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Meeting the Dom Couple...

A true story (from a blog written that day) about my first time both with more than one person and with a woman. It would have gone further with her but she happened to get her period that morning.

This was actually written just after it happened a year ago. Sadly, I haven't seen them since as our schedules never seemed to match up after and I think they finally just gave up on me. A shame because they were a lot of fun.


So today I met up with a wonderful Dom couple.
He is not at all a bad looking man but she is fucking gorgeous. Ten times, a hundred times more beautiful than her photo.

When we got back to their house, we sat around for at least half an hour, mostly playing with their kitties and making small talk. Well, they did. I just sat there and giggled nervously like a buffoon.

Finally, he stood up next to me and grabbed my hair to pull my head back f***efully. I gasped and whimpered a bit as he pointed out to her how much I was enjoying it. Placing his rather large hand on my throat, I whimpered louder and instinctively spread my thighs.

Then he sat back down in his chair.
I curled myself back up into a little ball of embarrassed subbie as the two of them giggled lightly at me for being so wanton.

She asked me if I'd ever been with another woman and I said that I hadn't yet. She squealed and clapped her hands together like a little girl I'd just told could have a puppy. Then came the bad news - she was on her period. So some things will have to wait.

After more talk about what should happen next between the two of them, they decided I should suck his cock so he took down his pants and I crawled to kneel between his legs as he reclined back in his chair.

Just as I was getting comfortable, she stopped me and asked that, before I get started, could I show her my tits. So I removed my top and bra and played with my nipples a bit until she nodded approvingly and motioned me to get back to him.

We had discussed a mutual affinity for gagging so, after I got a little head start (bah-dum-bum), he had her hold my head down on his cock. In no time, he was cumming. He scolded me a little for "sucking cock too well" and had me keep going, staying hard the whole time.

Next he had her grab the flogger which, along with a riding crop, he'd brought out while we were talking. She began to gently swing at my bare back while I continued to work on his cock. She doesn't top very often so he instructed her on how she should hold it, swing it, etc. The blows grew a bit harder as she perfected it, though still rather gentle.

I still had my jeans on at that point so she instructs me to take them down, leaving them around my knees. She switches off to the riding crop and he again helps her perfect her swing and this time she manages to get in a few good strikes. I still have welts! *bounce*

He tells me I'm not paying nearly enough attention to his balls so I end up bending a bit more to lean down and tongue bathe them. She mentions that this gives her a fabulous view and he asks her if I'm wet. Well, I could have told him I was almost literally dripping but figured it'd be more fun to let her check. She slipped in a couple fingers and went straight for my g-spot, rubbing in circles before adding another finger. I'm not sure but I think he was instructing her on what to do with hand signals. I saw his hands moving but didn't quite make out what he was doing with them from my vantage point.

She moves her fingers to my clit, rubbing in quick circles while I moan around my mouthful. I begin working harder on his cock as she goes back and forth from my clit to shoving her fingers into me, making it up to four fingers by the time he cums. Hard. I swallow down another load before he practically shoves me off his cock, obviously very sensitive at this point. She's removed her fingers from my cunt by now so I move to sit back and give my poor knees a rest.

Then he tells me I can get dressed.
The end. ;c)

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