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My first time with a girl

Being bisexual you get to have two first times,one with a girl and one with a boy.
My first time with a girl was many years ago in a village in Britain.It was completly unexpected with someone I didn't know but had seen around hanging on to a local boy.
I worked on a local farm for the summer.I built up a really nice sun tan as I wore shorts and it was so hot I was shirtless most of the time.
One afternoon during hay baling season I noticed the young girl around my age of 17 ( who was hanging around with that local lad )was all alone sitting on the village bench.As I walked past she said hello.I responded by asking her if she was OK and she said that she had just broken up with her boy friend.
She asked me if I would like to go for a walk with her and as I was in no hurry and was on my way home after work, I said yes.She told me of her break up and we walked down a long secluded lane .The sun was fading and little midges like fruit flies were swarming in clusters in the warm air.The air smelt of freshly cut hay.
We walked for a while and then she put her hand in mine and steered me towards a gate into a huge field full of freshly cut hay.She stopped me and stood in front of me and pulled me toward her and kissed me full on the lips.Her touch was soft and tender.
In those days anything like that gave me a full hard on.I had to go down my underpants without her noticing to make it more comfortable and let it stand upright under my jeans.
She went further after we kissed she pulled up my tee shirt and took it off.She started to kiss and lick me down my neck,breast bone to my navel.She kissed and sucked my navel.I was getting harder.My heart began to throb.Ever since I could pass sperm from 13 onwards I have to get rid of it.She pulled me down onto the soft hay by a hedge and undid my leather belt and unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my fly.She then undressed herself exposing a beautiful pair of breasts,tummy and navel.She was white having not been in the sun that summer.
I pulled her pants down and pulled my jeans off and underpants,boots and socks.All I wore was my watch and neck chain.I was not experienced at all but wanted to put my penis into her quickly.She guided me into her as we lay down.
I gradually moved inside her very slowly.She said that my tan was turning her on,but my bum was white.We started to laugh and I went up then down gradually.She whispered that I was a looker and her X had not liked her telling him that about me.I got more intense and pulled out then a little bit in just playing with her.She grabbed hold of my bum and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her.I went up and down pushing my penis to the hilt,I couldn't go any further.I felt myself cumming and she pulled me into her again and we must have cum together.I must have cum several times.I felt my sperm inject into her over and over.I felt the most glorious sense of relief after that. After a while we got dressed and walked home and at the end of the lane we went our seperate ways I never saw her again after as she was not a local girl.

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