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Nurse Mom part 4

"Home!" I thought to myself the second night after my return there. Maybe that was the problem. Now that we were home, mother was indeed looking at everything that had happened at the hospital as part of my recovering necessities. Now that we were here, perhaps she...was struggling with what it was we had done, and even perhaps thinking I might be as well. I decided to come right out and ask her about it first thing in the morning.

The fact was, I still couldn't feed myself, my arms not as yet bendable enough in order to do so. That at least assured me that mom would soon come into my room and have to spend some time sitting next to me on the bed, feeding me by hand. It was an opportunity I wasn't about to pass up either. And I used my situation, predicament as a ploy to instigate the conversation in the direction I intended it to go.

"Been a while since you've had to do this hasn't it?" I said as mom sat next to me on the bed, spooning oatmeal into my mouth along with occasional sips of coffee, orange juice and bits of toast that she portioned off into nice easy to swallow bite-sized pieces. She laughed at that, the mood suddenly more relaxed again, the way it had been between us.

"Yes it has," she told me. "And strangely enough...I've missed doing this, takes me back quite a ways," she answered. "I don't mind you?"

"Not at all," I said speaking after swallowing another good-sized spoonful of the oatmeal. "Only one thing I wouldn't mind doing again either," I told her, watching for signs of her reaction. Obviously, she knew I was heading somewhere, though not quite sure yet where that was.

"Oh? And what would that be?" she asked taking the bait.

"I remember you once telling me how much you enjoyed breast-feeding me," I told her. "Sort of makes me wish I could experience that again, especially under the circumstances, from an entirely different point of view," I said grinning wickedly at her.

She laughed at that. "Not very damn likely," she told me. "For one, I don't have milk in my tits anymore," she began. "And two...I'm not sure that it's very wise for either one of us to entertain certain things again," she said a bit more seriously.

"So that's what's been bothering you then hasn't it?" I said refusing another bite of toast from her. She looked at me in surprise.

"Hasn't it been bothering you? Especially now that we're home?"

"No!" I told her succinctly, adamantly. "It hasn't, and to be perfectly honest about it, I've missed that intimacy we enjoyed and shared with one another, I've been thinking about it constantly ever since we got here."

And I had been. Especially while laying next to her, so close to her breasts, only inches away from actually being able to suck on them had they been exposed. Just the thought of that lengthening my prick.

"See?" I then said, able to at least use my hands well enough now to pull back the sheet by myself. I preferred to be naked for a number of reasons. It made things easier for one in having to use the bedpan, as much as I hated having to do so. But...the upside of that was, I was naked beneath the sheet, and upon tossing back the covering, was able to show her just what I meant by that. My cock was stone, and looked like it to. She sat there looking at it, her eyes unmoving for a moment, no words coming from her mouth either as she sat there, holding the spoon with oatmeal piled on top of it in mid-air as though she'd just been frozen in place by Medusa.

"Brian," she finally said, finding her voice.

"Mom," I said, waggling my cock without the use of my hands. I had to grin inwardly to myself, it was like sitting there, trying to entice her as though having a cobra hypnotically dancing in front of her as I played the flute for it. She sat watching me, saw the purposeful throb that I empowered my own dick to show, making it waggle back and forth again for several moments without the use of my hands.

"How the hell do you make it do that?" she actually asked me, finally putting the spoon back down into the bowl.

"It's easy. All I have to do is think about you, and imagine what it would be like sucking on those gorgeous tits of yours again."

Obviously I hadn't done so since I was actually a baby, but hearing me say that had had some affect on her, I could actually see the small tiny press of her firming nipples against the material of her thin tee shirt right through her bra!

"I don't know," she allowed herself to speak aloud, obviously arguing with herself once again.

"And besides, please don't tell me you'd actually leave me like this...without some kind of relief," I said softly, waggling my dick back and forth again, feeling the head swell, throb, and then dance for her as I used every muscle at my disposal in accomplishing that.

"No more here than there," she said finally reaching up, lifting her tee shirt over her breasts. I said nothing, waiting, hoping.

