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Some blow jobs I have known, a recollection

This morning I was musing on some of the good blow jobs I have received and thought I might share some:

P - Expert technique, loved to pay attention to cockhead, shaft and balls. Plus had the skill to look into your eyes while doing it. She read a lot of womens magazines and took tips from them. Swallowed too, excellent girl when you just wanted to cum and couldn't be bothered fucking her.

J - I was the first (so she said) to come in her mouth. I was kneeling over her feeding my cock in my old single bed. Easing in and out of her mouth until I came in a deliciously slow orgasm. She swallowed that time, but every other since she would spit.

M - The Queen of BJs. First time she had me in a cab. Just leaned over, opened my fly and went to work. That was the first of many hook ups, a night on the town followed by a session at her flat. She was so good she could suck you from soft to hard in moments. She also work thick red lipstick over a full set of lips and left lipstick on my cock. Swallowed.

M - Nice chap, a suckbuddy for want of a better word. Loved me to fuck then come over the next day to clean my cock, getting the taste of old cunt when he did so. Married but his wife didn't suck, which is a shame. Swallowed.

D - This was a suprise. An old workmate I met in a bar. Blonde hair, miniskirt, boots and a tshirt. After a few drinks I could hardly resist. Lovely smooth pussy, and big soft tits with small hard nipples. Tits were just right, just caught them before they started to sag. Fucked her at night and in the morning pushed her head down to my cock to take care of my morning glory. Got so turned on I started to f***e myself right in there, pushing her head down with my hand. To her credit she took it all in, lips right down to my balls. Good girl. Swallowed without blinking an eye. She was also game for a bit of back door play but I had to go. Good girl.

J - A dirty ride. Picked her up in a bar when I was too horned not to. Another morning BJ, tried to f***e her head right down but she didn't go all the way. Still blew a big wad - just what I needed. Swallowed but needed a glass of water to take the taste away.

K - A waiter in a posh hotel. Young guy, inexperienced. Another suckbuddy, sometimes fuckbuddy when I needed. Always looked to me for a lead. Made him put on lipstick from time to time before he sucked me. Inexperienced but willing. Swallowed but from time to time I'd pull out and jizz on his face.

K - Lovely girl. One of the benefits of porn on the internet. Knew every blow job trick from surfing the net. Loved to work the shaft, lick balls and tongue my head. Also did it so you could see everything, a real pro. Swallowed and also like to finish me off with a hand job, cumming over her tits or face (if she was feeling dirty).

Anyway, got to go... maybe next time some more memorable bjs or more?

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