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My first time with a boy

I was sitting in a bar late one evening as I did every Friday night with my workmates,drinking draught and eating bar food.The party was drawing to a close and people were saying 'goodbye' and 'see you Monday'.There were only a few of us left.
I looked over to another booth and the most beautiful young man I had seen in ages was sitting with his male friend.He was wearing a Davey Crocket hat with beaver tail and a fringed suede jacket.I could overhear that he had a French accent but was speaking English.
I had had a few beers by then and I was feeling bold,I got up and pulled the tail of his hat and asked if he would like a beer.He smiled and said that he was leaving soon but thanks anyway.He got up and went to the washroom and I followed him.The washroom was empty and I followed him up to the urinals.I stood near him and came right out with it.I asked him if he would like to come home with me,just him and me and that I lived alone.He asked 'why' and I said that 'I want to fuck you'.I had said it and I could not beleive it when he said that he would meet me outside in 5 minutes after he had told his friend where he would meet him later.
I went back to my table and said goodbye to those remaining and went outside and he was standing there waiting for me.I felt my penis get wider and thicken,I was getting excited.I started to lust after the shape of his body.He was only about 19 and I was 23.He said he was from the east looking for work up north where the money was good.His hair was a dirty blonde,longish and curly.He had on a tee shirt a little small for him and slightly torn exposing a brown waist at times and the white elastic waist band of his underpants.That is always a huge turn on for me with boys.He had light blue jeans and work boots.
I hailed a cab and told the driver where to take us.I could not believe how polite this boy was.He asked if he could split the fare and tip and I said 'No it's on me,I invited you'.I asked if he was hungry and he said no as he had a lot of bar food.
I took him up to my place and asked if he would like to have a shower.He said he would as he felt sweaty.I ran a bath for him and said that he should soak in the hot water first then have a shower after.I poured some bubble bath in under the taps and it foamed up.He pulled off his jacket and hat and I took them to the closet.He then pulled up and off his tee shirt that made me go weak at the knees and I felt my heart pound against my ribs.His body was gorgeous.The white elastic waist band of his Jockey shorts and leather belt and seeing his blue jeans come off exposing a perfect bum was too much for me to take.I was shaking and felt weak.I had to get a glass of whiskey to control myself.My voice was shaking as I told him to relax and soak in the hot water.
I went back in to the bathroom after I had calmed down and asked if he needed his hair washed.He said that he would and I offered to do it.I poured shampoo onto his golden curly locks after soaking his hair in warm water.I massaged it in and let it sit for a while.After this I pulled the plug and asked him to stand up.I turned the shower on and soaped him down under his arm pits,down his ribs,between his legs around his balls and arse hole and buttocks.I was getting a hard on big time.I was still clothed.When his hair was clean of shampoo and his body glistened with fresh water,I offered up my huge bath towel and when he got out of the bath I wrapped it around him and patted and rubbed him dry.
I pulled him gently over to my bedroom.I was getting extremely horny and my penis was wide and thick and throbbing.I was lusting after this beautiful boy.When the towel came off I noticed his penis was half erect and thick, he was circumsied.I lay him down and massaged his back starting with his shoulder muscles.I then kissed his neck and put my tongue on the back of his neck and licked him all the way down to the crack of his arse.
I turned him over and he had a huge wide thick hard on.He was like ripe fruit ready for plucking and sucking.I took his penis deep into my mouth as far as it would go and sucked hard,he groaned with pleasure.I sucked up and down and then licked then sucked his balls one at at time.I took it into my mouth again then all of a sudden he surprised me.He came in huge spurts and in between spurts his penis moved with his pulse rate then he came some more.
I could not contain myself any longer,I turned him over and entered his arsehole.He told me that it hurt so I quickly went to the fridge and got some butter and put some on my shaft and re entered.It went all the way in as far as it would go.It was tight but I could move up and down alright.I took a long time to cum as I wanted to savour every moment.I was in extacy and when I did cum it was in huge spurts.I was so excited. We lay together the rest of the night under sheets and blankets curled up together as one.I was totally fulfilled.

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