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Her Dirty Little Secret

Title: Her Dirty Little Secret
Rating: NC17
Summary: After the Golden Globes Award Party Laura comes home to her only secret slave who nobody in the whole wide world knows about, not even her real life boyfriend.
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Note: Just a fantasy. Not a real story. *sighs* I Wish!


Mistress! You're home! Did you have fun?" the slave asked as he opened his arms wide to give her a hug, but his Mistress grabbed both filthy hands, making sure that they did not stain the expensive beautiful dress. She held them up high so they could not touch it, and glared at her servant, Cassidy, after she had scrunched up her nose.

"He smells of filth. Someone forgot to give my slave his shower." she said while she glared.

"You know he..." Cassidy started, but was cut off by her Mistress.

"I know!" Laura snapped.

The slave hung his head low, ashamed. "I'm sorry, Mistress. Are you upset at me?"

She wanted to slap him for being so extremely dirty, preferably slap his ass, one on each buttock but she didn't do that. "No, not at you."

The mistress pushed her only slave that not even her own boyfriend knew about toward Cassidy, not caring if she got her servant's clothes dirty. "Prepare the shower, I will be there shortly."

"Yes, Mistress Laura." Cassidy said and left with the slave.

Laura sighed as she was alone in her bedroom and slid that beautiful expensive attire off her body, admiring her nude physique in the mirror. Still a body to die for. She smirked... only to sigh again.

"I know you only like to be made squeaky clean by me... Jan... I guess I will just have to start, don't I?"

Mistress Laura turned and left her bedroom in her naked state and walked down the hall to the bathroom where the large shower was.

Her slave already stood in the shower, but the water wasn't flowing yet, just like Mistress Laura knew she would find him like that.

She joined him under the shower without a word to him, only turned the water supply so hot water came streaming down from the shower head. Her slave looked at his Mistress without a word as he watched her grab a bottle of body wash.

She squirted some on her hands and then they were on his body, washing him. Her slave let out a little moan at the contact, for he always loved being treated like this by his Mistress. He loved her so much, he couldn't imagine life without her.

"I missed you..." her slave spoke softly, a teardrop falling out of his eyes, but her Mistress didn't notice, for she wanted his whole body clean.

She even grabbed a sponge to scrub off the dirt that clung to his body.

"I know, my only secret slave." she whispered, still not stopping to look him in the eyes, as her hand touched his cock, running the sponge along its hardening length.

Her slave moaned again as his cock was cleaned, soon there was no more dirt visible on that male instrument of his.

"Laura..." he whispered...

THAT got her attention. Her hand was around his throat, cutting off his air supply. "What did I tell you to call me?!"

"M... Mistress. No Laura, just Mistress." her slave choked out. "You're... ch...choking me, M...Mistress."

"Good boy." Laura said as she stopped choking him. She ran her hand through his filthy hair. "I don't call you Jan, do I?"

"No." Jan said, shaking his head slowly.

"Good slave." she said with a smirk. "Now, turn around please."

"As you wish, Mistress."

She didn't care if she got dirty for she was under the shower now, it would just get off.

The slave's Mistress struck his ass cheeks once, twice, three times, making her slave cry out.

"There. I've been wanting to do that ever since I saw your filthy body since my return."

Jan sank a little closer to the ground. "Th... Thank you, Mistress."

She extracted another portion of body wash from the same bottle and poured it onto a new sponge.

"You like it when I hit you there, don't you, my slave?"

"Yes, I love it when you hurt my body, Mistress." Jan said, right after she had asked that question.

The soft touch of the sponge on his back that washed away the filth that clung to his back and ass cheeks felt strangely soothing, a lot more so on the slapped ass cheeks.

"I'm sorry I called you Laura, Mistress." he whispered, the sound close to a sob.

"It's okay, I forgive you just this once." she said, her hand going to his cock and softly starting to stroke him.

"Nnnhhh..." Jan moaned out.

"We're almost done. I just need to wash your hair." she whispered against him.

"Okay, Mistress." Jan whispered back, still in the high of her hand stroking his big cock.

