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Next day

The next day I went back to the hotel pool and had a look round to see who I might be able to spy when they came in to change. There were women off all shapes, sizes & ages. The very thought of seeing them naked during their private moments made me excited. I positioned myself in the changing cubicle with the spy holes and stayed for the duration.

I opened the door slightly to see who was entering the adjoining cubicle. My prey came towards the snare, she was in her late 30s. I had seen her earlier with her husband and young son. She was a typical housewife & mother, rather plain but not unattractive, slim with short dark hair, wearing a one piece swimsuit.

She entered the cubicle and positioned herself in full view. The top aperture was level with the top of her swimsuit which would give a good view of her personal wares. She slowly lowered the straps of her swimsuit pulling them down to her waist exposing her petite but sexy firm breasts. I had a terrific view of her small areola and nipples whilst I enjoyed watching her dry her upper body then apply body lotion to them. Then she started to remove her costume completely. I quickly moved to the lower hole and observed her as she pulled the suit down past her hips and removed it completely.

I was able to inspect her vulval area at close quarters as it was only a few inches away from my vantage point. She (or her husband) had obviously shaven the area a week or so ago, however it had started to grow back and I was presented with an excellent view of the black stubble which now covered her entire pubic area. It was not yet thick enough to obscure the sight of her labia lips which slightly protruded from within her tight cunt. I observed as she carefully dried herself between her legs and then continued down her legs placing one foot at a time on the bench in front of her allowing her crack to open wider and expose more of her pink labia and clitoris to my scrutiny, before she pulled on her pink panties and blue denim jeans.

I remembered she had not yet put on her top so I had another look at her sexy tits before she covered them with her pink bra and tight t-shirt. I watched as she walked away fully clothed unaware that I had seen the very special and private parts of her female anatomy.

It was a busy day, as soon as she had left I noticed another innocent female approaching. She was big and old! (in her 60s) but my voyeuristic instincts compelled me to watch. She had red hair and wore a large black swimsuit covering the whole of her obese upper body. The thought of seeing such a grand old Dame naked started to excite me. I took up my position and could she the huge expanse of swimsuit in front of me which contained many lumps bumps and bulges; it was difficult to make out what they were. She struggled to remove her swimsuit, first she took each arm out of the suit further contorting her adipose tissue. She then prised out her massive breasts one by one which then allowed her to continue removing her suit over the many rolls of fat between her breasts and the top of her legs. I took a glimpse of her bottom half through the lower hole as she completely removed her suit. There were at least four rolls of flab in this area, the lower forming an apron covering her pubic & vulval area, but she was naked.

She appeared to be drying her top half so I went to have a closer look. Her breasts were so heavy that they hung down so that her hard large nipples pointed to the floor, only the outer aspect of her dark areola were visible. The extensive stretch marks on these gigantic mammary glands were clear to see, as were the blue veins. She started to dry them, lifting each one to dry underneath and giving me a better view of her vast areola which I could now see perfectly. The underside of her breasts looked rather red as she took great care drying them and finally powdering them underneath. She then let them fall back into their (un)natural position.

I was fascinated by the rolls of fat I had seen lower down and decided to explore further. The first roll was at the top of her belly and contained her rather cavernous belly button, the second just below, with a third & fourth roll below that, the fourth covering her genital area. She started to dry her body fat one roll at a time lifting them to dry and powder the red areas between the rolls.

She lifted the last roll exposing her pubic area, she was a true red head! I was now able to inspect her fine red pubic hair at close quarters but was still unable to see her vulval area as her plump pubic region still obscured it. However, to dry her legs she had to use the bench and once she placed her foot on the bench all was revealed, the angle was perfect. I was surprised and aroused, although her pubic area was covered in fine red pubic hair her vulva was bald! I had an astonishing view of her gaping cunt with her fleshy labia lips hanging out for me to get pleasure from.

She started to dress, first her huge grey bloomers then her hammock of a brassier followed by a tent of a dress. She left unaware that her corpulent unclothed body which she would never have exposed to anyone had been scrutinised to an extent beyond her imagination.

A few minutes later a teenage couple entered the theatre ready to perform for me. She in a bikini, him in trunks. Once the door was closed the girl started to kiss him on the lips and then down his body. I hastily spied through the lower opening just as she pulled his trunks down exposing his limp cock which she placed in her mouth, it didn’t stay limp for long! When she took it out of her mouth it was incredibly stiff, and as she retracted his foreskin he flinched slightly.

She swiftly removed her bikini exposing her puffy tits and hairy black pussy as she squatted in front of him and continued to suck, lick & pull his erect penis. It was not long before he ejaculated, the first squirt in her mouth made her gag, the subsequent spray from his cock landed on her face, tits & belly.

They quickly cleaned up got dressed & left ignorant of the fact that there had been an audience of one.

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