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My first blow job

my girlfriend and i were driving down the road(i was driving) we had been together for awhile i had gone down on her, but she never really gave me head. well on this night we turned off on the usual road home and it was about 10 miles away from the next town it was dark outside. she leaned over and started kissing my neck. i told her this isnt fair im driving and your teasing me. she replied(i loved this part) "let me make it up to you" she unzipped my pant pulled out my thich hard cock and started sucking it. i was in complete heaven for 8 minutes then tragedy hit. i see flashing police lights up ahead close to our turn off. she put my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. she said i wonder what happened. we thought maybe someone got hurt , or someone hurt someone else and he is roaming about. we pulled over the vehicle cause i was taught when you see a cop with flashing lights you pull over. so after waiting around for about ten minutes some people at the near by farm say hey what you doing here. i told him we saw the flashing lights and stopped. to my surprise he say" ahh hell son you can go the only reason the deputy is out here is that our cows got out and he's helping us get them back in the fence. a little embarrased we drive off and i look at my girlfriend with out saying a word to her she said you know what i lost the mood were done for the night sorry babe. damn cows is all i can say they ruined my first blowjob

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