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At The End Of a Long Hard Day?

12:09 pm, January 15 Demonizor

Hello to all who read this. This is just a little "Fantasy Sex" scenario story I wrote for this new neighbor lady of mine that I'm trying to convince to go out with me? She said I didn't seem like the "Romantic" type & until I'm able to prove other wise to her? That's where she firmly stands! So I wrote this but I haven't given it to her yet. I guess I'm afraid of rejection I don't know? But if it's not too much trouble to ask? When your finished reading this, & "IF" you think it's worthy of your most BRUTALLY HONEST opinion, please just let me know what you think if you can honey? And if not, well that's OK too! Please enjoy & I hope it doesn't offend you in anyway either OK? . . . . . . . . .Here is that story. Please enjoy:

I would love to return home after a long hard day at work. Enter my home & proceed down the hallway towards the bedroom. Stopping just shy of the doorway, I peer into the room & discover that you've just recently exited the shower. Towel in hand, & with your back to me, you are still drying off from your feet upwards. “Perfect timing” I think to myself. Realizing that indeed, I did time this one just perfectly! I simply HAD to seize the moment! Quickly I remove my clothing. At this point, you are still completely unaware that I am even in the room yet. Quietly I step towards you, ever so gracefully, & just as I place my hand upon the naked flesh of your ass. You suddenly gasp from being startled, Huuuhh! “Hi honey, I’m home” saying to you as I burst into laughter. “Oh you son of a…Oooo!..I’m gonna get you!” Just you wait!” So finally, with a nice welcome home kiss. Followed by an abrupt "Smack" to my bicep! "Oouch, hey now!" "Oh I'm sorry honey," realizing that I too am now naked along with you. “Well isn’t this a nice surprise?” you say. “Well since you said you were sorry, I guess I'll be nice!" As both of us laughing together now, I reach out & grab the wet towel from your hands, "Hey!" I toss it behind me as you now begin to click with what's happening? “OOOH ok, I get it now?” “OH yeah, you think so do you?" "Well, your gonna get it alright!” Turning away from me you reach out with both hands & firmly grasp onto the vanity. “That’s right, assume the position”, I jokingly command to you! At that point, I drop to my knees & begin kissing the soft, warm skin of your ass. Mmmm. . . . .With a soft kiss & then two. Followed by another & then more. “Mmm, yes that feels SO good!” you say. A few more licks & now the pace has quickened greatly! . . . . .Faster & harder now! My tongue has also begun darting in & out of your moistening pussy! With your body movements now almost convulsing, tiny beads of sweat are starting to fly from your body as well. Almost to the point of sobbing now, your words begin to shutter with moans of disbelief. “Ooohmm m my Go, Uuuh! . . . . .Damn it! . . . . .Oh my, oh God! Oh my God!” You then reach back with one hand to grab a fist full of my hair, but it's only because your trying to pull me farther into the fiery depths of your hot ass & pussy! "Oh my God!" You start saying, over & over as my insanely wild tongue has you now squirting uncontrollable orgasms, one after another after another! . . . . ."Jesus H Ohoooo!" "Right there, right there, right there! Oh FUCK! "Don't stop! Don't you fucking stop!" My mouth now traveling the entire length of your ass & pussy. Using my tongue to ram both your holes to savor the delicious natural taste of your love juice. Your body quivering & out of breath, from screaming, it's everything your knees can do to keep from buckling beneath you. Not to worry though honey as I gently but firmly take both my hands & grab on to your hair. At this same precised moment, I also put the tip of my hard cock right between the lips of your pussy. Mmmm, still warm & dripping with your cum, my cock easily slips in. Going in Balls deep on the very first thrust of my hips.....SLAM!...."Oh my God!"....."Oh my fucking!".....As I continue pounding your pussy, my balls slapping against your ass. I'm now fucking you harder & faster than probably anything else you've ever experienced!.....The continued thrusting of my hips has now lessened a bit. But that’s only because your now on top of me riding my cock up & down like a carousel!……Realizing you've just reached a height of orgasmic passion that you have NEVER felt before!.....With absolutely NO warning to you, I pull my cock from your gushing pussy & with the one hand I still have full of your hair I begin helping you to your knees. But you don’t need the assistance! You want to taste my cum as bad as I want you to!..... “That's right, my baby girl knows what time it is now doesn’t she? With my other hand now vigorously jacking my cock. The heat now rising from within my balls as my cum feels like it's beginning to boil from the pressure of wanting to shoot from my swollen head & deep inside of you!.....But not this time!.....Oh no!.....This time you want to swallow this load! Well, you've earned it honey so get ready?.....Here it comes! I can't hold it any lo.....Oh shit baby!.....Open wide & Ah Ahh Ahhmmm whoa.....Holy Shit!.....It seems like forever that the hot cum is erupting from the head of my cock. Landing mostly in your eagerly anticipated mouth. The rest on your rosey cheeks & some now even starting to drip on to your sweaty tits. You look up at me with that glimmer in your eye, & as I look back at you., we start to giggle a bit & then we both begin to laugh hysterically. "Damn it! I should drop my panties more often" you jokingly say to me. Simply because that's what happened precisely the moment I opened the door to find you that way.


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