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First time

when i was 14 years old i was on a school trip which was as boring as hell. anyway there was a teaching assistant or student or something like that. he was about 19 and pretty tasty. me and a few friends had a bet to see if we could get him to show his dick to us. there we were sitting on a bench opposite michael (that was his name). we pulled our skirts up over our knees and opened our legs so he could see up our skirts. it wasnt long before he noticed and smiled at us. checking no one was around he came over to us and asked wot we were doing. my friend jane, who was a bit more experienced than the rest of us said that none of us had ever seen a penis and would he show his. we all giggled as he flushed bright red. he said it was too risky and he shouldnt do it. jane then took her knickers off and threw them at him. he caught them and them sniffed them. she then opened her legs wide and said if we show you will you show us. i prayed he would refuse, i had never shown anyone my pussy before, in fact i hadnt even kissed a boy. i noticed his trousers bulging as he looked at janes pussy. then he got his dick out and started to wank it. it was fantastic, only about 6 inches but the first one i had seen. he then began to touch janes pussy and put his finger up it. after about 5 mins he came all over janes legs. i will never forget that day

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