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Young and Willing - Part Three

My body jumped in surprise as I felt four long feathers caressing me up and down my body. The players tickled my nipples, down to my stomach. The men paid particular attention to my balls and my soft cock. It wasn’t long before I could feel a light tingling sensation up and down my ass crack. As my body began to get used to all the feather teasing, I slumped back in the swing and relaxed. But not for long. The light feather strokes gave way to stinging whacks from four bamboo sticks. Again, my body jerked and twisted from the shocking change in sensations. My ass cheeks received most of the attention, but I felt stings on my chest and belly, and more than a few gentle smacks on my smooth balls and awakening cock.

The stings didn’t last long, and I noticed I was getting more aroused with each slap of the bamboo sticks. The men decided I was warmed up and ready for some more new experiences. Harry declared that there was no twenty stroke rule in this new game. All the players were expected to be creative, and work together as a team. No cocks would be allowed in my ass, but my mouth was fair game.

Immediately, I felt hands roaming all over my tight teen ass cheeks. I felt warm oil being poured on my balls, and it oozed down into my ass crack. They began rubbing the oil all over my balls and running oil up and down my cock shaft. It felt so good, I was ready for anything. Fingers found their way up and down my ass crack, and I felt excited hands spreading my cheeks and holding them wide open. Another man entered my quivering ass hole with his oiled finger, and massaged inside my rectum. He replaced his finger with an oil filled syringe, and slowly pushed the plunger to the hilt. I could feel the hot oil flow into my anal canal, and it was so soothing, it calmed me some.

I heard a voice up by my head telling me to open my mouth wide. The man instructed me to swallow the liquid right away, without tasting it with my mouth first. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, until I felt some kind of liquid squirting into the back of my throat. I swallowed it down, then received another throatful of liquid right away. As I swallowed again, I wondered what it was all about.

I didn’t think about it long, because I became aware of a thin, soft dildo getting worked into my oil-filled ass hole. It slid in easily, and I could feel more and more of the invader burrowing deeper and deeper into my anal canal. I felt a rush, as the thin was pulled out completely in one quick motion. It was replaced by a thicker, stiffer toy. Still, it met little resistance, and soon my ass hole was being pumped methodically and with authority.

Out front, I felt a wet cock head pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth, and it was full of cock in an instant. The player stroked my mouth in time with the dildo guy, as someone rubbed my slick balls, and jerked my cock with a strong grip. The player fucking my mouth took my head in both hands and held it tight. I could feel him pushing his cock head against the back of my throat, but I didn’t gag. He slowly f***ed his cock in further, and it easily slid down my throat. I realized that I couldn’t feel anything past my mouth. My throat was completely numb. I now realized that the two loads of liquid I swallowed removed all sensation from my throat, and I wasn’t gagging at all. The man stepped up his pace, and soon he was slamming his throbbing cock deep down my throat, and I could feel his balls slapping my head with each full thrust. In no time, I was aware of his cock going into spasms, and he banged my throat faster and faster until he finally exhaled and stopped moving. I didn’t feel his cum load going down my throat, but I could taste it in my mouth, as I cleaned off his cock with my tongue.

I felt the thick toy pop out of my ass hole, and the swing turned a quarter turn. I felt the next player’s fingers penetrate my hot ass, first one, then two, then three fingers probing and jamming into me. My ass muscle was stretching wider with each new intrusion. I felt his partner’s hands pull my cheeks apart wide, and the familiar syringe push into my hole. I felt the liquid squirt in, and the heat came with it. My rectum began to burn inside immediately and I squirmed around in the swing. Someone held my lower body still, and I could feel the rim of my ass hole being worked by a hard probe with a wide round head. With a jolt, it pushed past my ass muscle and plunged deep into my rectum. I felt several bumps on the huge toy as it entered me. My body jerked in protest, and the arms holding my lower body tightened around me. Slowly, the ramrod was pulled back out, almost to the head, then thrust back up my ass hole ten or twelve inches deep. The rhythm picked up, and my ass was so on fire that I actually welcomed the stiff, bumpy stick jamming in and out of it, going quicker and deeper with each deliberate stroke. I heard myself moaning as I wiggled my ass around. Meanwhile, my mouth was accepting the next slimy cock.

This player had no time for pleasantries, and he rammed his cock down my throat on his first stroke. It didn’t really matter to me, because I couldn’t feel a thing beyond my mouth. Apparently, the owner of the cock could feel everything just fine. He let out a groan as he held my head in a vise grip, and slammed my throat with abandon. His steaming cock let loose a series of erupting cum shots, and I tried in vain to swallow, but it was no use. Anyway, his bucket load of jizz managed to find its way down my throat on its own.

