wife looked at the closed door hoping to see her husband Lanny come
to her rescue.

Her strict upbringing didn’t allow for a white girl to even
associate with blacks or Hispanics. The few times she found herself
in the same area with a black man, Susan was very uncomfortable with
the fact they would always look at her in that strange way. Even in
a store or passing in a mall, any dark skinned man would make her
feel like they were looking right through her clothes.

That terrible man named Joe had somehow talked her husband into
letting her go out in public dressed in her short nightshirt without
any underwear on to give her some protection. She could feel the
cool air play across her now bare pussy under the nightshirt. For
the life of her she couldn’t figure out what had happened to her
soft auburn pubic hair that used to be down there. Somehow, Joe must
have had something to do with that too.

Her young husband didn’t seem to care if these creepy men looked at
her private parts that should be only seen by her husband. They
even touched her with their dirty fingers whenever they thought her
husband wasn’t watching. This entire night was like a bad dream she
would soon wake out of and find herself safe in her own bed at home.
Why did she again feel like she was ready to drift into sl**p even
though these awful black men were taunting her.

Out front in the store, Joe and his friends made sure the young
husband was occupied looking at bondage gear and dirty pictures.
Every time Lanny would try to get up to find his little wife, Joe
would tell him to stay put and have another drink. Lanny was
himself so d***k that he had lost the ability to keep control of the
game he was playing on his modest little wife.

The older Joe, on the other hand, was calling the shots and in
complete control of the game and taking full advantage of the
d**gged young wife. He had gotten to know the black porn shop clerk
over the last few months from his many visits to buy “jerk off
material.” They had often talked about getting a white girl to play
with and even make a video of her taking on a bunch of black guys
all at one time.

When this naive young couple walked into the club earlier that
evening, Joe couldn’t believe his luck. When he saw Susan in her
apparent d***ken condition, Joe had his own idea of fun with the
young wife. Her husband clearly liked to show her off and could be
talked into almost anything as long as Joe made him feel important
with the group of guys.

Back at the club, Lanny had told him that he had given Susan a d**g
so she wouldn’t be able to stop him from having a little fun with
her that night in the strange town. He had even showed him the
envelop of capsules and the description of the effects. Lanny
confessed he just wanted to make her do what he wanted and not
remember the next morning. Joe had lied to the young husband that
he was an auxiliary deputy sheriff and the d**g was i*****l to even
possess. He told him that both he and Susan would do serious jail
time if anyone found out about it.

Joe enjoyed the shock on Lanny’s face when he joked that he may have
to report him and Susan to the police. Joe quickly saw his ability
to take advantage of this weak husband and his gorgeous young
unsuspecting wife. When Lanny begged him not to report them, Joe
told him if he would do him a few favors he would do the same. He
didn’t mention to Lanny that, before they left the club with his
wife, he had the bartender shoot a couple Polaroid’s of Susan in the
booth with the guys feeling her tits. These pictures may come in
handy later.

Joe had always gotten off imagining in his mind that an innocent
young white lady was the plaything for a group of horny black studs.
In his fantasy, she would be a pure, unsuspecting rich girl that
had too much to drink. Joe knew the black clerk and his friends
would be happy to help him out. That’s why Joe was so damn excited
about bringing Susan to the porn shop to let his black friend get a
look at her. If he played his cards just right, he just might have
found the perfect girl to star in his production.

Susan had been in the back office with the three black men for
several minutes when her husband Lanny insisted they go bring her
back. “I’ll go get her,” Joe finally said, “you guys stay here with
Lanny. Joe walked into the back office and closed the door. There
was Susan sitting on the dirty couch, hands folded in her lap, while
the three black men were coaxing her to take off her nightshirt.

Joe could tell she was feeling the effect of the d**g and barely
able to keep her eyes open. The clerk was waving the big black
dildo in her face and laughing with his friends. “What’s taking you
boys so long?” asked Joe as he walked over and sat beside the young
wife. “She’s kinda shy about showing us niggers her goodies,”
laughed the clerk. “Is that right honey,” Joe asked as he put his
arm around Susan’s shoulder and pulled her close to him.

Even though she was disgusted by Joe, he at least seemed like less
of a threat to her than the leering black men. “You got these nice
boys all hot n’ horny, sweetheart,” Joe teased as he gently shook
her. “Maybe if we just show them your titties they will be
satisfied,” he whispered in her ear. “How about it guys... if she
shows you her jugs will you get rid of that nasty rubber cock?”
grinned Joe as he slipped his hand down and cupped her right breast.
“Shurr enough man,” said the excited clerk.

Joe started to unbutton the front of her nightshirt saying, “Let’s
give em a quick peek then we can go find your husband... OK.” In
her light slumber, the young bride didn’t object as the grinning
mechanic opened the top five buttons and gently pulled the material
aside to expose both of Susan’s bare tits to the three men. “Hot
damn.. look at them fuckin melons,” exclaimed one of the guys. “Look
how hard her nipples get guys.” as Joe started tweaking them with
his fingers.

That brought Susan’s eyes open as she tried to push his hands away
from pinching her swelling nipples. “Oh she sure likes her nipples
played with,” laughed Joe as he invited the three guys to see how
far they could make her hard nipples stick out. While Joe held the
squirming young wife’s arms down, the three sweating black men
fondled her swaying tits, pinching and sucking on her tender
nipples. “Enough.. enough guys,” laughed Joe, “you are going to
suck them damn things clean off her.

