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Sucking a huge cock

Terry’s huge cock

Terry and I had been mates for ages and one day when he was a bit pissed he told that he was bi. This was no real shock to me as I too sucked the cock in the past and had enjoyed it. On the way back from the pub we took a short cut down an alleyway and had a quick fumble. I was amazed by how large he was and told him how much I’d like to suck him. But this was an alleyway and open to the public and the worry of getting caught preyed heavily on our minds.

The next day about 10am he called round to my flat. We went to the front and chatted over a cup of coffee as per normal when he suddenly rose to his feet and said “Well do you still want suck my cock?” He was standing quite close to me with his crotch at eye level and rubbing himself through his jeans. With slightly trembling hands, I reached out and undid his belt and pulled down his zip and let his jeans fall to the floor. I gasped in amazement, he was wearing a thong and this massive erection was stretching the fabric to the limit.

I put my hands round his buttocks and pulled him closer to me. His erection was now resting on my lips and I let my tongue roll across his pants. Slowly I eased off his pants and almost choked when I saw the size of his cock. It was nearly 9 inches long, very thick and curved slightly upwards. He was circumcised and the bell end was gleaming and shiny. He also enormous balls and felt them as I cupped them with my hands. I started by licking his entire length before using me tongue on his knob end. He started to push his cock between my lips and I opened my mouth to take as much of this monster in as possible. My lips then closed on his cock and I began sucking hard on his cock moving my head up and down. Terry had started to moan and was moving his hips back and forth. I pulled my head away and holding his cock tightly by the base watched as a huge dribble of pre-cum oozed from the tip. I immediately licked this lovely juice from his cock and let it slowly dribble down my throat. I tasted delicious and by now I realised that my own cock was getting very wet indeed. I stood up and very soon we were both naked. We went to the bedroom and, lay on the bed and were soon sucking each other’s cocks with fervour.

After about 10 minutes of intense sucking Terry said he was getting very near to cumming and could he look at my face when he came. I lay on my back on the bed and he knelt over me rested his cock on my tongue and started to wank. I pushed my lips over the tip of his cock and sucked as hard as I could. Terry was groaning very loudly by now and suddenly I felt a huge jet of spunk hit the back of my mouth. He shot 3 of these enormous jets before his cum slowed although it still throbbed in my mouth as more cum trickled out. My mouth was filled with his hot sperm and the taste was terrific. I let the spunk swim across my tongue and Terry then asked to see his load. His knob slipped from my mouth and I opened wide. I then started to let the spunk slide down my throat and this excited him.

“Your turn” he said “But I want you to cum over my face and lips”. I knelt over him with my cock very near his mouth and started to wank. As I pulled away he started to lick the tip of my cock. This was and let fly with a jet of sperm that went across his face and into his hair. The next jet hit him on his lips and then as my cum slowed to dribble, he put his mouth round my cock and sucked me dry. I looked down at his face and my lovely cum and saw his tongue licking around his lips. I leant forward and licked up all the cum he couldn’t reach and then proffered my cum covered tongue for him to suck.

Afterwards we dressed, had another cup of coffee and arranged to get together for sex more often. Which is exactly what we did for the 9 months. I will recount more of these meetings another time. Terry moved away more than 20 years ago and I still miss him and his giant cock. Fortunately, I still have some Polaroid snaps of his cock and his cum which I enjoy wanking over from time to time.

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