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Wifes lover

My wife michelle, of almost ten years in absolutely gorgeous.. Five foot tall and in very good shape, dark brunette hair with a nice set of fake ds we have added.. She is amazing to say the least.. For several years i have shared with her my fantasy of sharing her in a hot steamy three way with another man.. We have in the past had another woman join us as well as played partially with other couples.. It has been a main item in the sheets to add to the moment.. For several years my wife has said she would gladly do it if she could only fing the right guy.. I was amazed as i knew how hot she was and how easy it seemed to me, it just was not for her.. Then one night we made love and right after we were done she said.. "you know there is this one guy i met that i think is soo hot".. I told her to check it out and see what happens.. For the next couple of days i would exchange messages with her and she would tell that she has not seen him.. Then, one night she was at the gym and sent me a text that said the hot guy was there. i told her to ask him out for a beer.. A couple hours later i got a text back that said we are going for beer.. I was soo turned on at the prospect of maybe having a hot threesome some time down the road.. A couple hours later she sent me a text saying they are having fun and he is soo hot.. I said well have fun you can tell me all about it.. She took that as a do whatever.. I really did'nt think that anything would happen.. About 1 hour later she called me and said she had a great time and she was one her way home now.. i asked what happened and she said they made out in the parking lot and she started to suck his cock and it is nice and thick.. I asked if it was much bigger then mine and she said no.. Hmm, too bad i told her as she laughed.. My cock is a nice 7 incher and nice and thick as well. I just thought maybe this guy might be able to offer more then what she normally gets..

A few days later while i was at work she called me and asked if she could meet with her friend again.. I said sure.. And asked her at what point do you plan on telling your friend mike that you are married and your husband wants to have threesome with you.. She said i will tonight.. There wont be any sex as she is on her monthly period anyway.. I said oh well ok and she said i might finish his blowjob if you dont mind.. I said that is fine michelle just make sure you tell him the plan anyways..

So that night she heads out and i send her a couple text messages and nothing heard back.. At 3 am she called me and said she was on her way home.. I was like where the heck you been? she said they went out for drinks and then back to his house.. I was like.. Startled.. Really? She said i did it.. I really did it.. I did'nt know how to feel.. She was a bit scared and not sure what to say. I pressed for answers and this is what she said..

I drank too much and we left to go to his house.. I was really messed up and i did'nt think i could do anything without the drinks let alone what happened.. We started to make out and i went down on him.. I sucked him for along time and he came in my mouth.. She told me that she swallowed his load and i was shocked..
She then told me she mentioned the threesome and he was like not sure but would consider it. she went on to say that they talked and drank more and they started kissing and he took off her pants.. She was kissing him and she had to go to the restroom and lose the sanitary tampon to which i was totally shocked .. she came back and she sat down on his cock and rode him for about 20 min according to her.. She then was lifted off the couch and put on her back.. She said he fucked her like that for maybe another half hour and shot his cum all over her stomach.. When she was done she said she was'nt sure how i would react and felt like she made a big mistake.. He offered to drive her home and she made the drive herself.. Thats when she called me.. So, here i am, at work.. i was totally shocked at what happened and i did'nt know how to feel..

As days went on we worked on the issue and we both came to understand more the others feelings.. I was hurt a bit and felt betrayed but it was a turn on in the same time. She asked me if i was still up for the threesome and i said im not sure..

A few weeks later she again brought up the question, do you want to try it? i was like well maybe.. im not sure how i feel about the whole thing.. She assured me that it would be fine and that it has been my fantasy for a long time..

Needless to say, i gave in to the lust and had our friend come over one nite to watch a fight on tv.. My wife was giddy as the nite went on and could not stop serving and tending to the two of us. I was really not to comfortable and was almost ready to call it off.. She leaned in and kissed me and told me "we are doing this tonight now go to bed and wait for us"..

I went into bed and she followed about 2o minutes later with her friend in tow.. She started kissing him at the side of the bed and then said ok you two. there are two of you and only one of me. so go easy ok?

She looked at me and said what do you want to see first baby.. I was shaking as he felt up her ass and held her tits in his hands. I said just to what comes natural.. She leaned over and started to suck my cock and left her ass up in the air for him to play with. she was sucking me and he was eating her. i closed my eyes and the moments went by.. I felt her hair start to move laterally across my stomach and opened my eyes to see him behind her fucking her slowly and she was moaning.. She stopped sucking me and put her head down on my leg and took him while she slowly stroked me..

We rolled around in almost every possible position and then finally i had to cum.. I pulled out of her and shot my load on her stomach while she was sucking our friends cock down her throat..

i layed down and watched her as she continued to blow her lover while i softened near her.. This is really the first time i got to see the cock she was sucking.. It was a bit bigger then mine and maybe a bit fatter as well.. her mouth was really stretching to fit inside of it.. She flipped her leg over my face and ground her pussy onto my mouth.. This went on for about a good couple of minutes while she sucked his cock and balls..

Then she surprised me and said to our friend, "stick your cock in my ass".. He got up on the bed behind her and i attempted to move out from under her. "no no, stay there baby" "I want you to lick my pussy while he fucks my ass".. I was shocked and just keept eating away.. The site above was something. I nice round ass and a fat cock comes into the picture above.. It goes straight in above you and is pushed into her while im right below. what a site.. She started to stroke my cock and it was somehow hard again.. He slid all the way in and i could feel her body shaking from the pain and yet she hissed out a "YESSSSSSSSS"... A couple of minutes later she damn near broke my jaw grinding her pussy into my face as i attempted to eat her. All while watching this cock pummel her backdoor.. After she came i rolled out and put me cock back her her mouth. We both shot off on her about the same time.. Life will never be the same..

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