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Please daddy 3

By the time Sam opened her eyes again I'd been and cleaned up, and fetched us both a glass of water, sitting up against the head of the bed sipping mine as she looked up at me. As she lay there I smiled, then offered her my glass, which she took after sitting up cross legged in front of me. "God, I needed that daddy" she said with a smile as she passed the empty glass back to me. I turned to place it on my night stand, and when I turned back it was to find Sam was starting to straddle my thighs, ending up pressing her naked body against mine, and her hot lips coming into a long deep passionate kiss that seemed to last for hours. When she finally pulled back fro the kiss Sam looked me in the eyes and whispered "Daddy, I love you so much. I thought last night that I'd never get your love back, that you'd never forgive me for what I did." She smiled shyly, and I saw a flush covering her from her cheeks down to the tips of her firm rounded breasts. "Daddy darling, I know it might not be the right thing for me to ask" she said softly, "But could I pretend that I'm making love to you for the first time, the way I actually did it, I mean?" "Samantha my love, you can do almost anything you like, so long as you stick to the rules on consent. To be honest" I added with a smile "I'd really love to watch you bring yourself to an orgasm while sitting on my manhood" and without another word I slid down the bed, carrying her with me still straddling my hips, and holding on to my neck for grim death.

Almost before I'd stopped moving Sam was sitting up and reaching beneath her for the shaft of my hard throbbing erection. As soon as she found it she gave a big grin and held it still while she sought for the right place to put it. The instant my cockhead entered her body Sam closed her eyes and almost melted as she groaned in ecstasy on feeling me fill her up. Once she was sitting on my hips Sam began to flex her vaginal muscles, and move her butt about in tiny circles as she explored every minute part of my cock as it sat nestled in her tight passage. Slowly but surely she began to move a little more in each direction, doubling up where she felt a little more stimulation until she was moving to and fro, rubbing her hard swollen clit against my pubic bone, as if scratching an itch on my coarse pubic hair. Suddenly this wasn't enough, and she started to use her thighs as springs as she began to bounce up and down, clenching her cuntal muscles each time she rose, then releasing them so she could drop down fast, impaling herself on my cock. Each time Sam rammed herself on me she cried out "YES.." and I suddenly noticed that her firm young breasts were starting to move in sympathy with the rest of her body. They didn't actually bounce, they were too firm for that to happen. They just seemed to 'move', almost like a well filled waterbed, or water filled balloon.

In the end all this was too much for Sam, and she suddenly held quite still, her pussy lips clenched tight round the base of my cock and gave a long loud cry of pleasure as she came to a crashing climax. Eventually she stopped, then she reached out to place her hands on my chest and very slowly fell forward until she was laying on me, her firm breasts pressing their hard nipples into my flesh as she lay gasping for breath, totally spent. After a few minutes I felt Sam stirring, and she lifted her head, looked me in the eyes and said in a soft voice "I love you daddy, please don't punish me like that again. I'd rather you spank me if I do something stupid." I pulled her up my chest, enjoying the feel of her nipples rubbing against me, kissed her lovingly and replied "That's a deal baby. I have to admit it hurt me just as much as it hurt you, although I think you might do something wrong just to get spanked as you seemed to enjoy what I did in the end." Sam giggled at my pun, then she nodded "Well, it felt strange to start with, but when I came it was the most awesome feeling I ever experienced."

We lay there for a while, then Sam rolled off me and cuddled up to my side, pulling the covers over us as we snuggled down in the warm nest of my bed. It felt wonderful having Sam laying against my side, her hard nipple topped breast pressing against my chest, and her warm sticky pussy lips held tight to my thigh by her leg which was passed over mine. Very slowly we drifted off to sl**p in each others arms and didn't wake up until well after seven o'clock. At least I didn't wake up 'til then. Sam had obviously been awake for some time because I opened my eyes to consciousness and the wonderful feeling of something wet and warm surrounding the head of my cock. When I looked down it was to see Sam laying on my thighs, holding the shaft of my penis in her hand as she licked and sucked at my glans. Things were made better because as she licked me her hand was flexing in time with the pulsating of my cock, while the other one gently rolled my balls as they lay in their scrotal sac. This was so good, I almost didn't have the will to tell Sam I was close to orgasm. in the end I did though, albeit just by saying softly "Sam darling, I'm going to cum, in cumming baby, I'm cumming NOOOWWW.." and before she could, or would, move I shot a massive stream of hot creamy semen at the back of her throat, taking her by surprise. Surprised she may have been, but it didn't stop her from swallowing every drop of my cum as it gushed into her mouth, at times making her cheeks bulge, before she gulped each load down her gullet.

