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Please daddy end

"Daddy" said Sam as we lay naked beside each other; we'd gone to bed early at her behest, I supposed so that she could get in as much love making as possible before her mother came to see us. "Yes baby" I responded gently, as I ran my fingertips up and down her soft smooth abdomen. "You know what you did to me yesterday, tying me to the bed, and blindfolding me. Well, you said it would be OK if I did it to you sometime, didn't you?" I grinned, knowing what was coming. "Yes my love, I did say that, why?" Sam rolled over and lay across my chest, looking me in the eye and said "Can I do it tonight please darling? It felt so wonderful when you made me cum, especially after everything else you did. I just want to see if I can make it as good for you by doing the same sort of thing." Knowing how much I used to enjoy just this sort of thing with my ex wife I couldn't see anything wrong in agreeing to what Sam wanted. Besides, as she said, I'd given her the thrill of it the previous day, why shouldn't I have the same today? "OK baby" I said softly "So long as the same rules apply for me as for you." Sam kissed me, smiling broadly as she said "Of course daddy, and why don't we use the same safe word as I had?" I chuckled, "Well, I don't know Sam darling, it might have been something that would make me stop, will it have the same effect on what you're doing?" After kissing me passionately Sam said in a soft voice "Daddy, I promise it will have a very great deal of meaning for me, and will definitely affect my actions all the time we're making love tonight."

Ten minutes later I was tied to the bed, my arms straight above my head, and my feet at the bottom corners. Sam drew the sheet over my naked body as she lay beside me, kissing my tenderly. "Right daddy, time for the blindfold I guess. Then the fun starts. Like you said to me darling, I'm going to do nothing to hurt you, but you can stop me doing anything by using our safe word, OK?" I looked into her eyes, smiled and nodded "Yes darling, I trust you, just like you trusted me." With that Sam covered my eyes with the soft silk scarf, passing it round the back of my head and tying it at the front ensuring my complete lack of vision for the next few minutes, or perhaps longer. I'd already anticipated what Sam would do first, and that was to leave the room and go to the bathroom for some reason, just as I had the previous day. Despite my foreknowledge it still seemed a long time before Sam returned, and I put it down to a long time since this had happened, rather than to her stretching it out too long. After all, she wanted to make love to me as much as I wanted her to do it to me. I sighed as I heard the door open and sensed Sam's presence next to me when she touched the edge of the bed. The next thing I felt was the sheet being yanked off me, baring my naked body to her view, and actually making her issue a soft gasp as if it was something unusual.

Very gently a body sat on the bed beside me, and a soft warm hand began to trace circles across my chest, flicking my nipples, and scratching at my coarse hairs. That this also started to fill my cock with bl**d made her giggle softly, and I felt her fingertips move quickly down my abdomen until they were combing through my coarse pubic hair and gently stroking at the suddenly hard throbbing shaft of my now erect cock. After spending a few minutes caressing my genitals her hand came up my body once more, and I felt her soft warm lips attach themselves to my nipples, turn and turn about, until the were as swollen and engorged as hers would have been under the same treatment. On and on it went, kissing, stroking, pinching and flicking at my nipples, then moving back down to my cock which she quickly took in her mouth and began to suck on like a Hoover. Not wanting to cum in her mouth, knowing it would take me ages to get back to some sort of potency, and thus spoiling the rest of the evening for her, I decided to try to get her to stop. The only way that would happen was if I used the safe word, so I decided to do it, not knowing if she would actually obey it. "No Sam, 'Mommies Watching'" I gasped, and sure enough I was free from her sucking maw in a moment or two. The next thing I felt was a tight, warm and very wet vaginal sheath engulfing my recently abandoned cock, and a loud gasp of pleasure being uttered as I was taken to my full length inside her.

That's when I began to panic, as I felt someone climbing on the bed beside my chest, then felt and smelled a hot wet pussy being lowered on to my protesting mouth as Sam gasped "No daddy, Mom isn't watching, she's joining me on your cock while I get eaten out by your expert tongue." Seconds later I was unable to make any protest as I was gagged by a swollen and sopping wet teenage pussy that just demanded to be eaten, and I decided that, whatever else was happening I was going to concentrate on doing just that. It didn't take long for Sam to reach her climax. I guess the fact of having her mother sitting behind her impaled on my hard throbbing cock, had something to do with it, but I also knew that she was extremely horny from all the touchy feely we'd indulged in during the day. I wasn't therefore surprised when Sam suddenly exploded in orgasm, her cries of ecstasy loud enough to wake the dead let alone the neighbours. Her orgasm was the trigger for mine, and as I was receiving a flood of her orgasmic juices in my mouth, and over my chin, I gave a loud cry, effectively muffled by her pussy lips, and began to shoot a massive stream of hot sticky semen deep into my ex wife's receptive body. This of course caused a cascade of orgasms, and as the first of my wads of cum spattered against her cervix Trish screamed out as her own climax overtook her senses, making her collapse against Sam's back, almost knocking her over, and off my face.