My attention turned back to my ass, as the rapid tempo of the punishing bumpy shaft found its mark again and again, and the heat inside my rectum was unbearable. As my ass pounding continued, I heard someone leave the room, and come back in a minute later. I heard some commotion and hushed voices as the door closed. Next thing I know, the stick-fucking stopped, and it was pulled out of my ass abruptly. I heard a couple more beer bottles popping open, as the swing turned another quarter turn.

Without hesitation, one man spread my cheeks apart, and I almost passed out when I felt a stiff, ice cold stick continuously circling my ass rim. Apparently, Harry had left the party room, went out on his balcony, and pulled a thick, huge icicle down that formed on the balcony above. Now, he was rubbing it strategically on my sizzling ass hole, melting the thick end just so, and eventually making the end of the icicle round and smooth. He held it up, and the players murmured their approval. Then, without warning, he pushed the fat shaft of the icicle as far into my rectum as it would go. An electrifying surge of energy raced up and down my spine. My whole body shook and shuddered, as Harry fucked my ass with that ice dildo until he had nothing left to hold onto, and the rest melted quickly inside my rectum. I swear I could hear steam hissing out of my ass hole. As I lay slumped against the swing straps, breathing heavily, I became aware that my ass no longer burned. I suppose the icicle fucking put out the fire, and for that I was grateful. The swing turned again.

I felt another cock rubbing my lips, and I opened my mouth automatically. Only, this cock wasn’t hard like the last two. The player laid the head of his cock down on the roof of my mouth, and I played with it with my tongue. A hot stream of piss filled my mouth and ran down my still numb throat. I pumped his soft cock with my lips as he kept pissing away. By the time he finished, I had worked his cock to a hard, pulsating fuck rod, and he just kept it right in my mouth and fucked me down my throat.

My ass jumped back when I felt a needle stab me right next to my ass rim. It was a sharp pain, but it was gone before I even had time to think about it. As I finished sucking gobs of cum out of the cock slamming my throat, I was aware of a lot of attention around my ass. Fingers probed and prodded, and my cheeks were pulled apart again, and held open wide. A man picked up one of the empty beer bottles, and decided to test the effects of the d**g they injected into me. I wasn’t concerned at all, until I realized that he was holding onto the neck of the bottle, and pressing the bottom of the bottle against my widening ass hole. Incredibly, even though I felt every inch going in, the bottle passed through my butt muscle with ease. The man fucked me with the thick end of the bottle vigorously. He slammed me so hard that the hand gripping the bottleneck punched my ass with each new powerful stroke. The players seemed amazed and satisfied.

In front of me, I felt something rubbing all over my face and nose. One of the players was bent over, trying to locate my tongue with his sweaty ass hole. I stuck out my tongue and ran it up and down his spread ass crack. I circled his ass rim several times, and teased his pulsating ass hole with the tip of my tongue. I dropped my head lower, and licked his dangling balls. I tongue-fucked his ass hole as deep as I could, then I pressed my lips over his hole, and sucked his ass with all my mouth strength.

I felt my ass relax as the beer bottle was removed. I began to feel new activity right away. Several hands were rubbing my ass cheeks, slapping them, and roaming around my hole, slipping some fingers easily in and out of my ass. Pretty soon, someone managed to pack all four fingers up in there. He clawed my insides gently, which was irritating and exhilarating at the same time. The player folded his thumb under his hand, and pointed his fingers straight out. He pushed his hand into my gaping ass hole. He twisted his hand back and forth and pressed firmly against my ass. Slowly, my ass hole stretched open wider, and his whole hand disappeared up my rectum. This caused a bevy of chatter and excitement.

I felt one man tighten his grasp on my spread ass cheeks, while the other man kept working his arm deeper and deeper into my ass canal. He opened his hand inside and dug and clawed the inside of my rectum walls with his fingers. My ass lurched and bucked against his wildly intense finger action.