Oh boy, that had to be the best alarm call I'd ever had, and all I could do after it was lay on my back gasping for air while Sam lapped at my cock cleaning the final drips of semen that were still leaking from the tip of my cock. As I lay there Sam crawled up the bed until her head was level with mine then she kissed me on the cheek and said "Thanks for that wonderful birthday present daddy, it was the best thing I ever had in my life." She giggled as she looked at me then I saw her face turn serious as she continued, "Daddy, as it's my birthday, could I have a special birthday treat. It won't cost anything, and we don't even have to go out anywhere." I smiled at her, "Well, I don't see why not baby, just so long as it's nothing too outrageous." She grinned then said "Well, I know you were planning to make love to me today as a special birthday treat, and I know I spoiled things last week. I was just wondering if you would do for me what I did to you. You know, tie me to the bed and make love to me." I thought for a minute, then nodded my head, "I don't see why not darling, it won't be as if I'm doing it against your will, will it?" Sam blushed brightly as I said this, and shook her head. I smiled lovingly at her and pulled her close so I could kiss her tenderly on the lips. "Don't be ashamed of what you did darling" I said softly, "You made a mistake, got punished for it, and now it's all forgotten, OK?" she nodded her head, smiled wanly and pressed her soft warm lips to mine once more. "Yes daddy, thank you for being so understanding, I'll never be so stupid ever again."

We lay there for a few more minutes, then I gave her a loving pat on the bottom, "Come on baby, I'm hungry. Lets shower then go and get some breakfast." Moments later we were rubbing against each other as we washed ourselves down in the shower, Sam offering to do my back, and seemingly doing it by using her breasts as a wash cloth. When she was done she offered her back to me, and I obliged, making her giggle when my hands strayed round her front to cup her wonderful breasts and play with her firm rigid nipples. " Now, stop that daddy" she said as she squirmed from the circle of my arms, "We have to get dressed and cook breakfast, or I'm going to starve. I don't think your semen has enough food value to keep me alive for very long, no matter how good it may taste." I surrendered, and we were soon walking down the stairs, hand in hand, both of us feeling so much better now our relationship was back to where it used to be. Breakfast was soon over, and when the kitchen was cleared up we went into the living room and sat down with our cups of tea.

When we were finally snuggled up close, with Sam holding my hand firmly in contact with her breast I slipped my free hand down behind the cushion I was leaning against and pulled out a small flat envelope which I handed to her saying "Sam darling, I didn't know what on earth to buy you for your birthday. I wanted it to be something different, but also something that would last a long time. I'm afraid this is all I could come up with." "WOW, what is it daddy, a tiny pocket calculator? I know they make them the size of a credit card these days." I chuckled, "Well darling, I have to say you're not too far away, it is the size of a credit card. Why don't you open it and see?" A couple of quick tears and she'd opened the envelope, leaving the contents in her hand, and her mouth wide open in surprise. "DADDY!! IT'S A CREDIT CARD!!" she screamed, twisted round so fast I thought she'd break her spine, and straddled my thighs as she latched her lips to mine in a hard passionate kiss. When she could speak again she sat back on my thighs, looked me in the eyes and said seriously "Daddy, I promise I won't go mad with this. I'll be really, really careful what I spend the money on, I promise."

I smiled at her, "Yes darling, I'm sure you will, but to make sure you do, I've given you a DEBIT card, that can only be used while you have funds in the account it's drawn on, do you understand the difference?" Sam frowned, shook her head and said "No daddy, I didn't know there was a difference." I nodded, "Yes baby, with a credit card, you borrow the money you spend, then pay it back at the end of the month. With a debit card, you can only spend the money you have to start with, sort of like a chequebook account, but without the chequebook. Understand?" Sam nodded, then grinned as she asked "How much is there in the account now daddy, I've had my allowance this month, and there's still over a week to go before it's due again?" "Well, as it's your birthday, I put five hundred in to help you through to the end of the month. From then I'll be paying your allowance directly into that account instead of giving it to you in cash. It's then up to you to make sure you don't spend more than you have. If you do, whatever you overspend will be deducted from your next months allowance. You will then get a reduced amount until you have learned to manage it properly, OK?" "Yes daddy" she said in a hushed voice, still not quite sure what was happening. She then looked up at me, grinned and said "It seems a bit harsh, but I guess it's my own fault if it happens, seeing as I know what you'll do if I don't act responsibly."

