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Slut-boy for Mr A.(part 2).

Usual disclaimers apply.This is about how Mr A introduced me to his hot son and how we ended up in a mega-hot 3way!

After me and Mr.A had a rocking hot session,me gagging and slurping on his thick,veiny slimy un-cut daddy-cock and choking down his thick,chunky load of daddy-spunk,and him sorting out me throbbing 15yr old un-cut boy-cock I knew I was gonna be the filthy little slut-boy whore he'd instantly got me down as!And before ya all tell me it was abuse,nah,fuck that,I was a total fucking whore for cock,had been since I was 13 and got me rocks off with me mate,Chris,so no worries there,lol!
So,it was about two weeks later and Mr A collared me in the street and shouted out,"Hey,k**,how about earning a few quid and helping me out with some stuff" Randy old fucker gave me a wink and rubbed his big,hairy hand over his bulge! As today was as hot as the last time I was at his house I was wearing a pair of old tracky bottoms and a white vest which me old man had given me cos it was a bit small for him.To be honest,I loved that vest cos I'd always had a bit of a letch for me old man,made me un-cut boy-knob hard as iron and me piss-hole get all slimy.In the hot weather he'd slob around in just his baggy white y-fronts and a white vest like the one he gave me,and sometimes his big,purple un-cut bell-end would slip out the leg of his undies,and then I'd hafta nip of to the bathroom and squirt of a thick loada slimy boy-spunk!
Anyhow,this aint getting me story told,is it,lol!
"Er,yeah,ok Mr A,just gotta pop home,let me mam know where I'll be,gimme 5 mins"
"Righto,k**,make it quick tho cos we gotta lot to work on today" He gave his big bulge a quick squeeze,licked his lips,winked at me and then made off to his place.
Fuck,me cock was throbbing big time and me hairless bollox were twitching,not to mention me hairless,tight boy-cunt,lol! By the time I got to the house I was almost ready to blow me wad in me tracky's!
"Good,lad,you were quick.Listen,I'm not gonna mess about,there aint no work for ya,I just fancied a bit of a roll around with ya,me big old cock's been missing your slutty little mouth" Fine by me I thought,I'd been rubbing one out every day since the last time,and had swallowed me own spunk each time,so I was definitely ripe for another go with this randy old fucker!
"Well,come on,ya dirty little daddy-cock sucker,lets be havin' you up them stairs,you and me's gotta lotta fucking slutty stuff to catch up on,so off ya go" He nudged me forward and as I was going up his stairs,cock throbbing,balls buzzing,I knew the old perv' was eyeing up me tight boy-bum,lol!
"Oooh,I said it last time,and I'll say it again,daddy's got himself a really hot little slut-boy,oh yes indeedy,gonna give my boy a lot of what he needs"
Jesus,this dirty old bloke really knew how to turn it on,lol!
Pointing to the bedroom he told me,"Lad,get yerself on daddy's bed,but don't take owt off,daddy's gonna check yer undies,see if you've made any nasty little stains in 'em" Well as it happens,I'd been wearing a pair of me mate's skanky,spunk-stained undies all week,and dumping me own boy-spunk into 'em,well,what I aint been swallowin,so I knew he weren't gonna be
disappointed!Yeah,I was a real fucking whore for spunk!
I heard the toilet flush and then Mr A came into the bedroom,bollock naked and his big,thick veiny cock was pointing straight at me,the tip of his big,red bell-end poking out a bit from his wrinkly foreskin!
"Now,boy,daddy's not shaken off his cock,so you'll hafta lick it clean for me,won't you?"
Finding my cutest,most innocent little-boy voice,(this is what the old perv' wanted I'd guessed),I replied,"Oh,daddy,but that's soooo naughty"
His voice got deeper and he growled at me,"Well,that's what naughty little slut-boys hafta do for daddy,now lick the end of daddy's big cock and make it good and clean,NOW"
Giving a whimper,god,I was such a good actor,lol,I reached over and stuck me tongue out and lapped at his big,slimy bell-end as it slipped all the way out of it's skin.
"Oooooh,yessssss,ya little whore-boy,I knew you'd like daddy's pissy cock.That's it boy,slurp all round that big old daddy-cock,oh,yessss,that's a good little slut" Fuck,this was so nasty,and yet I was in me element,noshing away on that smelly,slimy bell-end just like an old pro'!
Just as I was really getting down to it the doorbell bing-bonged!Fuck,fuck,fuck,what the shit was I gonna do now?!
"Stay there boy,don't panic,it's just a surprise for you" And before I had chance to say owt he was in a bathrobe and heading downstairs!Oh,shit,had someone seen me,and did they somehow know what we were up to?Me dad'll fucking kill me,and Mr A!Me cock had shrunk down to nothing and was limp in me pants,and me heart was knocking like a fucking drum!
I heard muted voices and footsteps on the stairs.Then,bugger me if Mr A didn't come into the bedroom with his robe flapping open and his big thick cock was rock-hard!He stepped aside and there was this other bloke,and he was stark bollock naked with a thick,hairy un-cut cock throbbing upwards towards his belly!What the fuck?
"Relax k**,you look like yer gonna fucking shit yerself.This here's me boy,Dave,he's me son who's come to see what my new slut-boy looks like"
"Alright,lad?Fuck,dad,yer right,he does look like a sweet cock-sucking little slut-boy,nice one"
