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Fantasy Girl - Laura Vandervoort (4/5)

Chapter 4

My eyes widened as I saw the direction her eyes were trained in. My hips were still in the air on the cushion, and this vantage position meant she could see straight up my asshole.

“Uh…Laura,” I said hesitantly. “I’m not sure you want to go there…”

“Oh, that’s funny, brcause I am,” she said confidently, stroking a finger lightly up my asscrack.

Damn, that felt good.

“I mean, uh…” I swallowed. “I’m not gay, so…”

“That doesn’t mean you don’t like to be assfucked,” she said, pressing her fingertip against my anus and moving it in small circles. “It just means you don’t like to be fucked by a man. I’m not a man, so…problem solved.”

“But…but…” my eyes widened further as she swept a finger through the copious cum on her chest and pressed it against my ass. She worked her finger in small circles again, and this time, assisted by the lubrication of my cum, she managed to push her fingertip into my ass.

“Whoa,” I breathed, excited but a little uncomfortable. “Nothing’s ever been up there, Laura…”

“Nothing had ever been up my ass before you fucked me there, but it didn’t stop you,” she said blithely, moving her finger in short, shallow thrusts.

It was still uncomfortable, but it was also beginning to feel really good. “Well, I er…”

She withdrew her finger from his ass and swiped it through my cum again, then pressed it into me. It slid in more easily this time, and she began finger-fucking my ass in earnest.

“Fuck,” I hissed. “Fuck…!”

“I told you you’d like it,” she said smugly. “Let’s see if there’s more room in there…”

She took her finger out again and rubbed it, along with her second finger, into the cum on her tits, then pushed into me with two fingertips. It felt full, but she moved in shallow thrusts until my ass muscles relaxed and adjusted, then began pumping and scissoring her fingers in my hole.

Holy crap. Laura Vandervoort is actually finger-fucking me up the ass. How hot is that?

I’ve never been ass-fucked before; always thought it was a gay thing. It was okay for women to receive it, I guess, but not straight men. But it looked like Laura was opening my eyes to a thing or two about pleasure.

“You like that,” she murmured as she finger-fucked me hard, “Don’t you, Jan?”

“Yes,” I said, helpless to do anything but lay there and let her fingers thrust deep into my hole over and over again.

“Let’s see if you like this.” She took her fingers out, and once again coated them with my cum. Only this time she smeared my juices all over my crack, and then leaned forward and…

Oh, God. She tasted me. She licked my ass.

Laura Vandervoort just licked my asshole!

“I like that,” she said, fascinated. “Do you like it, Jan?”

“Guhhhhh….” I moaned. I was still stunned by the fact that I had this beautiful blonde goddess practically naked in my bed, rimming my asshole with her tongue. She licked my crease like she would lick an ice cream, with deep, long strokes, and I could feel my cock beginning to rise and swell in front of her face.

“You do like it; I can tell,” she giggled, and spread my asscheeks wide and began to flicke her tongue rapidly against my hole, the same way I flick my tongue on her clit.

That drove me wild. My cock was rock-hard now, sticking straight up and flushed a dark red, leaking precum for all it was worth. My juices tricked down my shaft and into my asshole, and Laura lapped it all up, making moany ‘mmm’ sounds like she was really enjoying herself.

Then she held my thighs wide and pushed her tongue into my crack, pressing forwards until her tongue was all the way inside my ass and her nose was pressed into my balls. She didn’t thrust, just waggled her tongue around, which caused all manner of sensations to run through me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I cried, my ass muscles clenching around her tongue. Then she began to thrust, and the feel of her tongue going in and out of my ass, with her nose pressed hard against my balls, was too much to take.

“Aaaaaaaaaghhh!!!” I yelled, shooting hot, salty cum all over both of us. Laura quickly pulled her tongue out of me and reached down the side of the bed with her hand. I was still coming when she fitted something around her hips and then grabbed my thighs, holding them open.

My eyes widened like saucers. “What are you -?”

“Shh!” she said sternly. Quickly she rubbed some of my cum on the object in front of her, and then pressed it into me.

A slick, blunt, thick pressure was applied to my anus, and I felt myself being filled with what felt like a whole lot more than two fingers or one tongue. And then realisation hit me with a jolt.

“You’ve got a strap on!” I exclaimed.

She grinned wickedly and pushed into me with one hard thrust.

“Fuck!” I yelled as the strap-on cock filled my ass.

“Now you know how I felt last year,” she said smugly, and began to fuck me hard.

I was so, so lucky she had prepared me with her mouth and fingers earlier. The cock she was fucking me with was huge, and she rammed into me over and over, holding my legs in the air like she was the man and I was a passive female. Only she could never look like a man in a million years, not with her breasts jiggling in front of my face with every thrust, her nipples firm and jutting like berries…or her long blonde hair matted with my cum…or the way her body smelled so sexy covered in my jizz…

Gradually the too-full feeling eased, followed by a deep pleasurable sensation in my anal passage, and she picked up the pace as she fucked me.

“My God,” I thought, surprised to find myself hardening again.

“You like it up the ass, Jan,” she said, talking dirty as she was ramming me hard. “You like it rough…you love it when a girl fucks your ass hard, don’t you, Jan?”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming…I’m cumming!” I yelled, and all my muscles froze as I came a third…no, fourth time tonight (if you count the one in the shower.) I could feel my anal muscles repeatedly clenching the dildo up my ass, and dimly thought that this must be what a female orgasm feels like.

Laura had leaned over me so that my cum splattered all over her face, chest and breasts again. She really seemed to like that.

My orgasm wore off gradually and I stared up at her in wonder.

“You’re a freak,” I said appreciatively. “And I love it.”

She leaned over me, frowning.

“Hey…how come you get to cum three times while I’ve only cum once?” she complained.

“Well, you know what you need to do.” I rattled the handcuffs again. “Untie me.”


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