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Please daddy 2

After a few minutes of laying quite still, gasping for breath Sam opened her eyes, turned her head to look at me and said breathlessly "God, daddy, that was the most awesome thing I ever experienced, can we do it again please?" I reached over and kissed her tenderly, "Of course we can darling, but I thought we might try something different first. When we've done everything once then we can start repeating ourselves. What do you say?" She said nothing, just nodded her head vigorously, then rolled on to her side and pressed her firm naked breasts against my side. This of course made my cock twitch as it lay against her hip, and she giggled as she looked own, saying, "Does that thing have a will of it's own daddy?" I grinned and nodded, "Oh, believe me darling, it does. You can be sure it'll find a way to embarrass me every opportunity it can. You just think back to when I used to give your tummy a rub to get rid of your period pain. Better still, think what happened when I used to rub you breasts when they were growing." Sam smiled at me, then she blushed prettily as she said "Oh, believe me daddy, I do, quite a lot. In fact that's one of the things I think about when I try to get myself off at night." She paused for a moment then said softly "What I can't understand daddy, is why you never did anything else. After all most men would love to get their hands on a pair of boobs like I had, and all you did was rub them 'til the pain went away." "Because I was your father darling, and even though I didn't dislike what I was doing, I certainly wasn't going to do anything else to you in case I caused you to feel abused."

Sam giggled into my chest, then looked up, smiled at me and said "Well daddy, the only way you could abuse me now is by saying you won't carry on with what you're doing. What do we do next?" "This" I said, and rolled her off me. Laid her on her back and began to kiss my way down her face, over her chest, round each breast and down her abdomen until I came to her firm swollen mons, and the tiny patch of soft golden fur that was sprinkled over it. Almost instantly Sam spread her thighs and bent her knees as she opened her sex to me. I spent a moment or two kissing and licking my way up and down each soft tender thigh, only stopping when I was an inch away from the centre of her femininity. The odour of her secretions was driving me mad with lust, and I had a hard job forcing myself to take my time. In the end though I had to do it, and slowly I lowered my face until my lips were touching her pussy, and my chin was getting soaked with her female emissions. The instant my tongue touched Sam's pussy lips she screamed out loud and tried to clamp her thighs together, being stopped only by my arms that were placed each side of my head. I'd been trapped there before, and almost lost an ear once as a girl with strong thighs almost crushed my skull.

Over and over again Sam cried out as orgasm after orgasm hit her. Eventually it was all too much for her and with a final withering cry of ecstasy she slowly collapsed into a limp panting heap. It was some time before Sam was able to take notice of what was happening around her, and by that time I'd been to the kitchen, made myself a cup of coffee, and fetched her a soda. By the time Sam was half way down the bottle she'd recovered enough to speak, and her first words were "Can we do that again please daddy?" I grinned and nodded, "Of course darling, just as soon as you like." In a flash she put down her drink, slid down the bed and opened her thighs as I shuffled down the bed and lowered my lips to her sopping wet pussy. This time I pressed my tongue as far into her love tunnel as I could, pressing the tip of my middle finger to her tight puckered rose hole. This made her gasp, but she didn't stop me, mainly I think because she was enjoying what I was doing to her pussy. There I was moving up her slit, pressing my tongue between her labia, and wiping the flat of it against her sex. When I reached the top of her slit I began to flick my tongue against her suddenly hard pulsating clit. It wasn't long before I felt her tense up as she reached her climax, and just as she began to cry out once more in ecstasy I pressed my finger through her tight anal pucker and as deep as my hand would allow. This took her one step above ecstasy, and once more she passed out with sensory overload.

I'd managed to clean us both up by the time Sam opened her eyes again, this time she saw me leaning against the head of the bed looking down at her as she slept. As she lay there in silence I bent down, placed my lips on hers in a soft tender loving kiss and said softly "Well, darling, how do you feel now, well rested I hope?" Sam sighed, smiled and said "I feel wonderful daddy, a bit tired, but wonderful nevertheless. I guess it's my turn to do the same to you, isn't it?" I grinned and shook my head, "Not necessarily baby, this isn't something you have to repay you know, it's done because you want to do it, and because it's something you enjoy doing." I chuckled softly "I guess you know I enjoy eating you out, don't you?" with a shy giggle Sam said "Well, I did sort of get that idea daddy, was this something you and Mom did a lot of?" Before I could answer Sam was sitting up on my lap, her arms round my neck and her lips next to my ear as she said "Don't answer that daddy. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have ask so stupid a question especially right now." Suddenly she gave a wiggle of her butt and said "Damn, look what I've done with my stupid mouth. I better see if I can do something about it before it goes to sl**p permanently." With that she rolled off my lap, lay on my legs and took hold of my flaccid cock between finger and thumb.

