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Just a little something I wrote awhile back

The day would start with me arriving at Sir's house. I'm dressed in my regular clothes, just like he told me, and I've got my overnight bag with me. We'd chat a bit downstairs, so I'd get a little comfortable with him and relax. Then he'd lead me upstairs to his bedroom. He'd take my overnight bag from me and then ask me to strip. He wouldn't specify that I should do it slow or seductively, but it might go a little like that, because I'm so nervous. The last to go would be my boxers, what I'm most nervous about. Finally he'd make me pull them down, and then he'd see my little surprise for him... i'd shaved the night before, and my cock, balls, and pubic area would be completely smooth. I could see how happy this made him, and so I'd be happy, too.

Then we'd play dressup for awhile. He'd open up the closet and show me all the outfits he had, and I'd take turns trying them on until he found one he liked me in. I'd go through everything, from frilly pink babydolls to bras with lace to pure white cotton panties to red boyshorts to black thongs. I'd never tried high heels before, but he'd found some in my size and would get me to try them on. I'd be so excited by this time my cock would probably be glistening with precum. But finally we'd come to the outfit he'd like: a sheer pink babydoll with nothing on underneath, a tight pink thong that conformed to every contour of my cock, a pair of white nylon stockings with pink lace, complete with matching garter belt, and a pair of clear high heels. My hair's naturally long, so he'd put it up in two big pigtails on either side of my head, tied with pink ribbons. And, to complete the look, he'd sit me down in front of a mirror and put on my makeup; dark eyeshadow, sparkling pink lipstick (of course), some rouge for my cheeks. I'd get so hot looking at myself in the mirror... i'd look cheap, like a corner slut, but it would feel soooo good...

He'd show me around his house then, letting me get used to the heels, letting me get used to feeling like a true slut. As we walked and talked, he'd keep giving me bottles of water. I wouldn't ask why, I'd just take them and drink each one down until it was empty, then accept the next, and the next. We'd finally end up in the living room again, which has big picture windows that give an excellent view of the yard, the other houses, and the street. I could see people walking by, and I know the house is far from the street, but it's still close enough so that someone could see inside - the shades weren't drawn. It gave me a little thrill, sitting on his couch with my legs crossed, the feel of the nylons rubbing against my skin.

My cock would be so hard by now, my panties would be damp... but that wouldn't be my only problem, because by now I'd also be feeling the pressure building up in my bladder.

I'd ask to use the bathroom, and he'd say no, and then start talking about something else. I'd be patient, and wait, and ask to use the bathroom again later on. He'd still refuse. I'd be getting desperate by then, because the pressure would be almost painful. My legs would be shifting restlessly from side to side, my fingers would be tapping nervously on my knees, and my distress would be clearly written on my face. But he still wouldn't let me use the bathroom, instead he'd take my hand and lead me back up to his room. He'd tell me to face the bed, and I would, and he'd tell me to bend over, and I would. I'd rest my hands on the bed, presenting my ass to him. He'd put his hands on my hips, run them down my legs, back up, over my ass... He'd slap first one cheek, then the other, and the suddeness of the action would be enough to make me squirt a small drop of pee in my already damp panties. He'd be rubbing my ass again, and I'd hope he wouldn't notice, but all at once he'd f***efully sieze my hips and yank me back, at the same time shoving his pelvis forward, so his crotch rammed against my ass. He'd grunt, I'd groan, and struggle desperately to keep the floodgates closed, but I'd know it was impossible. I'd felt more squirt when he shoved himself against me, and I'd know the front of my panties would be very dark now, and I could even feel a little drop running down the inside of my thigh. He'd keep his crotch pressed tight against my ass, grinding it into me, his lips to my ear, whispering about what a pretty little slut I was, how hot my ass was in these slut's panties. Then he'd run his hand around to my front, and cup the front of my panties, and feel how wet they were...

He'd pull away from me, and tell me to turn around. I would, my head down, hands together, fingers curling and uncurling, like a c***d that's just been caught doing something naughty.

He'd say, "You couldn't hold it?"

