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Titties on ya back

When you think about Bowen Homes, you think about any other southern low cost housing project. A large 99% afro american community. Full of both your bullshit folks and a lot of real folks who just need a community; a place to live.

Growing up in Bowen Homes I can remember meeting and dealing with hundreds of personalities. Anyone coming up in my era will no dought remember a group of three notorious b*****rs .... The Beatle Boys a.k.a the Beatle b*****rs. Stephen, Randy and Handy Beatle.

Don't keep nothing of value around the Beatle b*****rs, cause you won't have it long. Notorious, vicious and ever ready to get into something wrong. All been in jail more times than most people have ever driven past the jail. The Beatle b*****rs were a crew that you better respect or at least show respect if you plan on getting along in Bowen Homes.

Word gets around fast in the projects. I have to admit that my business seem to spread like a virus. After excepting the fact that I'm into sex with dudes and spending a lot of time having sex with other dudes from the projects, I can't say that I'm on the down low anymore. I have my share of problems because of it, yet I do have my share of benefits.

I avoided running into the Beatle Boys on a daily basis. Not that I'm scared of them, it just that I was a little ashamed of them knowing what I do. I know all the arguments about don't do nothing that your ashamed of doing. It's just that we have spent so many years hanging and chasing females that I felt funny facing them.

Out of all three of the Beatle b*****rs, Handy would be the closest to me. Mostly cause we are the same age. While walking through Bowen Homes one day, I run right into Handy Beatle. I tried everything but run and hide, but damn he was right in front of me. Handy walks up to me and without a blink or a stare says "I hear your gay man". Damn without thinking I looked up and asked him "why do you want to know"? He placed his arm around me talking to me in a serious voice ..... "Man I wanna hookup"

A hook up? Handy Beatle ... the roughest b*****r in the hood wants a hookup! Ok, lets make sure we all on the same page. I ask Handy .... "What kind of hook up"? Handy sat down in the walkway, legs open looking up at me. "Man I've been fucking around since I was 16 yo". I just stood and listened. Wondering since he has been fucking around for so long, why did he need a hook up from me. "Man I'm horny as hell yo, I gots to get this thang off" Handy said. Then I thought, maybe he is trying to set me up, just to find out if what he heard was true. Then to my complete surprise Handy broke my face "Man, do you know any drag queens"? Drag queens I thought to myself. Handy looking so serious told me "Man, I like having tiddies on my back and a dick up my ass!"
I have to admit that I have always been a little turned on by Handy Beatle. His personality is hard! Takes No Shit!! Will fuck up a motha fucka in a heart beat!! Damn I could tell you some stories, but right now, I 'm dealing with the fact that this hard core b*****r wants a dick up his ass and tiddies on his back.

My favorite neighborhood hangout is called the Santobella. On Mondays they have a female impersonator show. As luck would have it, today is Monday. I told Handy that if he wanted me to go with him there, just hit me up on my pager. I gave him my hitter number and jetted.

As midnight creeped in, my cell phone was blowing up! It was as Handy. Damn this shit is real I thought as I got in my ride to go pick him up. Our trip to the club was quiet. The only thing that Handy spoke on was wondering if he did pick somebody up could he bring them back to my crib. I said hell yea. I guess that part of me wanted to see this shit!

The club was dark and only had about 50 folks up in there. Most of them were older men, and a couple of young b*****rs playing on the pool table. The show was ...... well lets just say, I've seen better. I didn't see much of Handy cause he was busy trying to find his pick up for the night.

I soon received a drink. "This is from the lady at the bar" the waitress said. As I turned around I saw a figure walking over to me. "Are you dating daddy" she said. "Dating!!" "Bitch I don't buy pussy! I'm just chilling with my partner". She looked over at him and asked me was he dating? I laugh and said to her, that I didn't even know. She told me her name was Balona. I called Handy and made the introductions. Handy was staring so hard at her that it looked like he was going to **** her in the club.

It didn't take long to get back to my crib. It didn't take long for these two to get busy. While I was getting a couple of brews, the two of them were butt as naked. I guided them to my guest room where Handy had Balona on top of him. I saw passion! Balona was rolling and grinding on top of Handy. Her dick was hard, and so was his. Kissing Kissing and more kissing. He would reach up and suck here tiddies. I just sat back in the chair and watched. Neither one of them seemed to disturbed that I was watching.

Balona had more man in her than I thought. She didn't wink when Handy pulled his legs up! She got right between his legs and pumped that dick right in him! The look on his face was one of excitement!!! He took that dick!!!! He was trying hard to pull up so he could suck her tiddies, but I guess the pressure of her dick was to much for him.

I could see Handy's dick trobbing! This motha fucka was gettin into this shit. Balona asked him "will you fuck me now?" He just kept looking at her. At this point I had to say something. I asked "is it good" not directing it to nobody. Balona pulled up letting her dick fall on the bed, saying "Damn ... somebodys been here before". Handy turned over saying he wants to feel them tiddies on his back. Balona asked me to fuck her while she fucks him. I told her maybe later, but thinking all the time, hell no!!! She fucked him hard and long. She made sure she would lay down on his back so he could feel them tiddies on his back. "Ram it in harder girl!" Handy screemed, as I thought to myself ... damn who's the girl, he's taking the pipe! Thats when Handy rose up like he was doing a push up and started screaming; "I'm comin!! Shit! I'm comin!" Damn! This shocked me but good old Handy was coming! He just started shoting mad cumm ! Balona pulled it out and came on his butt. Both of them just fell back on my bed.

After a while Balona took a shower and wanted to go. I woke up Handy and told him, I was taking them both home. Balona and Handy never said a word to each other when I drove Balona home. After we got rid of Balona ... Handy looks over at me and says " Damn nigga, if I was gay I could do that shit everyday". I looked at him with a hell of a smirk saying " Yea nigga if only you were gay".

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