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The Man From The Matrix pt.8

8. Freeman

“Wow!” Roxanne exclaimed when Gabriel opened the garage door, “What a car!”
She had actually been in it before, but only now she had the time to properly admire it.
Gabe grinned, it was his baby and like any proud parent loved to hear when people liked their k**s, “Yeah, oh yeah. That’s a ’66 Shelby Mustang GT-350. I call her Grace.”
“Why not Eleanor?”
“Ah, you’ve seen the movie. Well, every nine outta ten Mustang owners probably call their car that, but let’s be honest here. How many of them actually own a GT-500E? I didn’t figure you were into cars.”
“I’m not.” Roxanne replied with a smile, “I just heard you sum up a bunch of numbers, but I know what I like when I see it and I like this.”
Gabriel checked the trunk and then opened the passenger door for Roxanne.
“We can’t stay here.” he said, “I think this Julius is capable of nasty things and this is one of the first spots he’ll look for us.
Roxanne got in and Gabriel walked around the front to the driver’s side to get in, gently running his fingers over the car. It was… she was a white car with two broad dark blue racing stripes running over the middle. To the untrained eye she may have looked a bit bulky, but if you looked right you could see she oozed power and that she had the rumbling heart of a racer. You could see it from her stance, four spoked wheels firmly gripping the ground and slightly thicker powerful hips, like those of a raptor or a t-rex.
Gabriel sat down and closed the door, then looked at Roxanne mischievously, “Hold on to something, I’ll make you feel special.”
Gabriel started the car. The hefty V8 started to purr and a vibration ran through the car.
“Oohoo.” Roxanne kirred.
Gabe revved the engine a few times and pulled out of the garage. He lit a cigarette while waiting for the garage door to close and then drove off.
“So, where are you taking me?” Roxanne asked.
“I figured we’d grab a bite to eat first. Then I’ll drive us to a nice quiet spot in the woods. If you don’t know it’s there you’ll never find it and I like it like that, so you can’t tell anyone about it.”
Gabriel parked in the lot of a restaurant neither of them had been before and they took a seat near the window. For one to kinda check they weren’t being followed and so Gabe could keep an eye on the car.
“This spot of yours,” Roxanne said while playing with her food, “is it beautiful?”
Gabriel hesitated to answer, remembering his d**gged drink. He looked at her with a calculating look while he calmly finished the bite of food in his mouth. She looked back at him and probably knew what he was thinking.
“Why are you so curious?” Gabriel said after washing down his food with a coke, “Are you wired?”
Roxanne threw him a foul look and a few seconds later she started to take off her clothes.
“What the hell are you doing?!” Gabriel hissed and quickly looked around the establishment. They were the only guests in at the moment and the staff was nowhere to be seen, “Stop that!”
Roxanne pulled her shirt back into place, “I’m genuinely interested… I understand it’s hard to trust me right now, but I’m with you all the way. I’m not wired and I’m sorry Julius made me d**g you.”
They looked at eachother again and finally Gabriel said: “No. It’s not particularly beautiful. It’s okay though and it’s blissfully quiet, that’s what makes it so nice.”
”You’re a nice guy, Gabe.”
Gabriel lit a cigarette for desert and said: “Finish your dinner.”
So she did, but in the car she seized the opportunity to interrogate him, “Why are you afraid of relationships?”
“I’m not. I’ve got a whole bunch of friends.”
“You know what I mean, answer the question.”
“…No, I don’t know what you mean.”
Gabriel hoped she’d take the hint and that the conversation would be over, but Roxanne wasn’t that easily swayed.
“Fine. Forgive my bluntness, but you’ve fucked pretty much every girl you’ve met and if any one of them made it into your house at all you treated them like a guest in the morning. Don’t deny it, I was there. Why are you afraid to commit?”
Gabriel sighed, “I’ve committed. The only girl I can ride all day and night and still love in the morning is Grace.”
“Grace is a car.”
Gabe threw Roxanne a playful look, only for a moment, then he became serious, “I’ve had a girlfriend for some considerable time. She left for someone else.”