I guess it was only natural that half an hour later I was being dragged round the mall while Sam looked for something special she could buy using her card. The look on her face when she actually handed the card over, then signed the slip, was something out of this world. I'd never seen her so happy, and when she met up with some of her school friends she handed me her packages and dashed off saying "Don't go away daddy, I won't be long." I continued walking, slowly aiming for a caf? where I could get myself a cup of coffee. That's where I found Sam and her friends, sitting in a booth chatting nineteen to the dozen over sodas and doughnuts. I smiled as I realised Sam had probably paid for them with her card as she showed off her new present, just as if it was a new dress or something. I got my drink and sat a couple of tables away from Sam and her friends, not wanting to embarrass her, a thing all fathers do to their teenage daughters if they're not careful. After a few minutes I saw Sam get up, say a few final words to her friends, then come and sit with me saying "Shouldn't we get home daddy, there's so much to do before the party. Can Jenny and Sue come and help please?"

It was bad enough driving to the mall with a very excited daughter sitting beside me. Driving home was even more hazardous, as I had three teenage girls in the car, all talking at once, and all wanting to look at each other while they did so. In the end I managed to get us home safely, and while I parked the car in the garage the girls went into the kitchen and began to put together the food needed for the party. By four o'clock it was all done, and I drove Jenny and Sue home so they could change before returning to join in the celebrations. By the time I'd got home Sam was just getting out of the shower, and I caught her walking naked between the bathroom and her bedroom. I guess it was a sign of our relationship that all she did was look up at me, smile and say with a soft giggle "Don't get any ideas right now daddy, we don't have time, and I'm all clean ready for the party." I grinned at her, put the tip of one finger beneath her chin and lifted it so I could touch my lips to hers in a soft loving kiss, "Samantha my love, I've always got ideas, right now most of them are about how I can make you pass out when you have an orgasm, or how much cum I'd be able to shoot into you when I'm making love to you" I chuckled then continued "The only thing you have to worry about my love, is when you're going to be available for me to try them out." Sam looked up at me, her eyes filled with lust as she said huskily "Daddy, ten minutes after the last guest has gone, I want to be tied up, naked, on your bed, with you making love to me any way you please. How's that for an idea?" I kissed her warmly "Sounds good to me darling" I replied as I hugged her naked body to me once more.

When I'd released her Sam smiled at me, took my hand and said softly "Daddy, would you do something for me that might sound a bit silly?" I lifted her hand, kissed it tenderly and said "Of course I will darling, what is it?" She pulled on my hand and almost dragged me into her bedroom where she had me sit down on the edge of her bed. She then picked up her new sexy silk panties she'd bought that morning at the mall, handed them to me and said "Will you dress me please daddy, I know it sounds silly, but it's something I've dreamed about for ages." She giggled then said softly "Does that make me perverted daddy, most girls probably dream about someone they love undressing them." I chuckled as I shook my head, "No darling, you're not perverted. There's not much that most people do sexually that is really perverted. Some things might be strange, but most perversions happen between small groups, and can be dangerous and cause people to get hurt. Ordinary, consensual sex doesn't usually hurt anyone, because it's happening between people that care about each other." By now I was pulling her panties up, and smiling as I slipped my hand between her thighs to make sure they weren't creased and likely to rub against her pussy lips.

Sam smiled, and gave a little wiggle, pressing herself against my hand, then leaned over to get her bra which she handed to me, before holding her arms out in front of her. Again it was her new sexy bra that matched her panties and when I'd fastened it behind her I slipped my fingers inside it and smoothed it against her breasts, making quite sure I stroked the backs of my fingers across her suddenly hard pulsating nipples. "Careful daddy, do too much of that and I'm going to be showing them off all evening and someone might notice. Knowing some of my friends they're going to get the right idea, and we don't want that to happen do we?" I kissed her softly "No darling, we don't" I replied "OK baby, I'll keep my hands to myself from now on" and immediately cupped them over her firm rounded buttocks as I pulled her close to me and kissed her lovingly on her soft warm lips. "Ohhh.. don't do that please daddy, or I'll be stripping these clothes off and having you fuck me silly right now, and we really don't have time darling, do we?" I grinned, shook my head and held out her party dress for her to step into. She turned round to allow me to button her up at the back, then gave me a quick twirl saying "Well daddy, how do I look?" "Wonderful darling," I replied, the words catching in my throat, "Simply wonderful."