Maybe 'her big dirty secret' was more appropriate.

Then the high, the bliss, was gone.

"Mistress? Why did you stop?" Jan whined, not daring to turn around to look into her eyes. He only did that when he was ordered to so by his Mistress.

"I need to use both my hands to apply the shampoo into your hair, slave." Laura simply said as she twirled off the cap of the shampoo.

She squirted a large portion of shampoo on her hand, then put the shampoo away and rubbed her hands so they were both coated with it before they touched Jan's dirty hair.

He only hardened as she washed his hair.

Even his now cleaned hands had picked up the stroking of his hard cock now that everything on his body was clean again.

She smirked as she looked over his head and saw himself stroking his hard cock.

"Now, now, did I say you could do that, my slave?"

Jan froze, his hand stopping in midstroke. "N...No, Mistress didn't say I could." he said softly, not moving.

She chuckled.

"Tell you what: would you rather jerk off now or let your Mistress suck you off later?" she asked him, her hands applying the shampoo in his hair.

She eagerly anticipated his response as the seconds ticked by while she washed his hair, then saw him remove his hand.

Laura couldn't help but chuckle again. So predictable, Slave Jan. she thought.

"A... Am I clean enough, Mistress?" Jan whispered.

She grabbed the shower head and held it close to Jan's hair. "You're almost done, my secret love." Laura whispered, kissing his cheek softly.

When Laura was finally done, she grabbed a towel and dried off his body, making sure everything was clean, including his now big cock.

She couldn't wait to have him in her mouth!

Laura trailed a hand over his ass cheeks and squeezed. "My dirty slave is now a clean slave. You're all clean now, Slave Jan."

He turned around and gave her a big hug. "Thank you so much Mistress Laura!"

Their lips brushed against one another and then the kisses intensified by the touch of their tongues.

"Hmmm... I *really* missed you, slave."

She picked him up and carried him to her bedroom where she hid him underneath the covers before she too hid underneat the inviting bedsheets.

"You have permission, my love." Laura said, almost bursting into a fit of laughter.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lips only once, but sank deeper into the seduction that was his Mistress's body.

His tongue touched every place on her body that he could think of.

"Hmmm... I love you," she groaned, "I love what you're doing to my body."

" Mistress..." Jan whispered against each touch he gave her nipples with his lips.

Then she couldn't take it anymore and burst into peals of laughter.

"You can stop with the mistress-slave play now, Jan."

"Okay, Laura." Jan said to her.

He lay down on the pillows.

"Are you ready, Jan?" Laura asked him after she had ended her laughing.

"Born ready, Laura."

She pulled the sheets that covered his nude body and kissed him passionately on the lips at the same time, then her lips traveled down his, also kissing his nipples and such, until she reached that big cock of his.

Without even kissing the length she took it into her mouth and began to suck him off.

"Oohhhh Laura.... ohhhh yeah... I have waited all night for this.... hmmmm..." Jan moaned, not being able to stay still.

He had to thrust his cock against her mouth, those loving lips she always seduced him with.

She wasn't even surprised to find him mouthfucking her.

It was one of the things she loved most about her secret lover.

That was something Corey would never do to her... and that made her love Jan more.

She kept going, sometimes sucking him off faster than she had done and other times torturingly slow, because she didn't want him to cum into her mouth right away.

Now she was sucking him off in that fast way again.

"Oh Goddess Laura, I'm going to cum, I'm so fucking close!!! MMmmmmmm!!!! Ohhhhhh Laura Vandervoort, I'M CUMMING!!!!"

And then he released himself inside her mouth, in a shout of intense pleasure.

Laura eagerly milked him of all his cum, until she licked her lips and cuddled with her only slave that nobody in the whole wide world knew about.

"That was absolutely amazing, my Future Queen." Jan whispered.

"I'm Lisa to you now?" Laura asked laughing.

"Or my Kryptonian Beauty Kara."

"Jan, stop." Laura said still laughing.

He began to tickle her.

"Make me, Sadie Harrison." he teased.

She captured his lips to stop him from talking.

The End

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