As Sam touched her lips to my cockhead it began to swell once more, and as she kissed and licked her way up and down the growing shaft it got longer and harder, until at last it was at it's fullest length, and was throbbing in her hands to the beat of my heart. Opening her mouth wide Sam engulfed my cock and wiped her tongue round the head as she closed her lips behind the ridge and began to breath through her nose. After a short while Sam came up for air, still not having mastered the art of breathing through a half blocked air duct. As she lay there I slid down the bed, making her turn round when she went to continue with her task. That's when I surprised her and lifted her hips over my shoulders, placing her knees either side of my head. In a flash she understood what was happening, and dropped her head over my cock again, this time only holding the head in her mouth sucking like a Hoover as I attached my lips to her pussy. With all the stimulation I'd received, almost coming to climax twice as Sam exploded, it wasn't long before the sight, taste and smell of what was just above my face took it's toll, and I was suddenly crying out "I'm cumming Sam darling, I'm cumming nooooow.." and I exploded in orgasm before she had a chance to remove my cock from her mouth.

It turned out she wouldn't have done that anyway, but even though she was aware of what was happening, she just wasn't prepared for the flood of hot sticky semen that erupted into her mouth. Before she knew what was going on the first wad of cum spattered against the back of her throat making her start to gag, then swallow as the next, and the next, followed up in quick succession. Time after time she gulped down a mouthful of my seed laden semen, only stopping when she felt nothing more shooting from the end of my throbbing penis. With a final slurp Sam drew her head back, releasing my cock, before licking up and down the shaft as she found where some had leaked out between her lips and trickled down my cock. As I lay there totally spent I felt Sam roll off me and sit by my side as she reached over to snag the rest of her soda. I opened my eyes and smiled as I watched her rinse it round her mouth before swallowing, wondering if it was the taste or texture she wasn't sure about. She must have seem me out of the corner of her eye, because she turned to face me, grinned sheepishly and said "What! I'm just finishing my drink, your cum seems to make me thirsty, just like it did Mom." Once more she blushed at her faux pas, and I smiled up at her as I said "It's all right baby, I understand. I guess you spend a lot of time talking about sex when you're together." Sam giggled, shook her head and said "Well, not really daddy, just when I see or think of something that makes me curious, that I don't feel I can ask you about" she smiled wickedly, "I don't think that's going to happen in the future is it daddy, at least I won't be shy asking you anything about sex from now on."

For the first time in hours I looked at the clock by my bed, and saw it was almost six in the afternoon, time for our evening meal. Despite all the exercise we'd both had, we didn't feel like eating too much so settled for a well filled Salad sandwich. While I was putting them together Sam made a pot of coffee, and we took them both into the living room and pigged out on the sofa. I have to say that we were both dressed, and in a way that very soon became the standard for the times we didn't intend to leave the house at weekends. I had on a set of sweats I'd been using when I had a jogging fad, while Sam just wore a short skirt and an undersized T-shirt. The thing about her skirt is that if she stood still, or sat with her knees close together, it looked perfectly respectable. If, however, she turned too quickly, bent over with her legs straight, or sat with her thighs relaxed and knees open, I was given a wonderful view of her soft down covered pussy. This of course became her standard way of getting me aroused, and I always knew if she was horny because she would come down from her bedroom wearing it, and with a cheeky smile on her face.

This first evening though all she did was snuggle up close to me, my arm round her shoulders and my hand resting lightly on her firm breast. After a while Sam slipped down my body and lay with her head on my thighs, her legs hanging over the arm of the sofa. My hand followed her down, and ended up resting on her tummy where she held it for a moment before lifting the hem of her T-

shirt out of the waistband of her skirt and pulled it up to her chin. This exposed her breasts once more, and she smiled as she gently pulled my hand up to them and pressed it firmly on her nipple. "Do I take it you'd like me to caress your breasts Sam darling?" I asked with a smile on my lips. Sam nodded, smiled and said in a soft sexy voice "Please daddy." What else could I do? I actually spent the next hour caressing her breasts, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb, and rubbing the palm of my hand over the tip of each hard pulsating nipple turn and turn about. All this time Sam just lay there with her eyes closed, and gasps of pleasure coming from her open mouth as she enjoyed the sensuous feelings my actions were engendering.