Sam grinned as she came and sat beside me, then handed me a small flat package saying "Not finished yet daddy, you still have to put these on for me" and she shuffled forward until she was sitting right on the edge of the bed, lifted her dress up as far as it would go and stretched her legs out in front of her. By now I'd opened the package and found it contained a pair of sheer silk stockings that had elasticated tops to hold them up without the need for garters or garter belt and suspenders. As careful as I could I worked my hands inside the stocking, then gently eased them on to her feet, up her calf and finally settled it on her thigh about halfway up from her knee. As I did the same with the other one I suddenly thought how it would look if she spun round too fast and the hem of her dress flew up to reveal the expanse of naked flesh between the top of the stockings and her panties. I grinned as I recalled how that was the goal of every teenage boy of my era, closely followed by getting a feel of the self same piece of leg. My reverie was soon shattered by Sam saying firmly "Oh, come on daddy, this is no time for daydreaming, I have to get down to receive my guests, someone's bound to arrive early."

The rest of the evening went quicker than I'd expected. I spent most of my time keeping out of the way, only making an appearance every so often to go to the fridge and snagging myself another beer. Only once did I have to come the heavy father figure, and that was when one of the boys wouldn't take 'NO' for an answer from a girl, and I had to ask him to behave or depart. Despite me speaking softly, he saw something in my eye that said I wasn't going to take any lip and said softly "Behave I guess." I grinned, patted him on the head like a little boy and said "Good answer" then went back into my den and left then to it once more. In the end the party petered out as the guests all had curfews to meet, or rides to catch, leaving only the two girls that helped Sam get things ready, also helping to clear up most of the mess left behind. Eventually I said "OK girls, I think that's enough for tonight. Thanks for all your help, I think Sam can manage to do the rest in the morning" this brought a howl of protest from Sam, and a laugh from her friends. I was about to offer them a lift home when a car pulled up and Jenny said it was her dad come to pick her up. Sam and I went to the door with the girls and gave them a final word of thanks, then waved them off before closing the door for the last time that night.

While I went and checked all the door and windows on the ground floor Sam disappeared upstairs. I found her laying on my bed, stark naked and with her legs and arms spread out to the corners of the bed as she waited for me to tie her to the bedposts. I sat beside her, leaned over, kissed her tenderly and said in a whisper "Do you really want me to do this Samantha my love?" She looked up into my eyes, her own filled with lust as she nodded once and said huskily "Oh, please daddy." Without another word I reached over to my nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out a set of bindings with which I tied her ankles and wrists to the corners of the bed. As soon as she felt she was unable to do more than move her hand and feet an inch or so Sam's breathing changed, getting a little more ragged, as she began to get into the mood of the moment. I leaned over and kissed her once more saying softly "Remember darling, I'm not going to do anything that might hurt you. If you want me to stop what I'm doing, for any reason whatsoever, all you have to do is say 'Mommies watching' and I'll stop what I'm doing, OK darling?" Despite her high state of arousal Sam looked at me and tried hard to suppress a giggle before saying softly "I guess that would be a worry, wouldn't it daddy?" I shook my head, "Not really darling, after what happened I don't think she'd be interested in anything I did. Even if it was making love to you like this." As I leaned over to kiss her, I saw a smile appear fleetingly on her lips, only to disappear just as quickly.

As I was kissing Sam I was also reaching for a soft silk scarf that I'd hidden under the pillows. Before she could complain about it, I'd wrapped it round her head, covering her eyes completely as I tied it in the front so that I could remove it when necessary. I'd always taught Sam that a lot of the joy of sex is in the anticipation, now I was going to prove it to her. When I was sure that she couldn't see anything I worked my lips down her naked body, from her firm upstanding breasts, over her navel, and finishing with a swipe of my tongue across her hot swollen mons. I then crept as quietly as I could out of the bedroom and went to have a quick shower, leaving Sam to her thoughts and memories of what I'd just done. By the time I returned I could see she was getting very frustrated. Her mouth was open as she fought for breath, her breasts and chest was flushed and as hot as I'd ever seen it, and her pussy was hot, very swollen and glistening with her lubricating emissions. She was also rolling and humping her hips as she imagined what was going to happen when I finally mounted her.