Well,now me heart'd settled down a bit,me boy-cock instantly sprang to full bonerMr A's son was fuckin' gorgeous!He musta been about 30ish and was taller than his old man,with a mess of shaggy dark brown hair,stubble on his chin and almost black eyes!He'd got a patch of hair on his chest with a trail of hair running down his slim,wiry body to his bush.His nipples were very dark and stiff as fuck.And his cock,oh that fucking delicious hairy un-cut cock!It weren't as big as his old man's but it was good enough for me,and like his dad's the tip of his bell-end just poked thru his skin and there was a bubble of pre-cum on his piss-slit!
"Ok,lets get this little fuck-slut despunked,fuck,lets all of us empty our balls,I'm fucking gagging for some slimy,slutty boy-cock"
They both got on the bed with me and were sliding all over my slim,pale body like a couple of snakes,it was fucking bliss I can tell ya!
"Oh,fuck me dad,he's fucking gorgeous,one of the best lads you've had here!"
"I know me lad,he reminds me so much of you when you were his age,fucking stiff boy-cock dripping slime and gagging for a loada thick fucking daddy-spunk"
I was moaning like a whore,having this sexy dad and son team working all over me body with their tongues and their cocks oozing trails of pre-jizz all over the shop!
"Hey,dad,what's his boy-shitter taste like,bet it tastes fuckin' marvelous"
"Don't know son,thought I'd let you be the first to try it.Get between his legs and slip yer tongue into his hot,tight hole,give it a good licking"
Dave didn't waste any time,he spread me pure white,hairless bum-cheeks and buried his stubbly face into me arse-crack and soon had his wet tongue buried in me twitching shitter!
Oh,FUCK! It was sodding amazin',this fella was just like his dirty old dad,a fucking pervy boy-fucker!And I fucking loved it!He was slurping at my tight pucker like it was his favourite thing,and he'd got his hand cupped round me low-hanging sweaty nutts,which were boiling with a loada thick,salty boy-spunk!
"Fucking hell son,eat his tight hole out,yeah,go for it,gonna stick me daddy-cock in his slutty little boy-mouth,and we gonna do the little fucker both ends"
With that,my drooling mouth was filled with throbbing,veiny slimy daddy-cock
"Gnnnnnmpppphh,ohhhh,yessssss,go on son,do yer boy while daddy fucks his slutty mouth,he fucking wants it"
"Dad,he tastes fucking great,my boy's hot little shitter's twitching for me wet daddy-tongue"
"Yeahhhh,do it,DO IT,eat yer son's whore-boy cunt,he's a dirty little boy,yessss,needs his daddy's tongue,DO IIIIITTTTTTT"
Shit,how fucking hot was this?TWO fucking hot,horned up blokes,dad and son working me over!
What happened next made me eyes almost pop out me head!There was a smacking sound as Dave's face left the crack of me well-licked arse-crack.No,don't stop!
I felt him shift and then his hot slimy bell-end was up against me wet loosened pucker and with a grunt Dave's rock-hard cock slid into me shitter like it belonged there!Heard the expression,seeing stars?Fuck,there was a naffing explosion of them in me head!
Being as me mouth was plugged fulla his dad's cock all I could do was mumble aeound it!
"Aaaaaaggggh,dad,I'm in me boy's cunt,oooooh shit,he's soooo fucking tight"
"That's it,son,fuck ya nasty boy's hot little hole,make him love it,fuck him good cos I'm gonna blow a huge load of thick daddy-spunk down his throat"
Dave took holda me slim,bony hips and grunting he buried his cock deep into me till I could feel his wiry bush sc**** me crack!
"Hmmmmmmphfffff,oooh,fuck,yesssssss.oh,dad,not gonna last fucking long,he's so fucking hot and tight,gonna fuck me thick loada daddy-goo deep in his little shit-hole really soon.Aaaaaaagh,fuck,yeah,riding me boy"
Oh,this was real nasty full on fucking,AMAZING!
'Son,daddy's gonna shoot,gonna fill yer boy's dirty mouth with me spunk,hurry up,wanna fill the little slut at both ends" YES,PLEASE,lol!
Grunting and panting was the main sounds from both ends of me well-fucked body, as well as me mewling amd whimpering as me slutty mouth and stretched little fuck-hole were being done over!
"Aaaaaaagh,jesus,dad,gonna fucking blowwwwww,nnnnngh,yesssss,boy,here's daddy's spuuuuuuunkkkkkkkkkk!"Hell,his cock was getting harder and thicker I swear it was.Me fuck-chute was stretching.
"Oooooh,fuck,yeahhhhhhh,me too son,me big,slimy cock's ready to fill yer little sluttttttts mouth,NOWWWWWWWWW"
And,almost at exactly the same moment,me wet,slutty boy-mouth and me hot,well-fucked little boy-cunt were flooded with spurt upon spurt of thick,slimy daddy-spunk!Oh,fuck,oh fuck me,I was fucked into next week!
And then,both me slutty little holes were empty of hot daddy-cock and I could feel Dave's slimy load squelching outa me cunt,and me hole almost slamming shut!
His dad's thick steaming load weren't going nowhere but down me gagging throat,lol and I gulped and burped a few times to make sure I'd got the lot!
Believe it or not,but I hadn't even realised that me own thick chunks of slimy boy-spunk had spewed out onto the bedsheets!Shame,cos I was really hoping one of these dirty,pervy fuckers was gonna swallow it all up,damn! No fucking worries,cos the dirty bastards both went down onto the pool of junk and licked and slurped all me juices right outa the sheets!
Well,ya filthy,horny fuckers,ya all want more?!Ya only hafta ask,happy to oblige,lol!

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