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Mom & Son Horny Resort Day2

The next morning, I woke up ready for a new day of sexual adventures! Mom was still asl**p so I tried not to wake her up and left her alone. After breakfest, I took a walk down to the shower room to get myself washed up. Once there, I entered the room and saw many other moms and their sons having showers together. There were alot of hard soapy dicks and also alot of soapy tits! One boy had his mom on her hands and knees fucking her doggy. I went under the shower and started washing myself while I watched that mom get rammed hard by her sons big hard cock. Over in a corner, I saw a hot mom stitting down with her legs spread finger fucking herself while her three sons were pissing on her! They were taking turns getting sucked off while the other ones pissed in her face! Yet, as I looked over my shoulder I seen two milfs sixty-nining each other while their sons stood there wacking off! I was done rinsing myself, but I was hard as a rock! I walked over to the dikes eating each others pussies and joined the boys in a circle jerk! I pumped my hard cock and walked up closer to the milfs and began shooting my load down the ones crack! I bent down and the other milf suck rinsed my deflated dick before I left!

As I walked back to our room, Miss Wanda was walking towards me, "good morning honey, how are you?" she asked. "I'm doing great today Miss Wanda!" I replied. "That's very nice to know!" she said before turning around and bending over. "Could you do me a favor baby?" she asked. "Sure, whatta need?" I replied. "I really need a quicky, think you can help me?" she remarked. Without hesitation, I slid my two fingers in her hot snatch and drilled her while I tongue fucked her tight pink asshole! I worked the slut Wanda over real good taking my fingers out and sucking them before stuffing them back in! I then started thumbing her pink asshole and soon she began getting off, "Ooh yes,! You're making me cum!". She wiggled and rode my fingers as she had her orgasm! "Good boy, I'll make sure you mom hears about this!". Miss Wanda turned around placed her hand on my head and ran her fingers through my hair as said "Thanks, now I have to get back to work!" and then walked away.

After walking past rooms hearing moaning and loud pleasured screams, I finally made it back to our room. The door was opened partially, I pushed it open all the way and to my surprise my hot milf mom was on her knees sucking two boys off as they sat on the edge of the bed! These boys had huge hard pink cocks and mom was taking good care of them! She was stroking them both while taking turns deepthroating them as she made a dirty dick sucking mess. She spit, slobbered, and smeared those big young hard cocks all over her pretty face! She went wild sucking their meaty cocks just like a slutty cock sucking porn star and they had her choking and gagging like one also! Mom jerked the one boy very fast and had him erupt his juicy jizz and it flew everywhere, he shot a massive charge of hot cum and mom licked it from the tip of his cock with her silver tounge! When he finished, the other boy pointed his large hard cock at my moms face and began to beat himself off! My mom opened her mouth and the boy shot a titantic wad right into her cum hungry mouth! He continued to facialize her and even spritzed her big tits while she moisturized herself with his hot boy cream! "hi honey, whatta think about this?" mom asked. I replied, "Mom I never knew you were an expert at sucking cock!". The two boys thanked my mom and left the room with smiles from ear to ear. "Well baby, I'm going to get a shower and a bite to eat. I'll be back in a while!" mom informed me before leaving covered in cum.

For a while I relaxed alone in our room until a I heard a knock on the door followed by the entrance of a hot milf in a maids uniform. "House keeping!" she said. "Come on in!" I informed her before getting a good look of her. She was petite, just about five foot five inches tall wearing heels and nylons showing the straps. Her skirt was extremely short and when she walked I could see her dark haired bush. Her top was cut down the middle just wide enough to be able to realize she had tiny titties and I noticed a few cumshots on it. She came in and did her chores while I watched her closely getting a peep show in the process! She made me hard when she bent over infront of me to pick a garment off the floor and saw her bruised hairy cunt glazed and leaking cum. I couldn't resist the sight and asked her to mount my erection. She bent her ass slighty and sat down on my ridged cock while I was sitting on the edge of the chair I was on! I grabbed her tiny ass and had her ride my horny stiff cock as she bounced up and down it! Her cunt felt fantastic while it farted cum all over my cock and on my pubic hair. We fucked for ten more minutes untill I started to inseminate her hot wet cunt, she pushed her ass down hard and just sat letting me fire my hot sauce deep inside her servicing twat! She dismounted my young hard cock and stood for a few seconds before she let out a huge pussy fart of hot cum all over my cock! She turn around and wiped me clean with a wet towel and kissed my cock! "I hope my services were acceptable sweety?" she asked. "Most definitely miss!" was my reply. She finished her cleaning duties and left the room.

