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My fantasy...10

it is a few minutes be4 u sense my presence
& when u do turn around
your intense eyes shoot like lasers right through me...
despite the hot summer morning
i shiver under your gaze...
u give me a slow sexy smile
as if u know exactly where my thoughts are headed
but u don't say a single word...

i smile back
trying not 2 show my nervousness
as your bold gaze sweeps over my chest & down my legs
then back upward on2 my obviously thickening crotch...
as u lean on2 your pitchfork & cock an eyebrow
u continue 2 boldly stare at me...
i allow my eyes 2 wander over u 2
finally zeroing in on your very impressive package
& i nervously lick my lips in anticipation...

your stare is getting 2 me
& i shift as i feel my cock beginning 2 grow
fuller & thicker by the second
inside the confines of my shorts...
it seems my penis has been pulsing
ever since i first saw u walking out 2ward the stables
a few minutes be4...
since that moment
all i have been able 2 think about
is taking your big delicious cock in2 my mouth
& sucking u deep down in2 my cum-craving throat...
if truth be told
i had also fantasized about straddling u
sliding my tight ass slowly down on2 your thick tool
& riding u like a horny cock-hungry cow-boy...
all that i seem 2 be able 2 think about now
is getting cumpletely naked
& letting u have your way with me
over & over & over again...

u started walking 2ward me
until u stop right in front of me
so close that i can smell the scent of fresh hay
clinging 2 your sweaty chest...
your hands cum 2 my shoulders
pulling me closer 2 u
then slide downward 2 grasp my ass
pulling our horny crotches 2gether...
as i grind my swelling cock hard up against yours...
i moan
" i have wanted u since the first time i saw u !!
i wasn't sure if u would feel the same 4 me !! "

u slowly steer me 2 the back of the stables
in2 a deeply shadowed corner
& press me down on2 a pile of soft hay
as my fingers play all around your strong chest
& the corded muscles of your arms...
u twist your crotch against mine
as your fingers inch slowly on2 my heaving chest
pinching & twisting on my hard little nipples
making me wanna be even closer 2 u...

a moan escapes my lips
as u draw circles around my hardened nipple
& i press my body against u in an effort 2 get closer...
i feel the rumble of your chuckle in your chest
& i realize that u are probably amused
by my cumpletely obvious need...
then u smile & pull my t-shirt up & over my head
& take my hard nipple in2 your warm & moist mouth...
u lick & then suck
scr****g that hard little nub of flesh
as u tease it with your teeth...
i groan loudly
as i press my chest harder against your teasing lips
& then whisper
" i can't wait 2 see what u have hiding in those levi's !! "

i wriggle against u
twisting my shoulder sideways
as i slither my hand down between our bodies
& find the hot denim-covered bulge
at the juncture of your thighs
& give it a firm caress...
as my hand works against your cock
i feel it beginning 2 thicken & lengthen under my hand
& as u groan deep down in your throat
i know that i am absolutely gonna love
giving u as much sweet sexual pleasure
as u are already giving 2 me...

i manage 2 get both of my hands down
between our sweating bodies
& i work at the crotch of your jeans
finally getting u unbuttoned & unzipped...
after sum more tight maneuvering
i push your levi's off your ass
& down 2 your thighs
allowing your thick cock 2 finally spring free...
when i wrap my hand around the girthy shaft
& run the pad of my thumb all over the bulbous head
u clench your teeth & groan
" i wanna feel your mouth on my cock !!
i wanna watch u swallow my cock !!! "
as your eyes go dark with pure passion & total desire
& i just have 2 have a taste of u...

