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When I still dressed Chapter I

This is a true story i was 38 yos and was enjoying my new life of parttime passive tranvestite just getting into dressing. Almost passing as one i went out to one of our local locations in Hillcrest a saloon dance hall. Where you had lesbians, gays, Transvestites and a few straight couples it was thursday night and the place had quite a few people there I had arrived already dressed in my car i only had to take off my sweats and put on my wig to go inside so i slipped off my tenis shoes and put on my 4" high heels to finished the look i was very close to passing but i wasn't worried because there were about 15 to 20 transvestites there already so i just blended in real well. The place was humming so i went to the bar, before i could order a drink an another gurl came up to me she said hey gurl let me buy you your first drink tonight so i said why not she said you look hot tonight great legs nice ass has she grabed my ass and kind of smoothed out my skirt down my ass and over my pantihose covered legs. I reached over and pasted the back of my hand over her tits and than down her clevage she had real tits real soft and warm we sat there and talked a little about her really sexy heels with 6" heels and where she got them i bought her the next round of drinks when she said you know over at my appartment i have a couple of bottles and they cost a lot less and have more liqour in them i ask her are we going to have drinks or screw around she answered me with, that all depends on you so i just smiled we got into my car and drove a few blocks to her appartment she lived on the ground floor. As soon has we got inside she grabbed by my ass and swung me around and gave me a full body kiss i could feel her whole body even her cock has it pushed its way out of her panties i dropped to my knees, i pulled up her skirt, i than pulled down her panties she had a very big cock about 7 1/2" cut and already dripping pre cum through her slit on the tip of her cock i kiss her cock all over than has she started to moan i took it all the way into my mouth and throat all at one time she took hold of my head, she pulled me to her until nose was agaisnt her pubs. She tasted sweet she also smell of flowers. I was so busy with her cock that i did't notice her unzip my skirt, she pulled it off put her hands into my pantihose and panties she went a head and push them all the way down to my anklesmy little cock poped out of my panties she reach down to play with it. She moved us around so we could 69 on her carpet when she sucked my cock into her mouth i almost came right then and their. I could feel her cock growing in my mouth she started to shake some and finally screamed i'm cumming, i'm cumming that was all i needed to cum in her mouth we layed there shaking from the most intense orgasm i've had in a long time. What happened next is for the next chapter. let me kinow what you think.

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