As I caressed her breasts I also noticed that Sam's knees were starting to bend, and her skirt was slipping up her thighs as they got higher and higher. Eventually it was laying in a bunch across her hips, displaying her hot swollen pussy lips laying glistening with her sexual emissions between her wide open thighs. Before she knew what is was doing I'd moved my hand from her titties and had placed my palm over her vaginal mound, pressing my middle finger between her lips and rubbing the side of my thumb against her swollen clitoral bud. Moments later her back arched, she went rigid as a board and she cried out loud as a massive orgasm exploded inside her. I watched carefully for when Sam recovered and opened her eyes again, taking it as a sign for what I did next. That was to run my index finger around her cum soaked pussy lips and then wipe it clean on her hard pulsating nipples. As she watched what I was doing I saw a mystified look on her face, until I lowered my head and covered each one with my lips, sucking them both clean, and flicking them with the tip of my tongue.

Sam just lay there, her tender young frame quivering with pleasure as echoes of her orgasm rippled up and down her body, reaching out to the furthest extremities and returning to the core of her sex. After a few minutes she struggled to her knees, with which she straddled my thighs, settling her sopping wet pussy atop my hard throbbing erection still contained inside my loose pants. Despite what I expected, Sam just sat there, resting her head on my shoulder, gently rocking to and fro rubbing her pussy against the length of my hard cock. "Come on baby" I said softly "I think it's time for bed, I'm tired even if you're not." I chuckled as Sam moaned "Noooo.. I'm too tired to move, I want to stay here all night. Can I please daddy?" "Not when there's a perfectly good and comfortable bed upstairs my love" I replied and wrapped one hand under her almost naked butt, and the other round her back, then standing upright in a single surge of effort. Instinctively Sam wrapped her legs round my waist and held on tight with her arms round my neck as I carried her upstairs to her bedroom. With her still holding on tight as a limpet I bent over, turned her bedclothes back and tried to lay her down. When she refused to let go I whispered "Samantha my love, if you don't let go by the time I've counted to five, I'll take you into the bathroom and hold you under a cold shower, understood?"

Sam shook her head as she giggled, then I started to count "One... Two... Three" "OK daddy I give in" she cried, knowing in her heart I would do as I said. I stood upright, looking down at her as she lay with her skirt up round her hips, and her T-shirt rolled above her breasts, completely unable to prevent my erection from appearing and causing a bulge in my sweats. "Right then baby" I said softly "I want you undressed and in bed by the time I've been to the bathroom. If you are, I'll give you a goodnight kiss and tuck you in like I used to when you were a little girl. OK?" "Yes daddy" she said with a beautiful smile on her lips, and I turned and stepped quickly out of her bedroom and headed for the bathroom where I had a hard job emptying my bladder due to the strength of my erection. I managed it eventually and slowly returned to Sam's room where I found her in bed, the covers up to her neck and a smile on her lips. I sat on the edge of her bed, bent over and touched my lips to hers in a soft tender loving kiss. "I love you Sam darling," I said softly as I looked lovingly into her eyes. "I love you too daddy, I just wish, sometimes that it wasn't just the two of us though, and that Mom was back with us." I winced at the thought, then said in a whisper "Well that's all very well my love, but if Mom was still with us, none of what we've done recently would have happened. You'd also have gone for a very long time having to put up with painful periods and painful boobies when you were growing up." Sam grinned, took her arms from under the covers, showing me her naked breasts once more, then pulled me down into a hard passionate kiss. "I guess you're right daddy, but it's a nice thought anyway."

As I was about to leave the room Sam called me back and said softly "I don't suppose you would consider popping my cherry tonight, would you daddy?" I grinned at her across the dimly lit room, "I don't think so my love, I think it best of we leave it until you're birthday next weekend, don't you?" Giving a sigh of resignation she grinned up at me and said softly "Oh, I guess so daddy, it's just that after this evening I can't wait to see what it feels like to have you deep inside my body, filling me up with your penis and squirting me full of your hot creamy cum." With a final chuckle I closed the door behind me and made my way to bed. I suppose what happened next was inevitable, and I should have tried to prevent it. As it was I didn't, and things began to happen far quicker than I really wanted them to.

