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That i got around to setting this thing up, in the first place, After meeting two very nice polite large Women here i wantedto add my personal touch to things and as most people know me as SIR or MASTER would expect me to revert to type and would DOMINATE THEM yes no you descide how this pans out. so what to do diffrently yes i like these two women and from our chats they seem to like me, but its not enough (Typical MALE) i want something more something Special, something unique for WiCKED ME TO ENJOY. what shall it be, how about seeing them, hop on a plain from the UK to the USA and say hello give them a kiss and a gift chat and depart job done. NO, NO, NO, i cant do that i got things here to do SLAVES to keep in their place far to busy to go swanning off to the STATES, what to do, WEB CAM get flower, as a present, get them dilivered at her door, Job Done, tut no no Kiss dam, cant have that. what to do, what to do. NO , NO , thats no good ....Iv GOT SUBS AND SLAVES HERE IN THE UK AND THE ODD ONE DOTTED ELSE WARE AROUND THE WORLD I COULD ORDER ONE OF THEM TO DO IT. Yes i like that, but that will be to easy no fun. You can see i`m a hard man to please, tap, tap, tap, tap, BINGO IDEA YES I LIKE THIS, still lots to do can but its possible, its possible,

Is to see if i can get a sub or slave, based in the STATES, CANADA SOUTH AMERICA to do this for me, iv got to try and get someone to do this in person as my representative-WHAT AN IDEA got to get this going now Inform the girls that this is what i want to do and see if i can get this to work of couse they will think yha yha what ever- who is this nutter, but iv got my plan time to ask the subs of the Americas who up for my challenge, good has anyone looked at how so little information anyone post about themselve god rows of man seaking woman and nothing else, but that the challange iv set myself. and try to keep the girls informed of my non progress as well as all the other delights life has for us, NO this is my challenge my QUEST to do no back burnner for this little gem, so it ask him, and him and him ect.........

got to keep going , hay dud im in a america i cant be bothered with you brits and other less polite replys (WELL LISTEN UP BOYS YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND YOU BLEW IT FAR AND AWAY, YOU MAY START CRYING NOW BECASUE OF THIS MISS OBERTUNITY TO DO SOME THING GOOD IN YOUR LIFE) because i did find THE ONE WORTHY SLAVE to do this quest for us. out of the the blue i got a positive recaction from NEW MEXICO(ill do for you Sir) WOW what a messeage that was Make contact again and get confermation, we do good that one hurdle we are over now how about the tow girls will they exept what im telling them,will they belive me IV got to convice them am on the level so i try with the first girl who i tell that iv got someone to send to her from me being me....SILANCE....god the SILANCE was fantastic is she going for it or not i was like a fisherman site at the bank waiting for the one fish in the river to bite.........YOU BETTER NOT BE MESSING ME AROUND LOVER BOY ......NO ...NO....WE JUST NEED DETAILS so that i can do this for**dY FANTASTIC SILANCE.......ill give you his details check him out and let me know,,,,just check him out and let me know..........SILANCE NOT EVEN AN OK (WOMAN DON`T YOU JUST LOVE EM)..

And at last it Hello Sir YOUR GIRL HAS MADE CONTACT WITH ME.........SILANCE.
the bl**dy nets crashed i cant get any news for 3 day...iv posted note and alsort, phone no to find out whats happpening. SHE CALLS ME THANKS WE HAVE MADE A DATE I WILL PUT HIM UP FOR AT LAST ONE NIGHT AS HES GOT A LONG TRIP FORM NEW MEXICO TO ME IN WASHINGTON at the time i dibnt know she was in the CAPITAL no State. because the got on with it behind the scence with out me, fantastic it s all set hes on his way brilliant im unbeliably happy this is going to happen......the long waite starts for conformation.

HELLO TO YOU THEFORBIDDENMAN WE HAVE MADE CONTACT SIR, iv given her your kiss and your flowers as requested whoul you like to talk to............yes please i would love to, so we chat for a while, and then she says can i keep him for a few more days.....What i didnt expect that, WOW what a moment Keep him for as long as you like...

now them anyone wants to complete the 2nd girls quest you know were to find me if you do.

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