As I closed the bedroom door Sam jerked her head my way and gasped "Daddy?" "Yes baby" I replied softly. "Oh, god, daddy, please don't leave me like that again, I thought I'd lost you." I knelt on the bed beside her, leaned over and touched my lips to hers in a soft tender kiss. "No darling, I told you I'd never let you go, didn't I?" "Yes daddy" she replied quietly "But you were gone so long I thought you were never coming back." I touched my lips to hers then whispered "That's the blindfold baby, it makes everything seem longer, bigger, hotter, and sometimes even harder, now, just relax and enjoy what's happening." As my lips touched hers once more she pressed out the tip of her tongue, meeting mine as it sought a way into her soft warm mouth, and we spent far too long trying to suck each others deep into our own maw, succeeding only in making each other breathless. While this was happening I was tracing a trail with my fingertips, from the base of her soft smooth throat, down her sternum then in a figure of eight around and between the base of her hot swollen breasts.

It was when I began to trace a spiral up and around each of her breasts that Sam stopped fighting my tongue, she was too busy gasping for breath as waves of pleasure rippled up and down her breasts, making her nipples begin to throb even before I'd touched them. It was when I finally did that she vocalised for the first time; her cries of pleasure echoed out round the room, and I had to muffle them by attaching my lips to hers once again. After a moment Sam quietened down, and I freed her lips as I murmured softly "Shhhhh darling, or we'll have the neighbours calling 911." "Sorry daddy" she whispered "I'll try to be a little quieter, promise" then she went back to moaning with pleasure as I returned to caressing her breasts and nipples. Quick as I could I lay on my side beside Sam, holding my head up on my arm, enabling me to look down on her soft tender body. I leaned over and attached my lips to her right breast, taking her left nipple between finger and thumb and beginning to roll it to and fro while I sucked and nibble the one between my lips. This brought a series of soft 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhhs' from her, most of which suddenly changed to gasps of surprise as I moved my free hand down her body directly to her swollen, soft fur spattered, Mound of Venus.

The instant she felt my fingers stroking down her hot wet swollen slit Sam gave a loud cry of ecstasy. When she felt me begin to flick at her clitty with the side of my thumb she did the same, only softer as she realised how loud she was before. Slowly I pressed the tip of my middle finger between her pussy lips, directly over the entrance to her tight vaginal passage. Just as slowly I pressed that same finger as deep as it would go, sighing as I felt the tightness of her love tunnel as she clamped her new found muscles as tight as she could in an effort to keep me where I was for as long as she could. While I was doing this I shuffled round so I was able to lift my knees over Sam's arms and settle down kneeling astride her head so I could get into the classic 69 position. I was already naked and, as I lowered my head between her thighs to replace my finger with my tongue I lowered my hips so the tip of my cock touched Sam's lips, and the drops of precum that had started to ooze from the end got wiped across her closed mouth.

As soon as she felt what was touching her lips, Sam opened her mouth and allowed my cockhead to slip inside. Once there she was split between sucking on it and gasping with pleasure as she felt my tongue begin to lash at her hard swollen clitoral bud that was poking out from it's protective hood as her state of arousal got higher and higher. Sam's scream when she came almost made me cum too as it vibrated against my cock that was buried deep in her mouth, almost gagging her, and certainly muffling the noise she was making. On and on she vocalised, yelling and crying as I lashed my tongue at her pussy and her clit, and pressing my lubed up finger through her tight puckered rose hole half way through her orgasm sending her to new heights before she could come down from where she risen to. I expected Sam to collapse in a heap after that, and reached back under my body to push her blindfold off her eyes so she could see when she woke up. I was wrong, and when she could see again she began to suck on my cock again, lifting her head up and down as she tried to drive me in and out of her tight clenched lips. Suddenly, almost without warning I felt my cock spasm, and the first blast of semen surge through it and out the end, aiming for the back of Sam's throat. As Sam relaxed her suction to swallow I lifted my hips, pulling my cockhead from her mouth, and bringing a cry of disappointment from her lips.

The next thing I heard was a gasp of surprise as Sam watched what was happening before her eyes. My cock was waving about, inches above her face, each spasm spraying semen in ever decreasing trails between her eyes and the swell of her breasts with every jerk, until it finally came to rest above her lips where the final few drops oozed from the tip and dripped slowly into her open mouth. When at last there was no more to cum Sam lifted her head slightly and sucked my now limp cock into her mouth and licked it clean and dry before allowing herself to collapse into a limp heap and lay quite still as she breathed hard and deep. I rolled over and shuffled round so I was laying beside her, finding that she was able to wrap her arms round my back and snuggle herself up against me, wiping all my cum off her face and into the hairs on my chest. After a few minutes when we'd both regained our breath I said softly "I don't know about you darling, but I need a shower. How about joining me?" "Please daddy" she murmured, and I sat up and moved down to untie her feet, kissing my way back up her legs from ankle to the top of her wide open thighs, and ending up with my tongue buried deep inside her hot wet tangy pussy. "Mmmm.. that's nice daddy, can we do it again later on please?" Sam murmured. I chuckled "Not until we've got cleaned up, and I've had a good nights sl**p baby, I'm pretty tired right now, and need to rest for a while."

