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The Office Cunt

Been at work all day and your desk has been empty all day. I ask the person on the next desk to yours

“Where’s the cunt today?”

“She called in sick” is the reply

Like fuck I think, bet she at home watching tv and being a lazy whore. I decide I’m going to pay you a visit to see how sick you really are and for sake you better be. I go to leave, then have an idea. I go to the security desk and see that the shift change is happening. Perfect! 4 of the guards are getting ready to go home.

“I’m off to pay the office cunt a visit at home and fuck her. Wanna come?” I ask them.

“Fuck yes” all 4 say in union

We load up into our cars and head off, our cocks hardening at the thought of fucking the shit out of you.

We park outside and walk up to your door, I knock. You answer the door. Your eyes widen at the sight of me and 4 huge men at your door. You don’t look sick to me, there is nothing fucking wrong with you.

“I thought you were sick cunt? Your just fucking lazy aren’t you bitch? Me and my friends were worried about you, we thought you might need looking after and now you make us look like fucking fools. You’re just going to have to make it up to us.”

With that said I grab you around the throat and the 5 of us pile into your house. You try to speak but can’t get the words out as my hand tightens.

“Going to get a full days work out of you now cunt!”

I drag you upstairs by the throat, find your bedroom and throw you onto the bed. You lay there panting, gasping for breathe as we all undress. A smile crosses your lips as you see 5 big cocks ready to destroy you.

“What are you waiting for lads, fuck it up!”

No sooner have I said the words we descend on you like a pack of a****ls.

One of the brutes drags you to the floor by your hair while 2 others rip the clothes off your body, exposing your tits which are already being groped by 4 different hands. We form a circle around you and you rise to your knees and like a seasoned whore you take the first cock you see into your mouth. You start sucking and stroking the shaft in and out of your fuck hole.

“No hands cunt” someone says “Just that slutty whore mouth of yours.”

The 2 guys next to the one your blowing grabs your hands and place their dicks into your palms. You wank them off while swallowing a big cock. Behind you I f***e your head onto the dick you’re sucking while the last guy roughly man handles your tits.

“Pass her round” says one of the guys you’re wanking off.

By the hair I pull you off the first cock and shove you onto the second. Your free hand now starts to jerk me off. Your handjobs are as good as your blowjobs, your hand moving up and down the full length of the cock. The guy you’re blowing is not happy with the speed your taking him in and out and takes control.

He places his hands either side of your head and makes you pumps your head hard and fast. You gag repeatedly every time the cock hits the back of your throat. When he finally releases you look dazed and dizzy, he spits in your face and passes you onto to me. You shift around grabbing 2 more cock to wank and I slap you hard (because I can) before taking my fav grip for face fucking, one hand with a handful of hair the other around your throat . I thrust myself into you and pull you in so my entire cock disappears. I hold you there, relishing in the feel of your throat. The gut behind you smacks you on the back of the head and I feel my cock move further down your gullet. I pull out and give you another hard slap and thrust myself back in again. I repeat the process 3 more times, leaving my dick in your dirty gob longer each time.

Your completely breathless by the time I pass you to cock number 4.

“Lick my balls” he tells you

Your tongue reaches for his sack, but before you take a lick, your head is jerked back.

“I didn’t say stop sucking my cock” he spits on you and rams his cock into your mouth

“Lick my balls” he repeats

You inch your way down his shaft and stick your tongue out to touch his sweaty ball sack.

“You can do better than that whore” he says, hitting the back of your head, another inch is swallowed and a huge pile of spit and slobber erupts from your mouth spilling on to your body.

“Fucking cunt made a mess” he laughs pulling out and slapping you.

You’re passed to cock number 5, he is a big ogre of a man with a big thick dick. You eye seem to say how the fuck am I going to swallow that? He does give you much chance to think as he f***es himself into you. He grabs your hair in each hand and using your hair like handle bars starts to pump you. We can see your stuggling so to decide to help. Someone place their foot on the back of your head and pushes you on to the dick. You cant escape and millimetre by millimetre the big cock is f***ed down your throat. He pulls out and straight away starts to pump you again, fucking your face brutally. Finally he lets you go and you fall to the floor gasping for breath. Your cunt body is wet and shiny from the spit (yours and ours) and puke from the extreme throat fucking.

Not content with letting you rest, one of the men kneels down and wraps a hand around your throat, cutting off your air again. We watch as you begin to panic your arms reaching up to his arms, your body beginning to writhe. Just as your eyes start to roll back he releases you and smacks his meaty hand across your face once, twice, three times to bring you round. He finishes the assault by spitting in your face and dragging to your knees by your hair.

“We’re not done with you yet cunt” I say as I move onto the bed. I lay down on my back and tell the others

“Get the fucker up here”

One of the men picks you up and dumps you on the bed.

“Get your cunt on my cock now”

You straddle me and push down onto the dick, your cunt is wet and willing, opening easily. You ride me up and down, our thighs slapping together. Fuck your so wet and tight.

“What are you fuckers waiting for, the bitch has more holes!” I tell the others
2 of the guys climb up on to the bed and stand to the side of you, they take it in turns feeding you their cock while cock number 4 approches you form behind. I stop pumping you so he can get a fix on your arse. With a big scream from you he enters your shit box. We both start fucking you, me going in your cunt when he pulls out of your arse.

You’re completely filled with dick, your such a total slut, giving yourself over totally, a slave to the cock you crave constantly. Ogre dick stand to the side wanking himself off wait for his turn.

We swich positions, each taking a turn DPing and face fucking, your arse is starting to gape now it been so streached.

“My turn” says Ogre dick “I want that fucking arsehole”

We all leave the bed leaving you on all fours waiting for the huge dick to ruin you.
He doesn’t fuck about and goes right for it, his tip presses against your dirty fuckhole, you can only wimper as he starts to fill you up. Tears fill your eyes as the monster enters you deeper. You let out a sigh as your fuckhole finally relaxes and like a true slut you start to push back eager to take more dick. Your arsehole is now totally open, Ogre dicks balls slap against you as he goes balls deep on you. He fish hooks you on either side of your mouth, pulling your head back so he can get a strong grip.

“Pliedrive the whore” one of the others say. He grabs hold of you and pulls you down to the floor.

Ogre dick picks your legs up so your head and shoulders are on the floor with your arsehole pointing at the ceiling. 2 men hold your legs while Ogre dick slips 4 fingers easily fit into your shitter and he pulls your hole open ready for his dick to go back in.
He lowers himself down onto you and starts fucking you like a pneumatic drill. The other 4 of us are wanking ourselves over you ready to spray our load onto your cunt body.
Ogre dick is fucker faster and harder now, grunting and groaning louder. All of a sudden he grips your legs tightly and unloads his balls into your arse. He pumps a while longer, with each pump his cum is f***ed out of your arse. He pulls out completely and tips your legs back further towards your head so the cum dripping from your arse falls toward your face.

Slowly at first it travels out of your arse slowly moving to drip off your body. You tense your arse and a huge stream flows out. It streams toward the drop off point and lands on face like a cum rain shower.

You lick your lips and taste the cum from your arse swallowing what you can and rubbing in the rest. The rest of us kneel around you and start to whack off harder and fast, we want to cover your cunt face so you can’t see.

One, two, three, four loads erupt turning your face milky white, your eyes are glued shut and the cum drips into every orifice. You lay there drained and exhausted while we dress.

“Feel better cunt” I laugh as we leave

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