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Moving house

I've just moved to the area and decide to check the local pub out one Saturday afternoon. As I walk in I notice you immediately. When I see you sitting at the bar I decide I like it round here. You look so sexy sitting there on your own in your short dress and low cut top. You recognise me as you live near me and noticed me moving in. I ask you if you would like a drink. You accept my offer. We get chatting, making the usual small-talk. I tell you I'm a chef.

"Well, how about coming to my place and cooking me a meal?" you ask, cheekily.

You look so sexy I would be a fool not to say yes.

“Ok sounds good to me” I reply.

You tell me you can see how good a chef I am by doing a ready steady cook and thinking of something to make by what you have in your cupboards and fridge.

I go back to your place with you and have a rummage around your cupboards. Your fridge and cupboards are well stocked and I soon get some ideas for something good to eat. As I cook, you take a quick shower. When you come down you open a bottle of wine and chat with me as I cook.

Once the meal is ready we have sit and eat and are getting on well together. After the meal we sit chatting and laughing. We run out of wine and you tell me you have a bottle of champagne. We begin to get tipsy and the talk turns to sex and previous lovers - and what turns us both on. I tell you I once accidently saw a friend’s mother masturbating but she didn't see me and ever since then I have been really turned on watching women masturbate.

You leave the room and after 5 minutes I hear you shouting me to come upstairs. You guide me to your bedroom. When I get inside your bedroom I see you are undressed and lying on the bed masturbating.

"Sit down" you tell me.

I do as I'm told, sitting down and watching as you masturbate your pussy with your fingers. My cock immediately goes hard.

“No accidently seeing me masturbate” your laugh.

After a while of playing with your fingers you reach in the drawer and pull out a big vibrator. You switch it on and slowly circle your clitoris. When you can take no more you begin to thrust the vibrator in and out. Moaning loudly you begin to tweak your nipples.

I get my hard cock out and begin to masturbate.

"Not yet. I want you to save all your spunk for me. Just watch me and enjoy it" You tell me.

You carry on masturbating with your vibrator until you have a very loud orgasm.

I can take no more so I undress and move onto the bed.

I get down to lick and probe at your clitoris as you carry on using the vibrator. Another orgasm rips soon through your body.

You pull out the vibrator and ask me if I enjoyed the show?

“I'll show you how much I liked it” I tell you.

I go to the kitchen and come back with a bottle of chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a banana. I cover your whole body in chocolate sauce and whipped cream and insert the banana up your pussy.

I slowly lick the chocolate and cream from every inch of your body. Starting with your neck and ears, I work my way down your body, gently kissing your chocolate covered nipples. I take my time to kiss every inch of your stomach then work my way up your legs starting with your feet and kissing the inside of your thighs. I kiss around your pussy teasing you. I want the banana to be really wet with your juices. I play with your clitoris with my tongue.

By now you notice I have had my tongue pierced.

“Why did you get your tongue pierced?” you ask.

I tell you I got my tongue pierced to make oral sex that little bit more exciting for the woman.

You push my head back to your pussy and tell me to carry on.

I see your juices seeping out and decide it is time to eat the banana. I eat the entire banana out of your pussy using only my tongue and mouth. I tell you your pussy tastes beautiful.

I then lie on my back and get you to sit on my face. My pierced tongue probes and explores every inch of your pussy as you sit on my face. I tell you that you have a lovely pussy and taste beautiful.

“I want you to flood my mouth with your juices” I tell you.

"Lick my clitoris then." you laugh.

I nibble and lick at your clitoris as well as tonguing your pussy.

You seem to be loving my tongue work and you moan in appreciation. Your breathing gets heavier as you build up to an orgasm.

"Lick my clit faster." you say.

All of a sudden an orgasm rips through your body flooding my mouth with your sweet juices.

I lie there and swallow every drop of your juices. You rest for a while then stand up and reach for the chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

"Your turn now." you say.

You cover my cock in chocolate sauce and whipped cream. You begin by licking up and down my penis then swallow it all in one go. I am in seventh heaven as you move your head up and down teasing my cock with your tongue.

After a while you stop and tell me you want to save me spunk for later. I start kissing your body and teasing your clitoris with my fingers.

"Make me come again" you beg me.

I play with your pussy with my fingers as I once again kiss you all over your body looking for the spots that really turn you on when being kissed and licked. I notice you love having your neck and ears kissed and loved being teased and kissed around your thighs and pussy area. I decide to tease you and kiss just at the top of your thighs and pussy area.

"Lick me." you say.

I carry on teasing you. My fingers keep working on your pussy every now and again to tease you. I grab the vibrator and rub it up and down your clit.

"Oh yes fuck me with the vibrator." you say.

"I'll use it when I'm ready." I laugh.

I carry on rubbing your clit with the vibrator until you are begging me to use it. I thrust the vibrator up your wet pussy and lick your clitoris as I thrust it up and down. I want you to come for me again so I can taste you again. I move to your nipples and breasts and give them some deserved attention. The vibrator is wet with your juices and slips in and out very easily. You build up to another orgasm. Go down to taste me again you tell me. I replace the vibrator with my pierced tongue. It doesn’t take my tongue long to get you cumming again. You once again flood my mouth with your sweet pussy juices.

"Fuck me." you tell me.

"Not yet." I laugh.

I begin to tongue your pussy again. My tongue is probing every inch of your pussy and clitoris.

"Oh, please fuck me" you beg me.

I carry on teasing you and start kissing and licking you all over your body again.

“Oh please get your cock inside me and fuck me deep and hard” you shout.

“All in good time” I laugh.

You can take no more of my teasing. You get up and push me on my back. You place a condom on my dick, sit astride me and impale yourself on my dick. You begin to ride my dick tweaking your nipples as you ride up and down on. I tell you have a lovely tight cunt.

As you ride my cock I play with your clitoris. You are riding my cock harder and harder. You look so sexy as you bounce up and down on my cock. You are breathing deeply and I can feel you getting ready to cum again.

Your breathing gets shallower and you gently bite your top lip as you cum. You lie on the bed exhausted.

“Now it’s my turn to come” I tell you.

“Give me a minute please” you laugh.

“Just get on your knees you sexy slut” I tell you.

You get on all fours and I enter you from behind, building up a steady rhythm, pumping in and out.

"Fuck me harder." you ask me.

My thrusts get faster and harder. Your tits sway to and fro as I fuck you deep and hard.

“Oh yes that’s it fuck me hard. Make me cum” you pant.

“No problem” I laugh.

You keep on telling me to fuck you harder and deeper. I warn you that I'm close to coming. You tell me to pull out, you remove the condom then take my penis and begin to give me a blowjob again.

I don't last much longer and shoot my load in your mouth. You swallow some and the rest goes on your breasts. I reach down and lick your breasts clean swallowing every last drop of my cum. We both fall back on the bed exhausted.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm not bad for starters” you laugh.

From that comment I can see it looks like we are in for a long night.

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