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'A Stanger named Chuck' written by Janet

As I sat naked on the bed front of my laptop, checking my emails; a usual email message came up on my computer, it reads: 'Open immediately from Chuck'. Curious, I open the email, and its show a picture of me laying on the bed with my legs spread open. It's more like I just finish masturbated! Shock, and confused, I reply back to Chuck and ask; 'How did you get that picture?' Chuck respond; ' I snap you while you were into your devotion. Let me tell you? You made my dick very hard.' I wasn't afraid or show no fear, I was more curious where is Chuck were coming from? Is he nearby? Or, peeping at me from an open window? All crazy thoughts came to mine head! So, I have to ask him, I type; 'Where are you?' Chuck reply, 'In your closet!' Surprise by his answer, I reply; 'What?' OH SHIT! How did you get in mine closet? Chuck reply, 'When you left your room you had left your window open, so, I step inside your bedroom closet. I had watch you play with yourself ever since, you pussy so amaze, look so tight, your ass so big, and your tits so large, I will love to eat and fuck you GOOD! My dick got so hard. I have a big dick; it's 12 inches long and thick. Do you want some of this nice big dick?

I started to laugh as I was reading his email; I wonder how he could email me? I ask, 'Okay, how the hell you email me if you in my closet? Chuck reply; ' With my cell phone.' Sitting there dumbfounded, I reply back; 'Okay, if you in my closet right now? I want you to come out? Slowly, my closet door open, as I stare; a man wearing a long trim black coat with pair of socks and shoes, tall, clean shaven, bald and has a grin on his face. He looks at me, and, says; I am Chuck! He open his coat, he wasn’t wearing nothing underneath, his dick stand up and stiff, I can see the thickness of his nice big dick! I did not scream, or call the cops. Besides, I begin to lie down on my bed, I feel my pussy starts to get moist and wet. I feel my pussy’s hole about to open, my legs starts to spread wide. Chuck took off his coat, leave on his socks and shoes. He grab my legs and hold it up in the air, he begin to lick on my cunt, he suck my cunt so GOOD! My pussy juice expose into his mouth. Slowly, he starts kissing his way up to my big tits, sucking on my nipples, I beginning to enjoy this stranger’s company. Then, I put his 12 inch dick into my mouth, my tongue lick around his dick head, and, sucking it like a lollipop, my head moving up and down on his dick I almost can swallow his dick with my deep throat.

Slowly again, Chuck slide his hard stiff dick inside of my pussy, because, my pussy was so tight? It’s had a little pinch, ouch! Oooooooooo! I say. Chuck starts pounding me nice and hard, ‘SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, And POP. As I listen to my pussy against his dick. I can feel all my pussy juice soak on his dick. Then Chuck tell me get on your knees, so, I can fuck you from the back, as so I did; SLAM his dick went inside of me again, this time his dick feel so AWESOME going in and out, my pussy making happy pussy sounds; like’FART, FART, PAT, PAT, PAT, SLAP! OOOOOOOOOHHHH! SHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIT! DADDY! FUCK ME FUCK HARD! I scream. My big round ass starts to juggles and bouncing like a ball. After we both expose with full of cums. We both pass out cold. The next morning I woke up, I look over on my side, Chuck was gone. I ask myself; ‘I wonder where Chuck is?’ My window was shut down, I got up to check my closet, he wasn’t there, and I turn on my computer to check on my emails, no respond from Chuck. So, I decided to turn on my Television. There he was Chuck on the news channel, I turn up the volume; The news anchor says; ‘Police have capture the r****t Charlie Benson, who has escape from prison 2 days ago, Police had spot Mr. Benson walking toward the park wearing nothing but a long trim black coat, with socks and shoes. We ask Mr. Benson where he’d been hiding. His answer were; ‘In the Closet with a hard on!’

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