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Jessica's bare pussy

I actually met her through my daughter who played a lot of soccer in school. Jessica was a great athlete even though she was kind of a cry baby. I admired her young form as she streaked down the field dressed in those tight little shorts. Long brunette hair and very small bust, Jess had a face to die for.

But Jessica was a nice Catholic girl and would blush if anyone even said "Damn." She attended Catholic school which was full of those "Johnny loves Mary" rumors and, of course that just made it even more appealing to the k**s. Jessica's parents were going on vacation to Vegas after school let out and they asked me to feed their cat. "We just can't depend on Jessica," Her mother told me, "She's...busy these days."

I'm not sure exactly what that comment meant but It was no problem to walk down the street a ways to feed the kitty. They left me a key to the house too, just in case there was a problem.

Well the second day I went over there I fed the cat and then gazed out into the back yard and, to my surprise, there was saintly little Jessica, sunbathing nude! The fresh young teen had removed her bathing suit and was lying on the diving board on her belly, her plump ass cheeks on display. I made no sound but just enjoyed the sight before me, wishing I could see more of her little tits. I quietly got out my cell phone and shot a couple of pictures but I was too far away to get anything good.

Jessica began to stir so i made my way back into the house and watched through the sliding glass door as she padded towards me, completely naked. Now I was treated to the sight of Jessica's shaved pussy! My Goodness! Here she is...nice churchgoing girl and shaving her pussy? And, yes, her little tits were just perfect! Not much there but capped by large pink nipples, they were a sight to behold.

I hid behind the sofa and watched as Jessica stopped beneath the overhang and bent over to adjust the radio station. Now her tight little pink asshole was exposed to me and, just below it, the simple vertical line of her hairless young pussy. Yes, my cock was getting hard and I fumbled for my cell phone but, again, she moved away too quickly for me to get a decent shot of her loverly posterior.

Jess resumed her position on the diving board so I snuck into her bedroom and smiled at all the stuffed a****ls and Boy Band posters she had in there. I opened the top drawer of her dresser and there they were: Jessica's panties! And quite risque really considering her tender age. Thongs, see through panties, french cut. A real fine collection. Then I snuck my trembling hands into the hamper and fished out a pair of recently worn white panties and hid them in my pocket.

I was on my way down the hall when I heard the doorbell ring! Yikes! I stepped into Jessica's parents bedroom and waited for an opportunity to get out of the house without her seeing me.

I looked out to the driveway and saw a young man, maybe 16 there pacing around before he again rang the bell. Soon enough Jessica, wearing only a towel, opened the door and invited the fellow in.

"Kyle! You're early!" Jessica exclaimed.

"No, I think I'm right on time!" He replied. Obviously they knew each other quite well and I heard more chatter and then they went in the kitchen. I should have just got out of there but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see what might ensue.

Sure enough, I heard the sliding glass door open and I took the opportunity to hide in the dining room where I could watch them in the back yard.

"Aw Jess, you don't need that towel now ya?" Kyle said, his voice dripping with inuendo.

"Kyle...please, please let me get my bathing suit back on." Jessica pleaded. "It''s not nice for you to see me nude."

But Kyle had other ideas and quickly embraced the pretty schoolgirl and kissed her full on the lips, thrusting his groin into his girlfriend's towel covered vagina. More kisses followed and I could see Jessica's resolve beginning to wane. Kyle slid his hand down under the towel and was obviously now touching Jessica's butt. The lanky youth whispered something to Jessica and she nodded and then fell to her knees.

Now the towel was on the ground and Jessica knelt on it and began to undo kyle's jeans. In no time she had pulled his pants down and was facing his large hard cock! Kyle took hold of his manhood and began to rub it salaciously all over Jessica's innocent young face, clearly attempting to stuff it into her mouth.

But the religious young girl resisted and grabbing a nearby tube of suntan lotion, she coated her hand and began to stroke her boyfriend's stiff penis. Jessica used her other hand to lightly tickle Kyle's balls below and she smiled up at him, hoping to bring him to orgasm with her hardworking fingers.

But Kyle wanted to fuck Jessica and, after only a couple minutes of this hand job, he took Jessica by the hand and placed her on her back on the nearby chaise lounge. He opened Jessica's legs and now I finally got tot see Jessica's pussy, in all it's glory, completely naked and awaiting whatever Kyle had planned for her.

"Open your pussy Jess...let me see it all!" The youth instructed. Jessica was now warming to the task and moved her hands quickly to her lewdly exposed pussy and, taking her pussylips in her fingers, she spread herself open for his inspection. What a sight! There she was! Little Jessica Thompson, all bare and holding her pussy open! It was now glistening with feminine lubrication and her body was covered with a light coating of perspiration. Her firmly erect nipples were pointing towards the summer sun and kyle moved towards her.

I fumbled for my cell phone camera and prepared to photograph the young couple and was thrilled to get a couple of good shots of Jessica's body before Kyle placed his trembling cockhead in the slippery little groove of her pussy and began to push it in.

"Oh Kyle go slow!" I heard Jessica beg as her boyfriend began to penetrate her. Inch by inch Kyle pushed himself into Jessica's horny young cunt as she whimpered submissively beneath him. He didn't stop until he'd managed to fuck all of his thick hardon into Jessica's pussy, moaning the whole time.

And then they began to fuck! Right in front of me, it was Kyle stabbing and Jessica willingly accepting his big cock right there in the suburban back yard. The Kitty jumped up on the sofa next to me, curious to see what all the excitement was about. The two of us watched as Jessica began to thrust her pussy out to meet her boyfriend's furious assault. I knew this couldn't last long. And I was right.

"Not in my pussy Kyle!" Jessica wailed as she felt Kyle's cock begin to jerk and swell inside her. "Oh, please not in my pussy!"

Kyle pulled his erupting penis from Jessica's disappointed young pussy and quickly straddled her belly and then shot streams of come onto her tiny little tits. Spurt after spurt covered her big pink nipples as she moaned an cooed beneath him, clearly thrilled to watch the results of his orgasm.

"Oooo, there's...there's so much!" Was all the pretty brunette could think of to say.

When Kyle, exhausted and all fucked out, finally got off of Jessica, I got a couple of final shots of her lying there on the chaise, her legs wide open, her pussy now a deeper shade of pink, the lips hanging loosely open and her little tits heaving with Kyle's sticky load upon them.

I headed out the door and walked briskly down the street, my hand upon Jessica's panties in my pocket and my cell phone with it's lewd stash of photos promising an interesting evening at my house!

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