I slept well that night, and, not having to get up early the next morning drifted off to sl**p thinking about how I would be able to enjoy a lay in. I was used to waking up with a boner, usually because I had taken too much liquid on board the previous evening. This morning was no different, apart from the fact I'd not drank very much before going to bed, therefore my erection must have been of a sexual nature. This wasn't too surprising considering what had transpired over the past few days. What was surprising was the feeling of having my cock squeezed in a hot wet tubular vice. I opened my eyes and gave a loud yell of "Noooo..", then bucked hard as I tried to dislodge Sam from her position seated on my hips, by cock buried deep in her tight virgin pussy. This of course was pretty stupid of me, as all that happened was that I drove myself deeper into her that I already was, if that was possible, considering where she was sitting to begin with. When I tried to push her off with my hands I found I wasn't able to move them more than a couple of inches. She'd tied them to the bed, my feet too, as I found when I tried to move them.

One thing my old granddad taught me was not to fight the inevitable, and bide my time when wanting revenge as my turn would come sooner or later. Most of this was a load of garbage of course, but as I didn't want to hurt myself by fighting the ropes that held me, I decided to relax and see what Sam was going to do next. What she did was cum. Almost as soon as I stopped trying to buck her off me, she settled down with my cock buried balls deep inside her and suddenly screamed out loud as her climax overtook her, and she collapsed on to my chest totally spent and gasping for breath. Being unable to do much else, I lay there enjoying the feeling of having her firm breasts, with their hard nipples, pressing into my chest, and the pulsating aftermath of her orgasm massaging my still hard throbbing cock. It took some few minutes for Sam to recover, and that had given me time to work out my response to her unseemly actions. It wasn't the fact that she was no longer a virgin, nor the fact that I hadn't been aware of her having destroyed her maidenhead on my cock. It was the fact that she thought it necessary to prevent me from refusing to help her do it all, by lashing me to the bed. I knew what I planned was going to be difficult for me to carry through, and would also be painful for her in the short term, but I felt I had to make a very serious point to her, for her own long term good. I'm sorry if that sounds a little pretentious, but that's the way my mind was working; Father Mode, in overdrive.

As Sam slowly pushed her hands against my chest and sat upright, she looked down at me with the most beautiful look of ecstasy on her face. I doubt if she had ever, or would ever, feel quite as good as she did just at that moment. What she didn't know was that her moment was going to be shattered, and really quite soon. "Oh, WOW daddy, that was simply the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. If I'd realised having sex was going to feel that good I'd have done something about it years ago" she said ending with a giggle. I looked into her eyes, my face as blank as I could make it, then said softly "Well Sam darling, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I'm just so sorry you felt you had to **** me now, instead of waiting for a few more days when I was going to make love to you as a special birthday treat. Still, I guess it was your decision, and I'm afraid you're going to have to live with the consequences for a long time." Sam froze for a moment, then her face dropped and I saw tears appear in her eyes. "What do you mean daddy, I didn't **** you, this was just a bit of fun for you to wake up to, that's all." "Oh" I said softly, "I see. Well do you think you could complete the fun part, then untie me please. I have to go to the bathroom."

Getting untied would have been really great under normal circumstances. What Sam did was shuffle herself up my body, her thighs still straddling me. Then lean over to reach for the ropes as she undid the knots. This of course meant that her newly violated pussy was being held a few inches away from my face, and I almost succumbed to temptation and reached out with my tongue to lick at her glistening pussy lips. I didn't, but determined to remember this as something to try at some later date. As she moved back down, having freed my hands, I could see Sam wasn't looking too pleased with herself. In fact she was looking pretty miserable, and close to floods of tears. She also wasn't thinking too clearly, as shown by the way she turned round to face the foot of the bed and crawled on hands and knees down the bed to get to the ropes holding my feet. This gave me and even better, if different, view of Sam's pussy, and seriously tempted me to get to my knees behind her and take her doggie style. I managed to resist, but again held on to the memory for future reference. By now I was able to sit up, and when I did I looked at Sam as she sat back on her heels at the bottom of the bed and said "Right Sam my dear, I have to go to the bathroom, I'll see you downstairs for breakfast in a few minutes." With that I rolled off the bed, found my bathrobe and walked slowly out of the bedroom, quietly closing the door behind me.

