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The Man From The Matrix pt.6

6. Human Trash

Gabe had the early shift. Danny had spent the night and he tried quietly to slip out of the bed, but she woke up anyway.
“I gotta get to work,” Gabe said, “but you’re welcome to sl**p in if you want.”
Danny got up too, her naked body still looked great, especially in this moody morning light.
“Need a hand with that?” she said, pointing at his morning wood. Gabriel glanced at the clock, “Damn. I would absolutely love it, but I have to skip breakfast too if I wanna be on time.”
“It’s a standing offer.” She giggled when she realized the accidental pun. Then she added: “I’d best go as well. I don’t think I’d be comfortable around Roxanne right now.”
Gabriel nodded, it would probably be best not to get Roxanne near any of his ladyfriends right now. He’d have to have a serious conversation with her tonight. He decided to draw the line clear and bright: She’d either lighten up or go somewhere else.
Later, at work, Gabriel sat on a chair without a backrest and stared into his coffee. He felt odd, there was a knot in his stomach. His head hurt a wee bit as well because of all the things that rushed through it. Today there seemed to be an unusual amount of gorgeous women around, but maybe the just appeared to be gorgeous because his head seemed to be on backwards. Staring into his coffee Gabe imagined Eddie slowly approaching him. Naked. Elegantly placing one foot in front of the other, hips swaying. Then he saw the tartan skirt again. In his mind he held it between two fingers and lifted it to squeeze the buttock below it.
He was rudely torn from his dubious state of bliss by his cellphone, “Matrix, this is Gabe.”
“Hi, this is Erin. Next weeks rosters are done. Are you in the matrix-room?”
Technically speaking, Erin was his boss this week. He enjoyed the weeks she was his boss the most.
“Yeah, I am. But I’ll drop by your office in a minute. I can do with the walk.”
He got up and walking over he imagined lovely Erin on her knees before him. She had her mouth open wide. He put his dick on her stuck out tongue and masturbated into her mouth. Just as he was about to come he walked into a doorpost, right in front of the reception and tape distribution desks. Everybody looked up. There was some snickering , but Eddie was the one that got up and put a hand on his shoulder, “Are you okay, Gabe?”
“Yeah, I’m just a bit… My head… I’m fine, thanks.”
He waved it off and went into the office.
Erin was a thin girl, of about Gabe’s age, but she was enjoyably shaped nevertheless. She had long wavy blonde hair and could generally be found wearing a tight long-sleeve and blue jeans. She seemed to follow the Einstein-idea: Having only seven sets of the same clothes saves a lot of time deciding what to wear. In this case a good idea, as these clothes looked very nice on her.
“Hey Gabe, you look pale.”
She looked at him with eyes that showed there was more to her than just a pretty face.
“Hold on.” she said. The drawer from her desk stuck sometimes and she had to use both hands to pry it open. This uncomfortable angle caused her breasts to be squeezed together and gave her a brilliant cleavage.
“Man, I’d like to stick my dick between those.” Gabe thought. His eyes moved up from her chest to meet her eyes, which were wide and staring at it. There was a moment of silence in which the tension could be cut with a plastic spoon… “I said that out loud, didn’t I?”
She nodded.
All of a sudden Gabriel appeared to go blind. For a second he felt weightless and then his weight had shifted from his feet to his back.
“That’s odd.” he said to himself.
He heard the shuffling of feet, but that faded away rather quickly and a voice not unlike his own said to him: “Dude, let’s take a nap.”
Gabriel was standing in a cave. He tried to walk, but his feet were stuck to the floor with what seemed to be spiderwebs.
“Hey.” a voice said, startling Gabe. He looked at the source and it turned out to be Spider-man, hanging from the ceiling upside down.
“I’m Spider-man.” he said, “And that’s Venom.”
Gabe turned his head only to gaze upon Venom’s drooling jaws. It shocked him enough to drop him right on his ass, “What the…”
Venom started to laugh and pulled off his mask, “Hahaha! Brilliant! Remember us?”
Spider-man had also taken off his mask and added: “You know, God and Lucifer? We’re here to talk to you again. I suppose we’re kinda your conscience.”
Gabe rubbed his nosebridge, “Not again.”
He looked from one to the other, “What’s up with the costumes?”
“We were on our way to a Halloween party. You don’t have much of conscience, so we’re freelancing in someone else’s head.”
“Anyway,” Lucifer interrupted, “you seem to have girlie issues.”
God continued, “So here’s why you’re feeling shitty. You feel the need to love Roxanne, but that’s only because she’s living with you-”
“And because you know she’ll be as freaky as you tell her to.” Lucifer added, “Oh, and forget about Eddie please. She’s outta your league, apart from that one lucky shot and you only want her body anyway… Those juicy titties, those hungry eyes… oh and that nimble little arse…”
God slapped Lucifer on the back of his head and Gabriel seized the opportuinity, “Will you two jokers knock it off? Wrap it up, before I bust a nut in my pants again.”
“Hey, don’t take that tone with us!” God said, “This will take as long as it needs to.”
“You will wrap it up, or I’ll start dreaming about hiring a real angel and demon, got that?”
“In that case,” God quickly rattled, “you want Danny. You love her, she loves you and she’s great in bed. Match made in heaven. Ta-ta.”
Just before Gabriel opened his eyes he heard Lucifer’s voice from nowhere: “And stop the Roxanne thing. Only shit will come of it.”