"Let me suck you," I said..."while you touch me," I added. Mom then reached behind, unclasping her bra, freeing her breasts, which now fell wonderfully before my eyes, her hard nipples fully extended, the familiar crinkle of her aroused areola beckoning me towards them. She was within easy reach, and I did so, immediately capturing one of those precious teats within my lips, gingerly and softly sucking it into my mouth. I felt her hand come around the back side of my head, cradling me there, supporting me as I lay there, nursing on her.

"Oh god!" she moaned softly, now holding her own breast within her hand, actually feeding it to me. I continued to suckle on her, my dick now throbbing and wobbling with a mind of its own. Her hand finally coming down to wrap itself around me as she slowly began working her magic on my wand, my lips working a magic of their own on her.

Much to my surprise, eventually she slithered down on the bed, lust once again filling her eyes as she captured her breasts within her hands, surrounding my shaft, now using them to further milk me with, pleasuring my shaft as I lay there watching my own mother, masturbating me with those deliciously wonderful, full mature looking breasts of hers.

I was getting closer and closer now, hovering on the edge of climax, my body shaking uncontrollably with the urge and desire to shoot my wad any moment now. Once again sensing my release, she worked those soft beautiful tits of hers even more rapidly up and down my shaft. "Do it!" she then urged me, unashamedly, letting her own needful lust and desire now surface. "Cum on my tits honey, shoot that beautiful hot sticky slick spunk all over mommies titties!"

I hadn't called her that in years, and it almost sounded funny hearing her say that, but if it was something that for whatever reason had gotten her hot, I was all for it.

"Oh yes! Yes! I want to fucking come all over mommies tits!" I shouted out rapturously, and then felt the first surge of my spunk as it boiled up from my balls, felt the tip of my prick literally explode, and then sat there watching spurt after delicious spurt of my cream as I began bathing her breasts in copious amounts of my never-ending semen.

I sat watching her as she massaged in my cream into each one of her breasts, covering them entirely, laughing to herself. "This reminds me, how I used to do this with doses of vitamin E every single day, in order to keep myself from getting too many stretch-marks...that...and saggy titties," she again giggled. "I guess it sort of helped," she added holding them up and together now, examining them, just as I was.

"Obviously it did," I said lifting my hand up just enough to actually finger one of them, feeling the tautness of her nipple, flicking it f***efully, hearing her moan pleasurably as I did so. "Come for me," I then told her. "Please mom...let me hear you, and see you cum."

It wasn't outside of anything we had already done, and perhaps because of that, she hesitated only for a moment. Though this time, she slipped out of the jeans she was wearing, and removed her thong entirely as well. She now stood next to me at the side of the bed, entirely naked. It was the first time in a long, long time...I'd actually seen her exactly so.

"You're still very, very beautiful," I then said.

"Thank you," she said somewhat awkwardly, feeling embarrassed even then about herself, looking down, a small pooch on her belly, her breasts not quite as firm as they perhaps once might have been, an ass that looked every bit as enticing as either of the twins had appeared to be to me. I noticed too a few stretch marks here and there that had escaped the twice daily applications of her vitamin E lotion perhaps. But to me, she was just as beautiful as she could have ever been, and I told her so over and over again.

I lay there, watching her as her hand slipped between the slick wet folds of her pussy. Coming away seconds later with a sweet white slick substance that coated each. I reached up, somehow managing to grasp her hand before she could take it away, pulling it towards me as far as I could until the cast no longer made it possible for me to do so. She looked at me inquisitively, curious.

"Feed me, give it to me," I said in a near whisper. I let go of her hand, and then watched her as she lifted it, two fingers covered in the white sweet substance, and then spoon fed me once again. It was a hell of a lot better than oatmeal.

After that, mom threw all caution to the wind, her fingers a blur working her pussy for me as she stood there, her fingers delicately strumming her clit as she no doubt very often did there in the secrecy of her own bed at night. I lay watching the ecstasy as it filled her face, hearing her cry of release as she came, the bent knees almost collapsing, buckling inwards as she finally tumbled to lie beside me there on the bed. My lips once again, lightly softly, nursing her nipple.

