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My first bbc

This is my first post so be gentle haha
This just happened earlier today. I get a text last night from an old friend who i know is gay. I told him I had never been with a guy but I was curious, he said he was home from college for the break and I said cool he said do you wanna find out. I told him hell yes but I wanted to see what I was dealing with so he sent me a few picks of his hard cock and holy shit was this thing massive!!! I'm talking 11 inches at least and about 4 inches thick. I was in heaven. He said he'd never let anyone fuck him without a rubber before so I asked if he wanted to try and he said he wanted me to cum inside his asshole.
So after work today I went and picked him up, we got into my room and at first it was awkward (me acting like it was my first time with a guy, a little white lie) and we soon started kissing and he pulled out his huge cock, I couldn't resist taking it in my mouth, I put it deep into my throat and began to bob my head on his huge thick black cock and soon he moved into a 69 and took my 6 inch cock into his mouth with ease. He sucked my balls and ass too, I was amazed I didn't explode right there. I started fingering his tight little asshole and he asked if I wanted to fuck him, I said sure where do you want my cum? He said inside fill me up. So i play with his hole using my cockhead and hes moaning and pouring precum. I penetrate him and he is SO tight, i went nuts. I was fucking him as hard as I could and he was moaning so loud and when I said I was close he started grinding my cock while I fucked him, that put me over the top and I blew my load as deep into his ass as I could and he stared me in the eyes the whole time moaning and begging for more.

Hopefully he comes back over soon. To be continued (hopefully)...

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