tentatively i move my body lower
& work my way down your hot & horny torso
leaving wet trails of saliva all along the way
so that i can ultimately take your fat prick
in2 my wet & drooling mouth...
sucking in one long & deep breath
i open my lips as wide as i can
& take your pulsating cock-head in2 my hungry mouth...
gripping your ass tightly
& pulling u f***efully up 2ward me
i finally manage 2 swallow down the entire thing
working my lips slowly & surely
down the thick & throbbing shaft
taking inch after horny inch
until my lips are stretched obscenely open
around the wide root of your turgid tool
& i can feel the broad glans
slide deep & stretch snugly
in2 the taut opening of my throat...
u groan
" suck my cock !! take it all !! swallow it !!
suck it !! take my cock all the way down !!! "

u moan under your breath
as my straining lips slide down over your shuddering shaft
until my nose is pressing hard up against your pubic bone
& my chin is resting against your smooth shaved balls...
taking your low moaning as a sign of encouragement
i begin pumping my slick mouth slowly up & down
on the long & velvety shaft of your tasty cock...
i lick the crown when i reach the top
swirling my tongue around & around as fast as i can
then i plunge quickly back downward
only 2 slowly rise upward & do it all over again...
your fat cock-head slips in2 the opening of my throat
each & every time i engulf your delicious length
which seems 2 please & excite u
becuz u grip on2 the sides of my head very tightly
& the cheeks of your ass are like steel in my hands...
your breathing is cumming in short & shallow gasps
& your entire body is like one tight coil
ready 2 spring at any moment...
the intermittent groans that escape from your throat
as i swallow your magnificent cock-flesh
on every long slow downward stroke
are absolutely the sexiest a****l sounds
i have ever heard in my whole life...
your hoarse voice whispers
" suck my cock !! i wanna cum in your throat !!
i wanna cum all the way down in your throat !!! "

i deep-suck your horny cock eagerly...
the smell of hay & your musky male scent
invade my senses & make me speed my movements
bobbing my head up & down as fast as i can...
i wanna keep taking your full length deeper & deeper
pulling your hot cock-flesh cumpletely in2 my horny throat
& give u as much pleasure as possible
4 as long as i possibly can...

without any warning
i feel your whole body tense
as u violently push my head down
on2 your thick shaft one last time
cramming your fat cock-head deep
in2 the opening of my throat
then with a tortured groan
u empty your hot seed in2 my feverishly sucking mouth
the girthy shaft of your tasty cock pulsing frantically
between my wide-stretched lips
as the broad underside throbs on my tongue
shooting string after string of delicious nectar
directly down in2 my tight & thirsty throat...
gripping your ass tighter
& pulling u deeper inside of me
i hungrily gulp & swallow
every sweet drop in2 my belly
& then slide my aching lips slowly upward
licking up the excess oozing strings of escaping seed
from your twitching shaft
cumpletely cleaning your softening & rubbery cock...

as i flop down on2 my back
& stretch out beside u
vainly trying 2 catch my breath
u don't waste any time
as your lips go back up 2 my nipple again
licking sucking & biting...
i don't have the energy 2 do anything else
besides moan & press my hips upward
grinding tight against your body
as i whisper breathlessly
" taste my cock ! suck the cum out of me !! "

u manage 2 strip me of my shorts
without me even really noticing your actions...
but i certainly notice when u move down
& press my trembling legs wide open with your arms...
then your mouth is at my aching cock
lapping your hot & wet tongue
in long slow strokes
up from the swollen base of my pulsating shaft
2 just below my copiously oozing cock-head...
it was a slow & sweet torture
& i try 2 press my crotch up closer 2 your face
but u hold my hips down firmly with your strong hands...
it is clear that u are in control of this situation
& i am loving the feeling of being submissive 2 u...

when i have had almost more than i can take
of your long slow licks
u finally touch my twitching cock-head
with the tip of your teasing tongue...
my entire body begins 2 tremble
& i begin 2 swivel my head from side 2 side
against the soft hay...
as your talented tongue slithers 2 my cum-hole
& licks away a sticky drop of glistening pre-cum
my entire body shudders
& i struggle 2 press my aching glans up
in2 your hot mouth...