I'd nod my head.

He'd say, "You know it's very impolite to soil someone else's things?"

I'd nod my head.

He'd say, "You know how bad you are, right?"

I'd nod again, feeling my pulse quicken.

He'd nod, too. "Take them off," he'd say.

I'd slowly slip off the soiled panties and give them to him. He'd hold them for a second, considering, and then tell me to open my mouth. I'd do it, obediently, and he'd tell me to stick out my tongue. I would, and he'd put the soiled front of the panties against my tongue, and tell me to close my mouth. He'd take the other ends of the panties and tie them around the back of my head. I'd be able to taste my piss in the fabric of the panties, and it'd drive me wild.

Then he'd remind me of what a bad little slut I'd been to wet them in the first place. His pants would be off now, along with his shirt, he'd just be in his boxers. He'd sit on the edge of the bed, and tell me to lie across his lap. I would, and the tip of my cock would be pressing against his thigh, leaving slick trails of precum along it... and in this position, the pressure on my bladder would be more than I could stand.

He'd run his hand over my ass and ask me if I knew what bad sluts got. I'd shake my head no, unable to answer because of the panties in my mouth. He wouldn't reply verbally, he'd just haul back and swat my ass with his hand. It'd catch me by surprise, and I'd squeal, and release a little gush of pee against his leg. I could feel his cock harden against my stomach through his boxers when this happened, but his hand came down on my ass again, harder than the first time. I'd cry out around the gag in my mouth, and I'd pee more, unable to stop myself. He'd slap my ass again, and again, each time harder than before, and I wouldn't be able to take it anymore... My body would just release, and I'd start pissing all over his lap while he spanked me for it.

By the time I was finally finished, the side of the bed and the floor would be soaked, not to mention his legs. His cock would be throbbing, pressed against my stomach, and I could feel the wetspot at the front of his boxers. My ass would be throbbing, and tears would be stinging my eyes. He'd slowly push me off his lap, and onto my knees on the floor. He'd take the panties from my mouth just long enough to tell me to clean up my mess. He'd push me down, and I'd start by licking his feet, then up his calves to his knees, then up his thighs, until I'd cleaned up every drop of piss from his legs. Then he'd put the panties back in my mouth and tighten them.

He'd take me by the hand again and lead me out of the bedroom. We'd go back through the house, and come to a door I hadn't seen in the initial tour. He'd open it, and lead me through it and down a flight of stairs, and then we'd be in his basement. I'd see a swing hanging from the ceiling, and with his help I'd get in it. Then he'd take my hands and pull them around the swing's support straps, so my wrists met behind my back. I'd feel cold metal around my wrists, and then I'd hear a snap, and I'd be stuck like that. He'd give my ass a final, playful swat, and then walk away.

I hadn't seen him get it when he led me downstairs, but when he went back up I could see he had his cellphone with him. I'd hear him dial it on the way back up, and I'd hear him say only two things: 'He's ready.' Then the door would close and i'd be alone for awhile.

My cock would go from hard to soft and back again as I swung there, and precum would be dripping from it in small rivers. My arms would start to ache, my ass would still be throbbing, and I'd be so horny, waiting and wondering what was going to happen to me.

Finally the basement door would open again. I'd be nearly crazy by now, so horny from being unable to touch myself I'd almost be fucking air. Sir would come down, and he wouldn't be alone. He'd be leading two friends with him. He'd come to me, and take the panties out of my mouth, and ask me how I felt. 'Horny,' I'd say, and the others would laugh. They'd start getting undressed as Sir tilted me back in the swing. His boxers would come off, and his cock would be there, in my face. I'd open my mouth immediately and swallow it. I'd be so grateful for the contact by this point that I'd just wait there, with his dick in my mouth, savoring his taste. Then he'd place his hand on the back of my head and start pumping into my mouth, slowly at first, with shallow strokes, and I'd just keep my tongue pressed against the underside of his head and let him fuck me.