By the time I'd finished my morning ablutions and returned to my room, Sam had gone, and I heard the shower start up again as I passed the bathroom on my way down to the kitchen. It was half an hour later that a very subdued daughter joined me for breakfast, so subdued that she hardly spoke a word all through the meal. The only words she uttered were a soft 'please' and 'thank you daddy' when I offered her something she was reaching across the table for. Breakfast over I loaded the dishwasher, cleared up the kitchen and made my way to my den to catch up on my e-mail, and put some time in on a project I'd brought home from work. I suppose it was a couple of hours later that I had to go to the bathroom again, and as I passed the door to Sam's bedroom I heard what sounded like her crying. I f***ed myself to resist the urge to go and comfort her, feeling the need to have her come to me and talk the problem over. Returning past her room on the way downstairs I heard the sobs had ceased, and walked past, down to my den, once more immersing myself in work, in an effort to hold on to my resolve. This was hurting me, even after so short a time, and I knew Sam wasn't feeling any better.

I was about to close down and go and do something about lunch, when there was a knock on the door and Sam came in carrying a tray with a pot of coffee and a plate of sandwiches, obviously my lunch, and an attempt at a peace offering. "I thought you might be hungry by now daddy" she said softly, "So I made you something so you wouldn't have to stop working for too long." "Thank you Samantha my dear" I said, "That was very thoughtful of you" and I placed the tray on my worktable and began to eat my lunch in silence. I saw the look of horror on Sam's face as I thanked her, knowing I'd been far more severe on her than she ever imagined I ever could. I'd called her by her full name, rather than the diminutive version her mother and I had used since she could talk, let alone walk. The only other times it had been used was when we had been so angry with her she'd actually been spanked. That had been almost eight years ago, yet she still held on to the memory of that day. What had happened was that we'd been out on a trip to a nearby Forest Wilderness Park, and allowed Sam to run free on the understanding that she didn't stray from the marked pathway. As might have been expected she got so excited she forgot what had been said, and she suddenly decided to dive into the underbrush beside the path. What she didn't know was that there was a deep drainage ditch covered by underbrush, and she started to slide down the bank as soon as she pushed through the first few bits of vegetation. I caught hold of her just before she hit the stagnant and very unsavoury, slime that half filled the ditch, and dragged her back up by her T-shirt scratching the two of us in the process.

Before she knew what was happening I'd knelt down on one knee, laid her over the other one and given her four firm spanks on her tiny Levi covered bottom. She was so shocked at what happened she forgot to cry, not that I'd meant to cause her any pain, just show her how angry I was that she'd disobeyed my instructions, and put herself in danger. I'd explained all this later that evening when she was put to bed, and I'd gone to give her her customary good night kiss. "Why did you beat me daddy?" she asked in a tiny voice as I sat beside her "Don't you love me any more?" I smiled lovingly down at her and said "Of course I do darling, I guess I spanked you because I love you so much, and I don't want you ever to put yourself in danger again by disobeying something I've told you to do, understand?" Sam looked at me for a moment, frowning as she tried to reconcile a beating with me loving her. She then gave a shake of her head and said "No daddy, how can you punish someone, and still love them?" God I hate smart k**s, especially when they question something I consider simple. "Well, try to think what would have happened if mommy and I hadn't been so close, and you'd have slipped down into all that sticky smelly mud. That was so deep I may not have been able to reach you quickly, and you might have died." Apart from turning pale at the thought, for a moment Sam didn't move or say a word. "I bet you think mommy and me are pretty rotten some times, don't you" I continued gently. "Especially when we wont let you do something you want to do." She grinned slightly and nodded, "Well, what you have to realise baby, is that all we're trying to do is keep you safe, and stop you getting hurt." I grinned down at her and said "We are so old that we have done everything you want to do, and sometimes got hurt when we didn't do as our mommy and daddy told us. That's why we know what can happen, and try to make sure you don't do the same as we did."

"Did you fall into a ditch like I did daddy?" Sam said, her eyes popping out. "Well, not quite like that" I replied with a smile, "I fell down a high bank and into a river because I didn't do as my daddy told me." I chuckled for a moment as I recalled that day, then said "And I got a good licking from him too, harder than I spanked you today, because I was a lot older, and should have know better. I never did that again, and always did as my daddy told me afterwards." This was probably the first lie I'd ever told her, but thought it justified under the circumstances. Sam sat up, put her arms round my neck and pulled me into a big kiss for a six year old. "I'm sorry I didn't do what you said daddy, and I promise I won't do it ever again." I laid her back down, kissed her tenderly on the forehead and said softly "OK baby, you're forgiven, please don't make me worry about you any more." By the time I'd finished speaking she was asl**p, gently snoring as she slept the sl**p of the innocent and the just. That was the last time I'd laid a hand on her, and not because of any ideological reason, but because she never gave me cause. Now she was giving me cause, but the last thing I intended to do was spank her, ideologically because of her age, and her blossoming sexuality.