Susan’s chest was heaving and she was pleading softly for them to
stop. “I’ll bet if you give the boys a little peek at your bare
pussy they would promise to not touch you anymore,” Joe said winking
at the black clerk. “Not down there... please, please let me go find
Lanny.” sobbed the confused wife. “We will go find your husband and
leave as soon as you show the boys how cute your shaved pussy
looks... OK.. is that a deal honey?” Joe urged as he started to open
the remaining buttons on the front of her nightshirt.

The utter humiliation of letting these dirty black strangers see her
bare bottom had been just too awful to imagine. Now Joe wanted her
to show them her most private place. With all her pubic hair shaved
off, every detail of her genitals would be exposed for these
perverts to see. “Don’t let them touch me... please.. please,” she
mumbled. “Don’t let them touch me down there... please.. please,”
she sobbed.

Joe continued to reassure the young wife that these nice men
wouldn’t touch her any more as he pulled her nightshirt off her
shoulders and threw it on the back of the couch. The trembling
young bride sat naked on the soiled couch as the black clerk gave a
low whistle. Joe was still sitting beside her with his right arm
around her shoulders. Susan sat motionless trying to preserve as
much of her modesty as possible asking Joe if they could leave now
and find her husband.

“If you want to leave you’ll have to give the guys a better look at
that hot little pussy of yours liked you promised... open your legs
so they can see better!” Susan’s eyes dropped as she obeyed Joe’s
instructions and parted her knees slightly. The three black men
crowded in close on their knees and jockeyed for the best viewpoint
to see her freshly shaved cunt in the brightly lighted room.
“Spread those legs wider!” demanded Joe, “spread um wide open and
hold them that way.”

The d**gged young wife closed her eyes and f***ed her tanned legs
wide as Joe laid her back helping her scoot her gaping pussy to the
edge of the couch. “That’s a good girl,” smiled Joe, “now pull your
pretty knees back hard against your chest and hold that pose for the
guys.” The three black men had never seen such a delicious bald
pussy so obscenely displayed. Susan’s delicate pussy lips were
parted with shades of inside pink peeking from within. The tip of
the young wife’s clit was on display nestled in it’s sheath of
quivering pedals with just a hint of clinging moisture.

In this obscene position, Susan’s small crinkled asshole winked out
at the men. Each man looked at the spread open charms of this little
wife in detail while thinking what it would be like to fill all her
holes with their hard black cocks. While crouched between her
spread legs, each man could see past her open pussy to her luscious
tits and beyond to her sweet innocent face.

“Let’s let the boys pull your pussy lips open so they can smell how
sweet you are inside,” teased Joe as he reached down and rolled a
nipple between his fingers. “You don’t mind letting your nigger
friends smell your white little pussy... do you honey.” “No...
no... please, please.... no more.. no,” she moaned. “It sounds to
me like she wants you boys to smell her pussy real good and see if
white meat smells different than black meat,” joked Joe.

The black clerk knelt between Susan’s spread legs and slowly ran his
dirty index finger up and down her slit. Then, holding the young
wife’s pussy open with his fingers, he pushed his nose inside
Susan’s open cunt for a good sniff. “This little babe smells like a
rose garden,” laughed the clerk as he went back for more.

“Shall we let him have a taste of your sweet pussy too sweetheart?”
Joe teased as he rolled both of Susan’s nipples harder between his
fingers. Susan only moaned and breathed faster as her d**gged mind
started to betray her. The clerk didn’t hesitate as he ran his long
pink tongue up and down along her gaping slit. He closed his big
lips over the bride’s clit and sucked it inside his mouth with a
slurping sound.

The tormented wife let out a gasp as she squirmed under the clerk’s
sucking mouth. “By the way she is wiggling around, I think she
likes to have her pussy licked and sucked by her new friends,”
laughed Joe. The other two black guys started playing with Susan’s
tits and pinching her swollen nipples.

Joe walked over to the cluttered desk and watched the hot action on
the couch. Three low life black bastards had a sweet innocent young
wife spread naked on a dirty couch in the back room of a porn shop.
Little Susan was squirming and squealing as they took turns sucking
and licking out her dripping pussy. While the other two helped her
hold her legs wide playing with her jiggling tits and nipples, the
other black creep’s head was between her legs slobbering up and down
her hairless slit until she let out short squeals and shuddered to
repeated orgasms.

Joe watched with fascination as the three black men made a game of
seeing who could get her off quicker using their fingers and tongue.
The meanest looking of the two black friends of the clerk was
covered with tattoos and sported a short ratty beard. He would suck
her clit between his scarred lips until it stood out erect then
sc**** it with his dirty fingernail while finger fucking her to
orgasm with two of his large black fingers.

His other friends hooted with laughter watching her squirm while he
tickled the young bride’s defenseless asshole with the tip of his
dirty finger. Susan would go wild bucking and squirming as the
grinning black pervert spit on his finger and wormed it deeper into
her virgin rectum. He especially liked to lick Susan’s puckered
little asshole while he roughly flipped her enlarged clit back and
forth with his finger. With the other two guys sucking on her
nipples, the young wife would get off in less than a minute.

The three black thugs really laughed when they discovered if they
pushed their tongue or a finger in Susan’s little asshole just as
she was ready to cum, she would shudder longer and squeal like a
little pig. Joe picked up a Polaroid camera laying on the desk and
took a couple shots of Susan just as she was getting off for future
use as needed.

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