Seeing as she didn't seem to want to move I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to the bathroom. It wasn't far, but she managed to snuggle her head down against my chest, and sigh with contentment as she hugged herself to me. We showered quickly, helped each other dry off and powder down, then walked arm in arm back to my bed where we got in and immediately rolled into each other arms. "I love you so much daddy, I never want to sl**p anywhere else but in your bed, and know I'm going to wake up snuggled up close to the one I love the most." I kissed her tenderly on top of her head, the only place I could reach without moving, then whispered "I love you too baby, and feel the same way about waking up with you in my arms." We soon drifted off and slept the sl**p of the just, if not the innocent. As I drifted off to sl**p, so I drifted into wakefulness, revelling in the pleasure of feeling a soft warm naked teenage girl snuggled up against me. When this hardened my already stiff penis it made me smile inwardly as I remembered that the same thing used to happen when Sam's mother was laying in the same place Sam was right now. I often regretted being so angry when I caught her 'inflagrante', and sometimes wondered how she was getting on on her own.

I was brought back to the here and now when I felt a soft warm hand wrap itself round my shaft and a gentle voice murmur "Hmmm.. that's what I like to feel in the morning. A nice hard piece of man flesh all ready for me to sit on." I opened my eyes and saw her looking up at me, a wide grin on her face, and loads of love in her eyes. "Don't be too long then baby" I said softly "I have to do other things with it very soon, so you only have a couple of minutes" Sam giggled as she scrambled to her knees and straddled my hips. In a flash I was buried deep inside her as she bounced up and down while I pressed the palms of my hands against her nipples, making them rub hard each time Sam moved in either direction. "Aggghhhh..." Sam cried out softly as she orgasm overtook her, and she sat down hard on my hips as she worked her hips to and fro, getting the most out of her climax as she rubbed her clitty against my pubic bone and the coarse hairs that surrounded the base of my slowly softening cock. "Oh, god, that's soooo good daddy" she sighed as she sat there, head hanging, and breast heaving, before she slowly collapsed forward on to my chest, wrapping her arms round me and wriggling herself round and round on my hirsute body. "Come on baby" I said as I rolled her off me, "I've got to go" and I scrambled out of bed and dashed to the bathroom where I stood over the toilet bowl and started to release the pressure on my bladder.

I'd hardly started when I saw Sam standing there beside me, her face flushed as she watched what was going on. When I was finished I gave my cock a final shake, smiling as she giggled at the action, then stood up saying "Well, curiosity satisfied darling?" Sam looked up at me, still blushing and nodded her head. She then took hold of my hand as she sat on the seat and relieved herself too. As she reached behind her for a piece of tissue I went to leave, but she held my hand, placed the wad in my hand and said softly "Please daddy." I knelt down in front of her, slipped my hand between her thighs and placed the wad of tissue on her soft moist pussy lips. As I began to move my hand forwards I leaned over and pressed my lips to hers in a soft tender kiss. Suddenly Sam gave a shudder, and moaned into my lips as she experienced a tiny orgasm. "Oh, jeez daddy, you have got to that for me again, and soon" Sam gasped as soon as our kiss was ended, and she stood up and melted into my arms, allowing me to guide her towards the shower. For a change we had a quick, business like shower, concentrating on getting freshened up rather than having wet sex. It wasn't long before we were sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table having a breakfast of cereals and toast.

Being Sunday we decided to lounge around the house dressed in our usual weekend clothes. For Sam this meant a tight T-shirt and short skirt with no panties. For me it was an old set of sweats. It also meant that everything was easy to remove if the need arose. As it was I decided to lay on the sofa and try to relax, after all, the past twenty-four hours had been pretty exhausting, for me at least. I'd just got comfortable when Sam came and laid full length on top of me, laying her head on my shoulder and her legs outside mine. After a few minutes wriggling about getting comfortable Sam said softly "Daddy, can we talk about an uncomfortable subject please?" I opened one eye, looked at her and replied "Uncomfortable for who?" She looked up at me, grinned cheekily and said "Well, I suppose it'll be uncomfortable for you actually daddy. That's if you even want to talk about it." I gave a deep sigh, wondering what I was letting myself in for then said "Well, OK baby, but if it gets too uncomfortable I'm likely to bring things to a close, understood?" "Yes daddy" she replied, then raised herself up on her arms which were pressing on my chest, smiled prettily and said "I was wondering if you think about Mom at all, daddy."