desperate 4 sumthing 2 grasp
i grab on2 both side of your head
then f***efully pull your wide-open mouth
all the way down on2 my raging cock...
i teeter on the ragged edge of an explosive orgasm
4 what seems like eternity
& though my eyes are wide open
they cannot seem 2 focus...
my mouth is dry & gapes all the way open
& i can only utter gasps & breathless sounds...
then time stops & the world goes still 4 a moment
be4 everything cumpletely shatters
& i go tumbling over the edge of cumplete & total ecstasy...
suddenly i can hear my voice scream
" suck me dry !! oh god !! suck my cock dry !!! "

as i cum
my shaft pulses & throbs
& my hips jerk upwards uncontrollably
u keep my cock tightly inside your fantastic mouth
sucking down every single drop
of my oozing & spurting juices
& hold me between your sucking lips
until the intensely hot contractions fade
leaving my body achingly weary
but also so cumpletely satisfied...
but when u rise above me
& i see that your tasty cock is again as hard as steel
i realize that i am not cumpletely satisfied at all
& i groan
" i want more of u !! i wanna feel every inch of u !!
i wanna feel every inch of your cock inside me !!
i wanna feel u deep inside me !! i need u 2 fuck me !! "

u seem 2 be thinking along the same lines...
at this point
there was no need 4 any more teasing
no need 4 any more build-up
& no need 4 any more preparations of any kind...
u press my still-trembling thighs roughly up against my chest
& slip the oozing head of your erect cock
between the wide-spread cheeks of my ass...
as soon as your girthy glans finds the puckered entrance
2 my rear futilely resisting channel
i press my cock-craving ass-hole outward
& u enter me in one long swift stroke
filling my body with your thick & meaty cock
nearly expanding my tight ass beyond it's limits...
i scream as i feel your glorious cock-flesh
suddenly stretch my opening so wide
& fill my horny hole up 2 the hilt...
as u slam balls-deep in2 me
u stare down in2 my eyes
& then growl
" is that deep enough 4 u ? "

u stop 4 a moment
when your cock-head finally reaches the very bottom
of my wide-stretched fuck-hole
then u begin slowly moving inside my taut opening...
u look down in2 my eyes the entire time
drawing out the entire length of your thick shaft
until just the fat head remains inside me
then plunging it all the way back inside me
again & again & again & again & again...
i arch my back as far as i can
& press my open ass up 2ward u
attempting 2 take even more of your thick cock
as deeply as i possibly can
in2 my tightly gripping man-hole...
as my heels hook themselves behind your ass
& pull u even deeper inside my body
i beg
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !!
fuck my tight ass full of cum !!! "

soon we were both moving so fast
so frantically
that i have 2 wrap my legs
tightly around your plunging hips
just 2 hold on...
your arms are clasped tightly around my ribcage
pulling my whole body up hard against yours...
my hot breathy moans of pure pleasure
& your strained groans of a****l-like determination
fill the dark shadowed space of the stall...

i can see in your determined eyes
that u are about 2 release your seed deep in2 me
& my entire body moves & responds
2 your frantic need immediately...
i can feel my own orgasm building in time with yours
& when u close your eyes & throw back your head
i arch my aching ass upward 2ward u...
when your fat cock-head
slams up against my sensitive prostate
one last time
my cock just explodes
between our sweat-drenched bodies
& my undulating ass
squeezes & clutches your long & hard cock
milking your deeply-buried shaft rhythmically
& making u lose all control...
i can suddenly feel the delicious heat of your seed
splattering deep inside my body
drenching my tight inner walls over & over again
& i cry out in cumplete & total pleasure
" deep in me !! deep in me !! deep deep in me !!!
fuck me full !! fuck my ass full of your cum !!! "
as u spurt heat in2 the depths my ravaged rectum...
as i ride out the wildly intense waves of my own orgasm
spraying cum all over between our bellies
my spasming fuck-hole drains your twitching cock
until u have finally surrendered every sweet drop
of your deliciously thick sperm
cumpletely drenching my insides with heat...
i moan
" u made me cum on your cock !!
i love cumming on your fucking cock !! "

we remain joined 2gether 4 a long time after that
your fat rubbery cock still buried
deep inside my tightly clutching ass-hole...
i listen 2 the soft sounds of your breathing
& the frantic thumping of your heart
until both of our tired bodies return 2 normal
relishing the feeling of your flesh in mine...

( do u wanna ??? )

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