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Toyboy and naughty milf

mmm hes a younger guy and we were both very nervous...he made me a drink and we sat in his lounge chatting, me on the sofa, he was opposite in his armchair, we had a little kiss when i got there but things had got pretty intense with us so i guess we were both really not sure how things were gonna go, i had my legs crossed and my dress had ridden up, i knew he could see my stockings..that turned me on because i knew he kept looking when he thought i he went upstairs and when he came back down he sat next to
me..really close, our legs were touching and the chemistry was such a turn on...he took my drink out of my hand and then kissed me gently...then more intense..his tongue sliding in my mouth..he was an amazing kisser..really passionate...his hand stroking my leg..moving up till i could feel his fingers on my bare skin...he pushed me back slightly, all the time kissing me..those kisses alone were worth it..his tongue sliding inside my mouth..his hand slid up to my breast...squeezing it...then back down over my hip over my dress and underneath up between my legs, rubbing my lacy knickers..then pulling them to one side so he could rub my pussy which was so wet...eventually we moved upstairs....he sat on the edge of the bed...we were kissing and then he pulled my dress up, over my head...i took off my bra so his mouth was right by my
nipples...he loved my tits...sucking and licking my nipples..i took off his top and started to undo his jeans...he pulled down my knickers..still licking and sucking my nipples, rubbing my pussy...then i knelt down between his legs and started to tease his cock with my tongue...looking up at him as he groaned...then i took his cock in my mouth..all the way down to his balls....he was getting so turned on he pulled me on to the bed and told me to play with myself..he knelt over me wanking his cock while he watched me rubbing my clit...then he started to rub me with his cock...he slid inside me..i was dripping wet...really wet...he started to kiss me again as he started to fuck me...pinning my hand to the bed..which i love..all his weight on me..i was so horny for him..writhing under neath him while he fucked me harder and harder..when he was about to cum he pulled out because i wanted him to cum in my ran all down my chin...he tasted so nice....his bed was covered in both my juices and his messy...

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