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The white room

i'm a cop, i was called to an RTA, road traffic accident. car had been slammed in the side, driver and passenger dead. so far ok, normal stuff. opened the boot and found a male and female. unconcious, but seemingly not injured. as the attending officer i went to the hospital the next day to get a statement. the hospital staff were acting strangely. i went to the male, he was awake, but confused and nervous. he was bald and had no body hair. the staff said the female was the same, no body hair. he asked about his owner, no idea what he meant. the doctor came in, said the man had a microchip implanted under his left arm as had the female.both asked about their owner. he would not speak to me, neither would the female. i asked the admissions officer,the male had a short jacket and a jock strap, the female only had a similar short jacket and a suspender belt and stockings. neither of them would make a statement but both were very very frightened. i asked ..why are you in the boot? why are you dressed as you are? no responce from either. i am going back later to see if i can get to the bottom of this. will post.

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