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My fantasy...13

i walk in2 your store late one afternoon
carrying a clip-board so i will look official
& ask
" could i speak 2 your manager ? "
the k** behind the counter directs me 2 your office
& i knock softly on your door...
when u finally open the door
there is a look of surprise on your face
but i quickly say
" i need 2 double-check your order !! "
& u catch on 2 what i am doing instantly...

with everyone in the store
we both know that we have 2 be very very quiet
so neither of us speaks...
as soon as the door is closed
& u have shut the blinds
u turn back 2 me & slowly pull my clothes off
leaving me cumpletely naked...
u look me up & down slowly
as though u are inspecting a purchase
or trying 2 assess my worth...
your eyes pause at my hairy chest
my nipples forming tiny points
under your intense stare...
u then pursue a path down my body
stopping 4 a moment at my shaved crotch
& making my cock thicken under your gaze...
obviously u are pleased with what u see
becuz u remove all of your own clothes
& push me roughly back on2 your desk...

as i lean back on2 my elbows
u stretch your body over mine
& the only contact between us
is the touch of your erect cock on my thigh...
i remain still as u run your fingers over me
caressing my shoulders & chest & belly
& then further down until u near my swelling cock...
u continue your route downward slowly
teasingly avoiding my entire crotch
& slip your hands in between my thighs
which immediately part at your touch...

it is my aim 2 cumpletely please u
& i am totally happy 2 do so
wanting 2 feel u so badly...
my quivering lips open slightly
& my shallow breathing quickens
as your fingers close around my cock
making me grow even harder with desire...
sighing at your touch
i reach out 4 your swelling cock
feeling it swell & cum alive
throbbing in between my hands...
2 my bewildered surprise
u suddenly pull away from me
& step back against the office door...
i am afraid that i have sumhow displeased u
but your intentions become very clear
as u stand there be4 me
& then look down at your oozing cock...
u then whisper
" suck it !! suck my cock !! suck it now !!! "

i slide down & crouch at your feet
balancing on my knees & toes
with your erection bobbing
an inch from my open mouth...
slithering out my wet tongue
i lick at the drooling cum-hole
tasting a glistening pearl of pre-cum
& then raise myself slightly
& swallow your entire member
sliding my lips all the way on2 your length...
with one hand
i grasp your ass-cheek 2 steady myself
& with the other hand
i hold your penis firmly at the thick root...
looking upward
i see that your eyes are trained on my mouth
watching as my wide-stretched lips
shiny with your oozing pre-cum
leave wet trails of saliva all over your pulsing shaft...
u whisper quietly
" my cock looks good in your mouth !!! "

slowly u begin 2 thrust 4ward
meeting me as my mouth slides over your cock
& we both start moving faster & faster
as i let go of your ass & grab your balls
squeezing them 2 encourage your climax...
grabbing on2 the tops of my shoulders
u grunt & groan deep inside your chest
& beads of sweat form on your 4-head...
as your fingers clutch my shoulders tighter
u give one last throat-delving thrust
& drive your cock deep in2 my mouth
pressing your crown in2 the opening of my throat
& start filling my gulping chasm with your seed...
i quickly pull myself back away from u
so just your spewing glans remains in my mouth
& continue 2 suck on your cock as hard as i can
relishing your scrumptious salty-sweet flavor
taking the rest of your steamy seed on my tongue
& swallowing down every salty/sweet drop
until u pull your spent staff from my mouth...

as i luridly lick the last traces from my lips
u quickly & roughly grab hold of my body
& position me back on top of the desk...
again i lie sprawled out on my back
with my ass & heels on the edge of the desktop
& my legs spread out wide in expectation
as u stroke your cock back 2 hardness...
i am amazed at your speedy recovery
& also very pleased & very excited
becuz my ass is aching 2 be filled...
i whisper
" do u wanna fuck me now ??? "

once your cock is fully erect again
u lather your length with cooking oil
& then you aggressively mount me
as u slide easily in2 my upturned ass
& immediately begin 2 thrust deep in2 me...
when i try 2 wrap my arms around u
u pin my wrists up over my head
& drive your cock even deeper in2 me...
i bite down on my lip 2 stifle the moans
that i suddenly cannot seem 2 control
as your thick cock enters me again & again...
at first i feel just a slight tingling deep inside
but then my orgasm begins 2 build & build
& my cock throbs & twitches between our bodies...
as my entire body starts 2 quiver & shake
u suddenly pull your slippery cock out of me
& quickly spin me over so my feet are on the floor
& my chest is pressed against the top of the desk...
i harshly whisper
" oh yes !! i want u deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! "

bracing myself by gripping the edges of the desk
i groan as u ruthlessly enter me from behind...
i quickly slide my hand 2 my own mouth
biting down on the outside edge of my palm
so that when i finally cum on your big cock
my cries will not be heard outside the office...
i know that i am gonna cum very soon
becuz just at that deliciously dirty moment
sparks begin 2 flash behind my eyelids
as a bomb explodes deep inside my rectum
& i am gripped by a tremendous orgasm
& my cock starts spewing long strings of cum
all over the end of your desk...
i moan softly
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!! "

my hips begin 2 buck uncontrollably
bumping my ass backward against u
as u continue your relentless pounding
& send me right over the ragged edge...
i squeeze my quivering inner muscles
on your girthy shaft 2 massage your cock
eager 2 feel u filling me with your seed...
u are not quite ready 2 explode yet
& with almost inhuman restraint
u begin thrusting more slowly...
this allows me a chance 2 catch my breath
as u keep slow-stroking my aching fuck-hole...
i whisper
" i love cumming on your cock !! "

i groan as u cumpletely pull out of my ass
then whimper with excruciating pleasure
as u press your cock-head against my anus again...
grasping me even more firmly by the hips
u ease your thick cock back in2 my ass again
as my muscles relax & open 2 receive u
& i gasp as u cumpletely fill my tight canal...
i love how wonderfully thick your big cock is
& i love how fantastic it always feels inside me...
as u start sliding methodically in & out of me
your tempo increasing with each deep thrust
& i know that i am gonna cum again soon...
i try 2 hold my imminent orgasm back
waiting 4 u 2 reach the point of no return
wanting us 2 experience our climax 2gether...
i whisper
" cum with me !! cum with me !! cum deep in me !!
i'm gonna cum !! i'm gonna cum on your cock !!! "

the pressure builds in my aching prostate
& in my endlessly shuddering erection
until i am almost about 2 burst apart
& i feel drops of your sweat on my back...
u begin groaning & grunting again
even longer & louder than u were be4
as your shaved balls slap wetly against mine
& then finally
u pull my ass back hard against your hips
& hold my body tightly against yours
almost lifting me cumpletely off the desk...
releasing a long & low muffled groan
u slam your throbbing erection 4ward
& flood my ass with your steaming seed...
i cum again at the very same moment
splattering spurts of cum everywhere
& almost dislodge your cock from my ass
as i thrash on the desk underneath u...
u hold on2 my sweaty body tightly
as we fall 4ward in2 a tangled heap on the desk...

( do u wanna ??? )

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