After a few moments Sam scrambled from off me. And from under her mother, allowing Trish to lay full length on my body, and letting my slowly softening cock to slip from the tight sheath of her pussy as she slid off me and lay by my side. I then felt the soft touch of Trish's lips as they attached themselves to mine in a soft warm passionate kiss, closely followed by a short session of having my chin and cheeks licked clean of Sam's orgasmic effusion. "Mmmm, I didn't realise Sam would taste quite so wonderful Jack darling" she said softly, then I gasped as I felt Sam's tongue begin to work it's way up and down my flaccid cock, as she cleaned up her mothers and my combined cum. "And I never knew just how tasty daddies cum would taste if it was mixed with yours, either Mom" Sam replied from behind her mother, who was now laying across my chest as she looked down into my eyes. Trish smiled at me as I looked up into the depths of her beautiful blue eyes, almost losing myself as I remembered what it used to be like when I did this every morning. "I don't suppose this would be a good time to ask you to forgive me for being so stupid all those years ago Jack darling?" she said softly, "You see darling, I was so ashamed of what I'd done to you, and of what was happening to me at work, I just couldn't tell you about it. I didn't want you two to be dragged into the humiliation I was going to be experiencing when I was put in prison for stealing the companies money. I guess I was just too stupid to realise nothing was going to happen to me until it was too late, and we were actually divorced."

I smiled lovingly up at her, "That's very easy for me to do Trish darling" I said softly "The one thing that does bother me is how, what Sam and I have been doing, is going to affect your wish to come back home?" By now Sam was laying beside me, her head resting on my arm, which she'd untied as I was talking to Trish, and she began to giggle as she turned on her side to snuggled up close to me. "Oh dearest, darling Jack" gasped Trish as she also giggled into me chest "Where do you think Sam got all her ideas from?" I shook my head slowly as I said "I just thought she'd been listening to her friends at school, and wanted to try things out. Apart from the tummy rubbing, and rubbing her sore boobies when she was younger." Trish placed another soft sweet kiss on my lips, "Well, of course she did darling, but she always talked to me about what she heard at school, and I told her what really happened, or how something really felt, then I got her to ask you to show her. After all darling, we both knew that you'd never do anything to hurt her, no matter how much she got you to do for her." "And you never did daddy" put in Sam as she pressed her naked breasts against the side of my chest. "In the end" said Trish, "It became a bit of a game to see just how far Sam could get you to go before you felt enough was enough." Trish looked up at Sam and smiled, "Then of course, the silly thing went a little bit too far, and almost lost you. You wouldn't believe how hard I had to work to get her back in your loving arms. What happened yesterday morning was the result as you know. And me being here now is a result of what the two of you did."

I smiled at this, "Yes, well, I suppose I should have seen something like this coming, even if only from the way Sam was so eager to agree to the conditions I laid down. I can't even say she did anything wrong, because she only did as I said, assuming you take my words at their loosest possible meaning." Sam giggled into my chest "To be honest daddy, I had to think long and hard to come up with this plan. And it seems I got it right first time, didn't I?" "Yes you did my love" I said softly, "The only thing that is going to bother me is what happens with you and me if your mother comes back. I'm not really happy with your early suggestion, it wouldn't be fair to you, now would it?" Sam looked up at me, tears filling her eyes, as she said "I told you daddy, I don't care about that, so long as Mom and you get back together. I can always go and find a guy from school, there's plenty of them been trying to get into my pants for ages. I'm sure I can find one that I can teach to be as good a lover as you are." "That's just it darling" I said softly "The reason you got me making love to you in the first place was so you didn't have to take that sort of risk. Even being on the pill won't be any sort of protection, especially if one of them gets a little over eager one night."

"What on earth are you two talking about?" put in Trish as I paused for a moment. Sam looked at her and said "Well Mom, daddy said that we'd have to stop making love if you came back, and I told him that it didn't matter, because I'd rather have you back than keep on sl**ping with him." Trish looked at me, then at Sam and said "I don't suppose anyone thought to ask me what I thought, did they?" and before either Sam or I could answer she continued "Jack darling, I'm afraid that if you made that decision, I'm going to have to tell you I won't be coming back. It wouldn't be fair on Sam, or on you, if my presence was to bring your lovemaking to an end, especially as I'm the one that got the two of you started in the first place." Trish looked at me, she kissed me, then said softly "I'm serious Jack darling, if you have me back, it's on the understanding that Sam sl**ps in the same bed and makes love to you at least as much as I do." She grinned, then added "At least, she'll probably make love to you more than me because she's so much younger and fitter than I am, and also probably gets horny far more than I ever will, being a teenager and all."

I looked at Sam as she lay beside me. "Well Sam darling, I guess it's up to you. Is that what you'd like to happen my love?"

Sam looked at me, her eyes misty with tears as she said "Please daddy."


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