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Hot Young Thing - Part Seven

Hot Young Thing – Part Seven

Uncle Clyde helped me off the work table, and led me over to his new plaything. He pulled my see-through black negligee up over my head, and let it fall to the floor. He cuffed each hand, and lifted my arms up, clicking each wrist in place on the upper rings of the wooden X frame behind me. Next, he wrapped a leather strap around my waist, and clipped each end of the strap to the rings in the center of the wood, where the X crossed over. He applied leather cuffs to each ankle, and spread my legs wide. When he went to clip the ankle cuffs to the bottom rings, I had to stretch out so far that my heels came up off the floor, and only the balls of my feet supported my weight. I felt like I was wearing a pair of invisible spiked heels.

My uncle reached under my body, and invaded both of my holes with his fingers. He had his index finger up my saturated pussy, and his middle finger in my well-oiled ass hole. He stabbed both of my holes repeatedly, with conviction. I felt my body shudder, and I pulled at the restraints that held me hostage, exposed and helpless, against Uncle Clyde’s heated advances. Almost as abruptly, he pulled his fingers out of me. He picked up a rather large and menacing butt plug, and methodically twisted it up into my waiting ass hole. It disappeared in an instant, with only the base plate showing beyond my slippery ass cheeks. I felt full, yet excited. My uncle sat down in front of his rocket launcher, which he had placed in front of my outstretched body. I watched him intently, as he fiddled with the top of his steel creation. My eyes almost popped out, as he attached a huge black dildo to the top. I was sure the stiff rubber intruder was thicker than the shovel handle I had fucked myself with in the barn the other day.

Uncle Clyde got up and brought the apparatus over and placed it on the floor in front of my outstretched legs. He rubbed my clit with his fingertip until I started wiggling and twisting my hips. Then, he worked the tip of the black monster a couple of inches up my dripping pussy, and sat back down. He pulled his chair closer to me, so that his face was inches from my gleaming ass cheeks. I saw him pick up a remote controller and turn one of the dials slightly. I could feel my body getting flush red, as the dildo slowly came to life, pushing a little further past my swollen pussy lips, then back out almost all the way. On the push back in, it went a little deeper each time, then it slipped back out again. Soon, I was taking the slow thrusts of the black rod in full eight inch strokes, in and out, in and out. I could feel my warm fluids squirting out the sides of my throbbing pussy lips, and my running freely down my quivering legs in rivulets. Uncle Clyde seemed genuinely pleased with his new toy, and I felt the same way.

Little by little, he increased the tempo of the machine by turning up the other dial on his remote. My body responded by thrashing back and forth as much as the straps holding me would allow. He stood up and reached out to my bouncing tits with a large feather, tickling and teasing one, then the other. My nipples stood straight out immediately, as the dildo plunged in and out of my pussy, as if the piston-like rubber shaft was on a mission. Uncle Clyde put the feather down, and dialed up an even faster speed, and I was getting fucked hard, like never before. I could feel my body getting ready to erupt, and I cried out as my uncle stood in front of my helpless body, reared back, and swung his outstretched hand across my engorged tits. He swung his arm f***efully, back and forth, striking one sensitive breast, then, backhanding the other breast, again and again. My body jerked and shook, as my young tits endured the fire bestowed upon them. I felt the deep convulsions of orgasm sweep over me in waves. My head jerked from side to side, as my pussy contracted against the rough ride of the all-powerful dildo. I came so many times that I lost count. Just before I passed out, I smiled, as I was now certain that I had died and gone to heaven.

I finally opened my eyes when I felt a cool wet rag dabbing my sweaty face and neck. I was still restrained to the X frame, but apparently Uncle Clyde was busy while I was comatose. He had unclasped my ankle cuffs from the lower rings, and clipped the cuffs to the same upper rings that held my wrists. He had removed the fat butt plug that was jammed up my ass, and replaced it with the same huge black toy that just finished ravaging my pussy. It was already six inches into my rectum when he sat back down and spun the dial on his remote. Slowly, the stiff piston slid in and out of my teen ass, and my uncle had a close-up view of the new festivities. He started getting the hang of using the two dials on the remote to vary the stroke and speed of the dildo, and he was downright gleeful, watching closely as my sleek ass danced and writhed before him.

Satisfied with the rhythm of the black stick, he reached out and took my erect clit between his finger and thumb, and gave it a sharp squeezed. Then, he rolled my clit tightly between his thumb and forefinger in time with the dildo pumping into my ass. I thrashed about in protest, to no avail. As my pussy juice ran down my ass cheeks and onto the floor, I could tell it was time for another deluge to start gushing forth at any moment. Uncle Clyde must have noticed too, because on the first spasm from my pussy, he let go of my clit, and shoved his entire cum-soaked fist into my well-worn pussy on the first push.

My body jumped up so high, the black marauder almost came completely out of my ass. I let out a low moan, as my uncle rammed his fist mercilessly against the back wall of my pussy canal. He held his fist rigid and in place, as he watched my body buck hard up and down on his thick arm, fucking that fist in a frenzy of spraying pussy juices, while my ass twisted against the deep penetration of that black beauty.

When the ultimate ride ended, Uncle Clyde freed my ankles and lowered my legs down. He released my wrists and dropped them to my side. I was still attached to the X frame at the waist. My uncle put a cushion under me, then, he unclipped the strap around my waist. I slid down, and ended up kneeling on the cushion. Without hesitation, He guided each wrist to the lower rings on the X frame, and clipped them on. I was now kneeling in front of him, with my arms stretched out, and pointing towards the floor.

Uncle Clyde stood up close to my face. He stripped off his shorts in one quick motion, revealing his oversized, twitching cock. He pressed his cock head to my lips. It was already soaked and shiny from his cock juices. He told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue, which I did. He placed his cock on my hot young tongue, and began moving it around ever so slowly and lightly. I was drooling onto the floor in anticipation of a good throat fuck. But instead, Uncle Clyde just kept gliding his cock head around my tongue, hardly penetrating my mouth at all. In no time, he grabbed my head with both his hands, and told me to start swallowing. His hot man-cum spurted onto my tongue, and he shot each load deeper and deeper into the back of my throat with each new gush of gooey jizz. There were many gushes, and my mouth was filling up quickly. I choked down a mouthful of thick, hot cream, and opened my mouth wider, begging him for more. My throat was well-lubricated now, and Uncle Clyde renewed his firm grip on my upturned head, and fucked the back of my throat vigorously, still spewing forth bucketsful of steaming cum, even after I had already swallowed his first big load.

He finally dropped his hands, and his withering cock plopped out of my mouth, as Uncle Clyde slumped down onto his chair with a thud. I was thrilled to see that I could get him breathing hard, and getting all sweated up. After a few minutes, he looked at me with such loving and grateful eyes, that I would have hugged him tightly, if only my arms were free. As soon as I had that thought, Uncle Clyde seemed to snap back to reality. He quickly jumped to his feet and freed me from his mini-dungeon, apologizing profusely for leaving me tied up all that time.

He helped me to my feet, gave my ass a playful swat, and told me to go upstairs, take a shower, and go to bed. I thought that sounded like a fine idea. As I nodded off in bed, I could hear drilling and banging noises coming from the basement. I could only imagine what Uncle Clyde would dream up next. But, I was certain I would love it.

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