Sam came and cleared away my empty plate etc. leaving the unfinished pot of coffee, and closing the door as she left the den. I didn't see her again for the rest of the afternoon, and then only to ask what she wanted for supper. With her lack of interest, and my unwillingness to soften my demeanour I phoned out for a Pizza, the two of us pigging out in the kitchen rather than getting comfortable in the living room as we usually did. Later that evening I locked up, poked my head into the living room where I'd heard the TV was on, and said a stilted goodnight to Sam, quickly closing the door and going up to bed. I'd had my shower, and heard Sam climbing the stairs as I went into my room, deciding to throw the lock on the door to ensure I wasn't disturbed during the night. About an hour later I heard the door knob rattle as Sam tried to open the door. I then heard her sobs as she obviously leaned against the door. She stayed there for a few minutes than I heard her own door close, shortly after which I fell into a very disturbed sl**p. I hardly slept at all that night, and Sam was the same if the way she looked next morning was anything to go by. Sunday we both got up early, it being one of the days Sam was going to spend with her mother.

We had breakfast at seven, Sam still in her night things and bathrobe while I'd showered and dressed already as I'd been awake since five, and needed a cup of coffee. Seeing no sense in getting up twice I decided to make an early start waking Sam up at six thirty. By eight I was on my own, and immersed myself so deeply into my homework I didn't realise what the time was until Sam returned home just before seven o'clock. It was a good job we had a routine whereby Sam brought home a takeaway of some sort when she visited with her mother at weekends, otherwise we wouldn't have eaten that day, until very late. As it was we sat opposite each other at the kitchen table, Sam telling me what she'd done all day, albeit in a slightly more subdued manner than usual. I had to admit she did seem a little more happy than when she'd left that morning, although she still wasn't her usual bubbly self. We cleared away the trash, having finished everything down to the last grain of rice, and I'd made a pot of tea to take into the living room while we allowed our meal to go down. By the time I was sat down with a nice fresh cup of tea I began to wonder if Sam was going to join me, or if she'd gone to bed already.

I soon got my answer when Sam came into the living room wearing her summer dressing gown, a flimsy thing that displayed what she was wearing underneath it if not what was under that layer. In total silence, and with a very shamefaced look, she came and stood in front of me for a moment, then she dropped slowly to her knees, resting her clasped hands on mine, and looking me directly in the eyes. I saw that hers were close to overflowing as she said softly "Daddy, I'm so very sorry I abused your trust yesterday. I have no excuse for what I did, except to say I was impatient to experience what happened, and didn't stop to consider the consequences of what I was doing." She paused for a moment, and couldn't prevent the tears that started to stream down her cheeks, tears that two days ago I would have leaned over and kissed away for her. Now I sat there quite still, and completely silent, watching her quietly crying, probably the hardest few moments of my life. Sam wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands, took a deep sobbing breath and said "I know it's going to be very difficult for you daddy, but will you please forgive me for what I did, if I promise never to do anything so awful ever again, please daddy?" That was below the belt, I thought, and fought hard to stop myself smiling down at her. "Since you ask Samantha my dear" I said softly "Yes, I will forgive you for what you did, and accept your word that you will never repeat what happened." I helped her to her feet, stood up myself and said "I'm off to bed my dear, do you want me to lock up, or will you do it?"

"You do it please daddy" she said softly, and turned and walked from the room, climbing the stairs so slowly I was following her before she reached the top. As she stood with her hand on the door handle Sam watched me walk along the passage, saying, as I came up to her "Daddy, will you tuck me in tonight please?" I thought for a moment, then nodded "OK dear, are you ready now, or do you want to wait until I've had my shower?" "Now please daddy" she said eagerly, and she opened her door, turning to make sure I was following her into her bedroom. Almost without a pause Sam whipped off her dressing gown, showing me she had on one of her shortest nighties, and also that she'd left off her panties. Quick as a flash she was in bed, having given me a flash of her pussy, then she snuggled down under the covers, pulling them up to her chin as she lay looking up at me expectantly. I tucked the bedclothes under the mattress sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over, giving her a chaste kiss on the forehead before wishing her goodnight. Realising this was something more than she'd had the previous night Sam said nothing about they way I'd acted, just saying "goodnight daddy" as I walked slowly out of the room, closing the door gently behind me.

