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Adventures of Donna--Part 1 (Little girl suck)

Adventures of Donna--Part 1 (Little girl suck)

Deep-throating huge, horse-sized cocks was Donna's goal in life. Everyday this small, woman/girl, who looked 12 years old, was on the lookout for the largest, thickest penis available. Ever since she could remember she had been obsessed with large dicks. You would never have expected it. She looked like she belonged in grammar school--small, pert tits, but her other features were perfect. Donna had beautiful smooth, brown skin, flowing brown hair, and an ample black woman's ass.

Her butt was truly the best. Donna's face also looked like a young girl's, but it could have graced the pages of fashion magazines. However, her mouth was the most deceiving feature on this beautiful, 33-year old woman. It was rather small, and her lips were not overly large, but they could open wide enough to accommodate cocks that most women thought grew on farm a****ls.

According to Donna's journal, Gary was her largest conquest to date--measuring in at 14 inches long and 7 inches fat. She devoured his monster cock and its buckets of cum in a sex-filled evening with her girlfriend Shayla. This month Donna was determined to find the cock that would beat Gary's. She had come close a few times...her journal for the month read:

Mitch: 11 inches long, 8 inches fat; amazingly thick, loved the way he filled my hand.

Dan: 13 inches long, 4 inches fat; lean dick. let him fuck my ass all the way--
felt great and slid in nice and easy.

Hanson: 10 inches long, 6 inches fat; small for me, but he came like a firehose; I swallowed every drop.

But now it was the last day of the month and she still hadn't found her cock stud. She thought she would miss her monthly objective, which was depressing because she really needed the throat exercise. How was she going to stay in good shape sucking down 10 and 11 inchers. She needed the "cock of cocks".

She still hadn't resolved how she was going to get the "big one" when she got home from work that evening. She had a few possibilities, but didn't think they would measure up. As she walked in she noticed a note on the table. It simply said: "Thought I'd return the favor. Enjoy. G." Only two people had the key to her apartment--her mother and...Gary! She moved into the apartment and was stunned by the sight she found in the bedroom.

Spread eagle on the bed was a light-skinned black man. She couldn't make out his face in the dark, but it wasn't Gary. What she could see very well was the enormous cock standing erect between the guy's legs. He was slowly stroking his rod with both hands, and quietly moaning.

"Oh, my god, " Donna said as she dropped to her knees and starred at the huge pole. His balls looked like baseballs. "My big is it?," she said in her sweet girlish voice. But there was no reply from the man. He simply reached out with one hand and gently pulled her baby face to his cock. Donna went bug-eyed as her face got closer to the prick--the size was truly frightening.

Donna's face was an inch away, she was breathing heavy. The monster cock dwarfed her head. Slowly she raised a hand and lightly ran her fingers down the hard steel. The man let out a slight moan, but kept stroking his dick. He applied a bit more pressure to the back of Donna's head, trying to pull her face closer to his pole. Donna wrapped her hand around his cock, above where he was stroking, and couldn't touch her fingers together. In fact, they were about 4 inches apart.

"Oh shit," she murmured. From her experience, she knew she could wrap her small hand around a 6 inch fat penis and touch her fingers. That meant this man's prick was about 10 inches fat!

She started to slide her hand up his shaft, and brought her other hand around to try to complete the circle. She couldn't--the dick was too fat. "Oh, yes, yes," she said while squeezing the pole between her hands, and sliding them up and down. She glanced up to look at the head on this cock, and raised herself onto her elbows. The knob seemed like to long way before she was down into the slit on top his dick head.

The monmouth dick would move closer to her lips and fall back in time with the jerking motion of her hands, and the man's. The head on this cock was massive. For the first time since Gary she wondered if she was going to able to make a dick fit into her face. But this was the challenge she had wanted...the cock of cocks.

She started to reach for the tape measure, which she kept by the bed for such occasions, but decided to take the measurements afterward--as if knowing the size now would scare her off.

"OK Mr. Mystery Cock," Donna said, "I'm going to give you the blow job you never thought you'd get. You might scare off other women with this slab of meat, but not me. Your cock is going down my throat and your cum is going on my face. You ready?" The man moaned, his cock seeming to grow another inch, and pulled Donna's face closer to his prick. "Here goes you fucker." Donna's tongue lapped out, as she spit gobs of saliva over his cock head. She licked around the knob, taking little nibbles and slowly rolled parts of the head into her mouth. If she was able to get his cock head into her mouth, she could f***e the rest of his pole in also.

She was quickly getting her mouth stretched to handle his knob. She had been able to take Gary's large penis and she could take this guy's--it would just require patience. She squeezed the pole between her two hands, jerking up and down--she was guessing he was 15 or 16 inches long, but her throat would know the answer. Donna had to concentrate on getting his flared and oversized dick head into her face--the thing was the size of a small g****fruit. The image made Donna smile and miraculously she wedged the cock into her mouth.

She had to steady her breathing,, make sure her teeth didn't cut his prick, work her tongue over his head, and jerk the shaft in her hands--she was truly the best.

With her face impaled on his dick, she moved her hands away and unbuttoned her blouse. The nipples on her small mounds were rock hard and she rolled them across the palms of her hands...feeling the electricity shoot through her body. Sure Donna knew her tits were small, but she also knew that the complete package--her ass, smooth, slightly muscled stomach, beautiful face, flowing hair, and pert tits--was awesome. Men loved her c***d-like body; it added to their fantasies of making it with a young, innocent, little girl. Of course, no 12 year old would have dared tried to swallow the abnormally massive cock slowly working its way down Donna's throat.

Her jaw was straining to remain wide enough to handle the guy's tool. Her estimate of his cock being 10 inches fat was probably right on, she thought; it was like trying to swallow a huge pipe. Her mouth could "squeeze down" about an inch or two of his flesh meat, but when you were dealing with such monmouth proportions it didn't make much difference.

Donna began forcing her head down, managing to fit about 4 inches into her face before it seemed like it wouldn't go any further; his dick head wouldn't fit passed the entrance to her throat. She stopped playing with her tits and reached up and grabbed the man's hands, placing them on top of her head. Donna was betting he would understand her dilemma and know what to do. Clearly he did.

End of part 1

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