Several colleagues were standing around him when he opened his eyes.
“You were gone there for a minute, bud.” someone said. It had seemed longer to Gabe. His eyes centered on Erin.
“I’m sorry,” he said, “I have no idea-”
She shushed him, “I’m flattered, forget about it.”
In truth she was offended as well, but she found Gabriel too charming tomake something of it.
Gabriel was back in his matrix-room. There had been some offers of sending him home for the day, but he had declined. He’d feel just as miserable there and after his short time-out the knot in his stomach had gone already.
Leaning on his elbows he was wondering why his conscience had advised him Danny. He didn’t want a girlfriend at all – too much hassle. Danny was fun, but how funny would she be after five years of waking up next to her? Or after five years of declining threesomes?
His phone rang, “Gabriel, for all your taping delights.”
“Hey Gabe, it’s Pats, I’m in seven, can you some over for a minute?”
Patty was the closest thing to a girlfriend Gabriel had. They’d have a drink together, they’d have a bite to eat together, have sex together and be home in time for the evening’s feature film, separately. She didn’t mind him having sex with others, even once watching along (though Gabe had politely requested her not to cheer anymore) and Gabe didn’t mind it the other way around either. They’d get together a lot for experimenting and Patty could be a wild one, last time she had wanted him to bitchslap her around, ending up with a minor black eye – and loving it.
“I’ll be right over.” Gabriel answered.
Patty was a pretty girl, but either she didn’t know or didn’t care, which was what basically gave her that special appeal.
She had full wavy black hair to just about over her shoulders, big eyes – usually bright and smart, but she could put on an innocent doe look and use them as weapons of mass manipulation. She was thin, apart from her luscious full lips, but not too thin and she had great breasts. Usually she wore blue jeans and a black shirt or sweater, nicely complementing a tanned skin and her whole appearance clearly stated that she wasn’t gonna be taking any shit soon.
“Hey. You look pale.” she said when Gabe entered.
“Yah, I felt like shit, but I’m getting better now, I think.”
He closed and locked the door behind him, he knew why he was here. She got up, threw her arms around him and pushed him up against the door, while she kissed him with those soft lips. She grasped for his buckle and pulled it open. Once she had enough buttons undone she reached in to get him hard, more or less timing her hand motions with her kissing. Gabe’s private phone rang.
“Don’t answer.” Patty whispered in a horny voice.
Gabriel had no intention of doing so, but couldn’t resist taking a peek at the display. The call came from his house.
“Fuck. It’s Roxanne. I have to answer this.”
Patty never let go and although she stopped kissing him she was hellbent on making this one tough phonecall.
“Rox, what’s up? I’m kinda…”
Patty had kneeled and pulled out his dick. Slightly sticking out her tongue, kinda like a loading chute, she moved her head forward, sliding her lips over his penis. She would use every trick she knew to give him the best blowjob she could, including ever so slightly stroking the inside of his knee. Gabe struggled to keep his voice normal, but it was an epic struggle and most of his bl**d was diverted down.
“…Kindaaa in the middle of… some… one- Thing! Something.”
“Gabe?” Roxanne said, “What’s going on, are you okay?”
“Yes, I’m fi-oooh-ne.”
Patty added sucking noise. Over the top, but still.
“Goddamnit Gabe, is that noise what I think it is?”
Gabriel’s system crashed, “I’m getting an incredible blowjob…”
Patty got up, her face close to his, smug with victory. With a sugary voice she said “Maybe next time you wanna join us.” and took the cellphone away from Gabe as she pulled him to the couch by his dick.
“At least have the common decency to lie about it!” Roxanne yelled before angrily hanging up, but Gabriel never heard.
Patty had taken off her jeans and panties and now lay back on the couch with her legs pulled up.