Once more I slipped the latch on my bedroom door, and once again I heard Sam come and try it, crying softly as she returned to her own bed for a lonely nights sl**p. Monday morning saw the start of the last week before the spring break. There was to be no school for a month starting Friday, and Sam had made plans to see her mother on that day so they could celebrate her birthday together, albeit a day early. By Wednesday Sam had come to accept our new relationship, and even stopped trying my bedroom door, knowing it was going to be locked, and she wasn't going to be able to come in. Friday came, Sam and I met at the breakfast table where we were polite to each other as we had been for the past few days. When the kitchen was cleaned up Sam went to her room to change for her day out with her mother, coming down after an hour looking as beautiful as she had ever been. She came to me in my den to tell me she was off, and I smiled at her and said "Have a nice day my dear. Will you be home for supper, or will you be eating out with your mother?" "I don't know daddy, I'll ask Mom when I meet her and phone you as soon as I can, is that OK?" I said it was, then got up, stepped over to her and gave her a chaste peck on the cheek saying "Well, off you go, you don't want to keep your mother waiting, do you? You know how she always hated that." "Bye daddy" she said with a wan smile, and turned and walked out of the house.

It was about midday when Sam phoned, "I will be home for supper daddy, what would you like me to get?" "Your choice baby" I replied, "Just don't get too much, I don't want to go to bed on a full stomach if you get home late. OK?" "OK daddy, see you later" she responded in a far brighter way that I'd heard her speak for almost a week. I turned back to what I was doing and once more lost myself in my work. I suppose I did things like go to the bathroom and get myself the occasional drink, during the afternoon. The one thing I didn't do though was to stop for a meal of any sort. It wasn't until about ten o'clock when I heard the front door slam, that I looked up to see what time it was, and suddenly realised I was very hungry, and also in need of a nice hot cup of tea. Winding up what I was working on, then closing down my computer I realised I was feeling very stiff and stood up to do some stretching exercises before going to see what Sam had brought home for supper. When I was loosened up I went to the kitchen to find her laying out a bucket of fried chicken and fries, not what I'd have chosen for a late evening meal, but I did say it was Sam's choice, so decided not to say anything that might upset her. As we sat munching our way through the meal Sam was talking in a very animated way about her day, showing off the really nice set of pearl jewellery that she'd received, consisting of necklace and ear drops, with the pearls being in a brilliant silver setting that must have set her mother back a lot of money. What pleased Sam more than anything was that it was her first real piece of 'grown up' jewellery, and something that she would treasure for the rest of her life.

After supper I went and sat in the living room, watching a little TV while I allowed my supper to go down. Sam came to join me after getting changed into her night things, sitting close to me as she watched the film with me. After a few minutes she began to lean over, doing it slowly until she was finally laying with her head on my chest, having snuggled under my arm after passing it behind her neck. As she lay there she was holding on to my hand, pressing it against her side, just inches away from the swell of her naked breast which I could see through the almost transparent materiel of her nightie. I lay my head back, and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of her almost naked body pressing against mine, and wondering how I was going to get back to the way we were a week ago. After a short while, just as I was about to get up and go to bed, Sam stirred, scrambled up on to my lap and gave me a tender loving kiss, then said softly "Good night daddy, I'm off to bed. It's been a very tiring day, and there's a lot to do in the morning to get ready for the party." Try as I might I wasn't able to prevent myself from responding to the feel of Sam sitting on my lap, and of her soft warm lips touching mine. I know Sam felt it too, because she gave me a tiny smile as she slipped off my thighs. "Goodnight baby" I said, and gave her a gentle pat on the butt as she turned to go to bed. It was obvious that Sam was a lot happier tonight than she had been for a few days, because she almost skipped out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

I went to bed shortly after this, having locked up downstairs, and taken my usual shower. It seemed like I'd hardly slept at all when I awoke, and that was to the feeling of having someone climb on to the bed beside me. I rolled over as I opened my eyes and saw that Sam was kneeling beside me, wearing just her T-shirt nightie, and nothing else. I knew this because I could see quite clearly, the patch of soft fur that nestled between her thighs. I glanced at the clock beside my bed, and saw it was just past midnight. "Hmmmm.." I murmured, "I guess it's not too early to say happy birthday, seeing as it's past midnight, so 'Happy Birthday Samantha'." Sam grinned, bent over to kiss me and replied "Thank you daddy." Before she could say anything else I said "Right, now what's the idea of waking me up at this time? I thought you had to get a good nights sl**p as you were going to be so busy today." Sam sat back on her heels, her knees still open giving me a beaver shot. "Yes daddy, I am, but there's something far more important that I have to do." She then clasped her hands in her lap, looked at me and said seriously "I was a very silly girl the other day daddy, and I now realise just how much I hurt you by what I did. I know I did wrong, and I know that's why you've been punishing me since that day, by keeping me well away from you. I understand that I fully deserve to be punished, but to be honest daddy, I don't think I can take any more of what you are doing to me."

