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Freedom below the belt.....

This is only the second time that I've tried to write for the Hamsters, - (sounds like a girls' hockey team), - but twice I've had a small problem in how to categorise it. Still , the choice is made, - so here is another short piece,(about the length of my cock these days as compared to your's anyway).

When recently discovering that I was actually about to take up my total sexual freedom, something I'd been keeping down and holding back for 45 years,(and stayed sane), - I was faced with one of those multiple-choice questions the idiots set at exams. You know : If given the opportunity and a free hand, which would you choose?

Sucking a cock ? Screwing his arse ? Being returned both favours ? Spanking him ? Spanking you ? Masturbating alone ? Him ? or Together ? I mean, when I look for a suitable category to post this or any other take, all that happens is that I get a hard on just reviewing the different categories.

Anyhow. I haven't received the whip in the post yet but in the meantime I've actually been contacted by 2 guys interested in a !!! That really is something. Nothing's yet cum of the first one, - he didn't feel comfortable with it for whatever reason, - maybe I got so excited that I rushed in and trod on his dick or something. But we had a Free and Frank exchange of views, and that in itself was very worth while. Very worth while indeed. For me and for him both so far as I could tell.

He was like me in many ways...brought up under strict schooling and English discipline...private boarding school where all manner of nasty things go on at the dead of night, but no more of that. But it meant that we had both been beaten by senior boys, - who no doubt got one hell of a sexual thrill out of it tho' they claimed they were simply maintaining discipline and it was nothing bet it wasn't. How many of them went off and masturbated afterwards I just couldn't imagine.

So that delightful experience has been lurking at the back of both our minds ever since, - he for fewer years than I, lucky fella ! And now it's out. We can face up to it openly and actually enjoy it !! Turn a bad time into a fucking good time. Not by whipping someone else less fortunate than ourselves but by being whipped with care and consideration by a true partner for our own mutual and open pleasure and not in fear. As a tried, tested and calculated sexual stimulus and not as a quasi-military and sadistic punishment....

There's no need to be a sadist to whip some-one. It can be done out of love too, because then one knows exactly how the other guy wants it, - but alas, alas, we couldn't find the way home this time.

Maybe he'll come back to me and we'll work it out later as it should be worked out, - then we can work as a small and very intimate team, with deep feelings doe each other and still with fullest respect out of sensitivity that even most women can't show...

After 45 years I can wait another couple of months......and Team Hamster is there to help us through.....provide the coaching and wrinkle out the hesitations.

How joyful to be brought to this pass !!

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