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How it came about with my son: Chapter3

How it came about with my son: Chapter three:
After my son and I came to almost getting caught by my wife, I told my son if he was interested in doing more sometime that we would have to start earlier. He agreed and told me that he would like to take it to a different level. I wasn’t sure what he meant at the time but it wasn’t long before I was going to know what he meant.
It was a couple of days later and was about six o’clock in the evening when the phone rang and it was my neighbor. I will just call him Jim from now on. Anyway he said that he need some help and wondered if my son or I could come down a few minutes and help him. I told him that my son was gone but that I would come down and try to help him.
When I got down and he was having trouble trying to get his DVD player to work. He had a new DVD in it and it was working right. I told him that maybe he had got a bad DVD and to get another one and try it. He popped in another one and it worked and then he took it out and tried the new one again and it failed again. It got another one to try it again and it happened to be an adult movie and he said, “Sorry about that.”
I told him not to worry about it because it looked like one of the movies I had up home. He told me it might be the same one because that he had been trading some DVD.s with my son. Then he went on to say,” I hope you’re not upset because of that.” I said, “No, he is an adult.” Then he said, “If you are not in a great hurry I have a new one I got the other day and if you want we can see if it will play.” I told him to go ahead and put it in the player and I had a little time if it wasn’t too long.
We were setting on the couch and watching it and all of a sudden I felt something and looked down and he had put his hand on my leg close to my cock. I just sat there and never let on like I noticed what he was doing and shortly he started rubbing my cock through my pants. Then all of a sudden he stopped and pulled his hand back and started apologizing for what he had done. He said he got so wrapped up in the movie that he hadn’t realized what he was doing. I said, “No problem and anyway it is getting late so I had better get back up home and then I winked at him and said, we can watch the rest of it another time.” I was hoping he got the message of what I meant.
The next morning my wife had to leave early and I was still in my robe when the boy got up and came into the kitchen. He asked where his mother was and I said she had left and would be back about noon. Then he asked me if I had plans and I said, “No”. Then he asked, “Want to take it to the next level then?”
I told him if he was sure he wanted to and I would just follow his lead and we could go from there. Without saying anything he took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom and undressed me and then the surprise came. He planted his lips against mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth and started twirling it around inside. I didn’t know what hardly to do but then I just relaxed and followed suit. Besides all the hugging and kissing we also got engaged in a lot of different sex that morning. It was the first time I had ever been fucked in the ass by anyone and also my first time at fucking another guy in the ass. It felt good.
Also that morning he started opening up to me more about his life and his sexual side. He told me that Jim and I were the only two men that he had ever did anything with and that he was the one that actually approached Jim first. He went on to say that morning that he still liked women and wasn’t gay and wasn’t looking to hook up with other guys. He said another thing he would like to do sometime was find an older woman to have some sex with. He said the younger ones were alright but he wanted to try an older one sometime. He also told me he had been fucking this one girl for a few months.
Things have sure changed in the last few months not only am I having sex with my son I have been having sex with Jim from time to time and the three of us have been together a couple of times. My son doesn’t go down to Jim’s place that much anymore since he said he found an older lady that appealed to him. Who knows what the future will hold for us.

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