More than anything I wanted to fuck her, slip my cock inside that wet juicy passage, but I knew that to raise the issue with her, especially now, would destroy the moment, and very possibly any chance, any opportunity I might have afterwards either. I knew then I would have to bide my time, take things slowly, and let the opportunity eventually present itself. It did so, three days later.


I had been watching the news and weather when the idea came to me. The forecast called for a heavy period of pretty severe thunderstorms over our area. Looking back, I remembered times when I was much younger how the thunder and lightning had always affected my mother back then. I'd always found it exciting to watch, never being afraid of it, though it was obvious my mother became considerably frightened by it. My dad thought it was foolishness on her part to show such fear of it when she was as he called it, "totally safe and nothing to be afraid of."

It was after that, I would quite often call out to her in the night when the storms really intensified. She'd come into my room, crawl into bed next to me, and then hold me close. I would lay there smiling, letting her comfort me from the supposed fear I now feigned, though knowing as I did that, it was she who drew comfort from me as we lay there listening to the peels of thunder, watching the forks of lightning as they lit up my bedroom.

Obviously, it had been a while since we'd done that. But with the storm clouds threatening the early evening skies, I smiled inwardly, hoping that this would indeed be a loud and noisy storm when it passed.

I couldn't have asked for a better scenario. As I lay there listening to the sound of the distant thunder rumbling, growing closer with each passing moment, I expectantly looked towards the doorway of my room. The sun had just barely gone down, my room now dark though with just barely enough light to see by, which I discovered as with the next clap of thunder, the lights suddenly went out, throwing my room into darkness.

"If that doesn't do it...nothing will!" I told myself smiling. Sure enough, only a few short minutes after that loud clap of thunder and almost blinding light outside my window, the door opened to my room, the sound of my mother's voice heard as she stood there in the doorway looking in on me.

"You ok?" She asked.

Obviously I was. But it wasn't me she was really referring to. I could hear the edge of nervousness in her tone of voice. She really did hate thunderstorms, always had and probably always would.

"Come lay by me," I answered her in response. Though it was early evening, she was already wearing a simple throw over nightgown that she quite often wore to lounge around the house in at night as a way of making herself comfortable. As the next timely crack of lightning lit up the night sky, its brief dazzling brilliance silhouetted her form as she stood there. In seconds I saw her body backlit against the flash, knowing she was nude beneath the almost transparent gown that hung comfortably on her frame. She crossed the room slipping into bed beside me, almost immediately tucking my head against her breast, her hand gently stroking my face as I lay there in the crook of her arm.

That simple gesture took me back to days so long ago when we would often lie there together in my bed, listening to the sound of the thunder as it washed over us, eventually moving away. Very often, she would fall asl**p there in my arms or me in hers, though she would generally get up sometime before sunrise and make her way back into her own room. Except for the very accidental contact of her breast perhaps pressing against me, or an inadvertent brush against her if I should be spooning her from behind, there was never any sort of sexual contact whatsoever. At least none that I took as being that. Admittedly, it was again another one of those times and moments when I briefly thought of it, but then chased away the thoughts before they could manifest themselves into a hard steely erection between my legs.

I smiled as mom snuggled into bed next to me. Back then, I had very often failed at trying to keep my dick from stiffening, just as I was doing now. The difference being of course, I had no intention of trying to hide my sudden arousal. Being cast the way I was, it was virtually impossible for me to lay any other way but on my back. With mom lying beside me, cradling me as she was, the obvious 'tent' being put up between my legs soon became readily apparent. Looking down at myself, I could certainly see it, and though I couldn't see her eyes unless I were to lift up and turn my head, I knew damn well that if she looked in that direction, she'd be able to easily see it too.

Just then another much louder clap of lightning shook the house, a millisecond of spacing between it and the explosion of light that lit up the room.

