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My Christmas surprise from Auntie Carol

My Christmas Surprise
January 2, 2011, 4:20 pm
True Story

Every year for Christmas my Auntie Carol comes and stays with us because she lives alone, and everywhere she just cries about not having a husband or someone to be with on Christmas, this year was different as she wouldn’t be crying on Christmas night she would be screaming in pleasure.

I drew the short straw which meant I had to sl**p on the couch in the same room as Carol; I was dreading it because she gets to sl**p by crying. Don’t get me wrong, she is fucking fit but she doesn’t stop. When everyone got pissed and went to bed, me and Carol started watching some shit film on TV, she was very d***k and she had been winking at me during Christmas dinner. So as the film finished I got on the couch ready to sl**p, that’s when she came in from the bathroom after getting changed wearing just a see-through silk and a pair of red frenchies. Her body is hot for at 48 year old and her tits are perfectly round. She came over kissed me on my head and whispered "if you get lonely during the night, come and get on my couch" I didn’t really know what to say, so off to sl**p I went. I woke up about 4 a.m really hard and horny so I walked over to Carol's couch and shook her, she looked up and me and said I knew you wanted me. I kiss her soft lips while she pulled down my boxers and straight away she was swallowing my cock, gagging on it and spitting on it, she was so filthy. After sucking it for 10 minutes she took of her gown and her frenchies. All there was, was hair, I could not believe it. She then said "find your present in the jungle" my tongue was straight into her pussy biting on her sensitive clit. She had to put a pillow over her mouth to stop her screams being heard. I could feel juices running down my chin as she cummed. I liked up all the cum, and that’s when she told me she needed my huge 7" tool in her pussy. I didn’t say a word and just started fucking her, she was screaming through the pillow, telling me it was her first cock in 3 years. Her tongue started licking her soft nipples on those huge round tits of hers; I started fucking her faster until I was about to cum. I pulled out and cummed all over her beautiful tits. Cum was everywhere, I liked it all up and spat it in her mouth. As I got back into bed she said to me “Just wait for New Year".

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