I closed my eyes for a moment, almost knowing what was going to happen, but deciding I had to tell her the truth, as any lie I told was bound to come back and haunt me in the future. "Sometimes baby" I replied, "Why do you ask?" "Well, I've always wondered if you still love her now that you have me to love" she looked me in the eye, grinned and said "You see daddy, I know that you've been pretty short of sex since Mom left. You never go out with other women, you never bring any home, so I just thought you might still miss Mom, and wish she was still around. That's all." I chuckled to myself, wondering at the way Sam had been keeping tabs on my love life. I suddenly wondered if she'd been reporting back to her mother all this time. I lifted my head, kissed her tenderly on the lips and slid my hands under her skirt, cupping her soft rounded buttocks in my hand. This made her forget what we were talking about, at least for the short time she was wriggling her butt in my palms. "Mmmm.. that's nice daddy" she gasped "But it doesn't answer my question." "Well" I started, "I suppose if you've been keeping that close a watch on me baby, you also know that I've been doing a lot of masturbating in an attempt to release my sexual frustration. Satisfied?" Sam grinned, wiggled her butt once more and said "Oh, I know that daddy, you made quite a lot of noise sometimes. I couldn't help but hear what you were doing."

This made me chuckle, and Sam smiled at me as she realised I wasn't in the least bit embarrassed by what she'd said. "Why the sudden interest in my personal sexual practices Samantha my love?" I asked gently. "Oh, I was just wondering if you were in the same state as Mom has been, that's all" she replied. "How do you mean, same state as your mother?" I responded. "Oh, well, it's just that we sort of talk about how our love lives are getting on, that's all" she said. "Just how much detail have you been going in to darling?" I asked her, suddenly worried I might be in trouble. Before she could answer I frowned, and added "Samantha darling, I sincerely hope you haven't been telling your mother all the things we've been doing. You did promise me it would be our secret you know." Suddenly I was being looked in the eye, and I saw a deep blush suffuse Sam's beautiful face. "Well, actually daddy, I haven't really broken that promise, you see, I didn't have to tell Mom what I was doing because she was the one that told me what I needed to get you to do for me. Like when you did my first tummy rub when I had a painful period. I'd been having them for a few days when I visited with Mom. I told her what was happening, and she told me to see if I could get you to rub my tummy for me."

An icy cold shiver ran down my spine when I realised what Sam was saying to me. Thoughts of a deep dark prison cell loomed large in my mind suddenly, and I felt the bl**d drain from my face as the full import of her words hit me. Sam looked at me, suddenly worried at the state I appeared to be in. she then leaned forward and kissed me tenderly, saying "Don't look so worried daddy darling, nothing is going to happen, I promise. Everything is alright, honestly." I wasn't convinced, but I must have got some colour back because Sam smiled at me as she continued, "I told you how she suggested I rub my boobs against your back when you stopped rubbing them better. We had a good giggle when she told me how she used to rub against your back until she was too big to get close enough to you. That's when she started to wake you up in the middle of the night and ask you to massage her breasts." I gave Sam a wry grin, "Well, it was a rotten job, but someone had to do it I suppose darling" I replied, and she giggled into my chest before placing a couple of warm wet kisses on my nipples. "I suppose you getting your cherry popped was her idea as well" I said somewhat ironically.

Sam blushed, "Oh, no daddy, that was my idea. Mind you, getting you to spank me was her suggestion. You see darling, darling, daddy, when I saw Mom on Friday I felt so awful that I started to cry almost as soon as I got into her car, and I didn't stop until we got to her apartment. That's when it all came out, and I told her what I'd done, and how I'd messed up, and how you didn't love me any more, and how I wanted to go and live with her because I couldn't stand having you hate me so much." By now Sam was in tears, and I pulled her up a little higher and kissed them away, before placing a tender loving kiss on her lips. "I never hated you darling, it was just my way of showing how much you'd hurt me, nothing else." Sam nodded, "That's what Mom told me. She also told me how stupid I was, and that I'd have been better off seducing you and getting you to do it for me." She grinned when she saw my smile, "I take it you didn't tell her I'd already offered to be your first, but in my own time, did you?" Sam shook her head, "Of course not daddy, I just asked her if I could ever make you love me again, and what I'd have to do to get you back."