She paused for a moment, and I saw her eyes filling with tears, she then took a deep breath and said "The last time I did something very stupid you punished me by spanking me daddy. Will you do the same thing now, so that my punishment will be over and I'll know that you forgive me." She sniffed, looked down at me and said in a soft voice "Daddy, I know what I did was wrong, and I promise never to do anything like it ever again. The thing is darling, I can't go on like this, with you not loving me any more. Please spank me so that you can love me again, what you're doing to me is killing me." I sat up, looked at her and said "Do you really understand what you actually did wrong darling?" Sam averted her eyes for a moment, then looked up and said "Yes daddy. It wasn't the tying you to the bed, I know you actually liked doing that with Mom. It was forcing you to have sex with me when you'd already said you didn't want to do it until I was f******n." I nodded, "Just so long as you realise I'm not spanking you for having sex with me my love, just FORCING me to have it, against my will." Sam nodded again "Yes daddy, I understand" she said in a voice so quiet I hardly heard what she said.

I shifted to the edge of the bed, spun round so my feet were on the floor, then turned to my left a quarter turn, making quite sure the covers were covering the tops of my thighs, and my hips. "Come on then madam" I said firmly and Sam rolled off the bed, ran round to stand by my right leg and before I could say anything, stripped off her nightie so she was standing naked beside me. A moment later she was laying across my thighs, her hips on my right leg, and her breasts laying close to my left. It just so happened that as she lay down she pushed the covers off me so that she was laying on my naked thighs. it also meant that my hard throbbing cock was pressing against her abdomen, and there was no way she wasn't going to feel every time it moved over the next few minutes. As I placed my hand on her naked butt Sam moved her arms above her head and held on to a handful of bedclothes. "How many do you deserve Samantha?" I asked as I gently stroked her buttocks. "Ten please daddy, if you think that's enough." "We'll see" I replied, and slowly lifted my hand to shoulder level, holding it there for a moment while Sam suffered the agony of waiting for the first blow to land. Holding the rest of my body as still as possible I brought my hand sharply on to the swell of her firm young buttock, quickly repeating it while she felt the pain of the first one, and before she could flinch in expectation of the next one landing.

After spanking her six times I paused for a moment and gently stroked my warmed hand over her even warmer bottom. I'd made quite sure that I only landed the blows on the meat of her butt, not wanting to chance hurting her swollen pussy lips that I'd seen peeping out from between the backs of her thighs. Now, when my hand passed over the tops of her thighs, I felt the slickness of a pair of aroused pussy lips, and quickly leaned over to see that they were very swollen, and glistening with her juices. It seemed that Sam was just like her mother, in that she always enjoyed having me spank her prior to a very nice long session of love making. As it was, Sam lay across my lap, her tender young body quivering with anticipation as she waited for the final few blows to land on her hot butt. I gave them to her, quickly, and no where near as firmly as the previous six had been. When all ten had been delivered, and her punishment completed, I spent some time gently stroking my hand over her bottom, making sure I caressed her pussy lips as much as I could. As I did this I noticed that Sam's thighs were opening, and very soon I was able to slip my hand between them, and cover her wet swollen pussy with the palm of my hand. This made Sam gasp with pleasure, and open her thighs even more, allowing me to move my hand along the full length of her cunt, from anus to mons.

When I had the room I slipped my thumb between her pussy lips, getting it well and truly coated with her lube juices. I then brought my hand up so that I could slip two fingers into her tight wet love tunnel, bringing a loud cry of pleasure from Sam, and making her jerk her hips back as she tried to impale herself deeper on to my hand. While she was moving about on my fingers I touched the tip of my thumb to her tight anal pucker, and before she could realise what was happening I pressed it through her sphincter, going as deep as my hand would allow. "Aggghhhh.. Noooo daddy.." she cried as she felt my invading digit inside her. The next thing she said was just the opposite as I began to finger fuck her butt and her pussy at the same time. "Aggghhhh.. "Yessss.. Yessss.. Yessss..." she groaned over and over again, until she suddenly arched her back and cried out as her first orgasm for a week hit her like a freight train. It hit her so hard she went limp as a dishrag, collapsing in a heap on my lap as sensory overload took hold of her.

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