Biting her lower lip her eyes flashed from her groin to his. Gabriel lined himself up, but as he pressed up against her pussy and got a warm feeling she shook her head slowly, still biting her lip. He only noticed when the head was in and he looked at her to see if she had that special look of delight on her face. At first not understanding he quickly pulled out again, then he noticed she had actually been holding her buttcheecks apart.
“Ooh… okay.” Gabe nodded.
He went carefully in the backdoor. A long winded “oooh” seemed to slip from Patty’s lips, but it was soft to be sure. Once he was in she started to stimulate. Gabriel leaned forward just a bit to reach her head. He put his hand on her cheeck and touched her lips with his thumb. After a moment she opened her lips a bit and started to suck on it, staring at him with satisfied eyes.
Usually Gabe didn’t have a hard time knowing if she reached an orgasm, as she would claw his back and dig her nails into his shoulder – once actually drawing bl**d. This time however, she couldn’t properly reach him and knowing it she said: “Hey sugar, I got off good. How about you finish it too. I’m still on the clock, you see.”
Typically Patty. Something you had to get used to, but done is done.
“You wanna finish it with your hand?” Gabe asked. Often, for a quickie like this, Patty would finish it off with a handjob so she wouldn’t need to do a lot of that sticky cleaning up. A paper towel would generally get the worst off the floor.
“No,” she said this time, “just leave it inside. I’ll clench and run for the loo. Cleaner’s been giving me odd looks.”
She looked at him in expectation and raised an eyebrow waiting for him to say what had sort of become a catchphrase… “You’re a dirty little girl, Pats.”
She put one foot on his chest and one in front of his face, “Suck my toe, bitch.” she smiled.
Patty had done this before and it had given a mutual good result. Sucking her toe tickled her more than it added pleasure and she would tense her muscles trying to endure it, thus squeezing him where he needed to be squeezed, rapidly bringing him to an orgasm.
Clinging on to her slender leg and a toe in his mouth, Gabe thrusted himself to the point of no return and nearly tried to crawl inside her as he passed it. This was a first for the both of them and the odd, even somewhat dirty feeling overwhelmed them.
“Wooh, thanks.” Gabriel eventually sighed after realizing he wasn’t actually having a heart attack.
“You’re welcome. If you’ll excuse me now…” Patty jumped into her jeans and rushed to the nearby toilet.
Suddenly Gabriel shuddered and tried to make a nasty mental image go away.
Once back in the matrix-room he called Roxanne back, she answered immediately, “Rox. It’s Gabe. Sorry about just then.”
She was trying to hide it, but Roxanne was crying, “Gabe, they’ve found me.”
“What? Who?”
“They’ve threatened me.”
“Rox, honey. Compose yourself, start from the beginning because I’m not following.”
She remained quiet for a moment, sniffled and then started: “My website isn’t my website. The whole thing is arranged by a guy called Julius. Webspace, design… actors. In return he gets a percentage of the money it generates. Each day I’m not taping a new show, he misses out on money. He called me jst before I called you, saying he knew where I was hiding and that he would come to get me back. If I wouldn’t come he’d kill me so he could use the webspace for someone else.”
Ah! A damsel in distress! It would be a job for the lesser known superhero Gabe-man, with his infinite powers of Dumb and Regret!
“Don’t leave the house. I’ll be there ASAP and I’ll have a wee chat with the fucker.”
Slightly over fifteen minutes later Gabriel arrived home where he found Roxanne still teary eyed, but as he walked over to comfort her, the phone rang.
“Gabe. Speak.”
“Ah, Gabriel,” an unknown voice spoke, “the polite host of my girl.”
“Ah, Julius.”
“Yes. Indeed.”
“We need to talk, fella.”
“I’ll be happy to oblige. I’ll kindly welcome you on the loading terrain of SyncLab.”
He hung up without even checking if Gabe knew where it was. Apparantly a way to make sure Roxanne would come along as she would have to point the way.