"Wow! That was a close one!" I said unnecessarily, but it gave legitimacy to the worry and concern I could feel from her as shuddered in fear, still pretending to embrace me in comfort against the storm, though it was her holding me that was in fact bringing her the comfort.

I'd been lying there waiting patiently before making my next move. Feeling her shudder worriedly next to me, I knew then it was now or never. "Mom, roll over on top of me," I told her, taking her by surprise, confusing her at first. But I moved, the limited movement I actually had, using my one good arm that at least had more mobility than the other one did, to reach over across myself, taking her arm into mine and literally tugging on her. As I'd hoped, she came with the simple motion, doing as I'd asked, though she spoke even as she did that.

"Brian, I'm not so sure this is a very good idea," she said. Fate and whatever else was with me however as a second, even closer more violent clap of thunder and simultaneous lightning filled the room. I felt her burry her head against my neck and shoulder, her body fully lying atop me now, the press of her bare breasts even through her lightweight nightgown clearly evident as they mashed themselves against my chest. But even better than that, I felt the press of my hard stiff erection directly against her soft mound, only the thinnest of material separating us now as I actually moved against her letting her feel and realize the obvious contact. Once again she whispered, though doing so against my neck, her breath warm, soft as she spoke my name. "Brian..."

"Shhh," I responded back, my one semi good arm coming up and around to caress my own mothers tight firm ass through the gown, hunching it up as I did so, the contact now flesh against flesh, direct. The soothing strokes of my caress silencing any further objections she might have had. I knew I had her when she moaned pleasurably.

"Oh god, Brian!" she now mewed, once again shivering, but this time not from fear or worry from the storm as it slowly began moving away off into the distance. When I pressed my stiff hard prick against her this time, I felt her press back, grinding herself down against me. I timed my movement, as she lifted, and as I shoved myself downwards against the mattress, suddenly yanking on, and lifting up the few inches of cloth still sandwiched between us. As I shoved up, this time, it was the pure sweet contact of flesh upon flesh we both felt. "Oh Brian!" she moaned once again, her sweet sounding voice telling me in an instant of her desire, no longer disguised as her pussy gathered the length of my shaft, kissing it, not quite yet inserting it, though she slid upwards the entire length of it as she did that.

"You're so fucking wet!" I moaned stating the obvious, though using the erotic vulgarity to express my own intensified arousal and need of her. Once again she moaned, pressing even more firmly against me, once again sliding the length of that preciously sweet slit of hers ever so slowly up, and then down the entire length of me.

I don't know that she expected what happened next. I'm not sure that even I had planned for it to happen quite the way that it did, but the moment was too good...too perfect to pass up. She had slipped up just enough that when coming back down, I angled myself perfectly, the intent not lost on her though she tried in that same second to reposition herself, her thrust, her redirection of movement, but it was already too late. With my hand still holding onto her ass, I gripped her, holding her in place, felt the head of my prick knock at the door of her sex, and then entered her in one single upward thrust, impaling her fully.

"Oh fuck Brian! No!" She cried out, though I smiled inwardly as she made no effort to dislodge me, holding still as I slid deeply and fully inside her. I held her against me like that, my hand once again soothing and caressing her ass, slowly feeling her coming around, the pulsating gyrations of her pussy, her hips now beginning to circulate against me as we began to finally and so sensually fuck one another.

I speared her again, and again, over and over. My cock thrusting deeply, in and out of that velvety hot sheath as she rode back against me, gripping and squeezing my shaft with her cunt. She finally sat up, her hands reaching down, grabbing the bottom of her shift. I watched mildly surprised as she yanked it up and over her head, tossing it away. Her bare breasts now fully revealed to me, her hard extended nipples lustfully calling out as I reached up, even with my less than mobile arm, taking each one between my fingers and gently rolling them, hard fat little thimbles of pleasure.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" she cried out, her eyes closing, her hands coming down to grip my thighs as she now f***efully ground herself upon my shaft which filled her completely, fully. I could feel my balls actually caressing her legs between her thighs, the tip of my prick deep enough to pound against her cervix as she straddled me, still grinding away, moaning out pleasurably over and over.

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