“So it’s a broken heart…”
“Fuck no! When she left it felt like I was released from a dark prison. Once I became free I realized how incarcorated I had been. Fuck if I’ll risk prison again.”
Roxanne looked at him with big eyes.. She remained like that for a few seconds and then proceeded to laugh, “Haha! The most dramatic stories have been circling around and then it turns out to be this! Hahaha, that’s brilliant.”
The car carefully rolled over a vague forest path and then Gabe seemingly turned it into the bushes. Although there didn’t seem to be a path or road there, he knew where he was going and after a while they came to a clearing.
“This is it.” Gabriel said and turned off the engine, “We’ll be fine here till we’ve rested.”
Roxanne got out and looked around. Gabriel took the opportunity to make a call to Vernon.
“Hey Vern, it’s Gabe.”
“Hey buddy, ‘sup?”
“Listen, ehm… You have to do a few things for me.”
Vernon could hear from Gabriel’s voice that this wasn’t a run of the mill request, “You name it.”
“I need you to look after Rox and Grace for me, coz I’m gonna have to leave for a while.”
“You know where you’re going yet?”
Outside Roxanne sat on the hood.
“I’m not sure yet and I’m not sure you’ll wanna know. Hold on a sec.”
Gabe stuck his head out the window, “Rox, no offense, but either take off your dress or get the fuck off the hood before you fuck up the paintjob.”
Roxanne hopped off.
“What do you mean I don’t wanna know?” Vernon asked.
“After tomorrow a lot of people will be looking for me and you won’t have to lie to them when they come asking where I am.”
Roxanne took off her skirt and underwear and sat back on the hood.
“Listen Vern,” Gabe said, distracted, “can you do that for me?”
“You can count on me, b*o.”
“I’ll make sure Roxanne gives you a call in due time, I gotta go.”
Gabriel hung up and got out of the car. He stood in front of Roxanne.
“What are you doing, naughty girl.” he grinned.
She raised her head to look him in the eyes, pulled off her shirt and bra and kissed him. With her arms around him and pressing herself against him she whispered: “Take me now, Gabe.”
Gabe took a moment to look sincere at her and replied: “I won’t **** you.”
“I know.” she said and elegantly slid off the hood onto her knees. She undid his pants and fished out his dick, which had already stood up to have a look around. Then she let go and placed her hands on his behind to push him into her mouth like that.
A tingling sensation overcame Gabriel when he felt Roxanne’s warm lips in contrast to the cold forest air. Without the interference and pressure of others this was so different, even more than he had expected.
“Damn…” he sighed, “You’re brilliant.”
She looked up at him without stopping and seemed to smile and at that point Gabe fell in love with her. He’d felt something for her all along, but only now he realized he was going these lengths for here out of love.
He lifted her up and sat her on the hood. As they kissed again she put her legs around him and wriggled until she felt the head of his dick against her pussy. Ofcourse she had the experience, but Gabriel loved how she did that without the use of her hands and pushed his hips forward. He went into her easily and she felt warm as her pussy closed around him.
Gabriel had one arm around her and moved back and forth calmly as he used his other hand to caress her breast. Whenever she wasn’t kissing him she moaned softly into his ear and her hand slid up and down his back.
“Faster…” she eventually moaned.
Gabriel increased the pace a bit and placed his hands on her behind. Roxanne didn’t weigh much and Gabe’s thrusts weren’t that hard, but Grace’s springs were slowly starting to rock along. Although Gabe’s mind was on Roxanne he couldn’t help but notice and held back a bit.
“Harder.” Roxanne said.
But instead of doing so, Gabriel pulled out. “Assume the position.”
Roxanne slid off the hood again and turned around, placing her legs apart and her hands on the hood. At first Gabriel thought to just go ahead with the sex, but seeing her like that, naked, apart from her shoes, he couldn’t resist pretending to be a cop and pointlessly started to frisk her. His hands slid down her body, generously feeling her up.