Gabriel parked the car on the side of the street, looked around and then at Roxanne, “Where’s the loading bay?”
“You can get there around the back.” she said, pointing at an alleyway.
“Stay in the car.” Gabe said and proceeded to get out.
“I’d feel safer with you around.”
It was true, he could keep an eye on her, but the black silhouette of the building against an ominous dark grey sky had made Gabriel regret his brave words and he didn’t want Roxanne to see his knees going weak. He paused for a moment and said: “Fine. But stay close to me.”
She did as they went down the alleyway. Around a corner and the other side of it was an old disused loading bay. Gabriel looked out over it, but couldn’t find anyone out there in the fading light.
“Who am I looking for, Rox?” he asked as she came out of the hidden safety of the alley as well.
“Me.” a voice from beside them said casually.
Julius leaned against a dumpster, smoking a cigarette. His facial features and haircut reminded Gabriel of proud German soldiers and his clothes, especially the long coat, reminded him of an outlaw from a spaghetti western.
“Hi Roxy.” Julius said.
She didn’t reply.
“Hey, listen up Jules,” Gabe said, “we kinda sorta justa came to terminate whatever contract Roxanne has with you,” Without even taking his eyes of Roxanne, Julius interrupted him: “Tape jockey, I’d advice you to walk back through that alley and forget about her. You can download her if you wanna see her.”
Gabriel didn’t appreciate the patronizing tone of voice Julius used on him and stepped between him and Roxanne. Julius’s eyes finally met his.
”Julius. Look at me, right. I’m not asking. I’m kinda… it’s more like I’m just letting you know, ‘kay?”
“People like myself generally don’t have to repeat themselves.” he flashed a gun under his coat, “‘kay, tape jockey?”
For some reason Gabriel’s sanity faltered and even though the situation had become lethally different, he did not take Julius’s advice.
“Come on man,” he said, “you know that ain’t smart. You can’t just-”
Julius whipped out the gun and pointed it at him, “Sometimes I just don’t do the smart thing.”
“This sucks.” escaped from Gabriel’s lips. He turned sideways a bit to make less of a target. Now he had two options: He’d go for it. He’d lunge forward into the alley, dash around the corner, jump into his car and V8 his arse right outta there. Or, he could stay. He could protect Roxanne and not abuse the trust she had in him… Almost every fiber in his body told him to make the escape, but at best he’d make his escape and Roxanne would be ****d daily again. At worst he’d make the escape and Julius would fire in a reflex and the bullet meant for Gabe would end up in Roxanne. In both cases the shame would eat him alive. What were hs other options? Pushing Roxanne to safety and then going himself would take too long.
“Last chance, tape jockey. I need to go places.”
Gabriel raised his hand, gesturing him to be patient. With a painful look on his face he turned to Roxanne and grabbed her firmly by an arm, “Just lemme say goodbye, okay?”
“Wise choice, tape jockey. She’s not worth it.”
Roxanne stared at Gabriel, not able to comprehend what was going on. She had trusted him and now this! Tears welled up again and she pleaded: “Why Gabe? I don’t wanna go back. I thought I could trust you.”
“I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life,” Gabe said, “but tonight I’m topping all of them… I hope you don’t get hurt.”
With all his might he shoved Roxanne into the alley. At the sime time a gunshot sounded, like the cracking of a thousand whips.
Gabe saw how Roxanne froze in her steps when she saw Gabriel hit the ground.
“Damnit, woman! Run.” Gabe muttered.
But before Roxanne had properly assessed the situation Julius had trained the gun on her and ordered her to come over. Behind her was the black shadow of the alley and with one step she could disappear in it, make a run for it.
But the sight of the gun and Gabe’s still body made her obey.
Julius momentarily cuffed her to a hinge on the back of the dumpster. Proving to be a strong man he then hoisted Gabe’s lifeless body up into it, where it landed with a dim thud. As he uncuffed Roxanne she looked at the dumpster, her mouth open in disbelief. Then she started to scream Gabe’s name and for him to wake up, but Julius slapped her quiet and Gabe didn’t come out of the dumpster.

Gabriel would have liked to come out, but he had to play dead. He was in no shape to take on a man with a gun… Hell, he wasn’t even before he got shot.
He waited till he was absolutely sure they were gone and tried to get up. His hand landed in something gooey. He couldn’t see anything in there, but as all the possibilities of what it could be crossed his mind, he threw up. He couldn’t see that either, but it stank up something awful, so sparsely using his remaining energy he crawled out and stumbled back to his car.
He felt that time was running out quick and started the engine. He had to turn, as the hospital was the other way, but as he started the turn and had to reverse to go all the way, he slumped over the wheel. Dead tired and cold.
The car rolled forward a bit and eventually the front wheels hit the curb. It was pretty much blocking the street, but Gabriel couldn’t quite give a shit.
He just wanted to close his eyes and feel miserable while he forgot about everything.

So he did.


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