"That's why I came home and begged you to spank me for being so stupid last week. The thing is daddy, Mom asked me to call her and tell her how everything turned out, but I didn't want to do that until you said it was OK." I took a deep breath, held it for a moment then let it out in an even deeper sigh. "Well baby, since you seem to have told your mother all of our secrets already, I don't suppose this one will make very much difference. After all if she intends to get me put away, she's had plenty of time to do it." Sam smiled, "Oh, that's the last thing she wants daddy. You see darling, she still loves you. She knows how much she hurt you, and wishes that she'd told you why it happened when you asked her. It's just that she couldn't bring herself to tell you the truth at the time." "What do you mean, tell me the truth. Isn't that what she told me when I asked her why she'd done what she did?" Sam shook her head slowly. "No daddy, you see what happened was that Mark came to her one day and told her that there was going to be an audit that would show that she'd taken a lot of money out of the company. He told her he could put things right but that it would cost her. Mom checked through the accounts, and found that there was over ten thousand dollars missing, and that it was in accounts that she administered. Rather than cause a fuss she decided to take the easy way out, knowing that you'd never know about it because you were out of town. The trouble was you came back early and caught them in bed."

Sam giggled then said "You should have seen moms smile when she told me how you smashed your fist into Marks face, and the lovely sound his nose made when you broke it." I grimaced, then told Sam how I'd broken my finger, but it still felt good to me too. "Well daddy, a few days after Mom moved out the auditors came in and she told them what had happened, and that Mark had left town with the money after putting the blame of her. The thing was daddy, they already knew what was happening, which is why they were there. You see, they'd been tracking the money as it was taken out over a number of weeks, and had traced the one that was stealing it through the records on the computer network. There never was a case against Mom, but she didn't know that until it was too late and the damage was done." I lay there, almost unable to think straight. After a while I said "Samantha my love, are you telling me that your mother knows that we're involved in a sexual relationship?" She grinned and nodded, "Yes daddy, where do you think I got all the ideas from?" "I still don't understand why this house isn't being invaded by hordes of police wanting to bang me up for life?" I said, still slightly shocked. Sam leaned forward, kissed me and said in a whisper "Shhhhh, don't tell anyone daddy, it's our special secret, no ones supposed to know about it."

"Are you saying to me that you'd like for your mother to come back and live with us again?" I asked. Sam nodded vigorously "Yes daddy, I'd like that very much. I know Mom feels the same, but she's frightened to ask you in case you turn her away again. That would destroy her." "There's something that would be destroyed if she came back my love" I said, Sam looked at me, frowned and said "What's that daddy?" I took her cheeks between my hands, kissed her tenderly and said "Me and you, laying like this, and you sl**ping in my bed. Not to mention the wonderful sex we've been planning, or at least I've been planning. You do realise all that will have to stop if your mother is back in the f****y, don't you?" Sam suddenly looked serious; "Daddy darling, if missing all that means that you and Mom will get back together, then I guess we'll have to find some other way for me to get some regular loving" she grinned, then continued "Daddy, I love the feel of your penis inside me, but I'd sooner have moms arms round me every day, and I'd much rather have the two of you keeping me awake at night with her screams of pleasure every time you make her cum." That made me chuckle, and she giggled at the same time. "Well, OK darling, I'll see if I can think of some way to get her to come and see us that won't put her off. I'd rather not push things too hard, in case something's let slip about us." Sam kissed me passionately, "Thanks daddy, I knew there was a reason I loved you so much. I don't suppose you'd let me try to get you back together and talking to each other, would you?"

I suddenly realised just how much this was meaning to her. I didn't know she missed her mother quite so much, and I suppose that was because she had such a lot of contact with her. It struck me then, that that contact wasn't quite the same as having a mother living at home, and that a father, no matter how good and loving, could never take the place of a mother, no matter how hard he tries. "Well, OK darling, I don't see why not. Just remember not to try to f***e her to come. I'll go along with anything you set up, so long as it happens here at home, and we don't have to meet in an unnatural situation, understood?" "Yes daddy, at home, doing what we normally do. I can live with that, and I'm sure Mom will too." Sam then sat up on my hips, smiled lovingly at me and said "I guess it's OK for me to call Mom and tell her everything's OK between us?" "Yes of course it is darling, and there's really no need to lie to her, especially if she already knows what's going on" I replied, and a moment later I was back to laying on my own, once more trying to relax after a busy day in bed.

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