“What do we have here?” he said authoritively when his fingers touched her vagina. She threw him a puppydog look over her shoulder and replied: “Honestly, I don’t know officer. I’m innocent.”
Gabriel grunted something nobody would understand and penetrated her again; a clear “aah” escaped her as he did. He held a breast in one hand and ran the fingertips of the other over her warm, soft skin,
“Fuck me harder.” she sighed.
But again he didn’t. He put his hands on her hips and pretended to, hoping she wouldn’t notice, but ofcourse she did. She looked at him over his shoulder and put her hand on his.
“Baby, I know you’re being careful, “she said, “but if I ask for it, it’s okay.”
She raised herself up and gave him a long, warm kiss. Gabriel grabbed her breast with his right hand and his left went between her legs. Roxanne enjoyed his touches for a moment and then placed his hands back on her hips. As she leaned forward again she said: “Now fuck me good, baby.”
Reassured Gabriel thrusted into her and listened to her moans.
Roxanne braced herself against the musclecar until she picked up the rhythym. She arched her back to give him even more access and she felt the whole of his dick go inside of her. Even though she was loving it, she wanted to increase the extacy and reached between her legs. Controlling her movements as good as she could she rubbed her clit and from time to time her fingertips met Gabriel’s balls.
Gabriel felt how Roxanne’s fingertips stroked his balls if he went really deep. Enjoying it, he made sure every thrust was a deep one, but this brought him close to orgasm rather quickly.
“I’m gonna come.” he moaned.
“Yeah. Yeah.” she replied, “Go ahead.”
The way Roxanne felt would have caused him to “go ahead” anyway, but he was happy to know she was okay with it.
“Don’t come inside me.” she added, but Gabe was already pulling out.
Not a second to soon either, it splashed on her back just above her buttocks and most of it dripped down the middle right away.
“Oh my…” Roxanne sighed when Gabe was done. She turned around to hug and kiss him.
“I’ve got a towel for you in the trunk.” Gabe said and went to get it for her.
While Roxanne gathered her clothes she replied: “Why do you keep a towel in the trunk?”
“What, you never read the Hitchhiker’s Guide?”
She shook her head. Gabriel gave her the towel and sat in the car to have a cigarette. He stared at it.
After Roxanne was cleaned up and dressed, she sat in the passenger seat and looked at him.
“What’s up?”
Gabriel seemed to snap out of a trance. He quickly gathered himself and said: “Oh, ehm… I don’t think the backseat’s big enough. But you can try and sl**p in the front seat, if you want.”
“Nah, I’m good. I don’t think I can sl**p anyway, because I know that wasn’t what you were thinking about.”
Gabriel looked at her, but didn’t say a word.
“I know I won’t see you anymore after tonight.” she said and looked away, “We could just leave. Together… You don’t have to do this.”
“No. This has to be done. I don’t run; I wanna deal with things and then enjoy the peace and quiet.”
“I just wish I could see you again.”
Gabriel looked at her and she looked back. He touched her cheek.
“Maybe I’ll be back sometime… And in the meantime,” he continued overly cheerful to make the uncomfortable feeling go away, “you’re gonna look after my place. So you’ll have a house.”
Roxanne didn’t seem much happier. Gabriel kept quiet and stared out, from time to time checking if she was asl**p. When she was, eventually, he wrote a quick letter to Roxanne and Vernon, explaining what he could and a few things to get done. He left it on the dashboard and then went to grab a baseball-bat from the trunk.
Then he left.

Safely and practically invisible in the nightly shadows shrouding the alley to the disused parking lot behind SyncLab Gabriel waited to hear what he suddenly heard. Footsteps.
He pressed himself as flat into the corner as he could. His eyes had gotten used to the darkness and with a big effort he could see Julius pass closely by him.
Gabriel waited till he was in the open, so he could make a full swing and followed quietly.
Julius heard the air displacement from the bat, but was too late to do anything about it and felt how it hit him in the back of his knees. With a sincere groan he sank to the ground.