Then I'd feel something cold against my asshole, and I'd look and I'd see one of his friends was dabbing me with lube. I'd feel him slowly work his finger inside me, and with my legs suspended and held apart, I couldn't do anything to stop him (not that I'd want to). He'd work his finger deep in my ass, out, back in, out, dab more lube and then work his second finger in, and I'd start moaning around Sir's dick, and that would make him pump deeper and faster in my mouth.

I'd feel his friends cock resting against my inner thigh, and Sir would pull me off his cock and look down into my face. "Tell him how much you want his dick," he'd say.

I'd beg for it. I'd plead for it. "Please," I'd say, "Please... I need his dick so bad. I need to be fucked."

Sir would push his cock back in my mouth, and at the same time his friend would press the head of his dick against my hole and then slowly start to slip it in. I'd go rigid in the swing, and I'd moan and groan deep down in my chest. I'd start working on Sir's cock faster, bobbing my head as much as I could in my position, only going faster the more his friend slipped inside me. Pretty soon I'd feel his hips press against the cheeks of my ass, and I'd close my eyes and shudder. There'd be a literal pool of precum on my stomach by this point, and with my hands behind my back there wouldn't be anything I could do about it.

His friend would start to fuck me, going in long, lazy strokes at first. I could hear their other friend, but couldn't see him. He'd be encouraging them, telling them to 'fuck the slut harder', and that would just make me hotter because at that moment I would be a slut, their slut, totally, and my cock would throb and I'd close my eyes and I'd start bobbing on the head of Sir's cock faster, slipping my lips over it, running my tongue down it with every downstroke, and I'd hear Sir panting, groaning, could feel his grip on the back of my head tighten, and then I would feel him pulse in my mouth, his body would shudder like a leaf in the wind, and then my mouth would be full of his cum. I'd moan, flexing my legs to try and draw them together, also trying to keep my lips tight around Sir's cock so I could take it all. He'd pull out at the last moment, and his last shot would leave a streak across my cheek. He'd run his hands through my hair, and tell me what a good slut I was, and tell me to swallow it for him, and I would, every drop I'd managed to catch, and I'd savor every bit.

Sir would pull away, and I'd watch him sit down in a nearby chair, and then my head would be drawn away and there'd be his other friend. His cock would be ready, and I'd open wide and take him in just like I had for Sir. He'd groan, and tell me what a hot mouth I had, and this would inspire the other friend, the one between my legs, to go a little faster. I'd hear the sound of his hips slapping against my ass, feel his cock pulsing inside me, and this coupled with the taste of the hot dick in my mouth would almost be too much.

I'd hear Sir beside me again, whispering encouragements. Telling me to suck harder, and I would suck harder. Telling me to go deeper, and I would go deeper. His friend's hand would grab my pigtails and pull, and I'd moan. His dick would hit the back of my throat, and I'd gag, but it wouldn't stop. I'd make myself go deeper, suck harder, and soon I'd feel his strokes shorten, his cock pulsing. He'd pull it from my lips, and Sir would hold my head, and I'd have just enough time to get my eyes closed again before I felt the first wet slap of cum against my cheek. More would follow, and I'd open my mouth, trying to catch some. I'd probably only get one drop, and the rest would be on my face. I could open my eyes, but I could feel his lot, hot and heavy, running down my cheeks.

They'd help me up, and hold me in place while their third friend sped up his pace. My mind would be whirling now, as his cock slammed deeper and deeper up inside me. Everything that had happened during the day, everything that was still happening, the three hot bodies around me, in me... I'd feel the drops of cum dripping off my chin onto my chest, and it would all be too much. I'd jerk once, hard, and I'd start to cum, without even touching myself. Thick gobs of cum spurting over my stomach, my head lolling back as my hips buck, my ass tightening around his cock... I can feel him spasm, feel his cock throb inside me, and I know he's cumming too, but it's distant, my own orgasm still rocking me.

I'd probably black out. When I came to, I'd be out of the swing. Sir would be helping me into the bed, the cum still drying on my skin. The last thing I'd hear before drifting off again would be Sir's voice, telling me what a good, well-fucked little slut I was.

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