Harry bent over my twitching cock, and began sucking and deep-throating me. The arm in my ass pulled back a few inches, and the player made a fist inside me. He shoved his fist in deeper, and with some f***e. He kept repeating his strokes, which were focused and deliberate. On and on I continued to take that strong arm inside me, accepting more with each thrust. I was writhing and moaning, but it didn’t stop. Finally, I could feel the crook of his elbow banging against my ass cheeks. My ass lifted up off the swing strap with each new power thrust. Harry continued to suck me at lightning speed, and soon I was unloading shots of young cum into his mouth. Drops of cum fell on my belly, as Harry couldn’t hold it all in his mouth. I my whole body jerked out of control, and I kept pumping out loads of hot juice, as my ass kept fucking that stiff fist. After my orgasmic jerking motions subsided, I passed out in exhaustion.

When I came to, I was curled up on Harry’s bed, all cleaned up. I was happy to notice that I could swallow again, the numbness in my throat finally gone. My butt hole still felt like it was gaping, though. The shot they gave me to relax my ass muscle still hadn’t worn off. Harry’s party friends were long gone, apparently, because I wasn’t wearing the blindfold mask anymore. I sat up as Harry came in the room. He sat on the edge of the bed and told me his friends thanked me for coming to the party. He handed me a bunch of folded bills, and told me to count them. There was not one hundred dollars, as promised, but two hundred dollars. Harry explained that the guys wanted to show their appreciation, and they tipped me an extra hundred. I thought of handing the money back to him, because really, the pleasure was all mine. Instead, I just said thanks, and kept it. After all, I figured I had earned it.

Harry said he had an idea for a few photos if I didn’t mind hanging out for a few more minutes. He led me back to the party room, which had already been cleaned up and transformed back into a studio. Harry directed me to the center of the floor, and he told me to get down on my hands and knees. I waited in position as he left and came back in with his camera and a shiny wooden baseball bat. I thought it was a rather curious combination of objects, but when he told me to rest my head on the floor and reach back and spread my ass cheeks, I figured it out. He took a few pictures of my ass stuck up in the air, then I felt his fingers jamb a big gob of petroleum jelly up inside me. Harry rubbed the rest on the end of his Louisville Slugger, and brought it to my spread ass cheeks. The flash on his camera fired several times, as he twisted and pushed the bat head in past my opening, and up my rectum. He took a series of shots of the bat sliding in further and further, finally bottoming out. I held on tight to my ass cheeks, as he moved the bat in and out, snapping picture after picture. He put down his camera, and walked around in front of me, and straddled my body. He grabbed the bat handle with both hands, and began working my ass furiously, in and out as fast as he could go. All I could do was kneel there and take it, wiggling my ass, and rearing back to meet the forward thrusts of the bat. I could feel his hot juices dripping on my back, as his swollen cock swung up and down in unison with each sharp stroke he delivered. After pounding my ass unmercifully with both hands thrusting the bat in and out, Harry let go of the baseball bat, leaving it sticking out of my ass. He stepped back and pulled my head up off the floor, placing me back on all fours. His twitching cock head approached my mouth, and he shoved it in, holding my head tightly and jamming the back of my throat with it. Then, he tilted my chin up towards the ceiling, and pushed his cock right past my tonsils, and down my throat. He pulled most of his shaft out, got up on his toes, and slammed it down my throat again. His ass jerked back and forth in front of my face, as he reared up again, lifting my hands right off the floor, and coming down on my face with such f***e, I thought I might be swallowing his balls soon. As he slammed his cock down my throat over and over again, his cock started pulsating, and his sticky cum pumped down my throat and he kept pumping my throat like a madman, gripping my hair to keep my bobbing head steady.

Harry slipped his spent cock out of my throat, and lingered in front of me while I licked his slick cock and balls clean. We both maintained our positions while we tried to catch our breath. As my pulse slowed, I could feel the baseball bat slowly ooze out of my tired ass hole, and drop to the floor.

As Harry drove me back to our drop off point, he told me that his niece that was coming to spend the next weekend with him. Her name was Rachel, and she had just turned fifteen, a little older than me. He said she was quite beautiful, and a lot of fun. He wondered if I wanted to meet her next Saturday night, if I was free that night. I didn’t say anything at first. I thought about how nervous I would be sitting in a room with a beautiful girl. I was pretty shy, and I felt a little intimidated by the whole idea.

Then, Harry mentioned that Rachel had been to a few of his parties before, although he hadn’t seen her for a couple of years. He told me that she loved posing for pictures, and maybe we could have a photo shoot together.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Did Harry mean Rachel was at some of his parties like the one he just had? And he hadn’t seen her for a couple of years? I tried to do the math, but lust filled my mind, and I couldn’t think straight. I finally found my voice and accepted his invitation for Saturday night. Harry would pick me up at seven.

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