I was well pleased and decided to take a nap after a good morning, and after a few hours of doing so I awoke to my mother lying next to me whispering, "wake up honey, wake up!" while she was stroking my rock solid cock! Mom and I fondled each other for a few minutes until she said to meet her in thirty minutes out back around the east side of the resort. After time elapsed I did exactly what mom asked and went to meet her there. I saw she was dressed up and she was leaning against the wall, and also there were others sitting close by. I approached her and noticed a plaque marked "Street Hooker Mom" on the wall above her head. Mom was wearing shiny red knee high vinyl hooker boots and a black mini skirt. The only thing she wore for a top was a netted dark top that was semi see though. The resort made the side of the building resemble a city alley. The scene was set with graffiti and trash cans, "hey baby, need some lovin'? I'll do everything for twenty dollars!" mom said. We turned the corner and my mom reached down and unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out! "Ooooh yeah, look at that young pink cock it's so handsome!" she exclaimed before she began giving me a handjob! Everyone watched and became aroused an started touching and fondled each other while watching my mom tug my cock hard. " you want your young cock sucked baby?" mom asked. I looked at her and nodded my head yes, and then she leaned down and started sucking me off! I placed my hands on her head and leaned back and started fucking her hot wet mouth! I plunged my hard cock in and out while pulling her head down to swallow my meat when I shoved it in! She got sloppy with it and soon enough long streams of her saliva were drooling from her hot lips! I pulled my stiff bone from her mouth and smeared my slickend cock and balls all over her slutty face making her mascara run! I repeated fucking her mouth and humping her face many times treating her like a dirty street walking whore. The crowed was thrilled watching mom and I being naughty and some of the other moms were making their sons spurt cum! " Come on sugar, fuck your hooker mom in the ass baby!" mom demand before turning around and lifting her leg up on a trash can. Mom reached back and pulled her ass cheek apart to give everyone including myself, a perfect view of her hot pussy and tight pink asshole. "Go ahead baby, spit a big one on mommys horny asshole!" mom excaimed. I conjured up all the saliva I could and spat with all my lungs directly on target. She swirled around her asshole and even plunged some into it with her finger before saying, "go ahead sugar fuck me in my ass!". I gripped my red hot cock hard forcing all the cock stiffening bl**d to the end before entering my moms wet pink ass!

I rubbed my throbbing cock up and down her crack and eventually placed the head right on her backdoor. I push it in and it was so tight while I buried my fiery piece of meat deep in her shit hole! Mom reached back and placed her hand on my side and began pushing and pulling my hip to get her warmed up for an ass fucking. We were being applauded while soon after entering my moms brown eye she wanted me to fuck her up the ass fast and hard! "Oooh baby, that's it! Slam mommys asshole!" mom moaned while taking it good. One of the moms and her son walked up infront of my mom and the lady jacked her boy off all over my moms big hanging tits! My mom moaned "More! I want more cum!" while I kept fucking her dirty ass. Two other boys approached my mom and dumped their hot loads in my moms face and on her juggs! Mom went down on her hands and knees and before I entered her shit pit another boy and his mom wacked off on my moms asshole leaving it glazed and dripping wet! I refocused and made my way back in using the boys load to help me fuck harder and faster! My slut mother moaned and cried with pleasure as I made her cum from taking it in the ass. "Ahhhh...fuck! I'm cumming, fuck my ass baby, fuck mommys ass! Ahhhh......oh god yes....yes....,yes!" mom shouted aloud. " Someone put a hard cock in my mouth!" mom demand. Two more boys hurried to my mom and one put his big cock in her mouth and she started sucking it like a straw in a thick milkshake! I fucked my moms ass while she milked the young boys cock making them bust their hot seeds in her jizz thirsty mouth! One of the hot moms came over to me and started making out with me while she probed and tickled my ass, and a few minutes later I began unloading my plump cock into my whore mommys well fuck asshole! I filled her up with a hot half pint of sweet jizz and pulled myself out and then the mom who had helped me licked my moms gapping jizz filled ass. Afterwards her and my mom made out while ths rest of the moms and sons wacked off on my hooker cunt mom!

Mom was covered in cum and exhuasted, so her and I went and took a shower together before heading back to our room. As we were walking back Miss Wanda approached us and said, "I was told about your session outside and eveyone really enjoyed! You now qualify for the slut mother of the week!". Mom was smiling and said, "just for the week?" and giggled afterwards! Mom and I hopped into bed and fondled, kissed and massaged one another before falling asl**p!

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