Gabriel rolled him over with a push of his foot. Julius reached for his gun, but Gabriel landed the bat on his arm and then on his stomach for good measure.. He took the gun from Julius and threw it well away.
“Oh shit.” Julius said in a shaky voice when he realized who his attacker was.
Gabriel’s eyes seemed to be on fire, “Yeah, fucker. You’re gonna die slow.”
With all his might Gabriel brought the bat down on Julius’s kneecap and heard it break. Julius squealed like a stuck pig.
“Stop! Please!” he shouted, fearing for his life, “I’ll leave Roxanne. Please don’t hit me anymore.”
But Gabriel was furious, “You think that’s it?!”
He kicked Julius, who found that a welcome change from the baseball-bat, “You fucking shot me, goddamnit!”
Gabe snarled at him, “I could at have died! Would you have left Roxanne alone if I had? I’m pretty sure the answer is no, so it’s too late now.”
Gabriel raised the bat above his head, “This one’s for Roxanne.”
It came down on Julius’s stomach.
“This one’s for shooting me.”
It came down hard again.
“And this one’s for… err… Hell, I dunno, for being a ricer-boy.”
“Ricer?! I love muscle cars!”
Gabriel didn’t finish the swing and surprised he let the bat down, “What, really? You kinda look like one of those jokers that likes to trick out a Japanese import.”
“Man, I’m wild about American muscle.”
“No shit…” Gabe leaned on the bat, “Have you seen this year’s Shelby Silver Wraith?”
Julius nodded frantically, hoping this would help him, “That’s a cool car, I love it.”
Again the bat came down hard, ths time hitting him on the shoulder. Julius whimpered.
“The Silver Wraith is a Rolls Royce model, you lying sack of shit.”
“I’ll pay you!” Julus cried out, “I’ll give you anything you want.”
He rolled over in a desperate attempt to crawl away from a seething Gabriel and what he now recognized as his own demise.
“There’s only one thing I want: For you to leave us alone. The way I see it, you can’t guarantee that, so I’ll have to take it.”
Gabriel hit him on the other shoulder.
“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Julius literally cried.
His head raced with thoughts. He had to get out of this! Why had he been so stupid? Why Roxanne?
The bat hit him again and he lost control of his bowels. He wet himself.
“Jesus Christ.” he thought, “Why did I do this? She could have been replaced.”
He realized he had gone to far this time, that there wasn’t a way back. Deep inside he had always known a day like this would come, but now that it had arrived he feared the outcome. By now his head was so full with processing the mistakes he made, flashing his life before his eyes and what was to come, he couldn’t think straight anymore and involuntarily cried for his mother.
Gabriel knelt down and pulled Julius’s head up by his hair. Momentarily calm, he whispered: “You’re going to die now. But it won’t be over. Some day in the future I will die too and I'll meet you in the next world. Don't be late.”
He let go and stood up, “You have one minute to make peace with yourself. Or say a prayer if you’re a religious man.”
With one usable arm left Julius tried to drag himself away and muttered: “Somebody help me.”
A minute later he saw a bright light speeding towards him and engulfing him.
Gabriel was disgusted by the sound of Julius’s cracking skull, but he contained himself. He wiped the sweat from his upper lip and took a moment to catch his breath. Then he dragged the corpse to the same old dumpster he had been in and with quite an effort he hoisted it in. Leaning against it, it dawned on Gabriel what he had done. He quickly disappeared back into the shadows of the alley.

The girl behind the counter checking in his one bag was blonde and curvatious and looked like she had stepped right out of a big budget porn movie about the Mile High Club. She threw him several suggestive looks, knowing she would be done in fifteen minutes, his flight wouldn’t leave for two and a half hours and the employee changing room was a dead quiet place.
Gabriel, however, for once chose to ignore those looks as it was his response to those looks that had him checking in on a one way ticket today. The girl was clearly offended when he casually greeted her and left.
He passed two security officers on his way and was too nervous to look them in the eyes, but he felt relieved when he heard them chatter about a Rolling Stones album.

Two and a half hours later he disappeared without a trace.


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